Mario’s Moolah, Plus: Nervous Newsroom

Okay, so you’re Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa who reemerged as party leader in March because the party revolted against ineffective leadership and an unpopular mayor. The mayor supported the other guy for town chair. Your contact with a stubborn mayor has been limited. No input about appointments to boards and commissions, little discussion about upcoming primaries and a general election, few courtesy calls. So, one day the mayor asks, “Hey, can you raise money to retire my debt.”

Testa can make 10 phone calls and raise $10 grand like that. But will he? Bill Finch asked Testa the other day to raise money to help retire a legal debt incurred when State Rep. Christopher Caruso challenged the results of Finch’s 270-vote primary victory last September, an outcome eventually upheld by the State Supreme Court.

You can look at this two ways: Finch needs the help and is trying to reach out; or this is an opportunity for Testa to repair his relationship with Finch.

So, if you’re Mario what do you do? Swallow hard and raise the money? Or, maybe say, oh, gee sorry, I must raise money for other candidates. I’m guessing Mario will throw Bird Man a few seeds to retire the debt. We’ll see.

 Nervous Newsroom

With a new editor in town, reporters in the Connecticut Post newsroom are shitting ink. It’s the nature of the beast. Old editor Jim Smith gets the boot, the industry faces cutbacks everywhere, and a new guy shows up from Salt Lake to season the fear factor. Fear of unknown is a commanding emotion. Veteran and new reporters are questioning their future. A lot them have salary reviews on the horizon. The Post has sister papers in Stamford, Greenwich, Danbury and a fleet of weekly pubs. Who’s going to get whacked? What will be consolidated? Who’s going to survive? Jesus, the Courant just announced 60 layoffs!

Journalists are a suspicious bunch, especially among themselves. Funny thing about scribes, their whole livelihood depends on persuading subjects to go on the record, and when it comes time for a question to be posed to them for the record they hide in the wastebasket. Are you nuts, I can’t talk to you? Grimaldi, they’ll kill me if they find out I’m talking to you!

They’ll talk, but not for attribution. I love it when the shoe’s on the other foot. I don’t blame them. Reporters and editors fear retribution. Every time OIB criticizes someone over there, I end up on the news desk’s page one hit list. I can hear them now, which one of you bastards talked to Grimaldi! Call Dick Blumenthal and bring the polygraph!

I don’t know the new guy from Salt Lake Tom Baden. He may be a very nice guy. For sure master Baden has the newsroom in shivers. One thing about Baden’s predecessor gentleman Jim Smith, he had the guts to speak for the record. He always responded to my emails. The other day I sent Baden a few questions. I’ve not heard back. Just in case his email is not working, here’s what I asked:

 I know you’re just settling in and it will take some time for you to get a feel for things but was hopeful you could respond to a few questions that I will run verbatim as a short Q&A.

Q. You have a credentialed background covering government and politics, something the CT Post, particularly politics, has not emphasized heavily in recent years. Is this something you plan to change immediately? Or is it a wait and see sorta thing?

Q. There’s trepidation in the CT Post newsroom that you have a big shoe to drop on a bunch of folks, given the cutbacks taking place in the print industry. In fact, it appears the responsibilities of your former position in Salt Lake will be satisfied by existing personnel. What is the likelihood of cutbacks in the newsroom?

 Q. You’ve worked out west and, closer to home, in Pennsylvania, so why does Bridgeport, at this stage of your career, make sense? 

If Baden does not respond, feel free to fill in the blanks. Maybe OIB reader Bob from BePo, who knows a little about life in a newsroom, will weigh in.



  1. Coming to Bridgeport from Salt Lake City, I’m sure Master Baden will fit in well with our version of the Church of the Latter Day Ain’ts. Good luck Master Baden, and I hope you won’t be spending all your time greasing Bob Laska’s wheezer.

  2. Now to suggest Mario “swallow Hard” is wierd. I disagree with him sometimes, but to ask a man to swallow, I ASK WHAT? Is that to keep a newsroom job? What to keep a job with Slick Sal why $$$ ???, this talk is off the screen — You can swallow that

  3. UI to seek redress on rates
    Article Last Updated: 07/08/2008 01:05:37 AM EDT

    The United Illuminating Co., denied the chance to revisit an old case that set rates for 2009, on Monday said it will instead seek a new case to set rates for 2009 and, possibly, beyond. This even as state consumer advocates hailed the Department of Public Utility Control’s decision blocking UI from recovering funds to make up for declining sales, increased uncollectibles and higher infrastructure costs.

    “This decision is a victory for consumers and businesses struggling to cope with skyrocketing gasoline and power prices,” Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said in a statement. “At a time when ratepayers are tightening their belts, UI must do the same.”

    In her own statement, Consumer Counsel Mary Healey said, “Rejecting this potential settlement denies UI’s attempt to increase its distribution rates in a manner that was without the full transparency and regulatory scrutiny of the public hearing process of a full rate case.”

    It was a month ago that the DPUC agreed to reopen a rate case that dated back to January 2006 and set rates through Dec. 31, 2009. That case allows UI to increase the distribution rate portion of the power bill by 1 percent on Jan. 1, 2009, amounting to about $1.50 more per month for the average residential user, according to company spokesman Al Carbone.

    But the company’s sales forecast for 2008 and 2009 are off from what it expected back in 2006, while the number of customers who are not paying their bills has increased. UI is also facing higher costs for materials used to build and support its infrastructure.

    So UI asked the DPUC to assign staff to facilitate settlement discussions with the attorney general and Healey’s office.

    Carbone said Monday UI’s goal was to try to lessen the impact of the 2009 increase on ratepayers, “to zero it out,” by finding places to offset the hike.

    “Things could’ve been pushed down the road on different line items,” Carbone said.

    DPUC spokeswoman Beryl Lyons said increases to transmission and generation charges — distribution, or getting power to the end user, is the third part of consumers’ bills — are unavoidable, and beyond the utility’s control. Last week, UI and The Connecticut Light & Power Co. increased their generation and transmission rates, by an average of $6.22 a month for the typical CL&P customer and $3.34 a month for average UI customers. The generation charges cover what the utilities must pay for power, while the transmission portion includes federally mandated congestion charges.

    Normally, Lyons said, when a utility wants to reopen a distribution rate case for financial reasons, it means rates will increase. “We believe it would’ve increased rates,” she said of the outcome of any settlement talks.

    But Monday’s denial of a settlement by the DPUC doesn’t mean consumers’ bills still can’t go up.

    Carbone said UI will file its intent to seek a new rate case “soon.”

    In a company statement, James P. Torgerson, president and chief executive officer of UI’s parent, UIL Holdings Inc., said that filing will come within 30 days.

    “We are very disappointed because a settlement would have been in the best interest of customers and would have resulting in rates lower than what they were scheduled to be as of Jan. 1, 2009,” Torgerson said.

    Carbone did not know the financial specifics of UI’s new case, but said indications are it would be for 2009 and 2010 rates.

    It’s unlikely, however, that UI could do so in time for the New Year.

    Lyons said the utility has 30 to 60 days after filing the letter in which to file its rate case, then the DPUC has 150 days, which is expandable to 180 days, to consider the case. The DPUC, she said, normally needs the full 180 days to go through the voluminous filing.

    The utilities, Lyons said, can’t raise rates retroactively if a case is not settled before the rates are scheduled to change.

    Carbone said UI will try to get a decision as soon as possible, but if it takes until February 2009, for example, then the existing 1 percent rate hike will go into effect Jan. 1, 2009, until the date of the DPUC’s final decision.

    Pam Dawkins, Money editor, can be reached at 330-6351.

    UI has been making illegal, “excess” profits, well-beyond the “normal” profits (a couple of percentage points beyond the rate of inflation) for many years.

    The DPUC, which has a notoriously incestuous relationship with the public utilities, always sides with them and always sees to it that they will receive compensation far in excess of what is stipulated by the laws governing public utilities/natural monopolies…There is no doubt that their refusal to reopen UI’s rate-change case was just a strategic ploy to create the appearance of legitmacy and fairness. But it was just a ploy — they’ll grant them another 50% increase in February ’09…

    The only hope for consumers and the state economy is for the state to seize the electric utilities — all generation and supply infrastructure — as has been suggested, and provide discounted, for-cost power to the state’s struggling businesses and residential consumers. The alternative is a state economic depression in the near future.

    Blumenthal is on the right track with his idea to get the state into the electric power business, but with the national economy deteriorating quickly, and the state ill-equipped to sustain its economy competitively in the changing national economic environment, his idea is too little, too late. Our only hope is to take control of our most critical economic necessity — electric power production — before we are at the bottom of an economic abyss with no hope of emerging from it…

  4. Gossip of The Rialto!

    “Wurst” Mayor

    Bill Finch and his wife were observed chowing and gurgling down on some bratwurst and beer this holiday weekend at Sal DiNardo’s annual Summer Soiree.

    Uncle Sal DiNardo was very gracious in serving the Wurst Family his cuisine on dealer plates. I hear everyone had a very non-taxing time.

    I hope you all can digest what I just wrote and chew on it for a while. This is a no-swallow story.

  5. Does anyone find it interesting that here in B’port Obama should win hands down? The candidate of change!

    Yet the democratic party here in B’port is far from being the party of change. Shows me the ludicracy and stupidity of the low-lifes running the show.

    Yahooy always speaks of the no moron rule. Well, if we had it here they’re be no incumbents at all.

    It’s been said that all politics is local so I need to ask:

    Anyone for REAL change?

  6. Independent Soul…

    I catch too much shit for my advocacy of the NO MORON RULE from people who appear to be content with business as usual. But, I think there is a growing faction that wants the incumbent shitheads out of office.

    Big discussion over the holiday about Bob Scinto, a homey. Because he refuses to deal with the incumbent morons, he won’t consider stepping foot back into his home town.

    Has anyone any idea as to just how successful he is in Shelton? The massive Corporate HQs are more than impressive; they are magnificent. Because Scinto does his work so well, I am told, he is backed up with other CEOs wanting him to build up there.

    It’s simple, there are fewer morons in Shelton thus they are enjoying a huge building boom for which taxes are generated and jobs are provided.

    Here, we let Sal DiNardo use dealer plates. I wonder if that asshole Finch got a big laugh about that at the picnic.

    Amazing town…Bridgeport!!!

  7. Oh, yeah. What do I intend to do about it? Watch me work on new voter registration and Get Out the Vote Programs. The only way we can get rid of the Machine is to elect non-machinists. The only way we can elect non-machinists is to motivate the voters to vote for CHANGE.


  8. Harry Neigher: GOOD ONE!!! LOL

    IMO I don’t think Mario should help Finch AT ALL! Sal should be the one helping Finch since he is getting away without paying ANY taxes AT ALL!

  9. Unionless,
    If Mario throws a fund raiser, Uncle Sal will buy three tables; especially since this won’t have to be publicly reported so it will be just between Sal, Mario and the Birdman. It’s the kind of quid pro quo that corrupt politicians love. Reminds me of when Finch used to shake down donors for contributions for his website.
    You won’t know when the quid hits the fan until it’s too late.

  10. Yahooy,
    Spoken like a true machinist. I’m going to work on voter registration and throwing the scoundrels out but since you don’t know who I am I will take credit if credit is there for the taking. Slim reapings.

  11. Obama or McCain?! Both sides of the idealogical divide need to reaquaint themselves with the best candidates America has ever seen: Opus the Penguin and Bill The Cat, the chosen candidates of the Meadow Party. If we begin now, a write-in initiative might actually work. And let’s not forget to include the foul-tempered Siamese from “Get Fuzzy.” he’d be perfect for secretary of state. All Mario will have to do to support a ticket like this is catch a few bunkers and some meow mix.

  12. Yahooy-

    You forget that one of the main reasons Scinto doesn’t develop here is because of your fat moron bullshitter friend Chris Caruso.

    You mentioned yesterday that one should never waste a hard on.

    You should tell that to your father…

  13. The only reason we’re stuck with Finch is because the party leadership didn’t want Caruso becoming mayor and upsetting the (rotten) apple cart. So we’re stuck with Finch, a lame duck in gestation. Our elected representatives in Hartford aren’t doing any better. Take a look at Bob “I-can-talk-on-my-cellphone-whenever-I-damn-well-want-to” Keeley. Not only does he violate a law he himself sponsored, he also maintains a $65,000.00 a year no-show job as “coordinator” for the Downtown Special Services District. He needs a 4-7 vote from the DSSD board to retain the job. When it looked as if one member of the 4-vote majority was going to withhold support, Keeley threatened to withold state funds. A classic case of blackmail.

    Now why are so many people overly concerned about a backyard barbecue?

  14. hi Anna – welcome back. You are so right about Caruso because he protests all kinds of development. A friend of mine works for Scinto’s company and Scinto hates the sight of Caruso. This is a fact and I don’t care who tries to say it isn’t. I think the biggest issue that some people on this blog have is that Caruso didn’t get elected and Finch did, so they pick on Finch nonstop, to the point where it’s the same old stuff from the same old people day in and day out. It’s as if they think Fatso walks on water and is the answer to everything that’s wrong with Bridgeport and that’s just ridiculous.

  15. No. Nobody thinks Caruso walks on water. It’s just that ANYBODY looks better than Finch right now! I did not like Fabs but compared to Finch, he looks like a saint! And nobody is “picking” on Finch. He does enough and says enough stupid things that he picks on himself.

  16. City Kitty,

    I’m surprised at you…aren’t you the person who said people should stop picking on Finch and calling him names and should stick to the facts and issues (my paraphrase)…and then you go and refer to Caruso as Fatso! If it was you, shame! if not, you should still, we all should, stick to the issues.

    I’m for forming the NO MORE MORON PARTY. Every incumbant of either party should be replaced with someone from the other party. How much worse could the city, state and federal governments get!!!!!!!!!

  17. City Kitty: You seem to defend Finch at all costs. What is it about him that you like? I would be very happy to say to everyone, “see, he’s a great leader. Just look at what he’s done for Bridgeport.” But he’s been mayor for seven months now and I haven’t seen any progress at all. In fact, we seem to be going backwards.
    I beg you to tell us all that we’re wrong and point us toward the epiphany

  18. well I’m glad to see you at least don’t think so, but read some of these postings and you’ll see what I mean. People preaching the wonders of Caruso, keep in mind he wouldn’t have done any better. All he has done successfully in his lifetime is overeat.

  19. City Kitty I for one worked to get Finch elected and now I am disillusioned by all of his actions or lack thereof. Finch has not done anything positive since he has become mayor and that’s over 8 months ago. I thought this out and can not think of one thing.
    He is still smarting at Stafstrom’s defeat and one has to wonder why. He is slowly but surely going after everyone that supported Testa for town chair. He has by and large turned his back on most of his supporters even those that are not on the TC.
    The issue of him attending DiNardo’s party is perception. Without rehashing all that DiNardo has been involved in or is accused of this is one party Finch should have forgone, $30,000 in campaign debt or not.
    This is clearly a man without a clue or a concept on how to run this city. Finch has become the poster boy for a mayor’s term of 2 years instead of 4.
    My sources in Hartford tell me he has become the second most disliked politician there right behind Caruso.
    What is happening as each day goes by is that Bridgeport is falling further backwards where we are going to be a place that no one wants to invest in. Can you imagine a developer having to deal with this administration where no one can think for themselves? For me it’s not Caruso’s loss it’s Finch’s failures.

  20. I just don’t think it’s right that nobody wants to cut him any slack, it’s almost as if some people are just sitting back waiting and hoping that he’ll fail. what other mayor ever stepped into office and got hit in the face with a lawsuit from a sore loser that cost us taxpayers over $250K? That in its own self was a big setback for Finch. independent soul – how come it’s ok to call Finch a moron, birdman, loser, etc., and also insult just about every other local candidate, but the minute someone calls Caruso “FATSO” there’s always someone stepping up to defend him. Stick to the issues, sure, I agree, but the only issue he had during his whole campaign was the whining about corruption and his own personal sob stories. No solutions, no ideas, nothing.

  21. city kitty,

    Just because others are knocking on Finch doesn’t mean you need to sink to that level, unless you want to be on that level. Using terms like moron or birdman are not taking aim at him personally as “fatso” does. That is a personal insult. FYI, I’m not a fan of either man … but based on what they’ve done/not done. Not because of a weight problem.

  22. City Kitty,

    You are right. Caruso may be a dishonest manipulative bullshitter with a penchant for siphoning money from the Council of Italian American Societies…he may be a compulsive liar and consummate machine politician…but the fatso stuff just gives his last 10 supporters something they can defend him on.

    This means you Yahooy. Stop talking about Economic Development: “CORRUPTION IS THE ONLY ISSUE!!!”

    Remember…you twit?

    No date for you.

  23. Finch is doing a great job he is just about 8 months into the job. Get off his back. All you Republicans on here who most likely don’t live in Bridgeport should find a new hobby. independent soul said Obama should win it’s not shout it’s a guarantee he will win and Himes too there is no way Shays can win. I expecting Obama to get 85% of the vote in Bpt.

  24. Anna – agreed, Caruso is all of the things you mentioned. But to me, he’s also a glutton and that means he lacks self control…not a good thing for someone in public office. but you’re right, his last 10 supporters will take on his case and defend him…(jeez, I’m glad I was able to liven this blog up). As far as calling someone a moron or a philistine, or a birdman, I think that’s personal also. Just because it’s not criticizing appearance doesn’t mean it’s not a personal insult, criticizing someone’s intelligence is personal.

  25. Let’s see…Weight can be lost…but having no common sense is something that can’t be changed. And Finch (Birdman because a finch is a bird) has no common sense. So do you like him just because he is skinny? And Appearance problems don’t matter when you are an elected official, but BRAIN problems DO matter!!! Wouldn’t you rather have an overweight smart guy in office over a skinny stupid one? Not saying that Chris is any better. But the birdman SUCKS!

  26. So.

    The ONLY reason Scinto won’t develop properties in Bridgeport is because of Caruso.

    That’s interesting.

    No one has ever accused Caruso of corruption.

  27. anna, donj, City Kitty,
    Let me join you in saying how nice it is to stir the pot. I love watching all these pols and pol wannabees go after each other. My background taught me to treat everyone equal and never to go on the offensive. There’s a lot to be desired in our leaders. Let’s keep them on their toes.

    I personally would like to see a better mix of Republicans and Democrats in this city but that’s probably as far off as Caruso seeing his toes or Finch getting DiNardo to pay his taxes.

  28. Let’s see a show of hands…..

    Would the city be better off if Chris Caruso was mayor right now instead of the interminably stupid William Bone Ass Finch?

  29. Caruso is definitely an obstructionist of the same caliber as Walsh. I’m not saying that Chris is the savior of our city. But compared to Finch we would have been far better off and you know it.

    Finch is a disaster.

    They’re selling Finch dolls at Toys R Us. You wind them up and they do nothing for four years.

  30. yes yahooy – re-read what you just wrote to me and do a grammar check before you tell me about being articulate. I suppose I shouldn’t take what you wrote personally either. I’m sure you are just “oh so much smarter than me.” Don’t bet on it and even if you are – who cares?

  31. No one should ever take these postings personally except:

    Mario Testa
    Joel (where the hell has he been lately?)
    Grin Reaper

  32. Love Fest breaking out between yahooy and City Kitty.
    What next? Countdown and Kelly with the above in a double date at the Gathering of the Peace Pipes!

  33. let’s get something straight – I usually don’t agree with yahooy’s opinions, but he’s entitled to them, and I don’t have hard feelings. I’ll leave the love fest to him and Anna, but that looks like a rocky relationship.

  34. NO MATTER who the Mayor of Bridgeport is gets trampled here. Not until today has someone said anything good about him. He’s in the arena and we’re just bloggers. His latest press release concerns buildings that were returned to City Hall and the consequent taxes and new investment they’ve produced. Nothing wrong with that!

    I applaud Mayor Finch. He doesn’t have many fans here.
    I root for him because what’s good for Bridgeport is good for the entire area!

    His tenure has just bugun — so let’s hope for better things in the future and less criticism from the OIB blogosphere. I’m launching an area chapter of The Bill Finch Fan Club, all here invited.

  35. MEMBERSHIP in The Bill Finch Fan Club continues to grow.
    I encourage the owner of this blog to develop a policy of “journalistic neutrality” for the sole purpose of reducing the kind of criticisms he seemingly endorses.

    City Kitty: your stock is skyrocketing!

  36. Local eyes – thanks dude! I don’t expect some bloggers to agree with us, and I’m no stranger to getting beat up on here, but hey, I don’t care. After all, opinions are like a-holes, everyone has one. 🙂

  37. I have no idea what the Birdman is talking about. I have read a dozen times already where both 333 State Street and American Fabrics have been sold to these developers and to other developers. This is a sham. Every time Fabrizi needed to look good he would announce the sale of these buildings and now Finch is doing the same. It’s a game of Three Card Monty and the taxpayers keep losing.
    On 333 State Street the city forgave $8 million in back taxes in a deal where the delinquent taxpayer could still be involved in the redevelopment of the property and those buyers walked away.
    And American Fabrics was sold to another buyer by Fabrizi for $3 million but that deal never closed.
    NEW RULE the city can not announce a development deal until a Certificate of Occupancy has been issued. That ought to save a lot of paper and ink and make Mr. Green Genes happy.

  38. Okay cool so City Kitty where is your polling station??? I vote at Harding. And I was telling Lennie he should go around on election day and video the vote from around Bridgeport or take pics and put them up, that would be good.

  39. donj,
    The only ones who will be taking pictures at Harding on election day will be the SEEC or the FBI trying to prove the vote buying that goes on there.
    Show up at the designated spot with your I VOTED TODAY sticker and get paid cash.

  40. If donj doesn’t believe that is what happens in the East End then he should change his handle to Clueless. Otherwise, maybe donj is one of the official checks; checks and makes sure it is not a fraudulent I VOTED TODAY sticker before forking over the cash.

  41. donj,
    The Reaper is grinning ear to ear with that comment.
    Put a Ford in your future and the Cobbler will fix your shoes on election day. I guess you have never voted at Harding before. You must vote at Dumbar.

  42. Reaper–why do you guys have to bash donj and make these assumptions about him? You don’t even know him and I don’t either, but come on now. I don’t get this need to beat up on people and there’s no end to it. He seems like a nice young guy who’s interested in local politics, no wonder young people don’t get involved, what a turn-off.

  43. I too am willing to give Finch a chance. He inherited a huge financial mess from Fabrizi and he’s trying to figure out a way out. But my problem is that he hasn’t changed the people who created that mess. Under budget director Sherwood, Bpt’s fund balance went from $55 million to $15 million in just 4 short years. His budget was all smoke and mirrors and now that some real financial people are looking at it, the truth is coming out.

    Sherwood is also a close friend of Fabrizi who truly believes he is coming back in 4 years. Sherwood reports back to Fabs daily and Fabs is taking notes. When the time comes for him to run, he will have all the inside info to use aganist Finch. Fabs appointed Sherwood budget director at a salary of $125,000 so he owes him.

    And Sherwood is the same guy who covered up Fabs’ expense account. Fabs spent like a drunken soldier (if the shoe fits) and Sherwood always found an account to charge it to. Someone should check the invoices for his “conferences” and “business” trips and the weekend excursions to Port Jeff and little Italy. He had a good ole time at the taxpayers expense. He got particularly greedy last summer and fall when he knew the party was coming to an end.

    So my advice to Finch is to get rid of these wastes from the last administration starting with Sherwood and bring in some true professionals who are not political and don’t owe anyone anything. Once you start doing that, you will gain the support of the employees and the public.

  44. Grin Reaper lol you Republicans make me laugh. Like Obama said don’t make no one run you away from the polls come November and I won’t. It will be my first time voting and I’m pumped … I guess Grin Reaper is like McSame, just a old-ass guy who has nothing better to do, lmao.

  45. McCain scares me to death. Go Obama!!! Anyone know if he’ll be making a local appearance? I’d love to see him.

    And regarding the Sherwood posting above, many members of Finch’s transition team recommended that Sherwood be replaced IMMEDIATELY. I understand that maybe they were nervous about getting through their first budget but that is over. OPM was created by the Financial Review Board to oversee and control spending. Now who is watching OPM?

    And Fabs was also at Sal’s party over the weekend. Oh to be a proverbial fly on the wall!!!

  46. I am absolutely convinced tht Fabs is still an influence on members of this administration. It is to his advantage to keep the chaos going. The longer Finch looks ineffective, the better for Fabs.

    BTW, the Transfer Station Supervisor is still out on a paid suspension and bragging that he’s coming back. I said I wouldn’t dwell on this because there was an investigation going on but damn how long does it take!!!

  47. Bravo to the Finch Administration for finally closing the two real estate deals. It is unclear from the press release what parking has to be provided for the 333 State deal since the parking requirement imploded the first developer’s bid. The developer did go to the ZBA to wipe out the parking requirement but never heard their decision. The bottom line on that deal, today’s announcement means the cash is finally in the city’s coffer and the developer has the liability, and opportunity.

    As for American Fabrics, it is unclear if any cash actually went to the city in yesterday’s real estate closing. Yes they are going to do an investment of $1.8 million but it isn’t clear if the City actually was paid some amount at closing.

    Whatever the details, the point is two properties are now back on the tax rolls with developers with deep pockets and track records. Therefore score two for the growth of the City’s grand list. Score two in the Finch column.

  48. Hey!! This is GREAT!. By quick tally in this blog, Finch supporters have formed a fan club…all four of them. Just to show you the type of guy I am, I shall, magnanimously, designate each of the four members of the Finch Fan Club as Honorary Philistines.

  49. BTW

    I never really welcomed Anna back into the blogging community after so long an absence. Betty Ford must be nice this time of year.

    Seriously, welcome back skank. It never ceases to amaze me how you can type and scratch at the same time.

  50. 270+ more Democrats voted for Finch to be the next Mayor. So there should be no complaints coming from the “let’s blame Fabrizi’s Admin. for Finch’s problems” group. Now, it seems that the best thing that has happened in “2008” is the comeback of Mario Testa. It brings some order & respect back to the Dem. Party; something that was lacking during the Queen & King days! What’s left to really bring the party together is to make changes in the District Leader positions in all of the #10 local districts. Only then will there be a better chance to give the average citizen interested in serving their community a fair shake in being part of the political process that so many take for granted. If not, the names will change but the overall problems will still be there. With no one to gain, except for the usual few that continue to play the political system like a playstation!


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