Man Charged In Councilwoman Martinez Assault

From Dan Tepfer, CT Post:

A mentor for young men in the community was charged Wednesday with savagely beating a city councilwoman because she wouldn’t return his phone calls.

Sherman Perry, 44, the founder of Men’s Community Empowerment Group, was charged with second-degree assault and first-degree reckless endangerment in connection with the assault on Feb. 22 of East Side Councilwoman Eneida Martinez.

Martinez was severely beaten in the face, head and shoulders and spent a week in Bridgeport Hospital.

… Police said Martinez and Perry had been involved in a relationship but she had stopped taking his calls. They said that on the day of the incident, Perry had gone to Martinez’s home to confront her. The two began to argue, police said, and Perry, who is 5 feet, 11 inches tall and weighs 280 pounds, then began punching Martinez.

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  1. May God bless Eneida Martinez for a speedy recover. How dare Sherman Perry or any other man assault any woman for anything but according to the article Perry beat her like she was man. Body injury is one thing but the emotional abuse is another, again may God bless Eneida.

  2. “Perry has a history of assaulting women, police said, and has been convicted of assault, manslaughter and drug sales.” How does a creep like this head up a youth mentoring program? Lack of due diligence on any background checks, if any performed.

      1. JB, Ganim was elected by a misguided, misinformed, delusional electorate. This thug has to get funding from some source be it governmental or non profit. Then some organization hires/selects him to mentor their youth and neither perform a background check? I find that to be almost criminal itself.

  3. OIB Readers, the stuff of OIB is Bridgeport, opportunities, issues, problems, concerns and change…..for many reasons that
    you may be more learned about than me, young people, witnesses to traumatic events in real life, not just digitally, are wanting solid and regular adult models. Apparently there is an organization to deal with this with a name similar to that which is linked to Mr. Perry, a former friend of Council person Martinez.”The Empowerment Pledge” is an indicator of their intent in mentoring behavior. Sometimes people learn from serious first experiences where they run into serious legal issues as adults. Time outs of various kinds spent on reflection, owning remorse for past acts, and personally making serious commitment to change one’s life and use it to help others, makes a difference.

    We all know of other situations where people keep making unwise choices for which there are consequences to them as well as others they may hurt as in this case.

    Read the pledges. Understand the situation. Become a mentor to a younger person. Mentor skin color may matter to some extent, but having someone who believes in your dreams and helps listen to your daily efforts is worthy regardless of gender, race or religion.

    “Power Monday meetings typically end with students pledging to strive to be the best they can be. For example,
    I pledge to always maintain a positive attitude.
    I pledge to make good, sound decisions.
    I pledge to be serious about my education.
    I pledge to be focused on achieving excellence.
    I pledge to be diligent in my efforts.
    I pledge to be disciplined in my actions.
    I pledge to be resilient after setbacks.”

    Today is Giving Day in Fairfield County. If you need a target for financial giving, look for a program that works with City youth on the site. Better yet, call School Volunteer Association, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, or local church leaders for referrals to opportunities to serve the younger community as mentor/adult behavior model. Do it today….Time will tell.

  4. By Daniel Tepfer Updated 5:46 pm, Wednesday, February 28, 2018

    Martinez was severely beaten in the face, head and shoulders and spent a week in Bridgeport Hospital.
    Police said when Martinez was brought into the hospital her eyes were swollen shut and she had numerous bruises. She suffered a seizure while undergoing an X-ray.

    Police said Perry kept punching Martinez until she fell onto the floor and then may have kicked her while she lay there. Perry has a history of assaulting women, police said, and has been convicted of assault, manslaughter and drug sales.

    All of the above from the Conn. Post sounds like Ms Martinez was pistol whip or was hit with some type of metal object.

  5. There is absolutely no excuse whatsoever about physical violence of one human being towards another unless in self-defense. I am not a big fan of Eneida Martinez but,based on the facts so far provided,this physical attack on her should be condemned.


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