Low Turnout In Primary Countdown

Moore in headquarters with campaign supporters.

Turnout for primary day is low across the city, trending well behind, as expected, the voter performance four years ago when Joe Ganim defeated incumbent Bill Finch in a wild primary.

Ganim with campaign supporters primary day.

The campaign operations of Ganim and Democratic primary challenger State Senator Marilyn Moore have fanned out across the city urging supporters to the polls. Moore will perform strongest in neighborhoods she represents in the State Senate such as Black Rock, West Side and North End. Ganim’s sweet spot is expected to be the eastern portions of Bridgeport, especially in heavily Hispanic precincts.

Absentee ballots could play a pivotal role. The Town Clerk’s Office reports that about 1,600 Democrats have voted by absentee ballot. Ganim will bank a major share of those votes.

Ganim wants a machine count victory. If he wins by absentee ballots it provides general election energy for Moore who has secured a ballot spot for November. But maybe not, in a new development. See here.

Moore will need a major machine count victory to withstand Ganim’s absentee advantage.



  1. Jeff Kohut says:
    September 3, 2019 at 10:29 pm
    This will be a record-low turnout. Voters are absolutely disenchanted with the state of city. Voters are even more disenchanted with its prospects, given the condition of the state, the agenda of the Greenwich guy in Hartford, and especially with the demonstrated inability of the two Democratic candidates to create and execute an appropriate economic-development agenda for Bridgeport (the latter being the sine qua none for a Bridgeport revival — or even survival…).
    Ganim’s agenda is a non-descript, non-plan that would seem to have no needs-based goals, with respect to jobs and tax-base growth. And economic-development “progress” under G2 is really just creatively-presented accounting-gimmick fiction (e.g., the new fossil-fuel power plant represents a temporary tax-base bump that will be leveled with the dismantling of the coal-fired behemoth…).
    Moore’s economic-development non-plan is just a recital of ineffectual, policy best-practices that could have been taken directly off of any Republican candidate’s website platform description. Again, there has apparently been no research done, in this regard, on Bridgeport’s actual tax-base and jobs needs, pursuant to any real economic-development goals, let alone any research on how to create anything real in regard to such indicated goals…
    A non-plan presented as a neatly-packaged, substance-less, cliché-piece, in Moore’s case. In Ganim’s case, no presentation of a plan at all — just a recital of casino-contingent, paper projects that are very unlikely to happen under any Gold Coast regime in Hartford, along with accounting-gimmick, tax-base-increase claims… Neither Democratic candidate has a clue about how to drive Bridgeport in the right direction –or even what the right direction might be, with respect to economic development… (Ditto for the Republicans…)
    This will definitely be a record low-turnout, primary election in Bridgeport. Perhaps 12% of voters will be represented at the polls, with another 3% by absentees.
    Results: D’s — Ganim 60% (about 4,200 votes); Moore 40% (about 2,800 votes)
    Results R’s — Book 45% (about 270 votes); Rodriguez 40% (about 240 votes); Francis 15% (about 90 votes)
    Bridgeporters aren’t happy with the state of their city or their citywide/district candidates.
    Bridgeporters will votes with their seats on Tuesday, September 10, staying home in droves, with only a trickle of half-hearted voters bothering to hold their noses and register a choice at the polls…

    Even Barnum couldn’t sell tickets to this one…

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    1. 1000% agree with the reading of Moore’s complete ill-tuned campaign that reeks of ridiculously poor and worthless capability to run the city. And Ganim’s essentially lukewarm no-news-here campaign.

  2. WOW, this is startling news. So this is all or Nothing for the Moore campaign if they don’t win the primary or go to court to challenge the removal of signatures. Ganim people at work?

  3. Lydia Martinez knew this for the last month no doubt.But it’s not up to her to say anything to the Moore camp.This whole development is a microcosm of the Moore campaign.It was one of the worst run campaigns I can remember,IMO,she was never fully invested in this run.If her campaign dropped the ball in the signature count it doesn’t surprise me.


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