Lopezed! “Sidewalk” Ticket Against Retired Judge Dismissed

Carmen Lopez makes a point to hearing officer Manny Cotto who dismissed ticket. At right Steven Auerbach, the city’s director of parking enforcement. Sitting behind Lopez basketball legend John Bagley and school board member Maria Pereira.

Try to walk all over retired Superior Court Judge Carmen Lopez and she’ll sting a legal sidewinder in return. In February, while looking after her 91-year-old father, Lopez was issued a $60 ticket by an enforcement officer for parking on a non-existent sidewalk in the Lake Forest neighborhood. Tuesday afternoon that ticket was dismissed by retired city police officer Manny Cotto in his role as the appeal hearing officer declaring it’s “rare when someone comes prepared before the hearing officer.”

Armed with oodles of research including state statute and local city ordinances, it’s fascinating watching Lopez peel away the layers of the city’s “defective” case.

Not a sidewalk.

Galo Erazo, the parking enforcement officer who ticketed Lopez was hanging his fine on this section of the city’s code of ordinances covering parking restrictions:

On a public sidewalk and/or any other portion (including, but not limited to, the curb and the grassy or dirt strip between the curb and the paved portion of the sidewalk) of the city’s right-of-way other than the paved portion of the street …

“I got you for the grassy and dirt area,” he declared under questioning from Lopez. Really? Here comes the (retired) judge.

Lopez grills parking enforcement officer Galo Erazo.

Sometimes simple questions on the surface are the hardest to answer like when Lopez asked Erazo for the city’s definition of a sidewalk? Eek. Feeling comfy? If this was a fight they woulda stopped it.

By the time Lopez was done grilling her accuser Erazo with a series of questions including an admission that he had no formal training for the job he’s occupied for years he confessed under oath that she was not parked on a sidewalk.

If that wasn’t enough, Lopez pulled out a pearl from state statute in her motion to dismiss:

The Home Rule Act, the enabling act, does not grant a municipality, in this case the City of Bridgeport, the power to prohibit parking in front of a person’s property on an area that is not a sidewalk.


Next case!

Lopezed, again.

This is not the first time Lopez has taken on City Hall. A few years ago she received a dubious parking ticket after dropping off her elderly father at a barbershop. She blowtorched the city’s newfangled camera meters in a similar hearing. It led to a whole new set of less-intrusive parking meters and reduced fines for violations, saving thousands of motorists parking migraines.

Lopez brings a spark to these presentations with self-deprecation and stinging rejoinders to her accusers, at one point dropping in a line from the Abbott & Costello baseball routine “Who’s on first, what’s on second …”

Maybe on some level it’s meeting the Keystone Cops, on a legal platform for sure. Technically Erazo is not a cop; a “parking enforcement officer” who works in conjunction with the Department of Public Facilities where Steven Auerbach serves as director of parking enforcement. Auerbach observed the proceedings.

Sitting behind Lopez were two city activists nonplussed by the city’s political establishment Board of Education member Maria Pereira and basketball legend John Bagley, a former school board member. Lopez’s husband Superior Court Judge Dale Radcliffe also took in the proceedings.

A couple of members of the public awaiting their infraction hearings had a front row seat to Lopez’s legal acumen in City Hall. “I’m here for the same reason as you!” one woman remarked to Lopez after her ticket was dismissed.

Nothing like a pro arming a civilian with legal firepower. Whatever she said, I’m in!

In the end Cotto, showing fairness and a deft deferential to common sense, dismissed the ticket. Had he not Lopez would have challenged it in court where it would have been tossed anyway based on her legal reasoning.

But you have to wonder, how many dubious parking tickets are issued each year? How many pay the fines because they feel it’s a lost cause or don’t have the time or polish to push back?



  1. I’m shock, shock, shock that justice was not serve to Stevie A and his Gestapo Strom troopers. John Bagley thanks for your support, with John, Maria and Dale Radcliff there in support this was a sure victory.

  2. I must say Steve Auerbach was completely out-of-order.

    Steve was NOT the Hearing Officer yet he repeatedly tried to run the hearing. Judge Lopez would have none of it. She told him to sit quietly. Ouch!

    Right out of the gate she wanted to know if Hearing Officer Manny Cotto Sr. had been appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council as required under the law. No one could answer the question. She asked the Hearing Officer when he was appointed, how long he had been serving, approximately when did he first start serving. The Hearing Officer could not recall.

    The Parking Enforcement Officer tried to take Judge Lopez on. Bad move. As she was cross examing him he said “I got you on…” The BPD officer in the room winced. Many of us were stunned. It came across as he was targeting her.

    She asked him what training had he received regarding park enforcement and following ordinances. He admitted he had received none.

    Many of us in the room just couldn’t stop giggling and chuckling.

    Judge Lopez kicked their ass and took names.

    After the Hearing was over and the next Hearing was slated to begin. Steve asked others waiting to exit the room until their name was called. I went back into the room and told Steve you cannot ask members of the public to leave a public meeting/hearing. You are violating the FOIA. The public has the right to know what government is doing.

    The other attendees who had hearings were loving her and told her she was amazing.

  3. By the way, Judge Lopez IS absolutely amazing.

    I will stand with her through thick and thin. When ever anyone compliments me on my research, knowledge, ability to connect the dots; I always say I learned from the best, Judge Lopez.

  4. Congratulations to the parties on each side. A just decision was reached, even though it takes time, gumption and a willingness to do a little research to gain such a result when dealing with the City and its Hydra like enforcers. Hearing officer Cotto was wise. What was Steve thinking by setting out his case in advance of the hearing?
    Steve, you enjoy food celebrations in Bridgeport. At this festival you were invited to feast on your own words, I suppose. How would you characterize their taste?
    Have you had an opportunity to replace the limited ablity parking meter that allows only one hour of parking in a two hour zone? Time will tell.

  5. I guess this is the reason they just passed a city ordinance that you can’t park in your front yard in the port?
    Your honorLESS,
    Park a car like a normal person and you won’t keep getting tickets…..
    You are NOT above the law Lady!! So stop acting like you are!
    If I was hearing Officer I would have dismissed the ticket of everyone there and not even let you speak! FYI next time Steve……..

    1. rip the grass from your front lawn, pave it – and oh yes you can park where your front lawn USED to be – especially if you live in the North End and rent to SHU students.
      Carmen Lopez was NOT parked on anyone’s front lawn. She was parked on the street next to where the curb would be – if t here was a curb. Get a life!

    2. I believe that residential units that have enough people with as many cars such that driveways and street parking are not enough, have eliminated what used to be grassed front yards. (This was not the situation in the picture for this OIB entry. THe front lawn is on the other side of the stone wall in the photo, I believe.)
      Blight is the enemy and one way to combat it is to adopt ordinances and enforce them, I suppose. That calls for informed personnel using discretion and judgement initially, perhaps. Of course, there are folks in Bridgeport who are more equal than others, or who think so. Time will tell.

    3. Frank, you are 100% wrong.
      .judge Lopez presented the state statutes, the relevant city ordinance and the definition of a,”sidewalk” under the Zoning Regulations.

      Judge Lopez was 100% right and they knew she was

      If you haven’t done the same research, please don’t criticize someone who has.

      1. Just like your 100% right all the time? You can research all u want, but the fact is u two are rebel rousers , so even if you are right, you sound like a whacko!!!!!!

          1. I think Frank was being polite, or in cops vernacular. “deescalating” the situation. 🙂
            There is “white” in your name, although there was a time in American when its “LAWS” allowed you to own people or have them as an “Indenture servitude” While that is no longer the case in American we should have a law to stop Ghetto parking. 🙂

  6. Judge Lopez taught these clowns that they are best served staying in clown school around other clowns where they aren’t aware of theirs limitations as a thinking people. This is another example of the shortcomings of Mayor Ganim who appointed these clowns into positions that they weren’t suited to be in or lacked the knowledge to serve as representatives of this fair city.
    Don’t blame the lead Clown because he’s a fool as well as well as a clown, but instead blame Mayor Ganim for being shortsighted and ignorant in appointing Clowns to do a job that is out of their field of expertise, that being CLOWNS!

    1. Don, Mayor Ganim appointed other Clowns to high paying City positions like taking pictures of Ganim at social events. Stevie really thought that he had the power to put Judge Lopez in her place, first he said the hearing that the public could not attend this hearing, Stevie was trying to scare the public and to deny the resident of attending a public hearing. Stevie A came out of this looking like the real Clown that he is for Ganim and Mario.

  7. Now that this pressing legal issue for the definition of what constitutes a sidewalk have been resolved. The question is will judge Lopez continue her fight to protect the pedestrians and motorist of the Port who travel on that thruway or will she ignore it and continue to park and allow others to park on the street that creates a hazardous condition for them. That time will tell. No parking signs or not signs? PS. JS. https://www.ctpost.com/local/ctpost/article/Traffic-stop-leads-to-firearm-arrest-taser-use-14046090.php

  8. Congratulations Judge Lopez!
    You have shown us once again you can fight City Hall AND win.
    To the city council I would recommend that a moratorium be placed on honoring parking tickets until parking enforcement officers receive adequate training from a guide developed by the city attorney’s office and NOT Stevie Aurbach.

  9. They say a picture is worth a thousands words, but words. We all agree and the law as well that judge Lopez did deserve to receive a ticket, I think. However it was her right to park on the street without parking half on it and half off. The reason for her parking style has been explained, but y’all be the judge for yourself. So while we play these political games and demonize the police every chance you get. Lets not forget the do have a serious job and are on the front lines in protecting the Port and its citizens. You have cams the best transparency tool. JS http://www.news12.com/story/37502525/video-shows-bridgeport-officers-being-dragged-by-car

    1. Didn’t deserve, but parking Ghetto style, Steve, coward, warranted one. Belittling someone who was just doing his job and who was not formally education in state statues as a judge and didn’t know what is the formal legal definition of what constitutes a sidewalk for a political side show i s a from of bullying, Maria. In my formal ghetto education there are two basic elements, either you are on the street or on the sidewalk. 🙂 I will say this in Black Rock and other parts of the Port. There is a street, curb, grassy area, then a concrete walkway (sidewalk) Are we saying that we can park on that grassy area? Judge Lopez is it ok to park on that grassy area between the street and the “sidewalk” in BlackRock, JML what say you? 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nOxdKcqC_I

        1. I know Parking Enforcement Officers are not Police Officers and so should Judge Lopez, I hope. I’m sure she had been told. I didn’t say, “I guess Joe Ganim’s police department believes that if at first you don’t succeed, keep trying.” That was her implying her Parking Ticket from the Parking Enforcement Officers was a direct link to the police department and Ganim’s administration that she made in her commentary piece on OIB. Belittling was part of the plot in this freak show. You know how I know it was a freak show? Lopez asked in her commentary piece for moral support to attend her hearing for a $40 ticket and you among others actually showed up. Like you don’t have more pressing things to do like watching paint dry. Just in case you are unaware. You are the lead actor in this freak show and Ernie is your co-star. Go Central High/Tech. 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sL01iLsStCU

        2. Maria do the research, can I park on the grassy area between the street and so called legal definition of what constitutes a sidewalks on those walkways that are part grass and concrete in the walk in the Blackrock areas, can I ghetto park on top of the grassy area as long as my tires don’t touch the concrete?

          1. My understanding from Judge Lopez’s exhibits reviewed and presented yesterday is yes.

          2. Now that being said do you or anyone here on OIB believe if someone ghetto parked their car on the grassy area between the street and concrete sidewalk like they have in Blackrock and other parts of the city. The city shouldn’t have its Parking Enforcement Officer give that car a ticket.

            I don’t fault Judge Lopez for fighting an unjust act or even a just act and wanting to get away with it by out lawyering the other side or let corruption add it the outcome by overlooking the laws and facts, right, lawyers, commissioners, and judges.

            I will not go into the legal aspect of grassy area adjacent to the street but if someone ghetto parked on the grassy area in Blackrock it probably would have not been dismissed.

          1. Quem é o verdadeiro perdedor, Robert? Ninguém aqui tem mais do que o respeito simbólico por suas opiniões desinformadas. Tome um comprimido e superar a si mesmo.

  10. I wrote this (below) and sent it to OIB last night to use as a longer piece — it started out as a post and went a bit long, so I thought it would work better stand-alone.. In any event, it didn’t get in last night, so here it is for anyone (especially those concerned about inept government/traffic safety/stifling of political activism by City Hall)

    Wow! What a g-damn joke! The city enforcing traffic and quality of life ordinances in Lake Forest?!
    The most unsafe streets in the city — with no sidewalks, thousands of speeding, Main-Street-bound cars taking shortcuts through the neighborhood, originating from Trumbull Route 15, the 25-8 Connector, and other Bridgeport neighborhoods, ignoring stop-signs/speed limits and pedestrian/cyclist safety on their way to/from work/shopping on the Main Street Corridor area of Bridgeport/Trumbull/Fairfield…
    Not to be remiss, the complete disregard of aforementioned motorists for school children and public transit users at their respective bus-stops in morning/afternoon/evening…

    And the BPD/City Hall does NOTHING to mitigate the aforementioned situation…
    Now; the parking situation is a whole other sack of manure… SHU-student parties, Lake forest Clubhouse rental events, and other private parties create impassible, extremely hazardous situations for pedestrians, cyclists, and other motorists… Such situations are NEVER addressed by the BPD…

    The BPD/City Hall hasn’t paid any attention to traffic-safety in Lake Forest since the Fabrizi Administration…
    And the “sidewalk” parking situation… While the Lake Forest Block Watch — several times over 20 years — requested the urgent consideration of City-created/maintained sidewalks on Lake Forest’s heavily traveled (commercial-sector-short-cut streets) for pedestrian safety reasons, absolutely nothing has been done to create any sort of safety-enforceable, pedestrian right-of-way on Lake Forest Streets. Cars, and even tractor trailer trucks are allowed to park on blind curves, narrow areas, and into/off of the street, such that pedestrians are forced to navigate well into the street (or need to mount walls/violate fences on private property in order to avoid a possibly deadly encounter with a motor vehicle…). In short, any sort of “sidewalk” enforcement in lake Forest never happens… (Not since the Fabrizi Administration…)
    Parking on the grass is another joke… SHU-student rental housing in Lake Forest is generally definable in terms of several parked completely on grass, as well other cars blocking the pedestrian right of way…
    And the City allows walls and fences to be constructed within “sidewalk” areas in the neighborhood, forcing pedestrians into the street…

    So: in a neighborhood where traffic-safety has been completely ignored during the present and most of the past administration, save for a situation involving political-activist, retired-judge Carmen Lopez, all of a sudden, the City has decided to protect the neighborhood by creating a “safety zone” at her elderly father’s residence, such that they would have her block the narrow roadway while also impeding pedestrian/cyclist navigation at the location… Really?! No! Bull shit! She was targeted by a bumbling City Hall administration that has no shame — about anything…

    Carmen should sue the City for harassment — after her parking “violation” is “forgiven”…

    And as for Lake Forest traffic-safety: anyone injured because of the aforementioned, extant, city-ignored traffic safety situations should sue the City and present administration for failure to address extant, basic, well-known/documented traffic-safety needs in the Lake Forest neighborhood.

    Anyone that is pissed-off at the incompetent, off-handed manner of the City-Hall handling of Bridgeport traffic-safety needs (in particular, the Lake Forest area) should attend the parking-violation-appeal hearing of Judge Lopez at City Hall (Lyon Terrace), Wheeler Room A at 11:30 AM on Tuesday, June 25 (tomorrow — as of this writing…).

    Oy! The bullshit in this city! And it’s an election year WITH “NO-ONE” RUNNING FOR MAYOR!
    Chris Caruso? John Fabrizi? Somebody who actually has a brain and gives a shit about this city… How about running for mayor!

  11. Jeff, I’m in total agreement with you but the real problem was how dare this woman, this Hispanic woman dare question and challenge the authority of Steven Auerbach who serves as director of parking enforcement. Little Stevie A. got his ass kicked but Stevie got saved by retired city police officer Manny Cotto in his role as the appeal hearing officer declaring it’s “rare when someone comes prepared before the hearing officer.” In the end Cotto, showing fairness and a deft deferential to common sense, dismissed the ticket.

  12. Really Ron? Ask “Steve, coward, director of parking enforcement how many ticket hearing he sets in on. I will not go on as to a motive for Judge Lopez receiving a ticket even though her ghetto parking would catch the eye of those who enforce the parking laws. That rabbit hole is deeper then you think. This was a political circus. If anybody thinks different is as wrong as Judge Lopez’s parking on night in question. PS Can you not throw race in this freak show call Bridgeport politics, 🙂 ” Hispanic woman” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDovXbkfZlQ

      1. Are you saying no one gives credence to:
        A. Steve a coward and the city’s biggest cheerleader.
        B. Ron inject race in everything. #45.
        C. Judge Lopez did ghetto park with half of you front end on the street and the other have on whatever you want to call it, Non-street. While the back end was practically on the entire street.
        D. You and Ernie taking peeing in a cup is not a freak show.
        E. The City that was made famous by the greatest show man, P. T Barnum is not a political circus. P.T may have died but his circus alive and kicking in the Port.
        F. As it pertains to the city’s law office preparing Steve on what to say on a OIB Blog, I just have one thing to say about that. 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gv7uJUX3160

        1. P.S Maria I know you are fully aware that practically everyone on OIB don’t like you and don’t have any kind words about you. So you to speak on behalf of everyone on OIB I have one word, CREDENCE. 🙂 Well except of me, I like you “ish” “)

  13. Brother Mackey, this is a failure of Mayor Ganim who gave this vital position in city government to an individual with no experience or expertise in the job he was hired to do. This political patronage hire was a train wreck in the making and highly predictable. These are the things that make Bridgeport city government the joke it is in the eyes many across the state.

    Someone, at sometime, must demand accountability from those that were elected to work in the best interest of the residents and the City of Bridgeport. Malfeasance and misfeasance by Mayor Ganim and the Parking Enforcement Officer should outrage every other elected official in the city and every resident.

  14. In a way I feel bad for Steve,Joe rewarded him with a job that he had zero experience doing.Joe threw him into the job after Ed Adams,totally screwed the meter transition up.
    Now fast forward to this week.This was Steve’s big chance to prove himself to Joe & Mario.He came on here,and after a little coaching,came here with the attitude that HE was running the show, and HE was going to control this hearing,in the end he was told to be quiet and sit there.Obviously his attempt to impress his bosses failed terribly.
    I’m sure Joe,just wants Steve to be silent,take his paycheck, and be his cheerleader when he calls on him.Instead, Steve and his ego tried to make this patronage job more than it is.
    Steve, you should do what everyone else who was given a job by Joe does. Don’t post here,don’t say anything to anyone.basically take your paycheck and laugh all the way to the bank.

    1. Harvey, I’m in agreement with you about Stevie A. It’s obvious that Mayor Ganim and Mario Testa didn’t do a good vetting Little Stevie A. because Stevie was so far up their ass. Harvey, Stevie has to post in order to feel important and to be a legend in his own mind, Stevie A. is a real super star, just ask him. Of course Stevie has been given his talking points and warning to stay off of OIB and to stop embarrassing them.

      Stevie, “Don’t Believe The Hype”

    2. Steve ought to focus on doing his job objectively and without bias. Of course, anyone employed by the Ganim administration checks his or her objectivity at the door before entering City Hall or 999 Broad Street…

      Hey Steve, how ’bout ticketing all of the folks parking at bus stops and fire hydrants? Plenty of ’em do it, especially in Black Rock. I’m tired of having to wait in the middle of Fairfield Avenue to board a bus because someone drinking at Matty’s Corner thinks a GBT sign means “Executive parking for assholes.”

    1. Here’s a little history about one of the troublemaker sitting behind Lopez who is a real legend unlike the fake want-a-be legend in his own mind, Stevie A.

      John Bagley played for Boston College for three seasons, where he averaged nearly 18 points a game and became the first Eagle to earn Big East Men’s Basketball Player of the Year honors. He averaged 20.4 points per game during the 1980–81 season, his sophomore year, and led the Eagles to the regular-season championship and NCAA Tournament’s Sweet 16. The following year, Bagley scored 21.1 points per game and led Boston College to the Elite Eight of the NCAA Tournament. Bagley also played in the Men’s World University Games in 1981, and led the team with 14.8 points per game. He left Boston College after his junior year and entered the 1982 NBA Draft. He was inducted into the Boston College Varsity Club Athletic Hall of Fame in 1995.
      On February 25, 2017, Bagley’s number 54 was retired at Boston College.

      1. John Bagley played 11 years of professional basketball in the NBA for Cleveland Cavaliers, New Jersey Nets and Boston Celtics, that’s what you call a legend with works and deeds and who return back home to serve the residents of Bridgeport.

  15. I am definitely a “troublemaker”, and proud of it.

    I am running a “troublemaker” recruitment drive. Bridgeport needs as many troublemakers as it can get!

    Please contact me if you would like to join our “Troublemakers for Bridgeport” training session. 🙂

  16. CTPOST
    “Report flags towns for racial profiling traffic stops”
    By Lisa Backus June 25, 2019

    HARTFORD – The findings of a statewide racial profiling traffic stop report to be released Tuesday morning show that progress has been made, but the data also indicates that more work needs to be done, according to the authors.

    Middletown, Bridgeport, Derby, New Haven and Trumbull police departments were among the top 10 in the number of searches during traffic stops.

  17. Stevie A got an old fashioned ASS kicking.
    Go home Stevie A. Quit while you’re behind. Leave with what little disunity you have left.
    Ask Joel to put a good word in for you with the janitors

      1. Ron, I bet you are absolutely correct about that!!! Lol. Steve’s STILL waiting for Defilippo’s liquor store to open to get his complimentary bottle of wine. The one that’s been sitting on the window shelf for 4 years now!!!!

          1. Ha ha!! No it wasn’t but if Defilippo ever opens his store he will never bring in the kind of wine that “they” had a ta$te for. If he DOES EVER OPEN and is able to get that kind of wine in his store then I can assure you that Defilippo will NOT make a dime profit from those kinds of wines. He will either have to “donate” it to certain select “friends” OR, sell it at wholesale, which of course is illegal and of course Defilippo won’t care what’s legal or not. Maybe he’ll get that law changed as well!!!!!
            No tip for you.

      2. Stevie A. was just doing this to suck up. I doubt it was sanctioned by City Hall or Mario the Dark Lord. Stevie tried to keep the hearing closed to avoid higher ups getting wind of his monumental stupidity. He got the job via kissing ass. What did Galo Erazo do to earn his stripes?

        1. Come on Derek you know better than that!! He took a test and got on a civil service list and they called the most qualified candidate. Thats how it’s done. I’m surprised that you wouldn’t know this.
          Lol lol lol lol………

        2. Derek, of course he did, he was trying to scare people not to show up as if somebody was going to listen to him. The only thing that listens to Stevie A are his goldfish.

  18. Thank you all for your comments. Needless to say I was not a factor in this ridiculous display that made other hearings an hour late. I want to thank Lennie for this post and allowing the attacks as usual. very sad indeed.

    i will say to Mr. John Marshall Lee— Yes , Thank you for bringing it to my attention, the Meter has been replaced with a 2 hour meter.

    Everyone else, Thank you!

  19. There must be a suicide watch for Stevie A, his comment shows that there is definitely something seriously wrong because there is no way that Little Stevie A would allow this many comments against him without Stevie showing us all on how right he is. It’s obvious that Stevie has been given his marching orders to stay off of OIB. Stevie, come back, you are the superstar in your mind.

    1. Steve is blaming Lennie for the “attacks”??.. Steve, you brought all this on yourself, how can you not see that??
      Again, do what your “friends” on the DTC are telling you.Don’t post here, don’t comment on social media, etc. Do what they do..Here are the guidelines if you want to stay in good graces with Joe & Mario.
      1.Keep your mouth shut
      2.Do what they tell you to do
      3 .Never question anything they do.
      4. Donate as much as legally possible.

      You are welcome!

  20. LMAO, I’m loving this demure attitude of the little guy. Joe and Mario must have been like a bicycle without a seat, in his ass. The two rules of the DTC.
    1. Do what the hell Joe & Mario tell you to do.
    2. When in doubt, see rule one.

    1. Steve abused his authority. Mr. Cotto was the hearing officer, in charge of the proceedings. Steve A. is just a loud mouthed gas bag that thinks he’s running the world from the back bench. Get over it, Steve. Judge Lopez told to sit down and shut up. Then she handed your ass, tied neatly with a bow.

  21. CONGRATULATIONS ONE AND ALL? OMG!!!!! Who knew parking was enough of a hot topic to engage the masses. Even reaching back to George Washington… LMAO!!! He may well be spinning at a higher velocity than when the TRUMP MIS-PRESIDENCY was first spawned and came to it’s current rotting fruition. Putrification* is setting in…… Should George spin any faster he may well exit his tomb and start the Zombie Apocalypse. Too bad gun violence, human misery and other serious issues don’t elicit that much ire and passion. Winner, winner is- Blight and Eyesore…too bad Blight can’t eat the chicken dinner. The rest of us can while looking over the the mess left behind. Like I’ve said, Bias Enforcement of Ordinances and free (dismissed) tickets (meal) for special interests. That original image shows Trashy (illegal) Parking on City Property. Anybody else, who could not argue circles around the official, would have had to suck it up and pay the fine or face the consequences. And the beat goes on…
    *pu·tre·fac·tion (pyū’trĕ-fak’shŭn),
    Decomposition or rotting, the breakdown of organic matter usually by bacterial action, resulting in the formation of other substances of less complex constitution with the evolution of ammonia or its derivatives and hydrogen sulfide; characterized usually by the presence of toxic or malodorous products.

  22. It saddens me to waste my time – but at least one last time.

    as The Mayoral candidates fill out their earnings. I am curious to see Ronie Macky $ 1000.00 donation

    Donnie Days- $1000.00 Donation Harvey Weintraubs 1000.00 Donation and Bobbie Walsh’s 1000.00 Donation. Can’t expect a penny from Derek Brown as a Welfare recipient. Still amazed there are no name contributers to this blog.. Now losers– Maybe in your world people control your moves on your time- Not in mine.. Anyone imagine they are wounding me because their candidate sucks will not diminish my action and determination to support my candidate on my time. I suggest write the check– I know Maria Pereirra will be writing her check.

    I would like to respond to Robert Texiera, I do not want to call it ghetto parking , however, if everyone in Black Rock started parking like this at St. Mary’s . I can’t imagine any of the residents Cheering Ms. Lopez on. I totally respect Ms. Lopez. I am happy that idiots on this blog were impressed with her comments. I was not offended for myself. Som of us move on and others still will attempt to bait me- You should not waste your breath . I am still the star of this blog and I have had more than my fair share of the spotlight. Though I appreciate the comments, They really do speak for themselves and I do not really need to respond. Take Rich Augustyn- He will forever be talking about the Liquor store.
    Ron and Don will always be talking race. Bob Walsh will continue to live in the past and living in lilly white Branford he believes he is relevant. John Marshall Lee is still waiting to have a cup of coffee with Ron Mackie. I have offered to walk with Donald Day in the North end regarding the Catholic Dioceses. I have way to many people in my orbit to be concerned about the miserable people on this blog.

    I do wish everyone well. That’s how I roll. It really is none of my business what anyone thinks about me.. But truth be told . I certainly do not validate my existence by the comments of anyone on this blog. Bullying is ok. Not so sure it is deserved but it doesn’t matter at all. I suppose for those without friends, without a social life, without a perception of a life outside of Bridgeport, Without interactions outside the political spectrum this blog represents the world. Enough said on that. Honestly, it is beyond draining.

    On a more important sharing of information. There were many excitinfg things happening today in our great city. Fear not you will not have to hear my optimism for the city on this negative blog. I am taking that act on the road! However, Today was the Grand Opening of an amazing new eatery , Bean N’ Batter Waffle House opening diirectly across the street from the people’s Savings Bank Headquarters, I guess there was a great show at the Arena, Downtown Thursdays in full swing. Once thing is guaranteed. You will rarely see anyone from this blog supporting anythin in Bridgeport.

    The most important event took place at 5:30 on Union Avenue at the Reverend Moales Church. A final farewell to Charlie Coviello. A community activist and a beloved figure from the Eastend. He had a very interesting life. He touched many people and whether you liked him or not, you had to respect his tenacity. The endless tributes were all heartfelt.
    I was especially moved by Ernie Newtons son’s extremely moving and emotionally charged testimony on the life of Charlie and Ernie’s long friendship.
    Of course I had to leave to cook dinner for my 92 year old mother. 🙂 I I have always made time in my busy day to day activities to show up , even for a moment to support others. To imagine I give a shit about the scum that incessantly attack me- I don’t . I am glad to have seen so many people this evening that I respect. A few that I am temporarily estranged from and some that I actually call friends. It is no surprise that those that contribute nothing of substance was not at any of these events leave alone the uplifting events happening in Bridgeport.

    There is so much excitement happening in this city and new blood moving in. For those that remain in darkness on this blog, your ship has sailed and left you behind. I am still looking for the best the city has to offer and it certainly will not be found here.

    Back to Charlie Coviello. There are many cheerleaders in this city. We all have different agendas and we all just have our own beliefs. I know I have this passion for Bridgeport. I know Charlie Coviello had a passion for this city. We did not always agree but I respected his desire to lift others up . I can remember delivering Christmas toys with Charlie Coviello and Marilyn Goldstone at the Pembroke Street Shelter. He was so much younger ten as was I . I remember his help with the United Illuminating Celebrity tag sale during the Moran administration until Marilyn Goldstone – May she rest forever in Peace took over and helped make it an amazing success at Captains Cove Seaport. We had god times.

    For all that knew and respected Charlie, My deepest condolences.

    For the record to all on this blog that enjoy bringing up other politicians and making references to ass kissing- suck up or any other delightful unrealistic comment. I will just say that I am the star of my life and I am not an extra in anybody else’s life story. If I support you, I believe in you and there has never been a hand out .

    This blog has become incredibly toxic. Misery loves company – enjoy!

    1. In case you didn’t know I collect disability, not welfare.

      I’m sure there is a support group for middle aged bald guys with Napoleonic impulses.

  23. P.S My Ghetto term is more of an reference to you using it on the city residents, and it’s racial tone. When you used it to describe the mind set of it’s residence after a shooting you so proudly support for its betterment in your above aformention. You know that thing, snitches get stitches remark. My coward remake is because of your actions after I told you not much snitches in the city department you work in that is under an FBI investigation for corruption. the term ghetto was coined after the poor Jews forced to live in slums. I think you were a little harsh on the Loser, TBK. being on welfare is not the reason he’s a loser. 🙂 I think it nice you have the financial means and time taking your mother out to dinner, cherish it. Not everybody has the means or a mother.

    Don’t kid yourself. You’re not a star, just a glorified extra in this freak show, and your part don’t have any real candidates, like most of the glorified extras in this freak show called Port politics, just has Mario and Joe. I do have a question for you. How many “ghetto” parking hearing do you sit in on daily as director of parking enforcement? Frank was correct you could have just dismissed the measly $40 the ticket before Judge Lopes sat down and ended this freak show scene, but you and others in the room were told not to, right? Did anyone bring up that type of parking in the Blackrock area where there are grassy areas between the street and concrete sidewalks? Please answer the questions? BAM and scene. 🙂

  24. Little Stevie A got taken to the woodshed and was read the riot act because he didn’t know what the hell he was doing but especially going up against Judge Lopez. Everybody knows that you better come with your “A” game in dealing with Judge Lopez. Stevie embarrassed Ganim and Mario and Stevie will probably have to make another $1000 donation to Ganim’s campaign and stay off of OIB. Stevie was the “midnight creeper” with his comment at 1:04 in the morning. Stevie, stick to what you do best, keep kissing Ganim’s and Mario’s ass and stay off of OIB.


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