Long-Time City Councilwoman Evette Brantley Passes Away–Advocate For Children

File image: City Council President Aidee Nieves, 136th Democratic District Leader Wanda Geter Pataky and Evette Brantley.

Evette Brantley, a stalwart political leader of the West Side and West End, including more than a decade representing the City Council’s 132nd District, has passed away from an extended illness.

From her council partner Marcus Brown:

Evette was the most caring and selfless person that I’ve known. Evette would give the shirt of her back to a stranger that needed it. Our district will feel the impact from the loss of the most selfless elected official in Bridgeport. Evette was my family and I was hers. We may never feel whole again, but with the thought and memory of Evette, we can only try to measure up to the commitment she gave to the community. Rest in peace.

From 132nd Democratic District Leader Tom Gaudett:

On behalf of the 132nd Town Committee, I’d like to honor the life and service of Councilwoman Mary Evette Brantley who dedicated decades of service to the city of Bridgeport. She cared about the most vulnerable in our community, and fought for the needs of the people she served on the East End and most recently on the West End.

On a personal note, Evette was like family to us, and we will miss her fun spirit and care that she showed to all of us. We wish our sincerest condolences and support Evette’s family. She will always be in our fondest memories.

From City Council President Aidee Nieves:

The Bridgeport City Council is mourning the untimely passing of our friend and colleague Mary Evette Brantley. Committed to the City of Bridgeport throughout her life she was a dedicated public servant who was a fierce advocate for children and passionate in ensuring them safe and loving homes. Likewise, a person of great faith, Councilwoman Brantley was a selfless individual who through countless acts of compassion worked to improve the lives of those less fortunate and the homeless in Bridgeport. Councilwoman Brantley served both the East End of Bridgeport and most recently, the West End of Bridgeport. The impact she made to the city of Bridgeport was immeasurable and will not be forgotten. Her passing is an incredible loss for the city, and we will miss her dearly. The City Council would like to wish the Brantley family our deepest condolences during this difficult time.

City Charter regulations state the City Council fills the seat of a council vacancy. Elected officials will receive the oath of office on December 1. This vacancy may have a different wrinkle being it’s after election but prior to oath of office.

From the City Charter:

Whenever a vacancy occurs, for any reason, in the membership of the city council, such vacancy shall be filled for the unexpired portion of the term by a majority vote of the city council members from the same political party as the council member vacating such office. If there are no other members from the same political party as the member vacating such office, the vacancy shall be filled by majority vote of the whole number of council members. No person shall be elected to fill a vacancy on the city council unless he/she is a resident and registered voter of the city and is a member of the same political party as the person vacating such office. No person shall be elected to fill a vacancy in the office of any council member unless he/she is also a resident and registered voter in the same council district as the person vacating such office.

Awaiting word on services.



  1. My sincere condolences to the Brantley family on your loss of this dear lady. Evette will be missed by those who loved her and may God be pleased with her time on earth.

  2. My prayers are with the Brantley family with the death of two family members within a month. Evette was one of only a few people who was elected to serve as a City Council member in two different districts, first as a elected member in the 139th district and the 132,nd district.

  3. WOW
    I am sadden to hear of the passing of my sister, my friend and my colleague. Evette and i started a long time ago as young people in upward bound at UB. Our political journey stated with the late Senator Margret Morton. She was my city councilwoman in the 139th district i was the State Representative at the time. We shared many long hours together. She fought for the rights for everyone she came in contact with. Serving with her on the city council was an honor because we both grow up in Bridgeport in the inner city. I’m going to miss her dearly. Tears are running down my face as i type this message. My Sister you fought a good fight now take your rest. LOVE ERNIE>

  4. This untimely death of a wonderful person only creates a vacancy in the City Council for the current term that expires November 30.
    The City Council does NOT get to appoint a replacement, neither does the DTC as stated in the CT Post article.
    In order for there to be a vacancy in the new City Council Term, Brantley would have to have been sworn in on Dec 1 and a certification papers for that swearing in filed with the City Clerk. as required by the City Charter.
    That is a physical impossibility, and a SPECIAL ELECTION must be held to elect a Council member for the new term.

  5. Evette was truly a beautiful person, who cared deeply not only for her community, but about eveyone’s life she touched.. Whenever our paths crossed, she would always start a conversation asking about my children and family. She was more than a politician, she was my friend that I could always count on. I was proud to have worked with her when she was a Councilperson with Lisa Parziale and I was a State Representative. She was a good person we all will miss her dearly.


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