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 Monday October 15, 2018

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Live: Mayor’s Election Committee

November 16th, 2010 · 9 Comments · Analysis and Comment, News and Events

A meeting of Mayor Bill Finch’s informal committee to hear Election Day complaints and make recommendations for improvement is underway on the first floor of the City Hall Annex, 999 Broad Street. We are broadcasting live commentary through a feed by our friends www.doingitlocal.com.



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  • Hector A. Diaz

    Any actual Bridgeport residents on this committee?

  • Serpico

    HOLY you know what BATMAN ~~~ look one space above Prez Clinton on Doingitlocal.com ~~~ This ballot fiasco brought to you by none other than the Red Rooster himself ~~~ mayoral candidate John Gomes ~~~ lol lol ~~~ worth its weight in gold, freakin’ Gomes is a GENIUS!!!

  • LennieGrimaldi

    Roughly 100 attending the elections meeting chaired by former Mayor Nick Panuzio in the City Hall Annex first floor. Several OIB readers including City Councilman Bob Walsh, former city development director Nancy Hadley and GOP Town Chair Marc Delmonico have addressed the mayoral-appointed committee with a variety of Election Day and systematic concerns.

  • LennieGrimaldi

    David Pia, losing GOP State Senate candidate, regaled the audience with election nightmares including a mix-up of ballots that had the incorrect ballot handed to two dozen voters before the gaffe was caught at Black Rock School.

  • LennieGrimaldi

    Former State Senator Rob Russo takes Registrars Office to the woodshed citing irregularities, incompetence.

  • LennieGrimaldi

    State Rep. Chris Caruso tells committee it should join him in calling for resignation of Democratic Registrar Sandi Ayala.

    • Serpico

      Oh boy, the porky broken record surfaces. Gee Chrissy, how much property do you own, eh? How many jobs have you held big guy? No one can ask you to leave your job, you ain’t never had one. How’s them buffets up in Hartford dude?

  • Ernie Newton

    Hey Lenniem if the Mayor wanted to have people’s voices heard, he should have invited the GAE committee down to BPT, because they have the power to make changes. This panel has no power to make changes. Peace.

  • Mojo

    *** Venting is good but yoga is better, no? *** FORGETABOUTIT ***

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