Line F – Lamond Pushes Frankenstein Line For Mayor

Lamond Daniels hopes to bury the political dead here.

What could top the absentee ballot revelations? Votes from the graveyard.

Campaigning this weekend, mayoral candidate Lamond Daniels chanced upon this gem of a political plot.

Hmm, what legends of Bridgeport’s political past are buried here? Daniels hopes to coffin a few more Nov. 7 running as a petitioning candidate. He’s running on line F, let’s call it the Frankenstein line.

It makes perfect sense when you consider so many in city politics have been sewed together by various body parts and shot full of lightning to make the people suffer.

Lamond Daniels with Line F running mate.

For my money the finest Halloween film of all time is Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein.

What Bridgeport pol would play the monster?



Invisible Man?



  1. Go, Lamond! Hearing a lot of people talking about you! The people of Bridgeport want a fresh face in City Hall. They are really tired of the “ musical chairs” politics that keeps seating the same faces, from either of the two, primary (pun intended) warring factions in Bridgeport politics… And there are only two factions — that rally around their predictable, artificially-narrow, limited causes and two or three leadership faces…
    Time to press the RESET BUTTON for Bridgeport’s future. Vote LAMOND DANIELS, ROW F, on November 7!

  2. Well , we know the Republican David is the invisible man, though he comes off as a Vincent Price. 🙂

    I would have to say Gomes is the Wolfman, changing from G2’s CAO hatchet man to Por’s savior from G2

    Leaving G2 a Dracula.

    Gen Now, under the bus throwing Moore, is the monster under the bed. 🤣

    I depart with the prophet.


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