Linda McMahon Opens Bridgeport HQ–Chris Shays’ Spy Freeloads

McMahon HQ
Linda McMahon addresses supporters at her Bridgeport field office opening in Black Rock.

On a day more than 700 volunteers for Linda McMahon made 38,088 voter contacts from around the state billed as “Super Saturday,” according to her campaign, the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate opened her Bridgeport field office in Black Rock, just a half mile from the home of her Aug. 14 primary opponent Chris Shays. In opening a Bridgeport headquarters the McMahon campaign is sending a message that it’s ceding no territory–in the primary, assuming a win over Shays, and general election–in the state’s largest city. Democrats Chris Murphy and Susan Bysiewicz will face off in the Aug. 14 primary.

McMahon, Slater
McMahon schmoozes supporters at her Bridgeport HQ. At right is Bridgeport Republican Town Chair John Slater.

McMahon greeted dozens of supporters at her Black Rock field operation on Fairfield Avenue around 6:30 p.m. The centerpiece of McMahon’s message is her plan to provide a tax cut for middle-class families. Under her plan, according to her campaign, the average family in Connecticut will have an extra $500 each month to tend to their own families’ needs.

“That’s money toward a car payment, or rent, or a mortgage, or groceries, or school supplies or tuition,” McMahon told supporters attending her Bridgeport opening. “That’s real money. And it will matter,” she said.

The McMahon campaign says supporters made 24,912 voter identification phone calls and knocked on 13,176 voters’ doors as the candidate moved across the state visiting field operations.

McMahon’s Black Rock hospitality also included a barbecue of hotdogs, hamburgers and pulled pork sandwiches. Among the McMahon crowd was a campaign supporter of Chris Shays bellying up to the food line. “I’m a Shays guy,” he told OIB, “but I’m here for the free food.”

It ain’t Bridgeport politics without a freeloading spy.



  1. Linda McMahon made a commitment to open a campaign office and kept her word. Great job, Mr. Slater. Now figure out how to find the votes. The freeloading Shays supporter is an accurate description all on its own. You can’t make this stuff up.

  2. *** Didn’t see any signs reading “No Shays Supporters!” Besides, the McMahon campaign might be able to get a few Shays supporters to switch if they keep having lots of goodies at their campaign office grand openings, no? ***

  3. I asked a guy from Fairfield one night what he was doing at doing at a Bridgeport event he had no political business at. “I’m slumming. There’s nothing this much fun in Fairfield!”

    It ain’t Bridgeport politics without freeloaders. That’s how everyone gets to yack with each other. See and be seen.

  4. “… The centerpiece of McMahon’s message is her plan to provide a tax cut for middle-class families. Under her plan, according to her campaign, the average family in Connecticut will have an extra $500 each month to tend to their own families’ needs …”

    In Bridgeport, the McMahon Plan has lots of critics. The irony about it is among the critics are those who campaigned behind the Finch $500 property tax refund or kept quiet regarding its obvious chances of never taking place.

  5. Linda is shopping for a new trophy in her library trophy case. Don’t voters see behind her very expensive machine? Suggest you read this:

    She will totally be out of her element if she succeeds in buying votes. She does not have the skill set to appropriately represent Connecticut in the debt ceiling, deficit, foreign affairs and intricate legislative negotiations.

    1. Is this an endorsement of Shays? Thank god the Connecticut Citizens Campaign Fund doesn’t cover Federal elections. Had it been permitted, taxpayers’ money would have been used–imagine matching funds used by McMahon. It’s her money, not ours.

  6. With respect paid to all parties more knowledgeable than I and no firm allegiance to any Senatorial candidate; since when is “buying votes” a new concept in Bridgeport or Connecticut politics for that matter?

  7. Absolutely right, Zena.

    Free feeds in political campaigning is as American as baseball, baked beans, and blowing away speed limit signs with a Winchester pump.

  8. Sometimes wrestling queens seek the political position and sometimes Hollywood uses politics to promote itself. Either way, OIB readers remain ahead of the curve. It’s the newest thing in politics: risk-takers with Hollywood connections. Think politics as a spectator sport.

    hint: these guys do on a national level what LG does right here in Bridgeport CT USA.

  9. Does anyone honestly think Linda McMahon will go to Washington and get a $500 per month tax break for the middle class? Whatever Washington returns to the taxpayer, Hartford and Bridgeport will take back–with a vengeance!

    1. Here’s why I feel sorry for lisawhite:
      lw is a sugar-coated witch who remains airborne pending a place to land his/her doomfreak-enhanced broomstick. No geographic spot seems worthwhile!

      1. Really? Airborne on my broomstick? What a stupid comment from someone who gets his/her jollies by making fun of people s/he doesn’t know. Don’t feel sorry for me–feel sorry for yourself that you are sooo sick you make the stupid comments you do.

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