Lighting Latimer Way, Commission Appointments, Revitalization Zone On City Council Agenda

Honorary designation of Whiting Street “Lewis Latimer Way,” appointment of Velma Lovelace to the Ethics Commission, appointment of Kelly Perez to the Zoning Board of Appeals, approving the Reservoir Neighborhood Revitalization Zone, authorizing an affordable housing tax incentive agreement at 115 Washington Heights Senior Apartments, are among the items on the agenda for the City Council meeting Monday, 7 p.m., 45 Lyon Terrace. Full City Council agenda here.

A public hearing will take place prior to the council meeting in a joint committee on Ordinances and Economic and Community Development and Environment at 6 p.m. in City Council Chambers regarding the proposed amendment to the Code of Ordinances to add the Reservoir Neighborhood Revitalization Zone.

Mayor Bill Finch is expected to submit his budget proposal to the City Council on Tuesday. It will be referred to the Budget and Appropriations Committee for review in this election year for both the mayor and council.



  1. Kelly Perez ran for the DTC in the 138th with Martha Santiago’s slate. She did not win.

    Every time she spoke to a voter I did not interrupt or disturb her. After she finished speaking with a voter, I would then attempt to speak with the voter. She would literally stand right next to me and interrupt me while I was conversing with the voter. It was over the top.

    I had never seen her work the THS polls, so I explained that normal protocol is we do not interrupt each other while speaking with voters. It was just common courtesy and it was likely to irritate voters.

    She then ran and told one of her colleagues I was telling voters he earned a million dollars a year as a city employee which was completely false. Naturally he became upset and approached me aggressively. After a heated exchange, we discussed and cleared up the matter, resolved it, and got along just fine for the rest of the day.

    Of course I told her she was making false statements and before she made such a wild accusation she should have made sure her assertions were accurate. She just looked embarrassed.

    This should be an interesting appointment.

  2. Maria, Tommy Mulligan did that to me all the time in Black Rock, he would literally stand right next to me, too! And interrupt me while I was conversing with a voter! He also did that while I was talking to my wife!


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