Lembo Exits Race For Governor, Seeks Reelection As Comptroller

Lembo at fundraiser
Kevin Lembo at Joe Ganim fundraiser in April.

From the Hartford Courant:

With (Kevin) Lembo exiting the race, attention turned to Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman, who has yet to announce her re-election plans. Lembo had said on multiple occasions that he would bow out of the race if Wyman chose to enter.

Wyman was not in her state Capitol office, and two aides directed questions to a press aide. A spokeswoman for Wyman had no immediate comment early Thursday afternoon.

Despite being asked repeatedly by reporters about her intentions in recent months, Wyman, 71, has made no public statements about her political future.

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Ganim, Wyman
Does this mean Nancy Wyman’s in?

News release from Lembo:

Comptroller Kevin Lembo today announced that, after several months traveling to every corner of the state as he explored a run for governor, he is inspired more than ever by the essential work of the Office of the State Comptroller to fight for a health care system and state financial and economic system that works for everyone.

Lembo, in officially declaring his candidacy for re-election as state comptroller, issued the following message through his campaign:

“I have spent the past four months, with many of you by my side, traveling to every corner of this state as I explored a run for governor. These conversations and your record-breaking support have inspired and humbled me. This journey has also reinforced and reminded me what I’m most passionate about: a health care system and a state financial and economic system that works for everyone.

“I am determined to continue that fight, and believe the best place for me to do that is as state comptroller. And so–after reflection, consideration and consultation with my family–I am officially declaring my candidacy for re-election.

“Now more than ever, Connecticut needs someone in the state comptroller’s office whom they can count on as an independent government watchdog and advocate for essential fiscal and economic reform. I’m passionate about this work and I have done my best to prove my determination and ability to stand up and speak out for an open and accountable government.

“Connecticut, with all of its financial struggles, is a place of great potential–in its people, its workforce and its values. This state was never meant to be the rest stop between New York and Boston but, rather, the economic engine of New England. That reality remains within our grasp.

“As state comptroller, I want to work as a team to help re-imagine this state as a place where we spend less time debating whom to tax and where to cut, and more time recognizing who we need to grow: the middle class.

“Through the state comptroller’s office, there is a great deal of work ahead to push for fiscal reform, a public health insurance option, efficiencies in government and economic strength and security for all working families.

“To everyone who has contributed, volunteered, and supported me, I offer my deepest thanks. I couldn’t be more grateful.

“I’m excited about the future and hope that you’ll continue to stand by me, because the only way forward is growth–and the only way to achieve that is together.”

As comptroller, Lembo voted against state Bond Commission decisions to borrow $22 million for Bridgewater Associates, and against a $35-million package to AQR Capital, two of the world’s largest hedge funds because he said the state should be focusing on investments that benefit all businesses and grow the middle class.

As comptroller, Lembo pushed for independent review of the state’s economic development spending and now consumers will have access to information to track where economic investments are going and the return on investment.

Lembo also developed a plan to reform the state’s pension payment system to make it flat and predictable over time. And the General Assembly passed, though with a 2020 effective date, legislation he proposed to require the state to build its budget reserve fund and avoid overspending in good economic times.

Lembo also has been a leading advocate to get consumers more information on prescription drug costs to stop skyrocketing prices and crack down on price gouging.

Lembo has been recognized by Connecticut Citizen Action Group with The Nancy Benedict Social Justice Award for his substantial contribution to the advancement of social justice in Connecticut, including his work on health care, labor rights and civil rights–and by GLAD as a social justice advocate for LGBTQ individuals and families.

Lembo has been elected statewide twice, earning more than 500,000 votes in each election in 2010 and 2014.



  1. What a waste.
    He is afraid of running against Nancy Whyman?
    Oh, please.
    A 71 year old grandma who is going to somehow separate herself Malloy after standing with him on every major issue there was.
    This is a joke. Might as well support Joey G. He’s guaranteed to lose but we will get him the hell out of Bridgeport.

  2. For better or worse,Nancy Wyman is the only Deemocratic Candidate who can possibly win election. Just forget about the age. Anyone else are lightweights and have no chance and that includes Ganim. The rest of the State will run for the hills away from Ganim. I think he has some type of “ulterior purpose.” And if he does not get the gubernatorial nod,I really think he will continue his zombie-mayoralty. He likes and needs the salary. And the people of Bridgeport continue to be stucj in this “statis” of yuuuuuuge planned projects which are amorphous and undefined.

  3. Frank
    You are clueless on this.
    Malloy is so toxic he makes Love Canal look clean.
    No one who is associated with him has a chance of winning let alone someone who is associated with him as much as Nancy Whyman.
    You want to guarantee a Republican winner, support Nancy.

    1. Bob,
      I never said you were clueless on ANY subject. That was my honest appraisal about electability. I am curious. What is your take on the entire field(both Democratic and Republican)? I actually respect your opinion. BTW,I am not overwhelmed with any of the gubernatorial prospects. I just focused solely on electability and,of course,ot’s just my opinion. I think it’s an “anything goes” situation for whoever is running to be the next Governor. The fact that Lembo bowed out shows how unappealing the prospect is of becoming the next Governor of Connecticut. It will be a thankless job and,maybe,the person who will win is the person who really desires the title of “Governor.” Beyond that,it’s a no win situation. I actually thought that Lembo brought some original ideas to the situation.

  4. “…As comptroller, Lembo voted against state Bond Commission decisions to borrow $22 million for Bridgewater Associates, and against a $35-million package to AQR Capital, two of the world’s largest hedge funds because he said the state should be focusing on investments that benefit all businesses and grow the middle class….”

    I would say that his posture on these issues dampened party-hierarchy enthusiasm for his candidacy — and I’m just talking about the Democrats… He’ll have an uphill fight just keeping his comptroller’s job… Forget that he’s the best candidate and actually does what he was elected to do, and then some… This is Corrupicut — where the recently-restored Genius of Connecticut has morphed into the Idiot of New England under the present Administration…

    Once the wreckage from the state budget fiasco has been stably deposited in the state’s cities, it will be time for the announcement of the candidacy of Greenwich native and lifetime resident, Gold-Coast Luke Bronin, currently mayor of Hartford a la Dan malloy’s efforts … He’ll have the Gold Coast $ and blessing of the party hierarch as Dan’s anointed successor who will ride out of Hartford on a white steed to save Connecticut’s cities (especially Stamford…). Hartford will get a GA bailout in order to get Dan’s signature on a budget bill, and Luke will get the credit and gubernatorial mandate to run as the savior of Connecticut’s cities…

    Nancy Wyman has no presence. Likeable, but no presence and not the party favorite…

    The other Democratic candidates will drop out, one-by-one, as they are quietly given the message by the state power-brokers that it is time to step back to the sidelines… The Republicans have nothing to offer — except for Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, who can still offer a challenge on the Republican side, depending on how quickly he can regain his health… Lauretti is old, stale news, and Tim Herbst has no appeal outside of Trumbull Republican circles…

    1. Truthfully,every candidate is unappealing. This is also a reflection of the state of the Republican Party and Democratic Party in The State of Connecticut.

    2. Connecticut likes “likeable” Governors and “likeable” State Legislatures. The People of Connecticut do not like state-elected officials who will rock the boat.

    3. Jeff, wait a minute and stop the press, you left out a key Republican from Bridgeport, the candidate who is a legend in his own mind, Bridgeport’s own David Walker, you know, the guy who’s always talking about his self.

  5. The only thing that is positive for Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton is that Danbury was minimally affected by the industrial washout from Connecticut. Danbury was known as the “hatmaker to the world.” Well,that’s long gone and most people won’t even remember that term. Does anyone remember the term”The silver City?” Does anyone know what city in Connecticut that title refers to. Anyway,Danbury is the beneficiary of The Danbury Mall..and things fall off dramatically after that. I’ve been to Danbury. Some sections look like Bridgeport(well…maybe not quite as bad but somewhat similar).


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