Legal Landing At Airport, Plus: Loco Party, Diocese Dissed And John Orman RIP

We finally have an airport deal. From the Connecticut Post:

A court-brokered settlement on two pending lawsuits concerning Sikorsky Memorial Airport won a silent nod from the City Council Monday after members heard the details in executive session.

With 14 members present, only Council Member Robert Walsh, D-132, voted against the resolution. Later, he said he didn’t want to publicly say why.

City Attorney Mark Anastasi said the matter now goes back to federal court to advise Senior U.S. District Judge Charles S. Haight that the deal is finalized.

“They have all of our approvals,” Anastasi said.

The deal would reportedly give the city the acre it needs to build a safety zone at the airport. Bridgeport Airport Services would get the nearby Stratford Army Engine Plant’s 4,000-gallon water tank, three pumping systems and pipeline as well as access to sewer services. Hollywood East/Area 51 would then close its deal with the Army to buy the engine plant so it can develop a movie production studio.

One lawsuit was filed in March by Bridgeport against the U.S. Army over legal title to the 1.075-acre plot being sold to Hollywood East. The second, filed a week later, pitted Bridgeport Airport Services against Bridgeport over fire suppression and sanitary sewage systems. The suits halted the engine plant’s sale in April.

The deals comes after a crash landing last month at the airport of a chartered single-engine plane. The plane skidded into a runway. No one on board was injured.

Assistant City Attorney Art Laske did a nice job leveraging legal action to strike a deal. But I’m wondering why Bob Troll Walsh was speechless on the matter. That might be a first. Troll, you know something we don’t?

Taco Loco Time

Okay, mark your calendars. Time for an OIB summer outing. We’re doing it up July 23, 5:30 p.m. at Taco Loco on Fairfield Avenue in Black Rock. It’s hot so we need some frosty cocktails to complement all this fired-up port authority chatter. The genial owner of Taco Loco, the legendary Miguel, promises us a slammin’ time. First cocktail on OIB plus lots of delicious Mexican grub. I can’t wait. Spread the word. Maybe Anna will drop a jalapeño in Yahooy’s shorts. Ouch!

Cannot wait for big Mojo to set things straight. Maybe Andy Fardy and Ron Mackey, old fire department comrades, will show up to put out a few political fires. Oh, wait, I forgot … they’re usually starting them. Hey, that’s what we like at OIB … some fiery verbal exchanges. Spread the word.

Can’t wait for my favorite bartender Tom Kelly to confuse us all.

Diocese Dissed

The Connecticut Supreme Court rejected a plea from the Diocese of Bridgeport to reconsider public access of all those documents that led to millions and millions of dollars in sexual abuse case settlements, etc. Never give up, never give in is the mantra from the clergy elite. Keep fighting it, keep blocking it and the flock shall never waver. Really? Yes, OIB.

John Orman

John and I guested a National Public Radio show at WFOV, the radio station at Fairfield University, a few months ago. The political science professor who had needled Joe Lieberman’s remarkable transformation away from the Democratic party seemed fit, engaged, so eager to discuss and share his viewpoint on politics nationally and locally. And during breaks he had so many questions about the unique world of Bridgeport politics. Joe Ganim, John Fabrizi, Bill Finch, you name it.

Lennie, c’mon in and talk to my students!

John Orman has passed on a warehouse of political perspective and observation to his students.

 A Card For A Kid


6 month old Cassidy Belle D’Andrea is the first person to receive a library card at the newly reopened Black Rock Branch Library.  She’s in the arms of her proud grandmother Edie Cassidy. Thanks to OIB friend John from Black Rock, a dedicated library employee, for sending the image.

Farmers Market Downtown

The CT Dept of Agriculture working in conjunction w/the city of Bridgeport Office of Planning and Economic Development and the Downtown Community Council (DCC) announces the opening of the States newest farmers’ market: The Downtown Bridgeport Farmers’ Market @ Baldwin Plaza, behind the court house will take place every Tuesday from 1 p.m. – 6 p.m. It will open July 7 and run through October. Three farms have initially signed up for the market. Country Farm from Northford, a 60 acre mixed fruit and vegetable farm specializing in tomatoes, melons, and bedding plants. Killiam & Bassette Farmstead from South Glastonbury , an 85 acre farm, specializing in corn, tomatoes and peppers. Smith Acres from Niantic, a 27 acre farm, specializing in bedding plants, potatoes, and summer squash. All three farms will have a mixed variety of CT Grown fruits and vegetables throughout the summer and early fall. This market is WIC certified.

News release from Governor Rell

Governor Rell Signs Bill Allowing Pet Owners to Set Up Trusts for Animals

Governor M. Jodi Rell today signed a bill that allows pet owners to set up enforceable trusts to care for their animals, ensuring that the animals are not neglected or euthanized if they die before their pets.

“Those who derive joy from the companionship of their devoted pets can now have peace of mind knowing their pets will be properly cared for when they are no longer around,” Governor Rell said. “Pets ask nothing of us but kindness and, in turn, reward us with unconditional love.”

Senate Bill 650, An Act Concerning the Creation of a Trust for the Care of An Animal, requires that the pet owner designate a “trust protector,” someone whose sole duty is to act on behalf of the animal, ensuring the pet receives the proper care.

A Superior Court or probate court would have jurisdiction over the trust, which terminates when the last surviving animal dies. The trust protector can seek legal action in either court to remove or replace a trustee, the individual overseeing the fund, if the money was spent on anything other than its intended use.

Prior to the new law, pet owners could set up trusts for their animals but those arrangements were considered honorary since animal beneficiaries cannot enforce them.

“Pet ownership is a responsibility that should never be taken lightly,” Governor Rell said. “Owners can now ensure that their special member of the family will get the care it deserves for the rest of its life.”

The law takes effect October 1, 2009.



  1. Do you have health insurance? No? Heard of SustiNet?
    “Bridgeport Now” will discuss tonight at 8pm on channel 77, seen on

    Guest tonight: Barbara Edinberg, Assistant Director Bridgeport Child Advocacy Coalition. She recently was guest on NPR.

    Last week Congressman Jim Himes was on “Bridgeport Now” and said most bankruptcies occur due to lack of health care.

    Governor Rell decides to sign a health care law on this and the deadline is Wed July 8. Find out who the players are. Do you know who your senator is? Tune in. Call, make a difference. This is history in the making.

    SustiNet is affordable, continual–goes with you from job to job, follows you regardless of marital status, comprehensive–covers pre-existing conditions–and promote good quality care (that’s what they say anyway).
    The SustiNet model was developed with the support of the Universal Health Care Foundation, economists from MIT and the Urban Institute with input from business owners, doctors, hospitals, labor and clergy.

    Schedule: July 14 (rerun), July 21 Real Estate professionals discuss foreclosures, short sales and how to save your house or get involved as investor.

    1. I have health insurance coverage. It’s the SAGA plan. Not the best, but tens of thousands of people living below the poverty line would die of serious illness or injury without it, women with infants and children, homeless veterans, etc. I’m not a veteran but I was homeless for over four months. And contrary to Local Eyes’ severely uninformed opinion, it wasn’t by choice. I have to be perfectly frank here. I was down there at the bottom of the economic food chain, struggling to keep my spirits afloat. It was a difficult task to fend off the depression that comes with the feelings of hopelessness, despair, personal failure, and the anger that is caused by all of the above-mentioned negativity. It was tough, but I am a better person because of it, much stronger spiritually, emotionally, mentally. Because of my SAGA benefits I was able to see a social worker for personal counseling. She asked if I wanted to see a psychiatrist and I replied with a vehement no. Don’t want to address the symptoms with medication, I’d rather fight it off. And I did. But there are many many others that lack the personal fortitude to do that. They need the medication. Without it their lives are chronically fucked, wandering from shelter to shelter, community supper to community supper, wandering the streets of this very city that we all call home. Without the medication they’d be standing on the street corners of downtown Bridgeport, talking to unseen hallucinations and soiling their clothes. If it weren’t for state funded health insurance plans, the millions of chronically mentally ill people discharged from psychiatric hospitals after the Reagan administration eliminated subsidies would be crowding every bus station and train depot and all-night laundromat.

  2. The Oracle of Omaha Steaks!

    It’s going to be a Taco Palooza of a time. Andy and Ron can have an all-you-can-eat Tacos contest.

    1. Thank you, Yahooy. From you I will take that as a compliment. Obviously you know none of the facts since the city shielded the public from the truth through the use of executive session.
      Obviously, you assume you know more than I do in order to make such a definitive judgment without knowing the facts.

      1. Excuse me … Bob Walsh is an arrogant and egotistical obstructionist prick.

        It must be awfully lonely walking “in step” when the rest of the world isn’t. You may be a thoroughly decent guy (as I am told by many) but your penchant for always being the antagonist has gotten old. Sit back some day and think about all the matters that could have happened if you didn’t muddy the waters with thoughtless objections. You and Caruso are cut from the same cloth. Cooperate, compromise and accommodate. We need things done. Stop blocking everything! People like you don’t belong in politics. You have no idea that there is another side to the story. Sorry. You do do good work, but this airport solo vote pisses me off. No one is more adamant about keepimg the runway length as is. Once John Ricci gets a few more feet, you can bet that Sikorsky will become a hub for larger aircraft. The people of Lordship don’t want that. However, if public safety is at stake, I bow to caution. So should you.

      2. Bob,

        If you had a reason for your vote, share it. Otherwise I think that it is fair to conclude that it was for reasons other than the merits of the issue.

        1. Former,

          Anyone who knows Walsh knows he does his homework.
          He hasn’t been wrong on many issues. If you can cite one, please do so.

          He was against the original 333 State Street deal because the city circumvented the 8-24 statute. It fell into Limbo because the city didn’t negotiate a good deal for the city.

          He led the charge against the now in-default Land Disposition Agreement with RCI, or whatever they are called this week, on the eve of the November ’07 election.

          He was in support of the BPA disbanding issue because of actions by its former director. I haven’t heard him being against the Mayor’s veto since it looks like home rule will stay the course.

          He has been a proponent for the Airport and I’m pretty sure would support it being sold to the state of Connecticut. I’m sure he had a good reason and it did not affect the vote. The airport issue is all about safety and nothing else.

      3. *** Bob, I’m sure you have your reasons after getting the provided info for voting the way you did. No explanations are needed, especially to an out-of-town know-it-all A-Hole, like “yahooy-pooey”! His outside the box mentality is all he has. ***

  3. As to Anna and the jalapeño … Lennie; Please do all you can to keep Anna’s mind away from my trousers.

    When she is off her meds … like now … she is insatiable. Charlie the Bum … watch out!!!

        1. *** Learn to mind your business, that’s your problem! Besides, there are no rules when dealing with A-Holes like yourself & your other buddies. You draw first blood then you can’t take it when confronted; you & yours are nothing but “BIG PUSSIES” hiding behind a web-site name. “Comprende” this, FUCK YOU! ***

  4. “Bridgeport now” update also on tonight:
    Rick Torres and State Representative Betsy Ritter (D-Montville/Waterford) will be on tonight’s program at 8pm to debate historic health care legislation:
    – Connecticut Healthcare Partnership, House Bill 6582
    – SustiNet, House Bill 6600.

  5. John from Black Rock the library is so nice I went there today I wonder if I can drop off books I had used from other libraries in the city? Anyhow do you think Brian Crowe will have someone challenge him? I call for change in the 130th??? I wonder if Walsh agrees with me lol.

  6. I find it extremely interesting that there has been no press on the HUD Housing Code/Anti Blight scandal. Do people/taxpayers realize that the city will have to pay millions in disallowed costs? Do they realize that the city is now picking up all these salaries including the political flunkies (Tom Coble and girlfriend Jackie)? Do they realize that CDBG supervisor Alanna Kabel was warned by HUD months ago and did nothing, prompting HUD to impose hefty fines? I’m happy that the real workers aren’t getting laid off. They did their jobs as instructed by their supervisors. But shouldn’t the supervisors be held accountable? Is this being hushed up because of Alanna’s familial relationship to Tom McCarthy or because of Coble’s friendship with Ralph Ford? Anybody? Anybody?

    1. *** DO your simple job & mind your business for a change! You like adding B/S to rumors without true facts; go stalk yourself! *** “IDIOT”! ***

  7. donj – Yes, you can return your books at the Black Rock Branch. Actually, your Bpt Library card gives you borrowing and returning privileges at pretty much any public library in the state–at least for now. If the State library budget gets cut too much, who knows?

    As for Brian Crowe, I’ve heard he may not be running. I might be wrong about that, but that’s what I’ve heard.

  8. Ok thanks John thanks for the help. And wow I hope you’re correct about Crowe this would be good; a good old primary in the Black Rock section I wonder who will step up. Lennie do you have anything on this?


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