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From Dan Debicella:

Debicella Remains Independent on GOP “Pledge to America”

Norwalk, CT – Dan Debicella, the Republican nominee for Congress in Fairfield County, today lauded the economic plans in the GOP’s “Pledge to America” while saying he would remain independent of any national platform.

“The ‘Pledge to America’ reiterates the need for urgent action to repair our economy and reclaim our government for the people,” said Debicella. “I share agreement on many of its principles but will remain independent of any political party platforms. Unlike Jim Himes, who has voted 95 percent of the time with his party’s leaders, I will advocate for policies that are in the best interest of this district’s independent-minded voters. I will not rubber stamp any Washington agenda.”

“The failed policies of D.C. insiders like Jim Himes and Washington have resulted in 10 percent unemployment and $3 trillion in new debt in just 22 months. I believe there is a better way. My plan to lower taxes, reduce spending, and end the era of government bailouts that Jim Himes has rubber-stamped will get our economy moving again. Specifically, my payroll tax proposal will give $1,500 to every middle class family and a tax cut to every small business—without increasing the deficit if we pay for it by repealing unspent stimulus funds. A new federal spending cap will force politicians of both parties to live within a budget just like our families do.”

“Jim Himes has voted 95 percent with the Democratic leadership in Washington. He voted for a 22 percent increase in spending, the failed stimulus package, $3 trillion in deficits, and the new healthcare bill. The choice is clear: voters can choose between Himes’ failed policies or my vision for cutting taxes and creating a spending cap to eliminate the deficit.”



  1. *** Debicella seems to be a shoot-from-the-hip, “radical” right-wing wannabe who is willing to say & do anything to win this election. Might be the GOP’s worst nightmare when it’s all over. ***

  2. Debicella not committing to the Pledge doesn’t show that he’s independent from the established GOP–almost all Republican challengers aren’t committing to it. He’s following the group. If anything it demonstrates he doesn’t want to firmly align himself with the incumbent GOP, which is a separate issue from Himes’ voting record. As we’ve seen time and time again, Debicella is misrepresenting the facts.

    Go Jim Himes!


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