Lamont: ‘Probably Not’ Support Ganim If He Wins Primary

From Chris Keating, Hartford Courant:

Democrat Ned Lamont said Tuesday that he would “probably not” support Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim in November if the convicted felon wins next week’s Democratic gubernatorial primary.

Lamont was asked twice during a one-hour debate about supporting his opponent before he responded with the two-word answer of “probably not.”

In their final debate before Tuesday’s gubernatorial primary, Lamont and Ganim also distanced themselves from Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and said they would reduce property taxes in cash-strapped communities.

But Lamont raised some eyebrows when he said he would not commit to supporting Ganim. Lamont initially did not answer clearly, prompting debate host Dennis House, an anchor with WFSB-TV, to ask again.

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  1. Something is definitely brewing with the SEEC complaint asserting Dennis Bradley attempted to bribe a ademocratic mayoral candidate in Stratford.

    How could a potential arrest or criminal charges impact Ganim who has fully endorsed Bradley?


    1. Footwear.
      It’s impossible to kick someone’s ass when you’re quaking in your own boots.
      Bridgeport’s relevance doesn’t hang in the balance, it dominates the agenda-ask any media pundit.

      1. Local Eyes..Give me a break. The last best governor for Bridgeport was another Greenwich scion. His name was Lowell Weicker. Saint Ella did squat for Bridgeport. The Greenwich crowd has one advantage. They can sit back and look at the big picture. They have nothing to worry about.

  2. It was like the eighth paragraph when the CT Post finally got around to mentioning this. No big deal. More important thing to talk about.
    Like what good is all of Joe’s experience get you if you have a 30% tax increase in Black Rock, Statfield,North End and Upper East Side.
    Tells us about that Joe!

  3. I think Ned Lamont’s comment was very telling. I respect his honesty. I am happy he made the comment. It almost seems like history repeating itself out of the Malloy/Finch /Foster playbook. Of course , I can only speak for myself as a good Democrat. I generally support the winning candidate after a Primary. The state you woukld not support Ganim only proves your lack of support of Party Unity and
    true loathing of Bridgeport. Lamont will need Ganim. He needs Bridgeport.

    As for Dennis Bradley, I expect him to win and desperate campaigns do what they have to do to keep their head above water.

    Bob Walsh- all of the communities you mention know that Ganim is the only candidate that can rectify the reality. When you have a reval, things happen. Finch didn’t raise the taxes in an election year and Ganim has not raised our taxes since the reval. Most intelligent people get that . Ubntil we have a Governor that puts Bridgeport and other Major urban centers front and center ther will always be problems. Ganims biggest support comes from Hartford tha is Bankrupt and New Haven that is raising taxes. Lamont should have said I will support the Democratic Nominee. He did not- Enough said.

    Speaking of Marilyn Moore- It was great that she couldn’t find the time to stop down at the P.T reunion. What thye hell was she thinking? How disrespectful can you get. People will not forget especially when her Republican challenger had the common sense to show up at this yearly even that brings generations of true Bridgeporter’s together that were raised in P.T and went on to live their lives. I think it is great that so many people come back home after years of living away from P.T. I thought it was insulting to a community to not show up at all. Good thing she has Bob Walsh on her side . Tell us about BOB- Marilyn care to chime in? Ron Mackey, Donald day? You think the P.T community will forget? Maybe Moore can get Lamont to help her regain the love and support. Doubt it. Sometimes just a simple comment or decision can change the course of an election. All we need now is Malloy to endorse Lamont and we are good. By the way- I had lunch with Former mayor Moran the other day. I understand they are working hard for Richard Deecken. I reminded her Republicans do not win elections Democrats loose.

    1. Lennie can you come into the 21st Century and upgrade the blog so we can correct spelling since ray Fusci no longer spends time here?

      Frank Gyure, How popular do you feel with that comment on the I hate Joe Ganim blog?

      1. Steve…all you you have to do is go on Notepad..print and check what you have to say and spelling and grammar. I admit. I have to do the same thing.

    2. Hey Steve, Ed Gomes the State Senator for that district was at the PT Reunion with Aaron Turner, Steve again that’s Senator Ed Gomes’ district and not Senator Moore although I know you think all blacks are alike.

      1. Sorry Ron, You are incorrect. Ed Gomes is not the State Senator for that district. It is Marilyn Moore! How is it that you did not know that?

        That last comment you made Ron was pretty sad. All Blacks are certainly not alike. I give you Marilyn Moore- Take her- Please!

    1. Ganim does not give a damn about Bridgeport. As soon as he was elected mayor of Bridgeport,he began runnibg for Governor because the conventional wisdom was that Malloy was not going to run again. Ganin has done NOTHING for Bridgeport. Ganim has set up PR events for things that were arranged by Finch-Malloy. Ganim lost the East Side Train Station. The Poli Theater Plans will die after the primary when Ganim gets squashed. Ganin is radioactive outside of City of Bridgeport Employees.When Ganim gets squished, the City of Bridgeport employees will ask themselves if it was worth being extorted by Testa and Ganim.

      1. Frank with all due respect. Finch diod great thinks in his 8 years. Unfortunately most of the PR events he had during his election and all of the fake projects were all canceled and it wasn’t bwecdause of JOE GANIM- I also think ist is important to acknowledge all of the damage BILL FINCH had done by making and economic generator in the South End, The University Of Bridgeport, an invisible entity for 8 years. We will never know the economic impact that had on the entire South End. That was a huge issue for Mary Jane Foster. Ganim deserves credit for acknowledging that institution and understand the value in promoting it as a major draw for all future development in the South End.
        Do not be so quick to crush the Poli/Majestic Plan and the 2 18 story highrises that will completely transform Downtown North. Your negative comments about the city are just putting a smile on Branford Resident Bob Walsh’s face.

        1. Steve..give me a break. Dis you read the recent article about the Klein Memorial. The management there is fighting to make that 1500 seat auditorium viable in the marketing/seating place competition in Fairfield County and also within the Greater NYC area. The POli proposal askd for a 2000n seat plus venue. Give me a break The Bebster arena is empty most of the time. I don’t see any construction in Harboryard. All of this will go down the tubes to be processed by the WPCA after the primary. The think left to take care of will be November/December 2019.

          1. Joe Ganim had no pull in Hartford. So things died. Give me a break You were a great supporter if the East Side Train station as I was. Ganim had NO pull to save it.

    1. To ALL City of Bridgeport Employees..are you going to allow yourself to be extorted by Testa/Ganim and hand over thousands of dollars of your salary. Is that the deal to work for BPT?

  4. Don’t be stupid, you don’t know if Senator Moore came to the PT reunion before you got there or after you left, you just don’t know. Black people in any meaningful numbers aren’t going to vote for a Republican even if he paid for the reunion. Black people don’t trust the Republican party and if you had all those Black friends that you say you do you would know that.

    My best guess is that Senator Moore is happy that you don’t support her because your track record at picking candidates isn’t that good. You hated Mayor Ganim until he gave you a job so what’s the going rate to rent you?

    1. Evcery candidate I supported in the last 16 races has won- I think you as Moores Spokesman can not be to helpful but I am certain you must be right and she must be nhappy I am not supporting her. If I can make somebody happy that makes me happy.

      Day you are correct, I was completely disrespectful to Joe Ganim during the Finch campaign. I am certain everyone that had a job with Finch was excited that they could have me make terrible disparaging comments about Ganim. Well I do not make those ignorant comments
      anymore. I have apologized for those comments and I certainly never agreed with the anyone but Ganim mentality put forth by Foster and Finch. I also was disgusted with Finch not supporting the University of Bridgeport. I couldn’t imagine anyone taking a personal grudge and damaging a schools reputation and ability to drive development in the South End.

      Again, Moore was not at PT and yes Gomes and Turner was. Gomes did the talking for Turner. People turned their head away from Gomes when he started trashing Bradley. I was sitting right there.

      Donald DAY YOU ARE INCORRECT!!!!!!

      pt IS NOT Ed Gomes district– It is fact Marilyn Moore’s district. Marilyn Moore attempted to endorse the losing slate of the Democratic Town Committee and now she didn’t show up to the PT reunion. I am there every year. I can state as a fact she was NOT there. Enough said on that!!

    2. So Day, you do not believe Black People have the ability to think for themselves?
      You think Moore is a guarantee because she is Black or a Democrat??? I think you may have to start knocking on some doors, Could be a historical year. Maybe Donald Trump will come down and endorse Richard Deechken- lololololol .

      1. 45 could come to Connecticut to support Joe Ganim since they were talking buddies back when it looked like Bridgeport could possible get a casino plus Lennie could be the contact person again. Please 45 come to Connecticut.

        1. In fact it would be a win win with 45 supporting Joe Ganim because Ganim’s family are Republicans in fact his father ran as a Republican. The Republicans do win 45 as a winner and if Ganim wins 45 is a winner.

  5. Probably not is not a refusal, per se, Clearly Ned still didn’t answer the question. Good Job Channel 3. That being said I can understand Ned’s hesitation to support Joe. Joe may have the experience but you have to acknowledge that experience was clouded in corruption with many people going to jail. Joe asking the city of Bridgeport and its residents for second chance so he can make good on his passed sins he perpetrated on them is one thing, to prove them right when he is giving it, is another. There are still many things pledging the city Joe campaigned on, crime and taxes, which he has not fulfilled. Trust is earned, and once you lose that trust it is even harder to regain. One cannot regain back the trust they have lost by just asking for a second chance. It must be earned. What meaningful acts has Joe done to re-earn that trust of the city and its residents? Most of the development in Bridgeport Joe is currently touting was in place before the city residents gave him a second chance and was re-elected as our mayor. Beside the amphitheater in which is on the back drop of a failing Baseball, Bluefish, team stadium. That Joe once touted as his accomplishment. As Ronald Ragan has said trust but verify. First regain the trust of the city residents and prove them right for giving you a second chance before you asks the state residents for a first chance to run the state. ~RT JS 🙂

    1. RT, Joe has been living a “second chance for more than two years now. His seat as a “Charter strong Mayor” has allowed him to dominate events, handle the fiscal so as to deal with challenges but make no movement towards the long term issues facing taxpayers, and he does generate excitement with those he chooses to surround himself with.

      However, take away the mike, the TV, and the promos and the Ganim2 team does not measure up to the support Joe enjoyed the first time around. That is when is personal greed got the better of us… if you wish to use your vote in the primary for him, I cannot stop you certainly.

      But I will not be doing that this year. I am referencing the acts that are allowed to happen in Bridgeport because:
      **If so and so do it, it must be OK
      **Some people have made a deal to go along because they get a job, some special privilege, are have been compromised by personal behavior exposed in public that they wish to be kept quiet
      **Because Ganim2 will not seriously allow new capable individuals to fill needed Boards and Commissions so leaves them vacant (and that means sometimes filled with those with an expired term and and an expired spirit)
      Take note of local property owners, especially those of color, who are paying annual taxes of $7,000 and failing to get services from the City or good attention from Council members.

      Aidee, What would happen if your excess Legislative budget hired two administrative assistants to follow up on constituent issues, as other communities have? You turn the funds back to the administration annually and genuine Council members try but fail to get permanent change in areas where it is necessary.

      And when the genie escapes the bottle in terms of public irresponsible behavior by adults who should know better that puts the community at risk of trust and money and is kept smugly secret there comes a real problem in River City, folks!! Time will tell.

  6. JML like you said Joe has only been mayor for two years and have of that was him running for Governor. What happen to “time will tell” 🙂 I seen the protest held at city hall and the only color I seen was “Blackrock. 🙂 You have to give Joe credit for arming the police force with body cameras, People of color should be pleased with that right?

    1. “Bridgeport PD without body, dash cams for over 2 months”

      BRIDGEPORT – Bridgeport police have been without dashboard and body-worn cameras for more than two months – roughly since the department’s pilot program came to an end. The pilot program was unveiled during a special press conference in February and crafted in response to complaints about clashes between police and the public including the fatal shooting of a 15-year-old by a rookie police officer last year. But in response to a state Freedom of Information Act request from Hearst Connecticu…

    2. RT,
      I live in Bridgeport and pay taxes there. “the only color I seen was “Blackrock”?? Have you been to recent City Council meetings? This past Monday night was Melvin Peebles, a man of color, who keeps his home proud but has zoning violations going on across the street in a church parking area being used by a businessman who has no respect for allowing Mr. Peebles access to his driveway. Problems unsolved after months? Attend City Council and complain. What would body cameras do for Mr. Peebles whose taxes to the City are about $7200 annually he reported.

      And in July’s only Council Meeting Linda Lee from the East End came to the Council meeting a second time to complain about the wrongful stickering of her Econoline Van and the process as it worked out. (I have sent an essay on that to Lennie, the second this week. Perhaps he will choose to print negative administration news accurately reported on this occasion?) Ms. Lee pays around $7,000 annual property tax and in our several conversations, she only wishes that the Acting Chief had kept his word to her on June 18. Has her several thousand dollar van been crushed? I do not think she would be impressed about “arming the police force with body cameras” at this moment, do you? Perhaps you might want to talk to some people of color and ask them what questions they have for Ganim2, Acting Chief Perez, and their own Council people. What is the vision of each of these “leaders” in words and in action? Time will tell.

  7. JML being a ,I believe a member of the Bridgeport NAACP, Ms Lee being impressed about by “arming the police force with body cameras, NO because it seem to take a lot longer than it should’ve. She should be pleased considering policing and its treatment of blacks is a nation issue in America, I also believe you and the NAACP held forum to address the “issue” at the Library. What was Ms Lee’s only wishes to Acting Chief that seemed to be a higher priority to her over stopping unarmed black men from being killed by police, and them using excessive force? Moreover do you agree with her? I want your opinion not hers. PS seem pretty Blackrock to me.

  8. RT, Not sure I understand your points or your questions. I am sure that when a person is specifically injured unfairly and someone in power says they will take care of it, when nothing happens, the abused remains unhappy. And each day even moreso.

    Perhaps you can start by telling readers “what you mean” when you “PS seem pretty Blackrock to me”?
    The Coalition and the NAACP have held community meetings to deal with local police policy, processes and problems, if any, yes. And your point is?

    I try not to open you tubes from sources I am not in communication with already so I have left yours unseen. Not personal. Just a way of protecting myself from headaches and expense when such an offering might be a source of more than I bargain for. Time will tell.

  9. JML did you have your red boots on when you wrote this. Can I start off with WOW! Are you saying when the Coalition and the NAACP held a community meeting to deal with local police policy, processes and problems, if any? Are you say the Coalition and the NAACP where not sure if there’s were problems with police shooting and the use of excessive force of unarmed blacks man and minorities? Again, WOW! To be fair you are clearly aware of a police towing problem we have, right. Again WoW! You are not protecting yourself from a headache by not opening my link you are protecting yourself from the obvious, “what I meant” when I said “PS seem pretty Blackrock to me.Came from the comment you posted about property taxes. “Take note of local property owners, especially those of color” Hence “The only color I seen at the Cith Hall protest about the property taxes was :Blackrock”Meaning White People. I don’t have tell the readers because they opened up the link and read the thread. Again, WOW WOW WOW WOW.

  10. RT
    People all over the City have been distressed and disgusted by the tax increase (Ganim2 said he opposed). It did more than increase money going to City Hall. It also happened to depress property values, personal wealth, when or if you went to sell.

    Black Rock is an area in Bridgeport mainly, some of which was once part of Fairfield. With residences, some with larger lot sizes, the actual taxes paid are on average larger that in most other areas of town. Now what you reference is “White Rock” where folks believe in white supremacy. I do not. I have read the history of the US in greater detail in recent years and responded to an invite from NAACP to serve as a volunteer Communications Director. Our purpose is to attempt to have all of the people enjoy their equal rights, and take care of their citizen responsibilities to be informed and to participate. Would things be better if all Bridgeport got better informed, across the board, and voted regularly? Now that would really be WOW, WOW, WOW! Time will tell

  11. I did not inject race, you did. Did you not? Hasn’t the mill rate goen up for every property owner? So why did you inject race? “Take note of local property owners, especially those of color” did those color property owners get a higher mill rate then those of non-color? I thought the revaluation depressed property value, hence the increase in mall rate. Please tell me the actual increase of money City Hall received from the mill rate increase to the prior year. I didn’t reference anything, posted a link video of the protest about the mill rate increase to challenge your injection of color property owner, by saying “it seemed the only color I seen at that protest was BlackRock. I seen you in the video, you keep up the good fight for color property owner. PS. I have read some US history books too. Did you know the Wright Brothers where the first in flight, But don’t tell that to Finch. Also did you know WOW spelled backwards is “WOW HMMMM!


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