AB Flex For Tuesday Primary

Here comes the absentee ballot dump and it’s growing by the day, leading up to Tuesday’s Democratic primary that features locally Joe Ganim’s challenge of party-endorsed Ned Lamont for governor and two hotly contested legislative races, Dennis Bradley versus Aaron Turner for State Senate and incumbent Charlie Stallworth battling Shante Hanks for his 126th State House seat. About 1,700 requests for absentee ballots have been mailed by the Town Clerk’s Office and judging by the returns to the office a solid majority will arrive by primary day which means operatives are doing the follow-up urging electors to mail in the ballots.

Of course, this is the state’s largest city where absentee ballot shenanigans can take place.

The heaviest absentee ballot action exists in the Upper East Side, East Side, South End and West End that’s reflective of the two legislative races driving the interest particularly in the city’s heavily concentrated senior and public housing units.

About 70 percent of the requests come from the 124th, 126th and 130th Assembly Districts.

Bradley and Turner are vying for the open seat of a retiring Ed Gomes. The 23rd Senate District covers approximately two thirds of Bridgeport and slice of western Stratford.

The 126th State House District includes Whiskey Hill and portions of the North End and Upper East Side.



  1. The whole absentee ballot thing should be flushed down into the WPCA and let’s see if Paoletto Sr etc can handle that. We should go to early voting. As long as city employees such as members of The bPT Police can go out and collect votes..there is no answer for the crap from Madison Avenue.

  2. I received a call from a voter in Stratford. He told me he came home to find a completed voter registration card switching his autistic son from an unaffiliated voter to a democrat.

    It urged the autistic son to switch his voter affiliation so that he could vote for Dennis Bradley.

    The person appeared pretty disgusted.

  3. I was walking Fireside Senior Apartments yesterday when two people flagged me down to tell me Sonia Belardo, Lydia Martinez’ operative who was just fined $6,000 in June for absentee ballot violations, had come around with a flier about me.

    They had thrown it away, but one resident went door to door looking to see if anyone still had a copy. He found one.

    It was a black & white copy of the red postcard Ralph Ford’s PAC created when I ran for state rep. in 2016.

    On the back, they placed a copy of a Judicial.gov report for a Maria H. Pereira who was apparently arrested in April 2017. The cases are pending.

    There is only one problem, they have the wrong Maria H. Pereira. I was not arrested in 2017, I do not reside in Fairfield and I have never met or retained the attorney who is representing her.

    The great thing is that Sonia Belardo is on the hook for the flier and I will absolutely be pursuing it.

  4. Haha.. people calling you “reporting “ voting irregularities, people flagging you down showing flyers that aren’t you.What a circus,I would move out of town.

      1. Hi Kid, I’ll bet you know who the “anteater” is! Really, picture his face in your mind and tell me he doesn’t look like an anteater. Then again, he’ll eat anything. Miss you Kid, but I’ll be back at the end of the year.

  5. Maria,
    We sat few words to each other in any given time period but my hat is off to the time you spend in your district reaching out to folks, listening to them and informing them and getting them out to vote. Not easy but very necessary if genuine democracy is going to grow in Bridgeport soil. In the meantime keep up the tilling of the earth. You will continue to find the worms who keep the public inert as they only find food for themselves within recent administrations.
    Thank you for your own AB activity on behalf of OIB friends who find it easier to vote absentee this primary. And they are genuinely ELIGIBLE to use primary ballots, unlike some other districts in Bridgeport where GENUINE ELIGIBILITY is not viewed seriously. Time will tell.

  6. Maria should and must be given credit for her tireless efforts in local elections. Say what you want about her, but walk in her shoes first, share her interest in the City, in particular, the BOA. She supports candidates and issues she believes in and articulates results and feedback as she gets it. If criticism is warranted or necessary, look at the nutbag, the anteater. I won’t state his name, but you all know who he is. A mean person, just waiting to be hit with a lawsuit for lies, slander, and libel. It will happen sooner rather than later. Compare the two, then think twice before slamming Maria. My only regret this cycle is that I haven’t been involved due to a high business surge in my profession, not to mention the heat waves we’ve experienced. I’ll be there in November to serve my district and support the candidate of my choice.

  7. *** AB’s & the entire system after the elections, really need to be reviewed by the Ct. SEEC & changes reviewed & made. Its gotten out of hand in some citys like Bpt. ***


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