Lamond Daniels, Ex-Finch Aide, Announces Exploratory Committee For Mayor

Lamond Daniels

Ten months from a mayoral primary, Lamond Daniels who served as director of Neighborhood Initiatives during the mayoral administration of Bill Finch is exploring a run against Mayor Joe Ganim who’s seeking another four-year term.

Unknown to the general public, but recognizable to city stakeholders from his former position, Daniels is testing a run to see if he can raise money to compete against a well-financed incumbent as well as others who may get into the race such as State Senator Marilyn Moore and former Assistant Chief Administrative Officer John Gomes.

In 2019 Moore came up short in a tight Democratic primary against Ganim before waging a write-in campaign in the general election that Ganim won handily.

News release from Daniels: 

Lamond Daniels, a 30-year Bridgeport resident, and former Director of Neighborhood Initiatives for the City of Bridgeport, today announced that he is forming an exploratory committee to consider running for Mayor of Bridgeport. Daniels, a husband and father of two young children, said he is motivated by his belief that new leadership can improve Bridgeport for all our residents today and for future generations.

“I have heard the voices of people around Bridgeport calling for a new path. Bridgeport has missed too many opportunities for growth and progress. We owe it to the people. We owe it to our children. We owe it to the future to consider different options,” said Daniels.

Lamond Daniels would bring a unique level of experience to any public office, helping Bridgeport achieve its fullest potential. Trained as a social worker and public administration professional, Daniels has served as a government executive in both Bridgeport and Norwalk, and has extensive experience in the philanthropic and non-profit services sector. An effective collaborator among colleagues developing strategies to best serve its citizens, Lamond is a bridge-builder working across government systems to collectively solve problems toward a common goal.

“I’m not a politician, but I’ve been a practitioner in government for a long time. There is so much potential in our great city, but we cannot afford more of the same–the same people, the same characters, and the same ideas, with no new solutions,” said Daniels. “We face many challenges that have existed for decades, including underperforming and inadequately supported schools, concerns about public safety, high levels of poverty, a lack of responsible economic development, and a local government without accountability. And we’ll never fix today’s problems or make Bridgeporters proud of our government with the same plans that failed yesterday.”

In the coming weeks, Daniels will start the conversation by meeting with community advocates, faith leaders, small business owners, and everyday Bridgeporters to listen and discuss new ideas for addressing the issues that have kept Bridgeport from becoming all it can be.



  1. I hope Lamond Daniels’ exploratory committee finds ample reason for him to run for Mayor of Bridgeport.
    The current mayor has so much baggage his car needs a luggage rack!

  2. We can’t drive on the streets and we can’t walk on the sidewalks ( Pothole Joe) has been promising new roads and sidewalks for years. While Mario Testa always has New Roads and Sidewalks on Madison Ave .
    ‘That’s why I now call all the Potholes ( JOEYS ! )
    For the Taxes we pay our streets should be the best, he claims to hold the line on Taxes but we never see signs of that.

    A new broom sweeps clean!

    1. Hey Jimfox, I was starting to suspect that Lennie kicked you to the OIB sidewalk. I told you before to sell your house in Black Rock and move to the East side where the best sidewalks can be found in Bridgeport.

  3. “Lamond Daniels who served as director of Neighborhood Initiatives during the mayoral administration of Bill Finch…”

    Neighborhood Initiatives? Like the Colorado Avenue Neighborhood? Like 247 Colorado Avenue–a city owned property the City put out for auction during the tail end of the Finch administration. The house that turned out to have $850,000 in liens? The house for which the city, under Bill Finch, hired Weinstein to represent the city in a real estate transaction to take deed of 247 Colorado Avenue, from an LLC owned by Gus Curcio with the $850,000 attached to it? Go FUCK yourself, Lamond Daniels:

    1. I’m a forensic blogger and recommend Lennie Grimaldi kick Joel Gonzalez to the OIB sidewalk for using vulgar language. We pontificate here but we don’t let tempers produce F bombs. We welcome political entrants and punish those who act otherwise.

  4. Welcome to an exploratory committee experience that will allow you to evaluate the terrain ahead in considering a campaign for Mayor. It also will allow folks, who are taxpayers, voters, and who care about the potential for the City to take a look at you.
    Currently I understand that you run a department in the municipality of Norwalk, 6th largest City in the State. Interesting that Bridgeport is #1, Stamford has taken over #2 place ahead of Hartford and New Haven, so Fairfield County cities occupy three of the top six places.
    I also find it interesting that the Mayor of Norwalk was a former Police Chief in that City. Trusted and competent in that role, he was elected Mayor by those same voters who lived his experience of Public Safety. Certainly a smoother route to good governance than we have enjoyed here in Bridgeport in recent years. Hopefully, our shuffling of Police Department responsibility in recent years will settle down with a five year swearing in of Rod Porter as Department Chief on December 1.
    Perhaps the Mayor can look at where the organization, quality of work product, and personnel development throughout his departments is effective, or not? And what will he find in the grievance procedure that leads to the City Attorney office? Is a non-retired acting head of City Legal the way to go? Time will tell.


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