Judge Bellis Rejects Protective Orders Sought By Pereira, Barr

From Dan Tepfer, CT Post:

Tony Barr and Maria Pereira entered the courtroom Thursday afternoon frowning and left nearly three hours later crying.

Not because Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis granted their respective applications for protective order–she didn’t, patiently explaining that their allegations against each other did constitute stalking, a requirement for the order.

But more likely it was her words, like a mother hen, admonishing them as public figures to act like ones.

“To your credit you have worked to make things better in the city and as a result your paths have crossed and will continue to cross,” the judge told them. “As public figures you have to face criticism and negativity.”

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  1. Today, I lost any vestige of admiration and respect I have held for Judge Bellis.

    If anything happens to my two year old granddaughter, my daughter or me, it will be on Judge Bellis’ hands.

    I felt like I was in a circus like environment for two and a half houts in her court room today.

    Tony Barr was not prepared with a single piece of paper or witness to support his baseless assertions in his affidavit. He told the judge he didn’t know he had to be prepared with evidence. He then suddenly announces that Jorge Cruz and Jeanette Herron were there as his witnesses. Jeanette Herron departed the courtroom shortly after he announced she was one of his witnesses and never returned.

    Jorge Cruz testified he did not know he was going to be called as a witness and just came to support Tony Barr. He then went on to testify that I attacked Tony Barr’s “character” and distributed letters and fliers to voters. I asked him had he witnessed this activity himself. He said no, but others came into Dennis’ campaign headquarters claiming I had done so. I then asked him again if he had any first hand knowledge of my handing out fliers/letters attacking Tony Barr. He admitted he did not. NEXT!

    Tony Barr was rambling and all over the place discussing Mayor Ganim, Dennis Bradley, and how he had married Dennis Bradley’s cousin. He discussed Fifties Diner, charter schools, that I didn’t publicly acknowledge his presence at the Thomas Hooker Community Conversation and more. I was in crazy town.

    I had seven videos of Tony Barr including one of him holding a pocket knife describing it as his “survival kit” for Maria Pereira, angrily calling me a “piece of shit” over and over again, a video of him surveilling me from a car across the street from Frankies Diner of Dennis Bradley and me in the parking lot in which he stated I was saying I waa trying to bribe Dennis Bradley, a video of him angrily claiming I had reported my elderly neighbor to the Health Dept. for the condition of her home, two videos where he claimed I was stealing people’s homes via the WPCA with Attorney Epstein and was relocating to Switzerland to the WPCA headquarters with Attorney Epstein, a video with Ernie Newton blowing me kisses and stating he loved me, and more. Judge Bellis had a laptop and refused to view my flashdrive with all these threatening and harassing videos stating I should have brought my own laptop.

    I had emails from Sauda Baraka to Fran Rabinowitz directing her to inform school police that Tony Barr was banned from attending school board meetings because he verbally attacked a high school student over his weight. He then posted a Facebook video attacking the child’s mother over her parenting skills because of her child’s weight. The child ran out of the meeting crying and refused to return as a student rep. on the school board if Tony Barr would be allowed to return.

    I had screenshots of comments he posted about me on his facebook page.

    Maria Pires, Ben Walker,Lisa Parziale, and Joann Kennedy all testified about the contents of many of the videos, his conduct at school board meetings/forums and more.

    Ben and Maria were especially pertinent witnesses that provided great testimony.

    I had eight CT Post articles detailing his threats to blow off Mayor Ganim’s head, his verbal altercation with former councilman Scott Burns in which the police were called, his physical altercation with a police officer over a parking ticket, and more. Judge Bellis basically determined his pattern of threatening and aggressive behavior with elected officials and public servants was not relevant.

    I am urging anyone who sees Tony Barr anywhere near me to please take out your cellphone and record his every move. If you see him making any posts or videos about me to please notify me asap.

    Judge Bellis made a decision that has only served to condone his aggressive and threatening behavior which has only given Tony Barr a green light to empower him.

    Shame on Judge Bellis!

      1. Shame on you for commenting on this post that is so beneath you, Peter Slywka. You sound so elitist.

        I am going to take a wild guess. Are you a resident of Black Rock? I am also going to guess that you were not raised in Bridgeport and have not lived in Bridgeport for any significant portion of your life. True or False?

  2. Dan Tepfer cannot write an accurate story to save his life. It must be because his oversized Muppet hands cannot strike the correct keys.

    He wrote “… she didn’t, patiently explaining that their allegations against each other did constitute stalking, a requirement for the order.”

    It should read “… she didn’t, patiently explaining that their allegations against each other did NOT constitute stalking, a requirement for the order.”

    Certainly, this is a significant error in his story.

    In addition, no one testified Tony Barr was dangling a “small pen knife.” Everyone testified Tony Barr was dangling a “pocket knife.”

    There is a significant difference, Muppet Tepfer.

  3. Get over it, Maria. Judges rule on the law, not your personal feelings. If you have issues with Mr. Tepfer take it up with his editors.

    If at first you don’t succeed…

  4. Bridgeport Kid, do NOT tell me to get over it. I am dealing with a lifelong violent convicted criminal who is unhinged and represents the WORST of Bridgeport.

    Your comments are so typical of men when it comes to women who fear for their safety and that of their family.

    Would you tell your mother,daughter or sister to “get over it” if Tony Barr was demonstrating this behavior towards your family members?

    Men are such jerks!

    1. I live in Bridgeport, Maria. He’s not the only wannabe tough guy walking the streets. Just ignore him and get back to more important things. If he is actively intimidating you CALL THE COPS. Stop wasting the court’s time with frivolous bullshit.

  5. What does your living in Bridgeport have to do with the question?

    If Tony Barr, a lifelong criminal and violent offender, was demonstrating the same behavior towards your mother, sister or daughter would you tell them “to get over it?”

    I should call the BPD that is an extension of the corrupt democratic machine and in the back pocket of Mayor Ganim and Mario Testa to report Tony Barr, a member of the corrupt DTC.

    That’s your brilliant advice. Not only are men jerks, they are absolutely clueless.

  6. Exactly the type of answer you expect from a man that cannot answer a reasonable question or intelligently debate an issue on the merits.

    Leave an issue critical to women to women to resolve. I never thought I would say this, but I just signed up for my first ever gun class to begin the process to legal gun ownership.

    If you can’t rely on the police, or the judicial system you must rely on yourself to lawfully protect yourself and your family.

    Thanks to the women in my.life who recommended and support this alternative.


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