Joseph Lombard Selected To Replace Bradley On School Board

Associate City Attorney Mark Anastasi issues oath to Lombard.

Following allegations, and denials, that the fix was in, Joseph Lombard, associate director of educational funding, training and support at Porter and Chester Institute in Stratford was selected Monday night to fill the school board vacancy of State Senator Dennis Bradley. Lombard will fill out Bradley’s four-year term that will expire following the November general election. For Lombard’s background see here.

The vote was 5-3 with Hernan Illingworth, John Weldon, Jessica Martinez, Chris Taylor and Sybil Allen supporting Lombard. Maria Pereira, Ben Walker and Joe Sokolovic backed LaMar Kennedy, a special education teacher in Waterbury.

School board meeting Monday night.

Prior to the vote school board applicant Michael Giannotti who backed Joe Ganim for mayor in 2015 and took a short-term city position before a falling-out with the mayor declared the fix was in for Lombard with input from the city administration. Board members who voted for Lombard denied the charges, as did Lombard who is not politically active in the city.

Michael Giannotti, foreground, and Lombard during school board meeting.

In a huff the emotional Giannotti withdrew his name from consideration during the candidate interview process with the board Monday afternoon at the Aquaculture School.

Giannotti wrote on his Facebook page:

Just left the BOE meeting. Withdrew my name as a possible replacement for Dennis Bradley … all I can say is “only in Bridgeport” … as a gay man I have struggled with acceptance, and at times my own “self worth…” so I have a pretty thick skin. (this is in reference to a BOE member who said that if you run for political office you need to be able to take what people say about you…)

I really thought that the BOE members would have an open mind, and make his/her selection based on qualifications… not on the color of a person’s skin, who he/she is friends with or whether or not he/she was political.

But that apparently is not the case..

Since Friday one BOE member said that given the makeup of the school district she (editor’s note: a reference to Maria Pereira) would be hard pressed to support “another white male” to serve on the board. And the comments from “friends” as to why they would not vote for me ranged from arrogance to “too politically connected” to laughable to downright racist … again this is 2019.

What about “honest, integrity, humility?”

Plus I was informed before I was to be interviewed at 430 that another candidate had the votes, and that he already met with the current administration.

While I do not personally know the candidate expected to be selected, I do wish him the best..

However, I feel that once again justice is not being served in this great city … the process smelled of a fix from day one..

I was born and raised here, the product of Bridgeport public schools from kindergarten to high school… Harding class of 72, worked for 2 superintendent of schools, was a reporter for years covering the BOE… I guess that wasn’t good enough!

Giannotti, once a Democrat, switched to the Republican party in 2017 to run a failed City Council race in Black Rock. Ganim, early in his reelection comeback, appointed Giannotti public safety spokesperson. In frustration Giannotti quit his city position resentful that he was not appointed to the higher paying $100K communications director position.

CT Post education reporter Linda Conner Lambeck has more on the Monday night vote here.



  1. Chris Taylor missed EVERY single interview held between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM. Jessica Martinez arrived late and missed 1/3 of JML’s interview.

    Mike was the second interview and immediately announced that I had posted I wouldn’t support another White Male on the school board. He also stated that he had received numerous calls that Joseph Lombard had already met with the Ganim administration and the votes were all locked up for him. He said the “fix was in”, withdraw his application of interest, and walked out.

    I asked Weldon, Martinez, Illingworth and Allen if this was true. The feigned innocence and indignation was priceless. Every single one of them denied knowing him or speaking with him. It was simply laughable

    I told Ben and Joe, I have never found Mike Gionotti to be a liar, and he knows every political player in Bridgeport. I believed him 100%. We agreed to let them nominate first which would let us know if Mike Gionotti was correct.

    The Regular Meeting starts and Chris Taylor arrives late. John Weldon asks if there are any nominations and there is pure silence. Weldon, Martinez, Illingworth ,Allen and Taylor are scared to nominate Lombard because they were all exposed.
    Finally,Sybil Allen takes the microphone and nominates “Mr. Lombardi.” His name is Joseph Lombard. She didn’t even know his name. Mario Testa needs to be more clear when he calls Sybil Allen to tell her how to vote.

    At this point we know he’s Ganim’s, Mario’s and the corrupt faction of the Board’s guy.

    I now ask did any of you speak with any member of the Ganim administration, Mario Testa or Joseph “Lombardi” before tonight. Jessica Martinez now felt it imperative to correct me on Mr. Lombard’s last name. Well if Sybil nominated “Mr. Lombardi” thought he was the best candidate, shouldn’t she know his name? I then directly asked Sybil Allen,,”what about you, Sybil, did you speak with Mario” She paused and looked uncomfortable, and then denied it.
    I then stated ” through you Mr. Chair, Mr. Taylor missed every single interview of the candidates. It is it his intention to vote on the vacancy?” John Weldon tried to answer for Chris Taylor as if he was Chris Taylor’s dad, although as fast as I know, John Weldon hasn’t committed murder.

    Chris Taylor refused to answer my question.

    The vote was 6 to 3 for another White Male. City Attorney Mark Anastasi was waiting in the wings to swear Lombard. Before Alice finished reading the votes, Lamar Kennedy got up and walked out. He shook all our hands, stood during his entire interview, and really spoke in a compelling way about his experiences as a black student, father and teacher. He was certainly more qualified than Mr. Lombard who has been a car salesman

    He joined the meeting and no one though to have an extra board packet.

    After the meeting, I was waiting in the lobby reading some text messages when Mr. Lombard approached me.

    I told him not to speak to me. He is part of the corrupt DTC and affiliated with the Ganim administration

    He pointed his finger at me, got quite angry and said “I will talk to you.” I said you will not speak to me as you are part of the corrupt regime in this city.

    He walked out will little Johnny Weldon and I heard him say “She is so rude.” He better be ready because he hasn’t seen anything yet. He better strap on his boots!

    1. Hispanic or Latino as a member of an ethnic group that traces its roots to 20 Spanish-speaking nations from south/ central America , many Caribbean island and Spain. Portugal and Brazil or any other Portuguese speaking countries are not considered latino/Hispano. Even though Spain and Portugal are in the same Peninsula. Não sejas burro.

  2. I submitted six items to be placed on the agenda. John Weldon denied 5 items and only placed my item regarding the debacle that is the Males of Color Adhoc Committee

    Sauda created the committee in December 2013. In over 5 years, not a single program, policy or initiative has come out of this committee to the full board for action.

    When Sauda was still on the Board, she was Chair of the committee and was receiving pressure from Bradley because the committee had already existed for over two years without a single action item being referred to the Board. This was in early 2016.

    After continued pressure, Sauda promised the committee was working on a White Paper. Sauda left the Board in November 2017 without ever submitting the White Paper.

    In December 2017, Dennis Bradley was Chair of the Males of Color Adhoc Committee for a full year and never called a meeting. Sauda continues to serve on this committee.

    I repeatedly applied pressure stating that if a committee was formed for a specific purpose, to help male students of color, and they have not proposed a single program, initiative or policy in over 5 years, they should be disbanded

    Tonight, Joe Sokolovic brought forward mentoring programs that cost about $19,000.

    The Harding Program would only serve 32 Male students of color that were juniors and seniors. No freshman or sophomores could participate. There are over 400 Male Hispanic and Black students.

    The Central Program would only serve 35 Male students of color that were freshman and sophomores. No juniors or seniors can participate. There are over 500 Hispanic and Black students.

    The Bassick Program would only serve 40 Male students of color from all grade levels. There are almost 400 Hispanic and Black students.

    Fairchild Wheeler has over 300 Hispanic and Black Male students and they will have NO program

    Bridgeport Military Academy has 140 Hispanic and Male students and they will have NO program.

    We have a little over 1, 700 Black and Hispanic Male students in our 5 high schools, After five years, the first recommendation out of this committee is to serve only 107 Black and Hispanic Male High School students.

    This is not EQUITABLE. I wanted to vote tonight that this committee must provide a White Paper to the Board by June or be disbanded. It was my agenda item, and Joe Sokolovic made a motion to table this important discussion, again. Ben Walker voted for it.

    We have young Black and Hispanic males killing each other. It is clearly escalating, yet after 5 years, the best we can do is offer a few mentor programs that will serve only 6% of this specific student population.

    This is not okay. It is simply not okay.

    1. Note. I will not feed the trolls.

      First of all Ms. Pereira’s assertion is wrong, the item was not tabled, it was postponed until the first meeting in December, where Ms. Pereira will be relegated to public comment after her term is up.

      Since assuming chair, (in December 2018) I’ve had to fend off two attacks by Ms. Pereira on this committee. A committee that was formed to address problems older than America itself, Institutional racism and discrimination. These attacks by Ms. Pereira, are especially galling due to her constant racist public comments. Comments including calling an African American an “Uncle Tom”, mocking a Hispanic parent for speaking “broken English” in the same breath she stated she is not a racist.

      These attacks are having a detrimental effect on the morale of a fine group of the people that serve on this committee, a diverse group people, mostly made up of people of color, ranging from Subway Car cleaners to PHD’s. People who serve on this committee do so at NO cost to the city of Bridgeport. We are seeking to address the many disparities that exist in the educational outcomes of our Males of Color. Attacks by a member of the Bridgeport Board of Education, on a group of people working to help resolve these age old problems, especially in light of the committees’ recent progress, can be described as ignorant at best and racist at worse.

      In the last 3 months the MOC committee has been allocated a small budget for the very first time. The committee, as a group, has decided to team up with our three comprehensive High Schools, and the Buddy Jordan Foundation to service as many students as possible. With the budget available for programming, it was decided that servicing 107 high school student and up to 75 MOC in grades 5-8, while not perfect, it is a damn good place to start. That is a potential to reach up to 182 students with either new, or enhanced mentorship opportunities.

      “We have young Black and Hispanic males killing each other. It is clearly escalating,” states Pereira.

      To try and kill a committee that is now responsible for increasing, and enhancing, mentorship opportunities for up to 6% of our young Males of Color “This is not okay. It is simply not okay”. Up to 75 of these mentees in grades 5-8 are students that thus far have never provided the opportunity to be mentored in our schools. I’ll quote Ms. Pereira “This is not okay. It is simply not okay.”

      I will conclude by first telling you what Ms. Pereira is likely to do next, as she is, oh so predictable. On this blog, she will go on a personal attack, call me names, and point out grammatical errors. She will probably attempt to find other ways to sabotage the work of the MOC committee to hurt me because when angered she simply stops caring about the collateral damage she causes with her childish, vengeful temper tantrums. I think it is highly likely that she will attend her first MOC committee meeting in five years in an attempt to disrupt this meeting of professionals.

      Finally, in closing another major reason I changed parties, is to vote against Ms. Pereira should she choose to run for another term on the board. Her negative attitude and attacks have finally reached the point that far outweigh any good she has done. I implore the voters of Bridgeport to wake up and not even sign a single nominating petition with her name on it.

      1. Joe with a “D” 🙂 . So you are not really against Maria motion if you are just saying it’s postponed until Maria is off the board. Why? Is it something to be considered? It seems it’s more about Maria then doing your elected job. “as an “R”, and the students. Joe with a “D” has your true “Trump Color” been exposed. I have confidence Joe with a “D” can defend himself from Maria the “pariah” because he’s a LION nominated for Oscar 🙂

      2. Joe,

        You don’t have 20 votes, you have zero political clout, and you are a political neophyte.

        I posted facts, and instead of debating the facts you instead decided to personally attack my character and calling me a racist.

        My daughter is half Puerto Rican and my beautiful granddaughter is half Black. Every romantic relationship I have ever had has been with a Black or Hispanic man, until my current 10 year relationship which is with a White man.

        When you can’t argue the facts, attack those that know and can argue the facts.

        Last night’s agenda item was my item, yet you voted to postpone my item. That is the exact same behavior John Weldon and his cohort display. Why were you so frightened of having a discussion?

        I have never attacked the “work of the committee” because my entire point has been that after 5 years, the committee has not produced a single substantive policy, program, initiative, etc. that will positively impact our Male students of color.

        We could have offered programming to work with 107 H.S. students by the 2014/2015 school year, not after 5 years of a committee being established.

        What about a Curriculum change requiring Males of Color to attend forums where former gang members or felons get to share their personal experiences?

        What about having local Males of Color who graduated from the BPS, like Charles Smith, John Bagley, business professionals, and more speak about how they successfully navigated away from violence and drugs to become successful?

        How about a forum for Males of Color on how to navigate life as a youth in a single family home ?

        How about a forum for Males of Color on how to interact with police because they face a statistically higher chance of being stopped by the police based on bias and inherit racism?

        How about taking Males of Color to forums and visiting businesses focused on the trades?

        How about taking Males of Color on college tours?

        I am not against the Males of Color Committee. I am against a committee meeting for five years and not offering substantive programming and policy recommendations that fulfills the purpose of the committee’s sole purpose for being formed in the first place.

        Debate me on the facts, Joe. Don’t attack my character for simply stating the facts.

        I didn’t attack your character because I didn’t need to. The facts I posted speak for themselves. Did Joe Sokolovic dispute the facts or debate the facts? No, he didn’t.

        Ask yourself why?

      3. You started with ‘I will not feed the Trolls” referring to those who will read, debate and post on OIB as “Trolls.”

        It is probably not the right approach to insult those who you hope will read your post and support your position.

        You repeatedly attacked me personally in your post, yet have the tamariity to write that I was going to post disparaging comments about you. I had already made a lengthy post about the MOC and had not wrote any disparaging remarks about you. It was you who chose that path.

      4. I attended the meeting last night, I don’t believe Maria Pereira attached you or the program, she questioned the Inequities. She has every right to question a program that started over 5 years ago, and only now there is some form of action in place. She mentioned a few times that she wasn’t placing blame on you. Maria Pereira asked questions that you didn’t/ couldn’t answer so you then became defensive and turned the situation around. Maria Pereira’s only fault is that she truly cares. She wants honestly, integrity and transparency . Something that this board lacks. If a person doesn’t agree or thinks differently than you doesn’t make them a racist or a bad person. They’re just different.

        1. No but calling Hispanic parents our for “Broken English” or calling an African American an “Uncle Tom” does. Also I could give a damn what people say about me, but don’t try to disband a group of unpaid volunteers many PHD’s, educators, administrators that are trying to solve a 500 year old problem. Anyone coming after these fine people and the programs they develop to mentor our at risk youth deserves to have their motives questioned.

          1. She was asking questions regarding the inequities, she never once attacked any volunteer. You’re over reacting, simply because you can’t explain how you arrived at the number of students participating in the program. I do believe that you have done more in 4 months then the prior committee members. Maria Pereira does her homework & research , so one must prepare themselves for questions.

          2. Joe,

            I am often asked if I speak Spanish. I often respond by saying I can understand it pretty good if it is spoken slowly, however I speak very “broken Soanish.”

            What is racist about that? I don’t speak the language fluently, I speak mangled, broken Spanish. I called someone Uncle Tom who I believed was subserviant to the White power in Bridgeport.

            The Bridgeport Public Schools has not existed any where near 500 years. Our charge is to provide BPS students with a free and adequate public education, not solve this country’s long and entrenched racism.

            The Males of Color Adhoc Committee was formed by Sauda in early 2015.

            In March 2016, Dennis Bradley starting questioning why the committee had not presented anything of relevance to the Board. In that very meeting, Sauda stated a White Paper was being prepared and it would be provided to the Board.

            It is almost three years since that March 2016 meeting, yet we have still not received the White Paper although it has been requested and followed upon many times.
            No one is “coming after” the volunteers on the MOC Committee. You are making completely false and inaccurate statements. Yes, you are blatantly lieing. You will not be able to produce a single set of minutes that supports your ridiculous claims that the committee volunteers are being disparaged or insulted.

          1. From Pereira “I repeatedly applied pressure stating that if a committee was formed for a specific purpose, to help male students of color, and they have not proposed a single program, initiative or policy in over 5 years, they should be disbanded”

            This after programming was introduced to help upwards of 180 students.
            Do you know how much money went to the MOC commitee in the five years they have been working? Not counting the programs just passed the committee has never had a budget. That’s 0, budget Nada.

            So ask yourself why would someone want to disband a committee that costs next to nothing to run, that is staffed by volunteers, That is now moving forward with programming to help our children?

            I agree that it is not equitable but neither is the budget. Call your board members and ask them to increase the budget of the MOC committee so we can continue our work and help all males of Color.

            Thank you.

          2. Joe, I don’t u derstand how any of our limited funds were awarded to the MOC committee BEFORE the Board had received a single written proposal.

            I would like to remind you of your $19,000 budget, over $1,500 was allocated for t-shirts for both students and mentors. I still question how a t-shirt will change the trajectory of a Male of Color in our school system.

            No one gets a blank check, Joe.

            Your committee has to write a detailed proposal detailing the mission,goals, and plan while prioritizing each expenditure. Your committee may have three of the top recommendations funded, but not lower tiered proposed expenditures.

            The committee should have also been studying our data on suspensions, expulsions and arrests which disproportionately impacts Males of Color.

            Policy changes could have been recommended some time ago which would not necessarily have an associated cost. In addition, a policy recommendation would cover every single Male of Color, not just 6% of them.

            Neither you nor the Males of Color Committee has been “attacked.” I am simply holding the committee accountable for completing the work the committee was charged with almost five full years ago.

          3. I apologize. The Males of Color Adhoc Committee was formed by Sauda in early 2014 not 2015.

  3. Our student population is only 13% White, yet the Board is now 66% White.

    Our White Male student population is only 13%, yet we now have 5 White Male board members totaling 55%.

    We do not have a SINGLE Black Male school board member. If this isn’t racism I don’t know what is.

    Chris Taylor is always attempting to speak for the East End and the Black Community. He somehow serves on the NAACP. However, when he had the chance to vote for a Black Male certified special ed. teacher who was born and raised in the East End, and lived there for 40 years; he instead voted for the White Guy who lives in Embassy Towers in the North End.

    I for one will not let him forget it.

    Something tells me that Chris Taylor will soon be experiencing very real issues. I hope he is ready. 🙂

  4. I was shock to hear that the Board didn’t Re-place Sen. Bradley’s seat with an African American. I may not agree with Maria on different issues. It looks like the clock is being turned back on the gains we have made in this City. I m very disappointed with who ever put this deal together. I will make in a top issue.we must never allow anyone to turn the clock back. If Joe and Mario are trying. Then let’s get ready to Rumble.

    1. Ernie, Ganim’s administration made the calls to John Weldon and his cohort.

      Remember, Sybil is the only Black person on the Board and she nominated the “Mr. Lombardi”. Jesiica Martinez and Hernan Illingworth are minorities, and they voted for “Mr. Lombardi.”

      I could honestly understand if there wasn’t a qualified minority candidate that interviewed, but there was.

      I found Lamar Kennedy to not only be qualified, but really compelling because of his personal life experiences as a Black Male born and raised in the East End. I believe he stated he has lived in the East End his entire life. I could tell he really wanted the position and wasn’t there because of political machinations

      With all the violence occurring in the East End with Black Males, I thought his insight and perspective would be invaluable.

      1. IF? Everyone is throwing numbers around, and the racial card, pandering, to people’s emotions more than logic. Let’s not forget, I believe, and I’m sure Maria can correct me on the number if I’m wrong. Didn’t 50% of the white board members voted for the “black human” while 100% of the black board voted for the white human ,and 100% of the Latino board voted for the white human as well? So what race, by the numbers is more at fault, people JS

        Play those race cards people.

        When you have a Black “human” state blacks will never vote for a Puerto Rican “human” when it’s between a black and Latino, yet add them in their stats against white. His race card might be max out. 🙂 On the bright side Joe’s Trump is president. 🙂 BAM

    2. Ernie, make sure your dear friend, Chris Taylor, is reflected in your comments as well.

      He voted for the the fifth White Male instead of a qualified Black Male candidate from the East End.

    3. Ernie why are you shocked or disappointed that a Latino was not appointed? Since Latino males my up more then the white and black males in student population? JS

  5. Let’s be clear here, this decision was by made by Mayor Ganim and Mario Testa and it shows how out of touch they are with the residents and the voters of Bridgeport but especially the BLACK COMMUNITY. Think about this, Maria Pereira wrote, “Our White Male student population is only 13%, yet we now have 5 White Male board members totaling 55%, Sybil Allen is the only Black person on the Board.” You have got to be joking, Mayor Joe Ganim COULD NOT find one BLACK MAN to serve on the Bridgeport Board Of Education? The Black community needs to forget about Joe Ganim the same way that he forgot about us, he thinks that he can just pop up at black churches and want us to vote for his sorry ass.

  6. Ron, please remember that ultimately the decision was made by eight BOE members who are all entrenched in the corrupt DTC.

    Do not let John Weldon, Jessica Martinez, Hernan Illingworth, Sybil Allen or Chris Taylor off the hook. If they didn’t take orders from Ganim or Mario, they would have voted for independently.

    There is no politician in the city of Bridgeport that could call Ben, Joe or me and tell us how to vote. None.

    1. Maria, I understand and you are right but if you can reach the conclusion that you did with the fact that everybody knew then this should have been a no brainer for all 8 BOE members and for Mayor Ganim but only 3 BOE members saw the whole picture. Maria, we all know that Weldon, Martinez, Illingworth ,Allen and Taylor got their marching orders from Mayor Ganim and Mario Testa.

  7. C’mon Ernie, you know as well as I and everyone else that nothing happens in Bridgeport that isn’t sanctioned and have the approval of both Mayor Ganim and Mario. Why would you say IF THEY DID, when you know very well that they did and they know that you know, that you or the other Black political leaders in the city aren’t going to do shit about shit.

    What do you supposed Black leaders of the community need to do to make you standup and fight for the future of the children of Bridgeport? Why do you supposed Black leaders continue to let Mayor Ganim shit on our people and the education of our youth without so much as a peep? I’m not trying to excoriate you my brother I’m merely calling attention to the obvious.
    My boy George Bryant always said while it’s against the law to buy a Black you can still rent one. You and the other supposed Black leaders need to take the for rent sign off your asses and be the strong Black men and women we need you to be. No, that we Deserve you to be. Our children’s future depend upon that move.

    1. Day to be honest not that I think you’re racist, more like prejudice, bias comes to mind. Those are inherent in all and crosses the skin ton that can even bleed down to one’s own family toward enmity against.

      But what you said about George Bryant regarding political leaders, Socrates comes to mind. Do not put a color on it. I don’t want to leave with any hard feelings. You bunch of Fabulous’ 🙂 Play nice people. BAM

    2. Don Day
      I sadden I have always been a champion for justice on all levels of government. In 198-85 I fought the administration to place people of color on boards and commissions. You can only live of the Past. What have you done to help the young and new firebirds. To continue in the Struggle you and many others started. I’ve never had a job with the City nor any of my family members. I owe no one but the Community that Elected Me. My Record speaks for may not like joe or Mario but unlike you I’m fighting to make change.
      Don let me ask you a question We have 4 people Running for Mayor not one of them have opened their mouths about theses senseless shooting in Our community or said one thing about fair representation on boards and Commissions. Don keep talking what you and Ron did 40 years ago. But my record speaks for its self.Just for the Record I’m own by No One! You know for a fact Joe Or Supported Ernie Newton! Don do me a favor and look up my record from 1981-85 President of the City Council and from 1988-2005 Deputy Speaker of House of Reps and Deputy President-Pro-Tempo of the Senate. As a Champion for justice and equality for all. I will put my record up against anyone in this City. Just remember I’m 63 years old so I don’t care at this point in my life what you or others think.

    1. Bobbie Walsh- I will send the message to George Bryant this afternoon. I have know George Bryant for 40 years – He was my neighbor at Nob Hill for 17 years. I voted for Ed Gomes because of George. He was a most respected Fireman and then some. You gotta know he reads this blog every 2 months. 🙂 . Now that’s a man that is most respected in all communities, Like David Daniels he is respected for all the good he has done and not the color of his skin. At least in his generation. But alas, we do not live forever and we do not carry the clout with voters as we once did unless you have been knocking on doors regularly you become all but forgotten. now of all people, I will send your regards Bobbie.

  8. I am surprised that Anastasi has the authority to deliver the oath. I thought he retired and was brought back as outside council,no? from the CT Post 8/1/18

    “Anastasi is the latest, and most high profile, member of the municipal law department to leave the job with a pension, then immediately be brought back as outside counsel.” and “Anastasi is now paid $112,950 as an outside attorney with no benefits for a minimum of 30 hours per week — a rate that, Meyer said, is far less than what would be charged by other private attorneys.”

    Any know for sure if he has the authority to deliver the oath? If not, what would that mean?

    1. Anastasi’s workload hasn’t changed dramatically in his “retirement” mode. He attends many City Council, school board and commission meetings for his legal counsel. Lombard did not bring along someone to issue the oath to him, so Anastasi handled it.

      1. Lennie – Thanks for the response but I am still not sure what you mean by “bring some one along to administer the oath.” So any Joe Schmo can administer the oath and that makes it official? So you are saying any parent in the audience could have administered the oath of office and that would be valid?

        The BOE bylaws state this:
        OATH OF OFFICE – 9000
        Members of the Board of Education shall, before entering upon their official duties, take
        the oath of office provided in Connecticut General Statutes Section 1-25.

        Here is link I found to Section 1-25 which just covers the wordings of the oath:

        Nothing about who can administer it, but I did find this:

        From this the BOE reference says that the statue is silent but does references this in the notes area:

        Sec. 1-24. Who may administer oaths. The following officers may administer oaths: (1) The clerks of the Senate, the clerks of the House of Representatives and the chairpersons of committees of the General Assembly or of either branch thereof, during its session; (2) state officers, as defined in subsection (t) of section 9-1, judges and clerks of any court, family support magistrates, judge trial referees, justices of the peace, commissioners of the Superior Court, notaries public, town clerks and assistant town clerks, in all cases where an oath may be administered, except in a case where the law otherwise requires; (3) commissioners on insolvent estates, auditors, arbitrators and committees, to parties and witnesses, in all cases tried before them; (4) assessors and boards of assessment appeals, in cases coming before them; (5) commissioners appointed by governors of other states to take the acknowledgment of deeds, in the discharge of their official duty; (6) the moderator of a school district meeting, in such meeting, to the clerk of such district, as required by law; (7) the chief elected official of a municipality, in any matter before the chief elected official of a municipality; (8) the Chief Medical Examiner, Deputy Medical Examiner and assistant medical examiners of the Office of the Medical Examiner, in any matter before them; (9) registrars of vital statistics, in any matter before them; (10) any chief inspector or inspector appointed pursuant to section 51-286; (11) registrars of voters, deputy registrars, assistant registrars, and moderators, in any matter before them; (12) special assistant registrars, in matters provided for in subsections (b) and (c) of section 9-19b and section 9-19c; (13) the Commissioner of Emergency Services and Public Protection and any sworn member of any local police department or the Division of State Police within the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, in all affidavits, statements, depositions, complaints or reports made to or by any member of any local police department or said Division of State Police or any constable who is under the supervision of said commissioner or any of such officers of said Division of State Police and who is certified under the provisions of sections 7-294a to 7-294e, inclusive, and performs criminal law enforcement duties; (14) judge advocates of the United States Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps, law specialists of the United States Coast Guard, adjutants, assistant adjutants, acting adjutants and personnel adjutants, commanding officers, executive officers and officers whose rank is lieutenant commander or major, or above, of the armed forces, as defined in section 27-103, to persons serving with or in the armed forces, as defined in said section, or their spouses; (15) investigators, deputy investigators, investigative aides, secretaries, clerical assistants, social workers, social worker trainees, paralegals and certified legal interns employed by or assigned to the Public Defender Services Commission in the performance of their assigned duties; (16) bail commissioners, intake, assessment and referral specialists, family relations counselors, support enforcement officers, chief probation officers and supervisory judicial marshals employed by the Judicial Department in the performance of their assigned duties; (17) juvenile matter investigators employed by the Division of Criminal Justice in the performance of their assigned duties; (18) the chairperson of the Connecticut Siting Council or the chairperson’s designee; (19) the presiding officer at an agency hearing under section 4-177b; (20) investigators employed by the Department of Social Services Office of Child Support Services, in the performance of their assigned duties; (21) the chairperson, vice-chairperson, members and employees of the Board of Pardons and Paroles, in the performance of their assigned duties; (22) the Commissioner of Correction or the commissioner’s designee; (23) sworn law enforcement officers, appointed under section 26-5, within the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, in all affidavits, statements, depositions, complaints or reports made to or by any such sworn law enforcement officer; and (24) sworn motor vehicle inspectors acting under the authority of section 14-8.

        I do not see anything about a part time outside attorney working for the city. Again I am not an attorney and I am not trying to make a big deal about as it is probably just a formality, but the city has been playing fast an loose for years and nobody ever questions anything, they just rubber stamp and move on.

  9. Say it ain’ so ..Joe. Sound like your are selling out. Give us a break. You are changing part affiliation. You are changing your positions by the minute every day. Joe, you have to make a decision. Are you with TestaGanim or are you not. It’s really a simple decision

    1. Frank,

      Joe is absolutely not part of the Ganim and Mario corrupt DTC.

      John Weldon, Jessica Martinez, Chris Taylor, Sybil Allen, and Chris Taylor are.

  10. Hell…I’m not afraid to call out John Weldon and that he is numerouno Testa puppet on the BOE. What is really disappointing are the cowards who are Weldon’s neighbors in Black Rock. SHAME.

    1. Do tell frank how did I sell out. My loyalty is to the children and I call out any board member that I feel does not put them first. Are you questioning my loyalty to a board member? Then yes I am am not a loyal puppet. Please tell me what issue of substance I’ve sold out on. I’ll be waiting while you ask Maria.

      1. Joe,

        Frank Gyure and I have had two phone conversations in our lifetime. I have not corresponded with him about you at all. In fact, never.

        Are you implying I do not put children first?

        You are being overly sensitive and a bit paranoid.

      2. Joe…why did you come here and attack another member of the BOE without any previous warning or any previous discussion? I understand your statements,concerns. I will say that i DISAGREE with Maria and that this “Males of Color” program should not be abandoned and if we get a better BPT BOE,this program can really take and make a difference. But,as long as the BOE is controlled by Mario Testa,that will not happen.

      3. JOE… I am am my own man and I make my own decisions. Sometimes I am right amd sometimes I( am wrong. Maybe one day we can meet and clear the air?

  11. John Weldon’as mother, Georgiana, was active in Bridgeport politics in the 1970’s through 90’s. I remember she was a real firebrand and quite outspoken. Here is a piece from her 2010 obituary, “Weldon took an interest in issues throughout Bridgeport, and used her keen eye for detail to study budgets and public records to get the facts she needed to form her opinions. She had no tolerance for smoke and mirror politics. Through comments at public meetings, letters to the editor and e-mails to an extensive contact list, Weldon sought to cut through the nonsense and hold public officials responsible to the facts at hand.”

    1. Damn! How could John Weldon be so weak, unprepared for meetings, beholden to the corrupt DTC, and absolutely nothing like his mom? I wonder if he takes after his father.

      A member of the Ganim administration spoke to John Weldon just hours before Monday’s interviews had started. John Weldon had committed to vote for Gionotti and then rescinded that commitment less than two hours before the first interview. John Weldon was told he was to vote for “Mr. Lombardi.”

      1. I knew Bob Weldon when I served on the Greater Bridgeport Transit District board. Bob was an employee and our clerk for our meetings. He was always well prepared, possessed a wealth of historical memory and a straight shooter.

        1. Then what happened to John Weldon?

          Recently, members of John Weldon’s family have contacted me via Facebook.

          They wanted me to know they support me and that my assertions that John Weldon had a Napolean complex and desperately needed to “control” and “micromanage” every aspect of the Board and Dr. Johnson was true.

          They shared that none of his immediate family speaks with him, nor do they approve of his behavior. Apparently his own twin brother doesn’t speak with him either.

          I felt it very telling that his own family felt compelled to reach out to me.

          It isn’t that John Weldon is not intelligent or articulate. He writes beautifully.

          He is rarely prepared for a meeting, often arrives without a single piece of paper, is completely subservient to the corrupt Democratic powers that be.

          He is small minded, frightened of debate and/or different perspectives, very controlling and more.

          I just was told that he is personally typing our meeting agendas and submitting them to Dr. Johnson and that Alice is no longer allowed to type them.

          Control and micromanaging is very important to him.

    2. This is interesting. Ms. Weldon lived here for at least 20 years or so, and yet John didn’t know that Black Rock Turnpike was wholly within the Town of Fairfield’s borders when he first ran for BOE. Sad, but interesting.

  12. Ernie, are you kidding me, you say you don’t live in the past yet you prefaced your remarks by saying what you did in 1981 to 1985 as if that isn’t in the past. You say Ron and I talk about what we did 40 years ago yet you fail to realize that 1981 was almost 40 years ago. What kind of fool are you? You say you stand on your record and just exactly what is that? What have you bought to Bridgeport as a Councilman or in the state legislature that benefited Bridgeport? You fought to get people on boards and commissions, big fucking deal. How many have you gotten jobs that changed their lives? Everything you did as a Councilman or in the state legislature was your job, nothing more. You did your job and Nothing out of the ordinary.

    You say you’ve been around all these years yet you try to play stupid like you don’t know that Ganim and Mario controls all that is Bridgeport and then have the temerity to call me out when I call attention to that bullshit. Since we’re being honest, who doesn’t know that you’re in the pocket of Mayor Ganim and have been there from his first term until today. Let me be the first to say that Ernie Newton will endorse and support Joe Ganim as mayor like he always has. You should hope that Ganim doesn’t fart because your head is so far up his ass that it might blow your brains out.

  13. Don I really don’t give too shits about what you think or what you say about me and remember I’ll support whoever I wish. You love ❤️ to talk shit about how much you hate Joe and Mario . If your To black Leaders sat do pick one candidate maybe who knows. Like I said to you before your enemies aren’t my enemies. You need to take your head out of your own Ass before you blowup. A legend in your own mind. Please do me a favor kiss my😷😷😷

    1. Ernie, you said about Don, “You need to take your head out of your own Ass before you blowup,” that was a good one….oh shit, wait a minute, Don told you first to, ” You should hope that Ganim doesn’t fart because your head is so far up his ass that it might blow your brains out.”

      Ernie, you said, “If your To black Leaders sat do pick one candidate maybe who knows,” but what does that mean?

  14. Don, I was honestly thinking the same thing when Ernie was referencing what you and Ron accomplished “40 years” ago. Your final sentence really says it all.

  15. Ernie, my enemies are those that take the Black community for granted. My enemies are those leave our children with a subpar education by not fully funding schools. My enemies are those that put a system in place removed the ability of women to be a firefighter even though women were being hired 30 years prior to the new system. My enemies are those that steal from the city whether it’s scrap metal, a job for political appointe or not doing your job while you run around the state chasing a pipe dream and not taking care of the city that gave you that 2nd chance that you wanted. My enemies are those that changed the policies that resulted in fewer black’s being hired on both the police and fire departments than ever before David Dunn got a job that he wasn’t qualified to do. My enemies are those that perpetuate racism, discrimination and sexism in the city government that goes unpunished for the most part. My enemies are those that treat Black people separate and unequal. My enemies are those that don’t respect my people, but are always in their face during election time.

    Now Ernie, let me quote you, “Like I said to you before your enemies aren’t my enemies.” Truer Words Have Never Been Spoken.

    1. Ron and DON
      My enemies are people who come on OIB and Talk the Talk but don’t walk the walk. RON and Don when was the Last time you came to a Board of Education meeting or a city council meeting. or a Fire commission or a Civil service commission meeting. You guys i’ve know for a long time. Hope to see you guys at the next city council meeting March 18th see you then.

      1. Ernie, PLEASE, ask Frank Gyure, John Marshall Lee, Maria Pereira just for starters about attending Board of Education meeting or a city council meeting. or a Fire commission or a Civil service commission meeting and what have they been able to change? Ernie, that’s straight up bull shit, you have no answes for what we asked you so your defense is to spin. Ernie, Don asked you who your enemies are and your answer was, “My enemies are people who come on OIB and Talk the Talk but don’t walk the walk.” Ernie, REALLY, then if those are your enemies then you need to resign from the City Council because that’s not leadership.

        1. Ron
          Thanks for your opinion! I forgot this is just a think tank group. If you are not talking about Joe Ganmin and Mario and DTC and feel the same way about someone You may dislike than you can’t be a member of this Think Tank Group. I don’t need anyone to pick my friends nor my enemies for Me. I can think for myself. I see if people don’t think the way you all think. Its a problem. Ron please, you live in the southend not the Eastend ok. Like i said before i don’t give a damn about what you or your think tank groupies think either!

          1. Ernie, it’s really good to know where you really stand on issues concerning the entire City. It’s also important that voters of the East End and the entire City understand that you don’t care anything about the enemies that Don listed, here are the enemies that are of no interest or concern to you:

            Ernie, my enemies are those that take the Black community for granted. My enemies are those leave our children with a subpar education by not fully funding schools. My enemies are those that put a system in place removed the ability of women to be a firefighter even though women were being hired 30 years prior to the new system. My enemies are those that steal from the city whether it’s scrap metal, a job for political appointed or not doing your job while you run around the state chasing a pipe dream and not taking care of the city that gave you that 2nd chance that you wanted. My enemies are those that changed the policies that resulted in fewer black’s being hired on both the police and fire departments than ever before David Dunn got a job that he wasn’t qualified to do. My enemies are those that perpetuate racism, discrimination and sexism in the city government that goes unpunished for the most part. My enemies are those that treat Black people separate and unequal. My enemies are those that don’t respect my people, but are always in their face during election time.

  16. I just saw this and I would like to share this with My Think Tank Group.
    “If You accept the call to leadership, you must be
    willing to be
    accued, and even
    Leaders Lead Followers Follow! (WHICH ONE ARE YOU)

  17. Ernie, I see that you can quote Enida Martinez who is the true political leader of the 139th. Enjoy your last months as the Councilman from the 139th because as the last election showed that the people of the East End are getting tired of the bullshit emanating from you on a daily basis.

    1. Don, I definitely agree with you that Enida Martinez is the true political leader of the 139th. Just read Ernie’s last three post, he shows how out of touch he is about the problems concerning the voters in the East End, the black community and the residents of Bridgeport.

    2. Hey Don and Ron i remember now to long ago you both was talking shit about her. Hecky and jacky.
      She will always be my Partner. that divide and conquer you learned from the White Slave Masters. Not working here! Think tank masters try

      1. Ernie, you act like politics is all or nothing, that people have to on your side no matter what ever you say. I said that Enida Martinez was a cheerleader for AJ Perez and that she just like you love being in the photo-op with Mayor Ganim. I support her stand about the WPCA and that she was right about what she about the two attorney and she showed courage with her position.

  18. Members of the BOE, especially the five members who voted for Mr. Lombard, or is it Mr. Lombardi? To my eye he seems an unknown education proponent in the City at least I see nothing that would have set him on top of the list to fill the BOE vacancy. As I completed the interview I bumped into Mike Gianotti and heard his prediction of a 5-3 vote imminent that evening. Where did Mike get his crystal ball? If the drums were beating out the identity of the winner, as well as the actual vote totals, it undercuts what might otherwise be assumptions that what you know, what activity has been part of your life for years, and what are your fundamental values are important to such a selection process. Just call Joe might have been the lesson we learn? Who will trust such a situation in the future?
    It is outrageous that Ganim2 makes sure he gets to appoint to BOE even though the community turned down that Charter change on Bill Finch years ago. What strings will he pull with Mr. Lombard?
    I did comment during my interview that while there are 21,000 youth (MP provided us with an exact at this moment number, 20,400 students) who depend on the BOE to provide the resources for a quality education for already disadvantaged families, we can probably not expect more than 21,000 voters in November for our local elections. Who will vote to improve the resources? Expect better outcomes, through learning what is done or undone at City Hall? And provide those students with real community leadership in changing from A NO PRIORITY administration, closed, not open to public input, who fails to be accountable to the public and ignores sunlight and transparency in favor of operating in the dark, regularly? Registered and not voting? Take a second look at the youth of our community? Did you know that you are letting them down big time? Time will tell.

  19. Don and Ron
    I’m going too stop having fun with you Guys. You all know, I have the utmost respect for you and Don. I just wish we had more Brothers and Sisters on the front line as you guys fought to make changes in the fire department back in the day. A lot has changed since 1981-85 when i first served on the city council.The city council gave

  20. Off topic, “A Superior Court judge has revoked the pension of former Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez because of Perez’s corruption while in office.

    City Councilman Newton, any chance that as someone that profess to love Bridgeport so much, in fact more than Ron Mackey and myself will revisit this issue as it relates to Mayor Ganim and his corruption while in office? Show your love bruh.

    1. Brother Day
      I have not read the article on former Mayor Perez. When John Roland and myself and Joe went to prison in the 2000’s The law was not in place. The Connecticut Legislature past a law that would allow a judge to make the decision to Revoke or not to Revoke a person pension who’s was found guilt of corruption while serving in office. The law was not Retroactive. It meant that any politician found guilt of corruption from the day the law pasted and governor signed into law. We were no affected by the New Law Sorry!


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