John Mayer’s Labor Day Puke Session, Plus: Ice Lady

Hey, what’s up for the next couple of days? Can you believe September’s here?

I’m still fighting woodpeckers, bats, wasps and rodents, although my cat Stinky’s pretty good at mauling mice. Speaking of shrews (okay, I know that’s a bit much) but John McCain’s selection of the ice lady from Alaska reminds me of the golfer trying to drive the green on a short, tantalizing par four surrounded by water and sand traps. It’s one of those risk-reward shots. We’ll see how ice baby does on the stump and in her debate against Joe Biden. So far easy-on-the-eyes Sarah Palin looks pretty good on her feet. I’m wondering how she responds when asked who’s the leader of Pakistan. Something tells me she’s digesting white papers on international leaders while breastfeeding her baby.

If you haven’t, put CT Post Managing Editor Michael Daly’s feature on Bridgeport-born John Mayer on your long weekend reading list. It’s a keeper. Poor John stepped into Father Daly’s confessional to puke up life after Jennifer Aniston. I love Mayer’s music, but as I told Mikey, the deeply sensitive guitar wizard needs to spend time with a mustachioed Sicilian mountain woman or be interrogated by six stone-faced federal agents to gain some perspective. Yes, my wife Mo just reminded me that I’m being mean to one of my favorite performers because he refuses my interview requests. Gravity…

Don’t forget, mark your calendars, September 25, 5:30 p.m., Captain’s Cove Seaport, for our next OIB blog party. Several candidates have already committed their attendance. First cocktail on OIB, plus we’ll have munchies. We’re setting up a special mud-wrestling tub in case Cougie and Yahooy show up.

I’m a few days late on the following press releases but they’re worthy reads. The first is from Mayor Finch, second from Senate Republicans.

Mayor Bill Finch today announced that the city’s School Building Committee has unanimously approved the site design plans for Bridgeport’s fourth high school, an inter-district magnet school with a science focus. The site of the new high school will be in Fairchild Wheeler Park on the Bridgeport-Trumbull town lines, adjacent to Route 25. “While I would prefer not to disturb any of our public park lands, there is no better way to decrease our carbon footprint and improve the earth’s ecology than to educate young people in a green environment with a curriculum focused on science,” said Mayor Finch.

The high school, to be designed by JCJ Architecture, would be a LEEDS building, meaning it will be built with the most environmentally sensitive materials and techniques, something Mayor Finch demanded from the architects. It will be three-stories high and will be designed to have minimal impact on the park; in fact this project will enable the city to open this currently inaccessible parkland for public use.

As an inter-district magnet school, up to 80 percent of the 1,500 students at the school will come from Bridgeport, while the remainder will come from Stratford, Easton, Monroe, Trumbull, and Fairfield.

New release from Senate Republicans

Senate Republicans Roll-Out Energy Awareness Campaign

Constituent Services to Include Local Energy Forums and New Web-Site

Hartford, CT – State Senate Republican Leaders John McKinney (R-Fairfield) and Len Fasano (R-North Haven) today announced the details of a new public awareness campaign to educate constituents about energy assistance programs and tax breaks that can help reduce the rising cost of home heating bills this winter.

The centerpiece of the awareness campaign is a new easy-to-use website,, that provides “one stop shopping” for information and application materials for the multitude of state and federal energy assistance programs and tax incentives available to Connecticut residents and businesses. In addition, members of the Senate Republican Caucus are hosting a series of Energy Forums at community centers throughout the state to discuss fuel assistance and conservation programs that can help consumers save money on their energy bills.

“The General Assembly recently expanded assistance programs and tax incentives to help people struggling with skyrocketing energy costs. But, that’s just the first half of the battle. Creating awareness for these programs and ensuring that qualified applicants get the assistance they need is even more important. What we have tried to create with this website, is a user-friendly resource that people can access to identify fuel assistance programs and tax breaks that may be available to them,” said Senator McKinney.

The Senate Republican Caucus has trained its staff to use the web-site to help constituents without Internet access get the answers they need.

The General Assembly passed a $44 million energy relief package that expands home heating assistance programs and energy conservation tax breaks for low and middle-income families and small businesses. Highlights of the new law include:

 $8.5 million to Operation Fuel to help low income residents;

 $5 million to Operation Fuel for expanded eligibility for heating assistance;

 $7 million to conduct energy audits of homes;

 $6.5 million to help cover heating bills for public schools;

 $4 million to help income eligible elderly residents make payments on their utilities;

 $3.5 million to help human service and public health non-profits (daycares, homeless centers, etc.) cover heating expenses;

 $3 million to provide $500 rebates to families purchasing fuel efficient furnaces;

 $2 million to weatherize low income families households; and

 $2 million to increase eligibility and provide additional loans to families who make energy efficient improvements to their homes.

Under the new law, a family of four whose bank accounts and annual incomes total less than $94,000 may qualify to receive a one time benefit of up to $400 for heating their homes this winter. Families of four with incomes and bank accounts totaling less than $31,800 could receive a basic benefit of $635 under the Connecticut Energy Assistance Program (CEAP) and may qualify for additional help in an emergency.

In addition to the new laws, the Senators highlighted several existing benefits constituents may not be aware of, including:

Low interest loans for homeowners and businesses to use renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind or fuel cells;
Loans for Connecticut residents of up to $25,000 to install energy efficient windows, roofs, siding, heating systems, insulation and more.

The Senate Republican Caucus has scheduled the following energy forum:

Sept. 12 11am Bridgeport-North End Senior Ctr. 20 Thorne Street



  1. While we are looking to help the less fortunate with their home heating bills which I think we should do I have a suggestion for the mayor:
    In keeping with the aid to the less fortunate I have a suggestion that may help all of us in Bridgeport. Let’s construct a windmill farm on Pleasure Beach. There are over 150 acres there that are at present doing nothing. The windmill farms will generate power that can be sold to UI or another power company. The citizens of Bridgeport could realize a drop in their utility rates. We should also be looking at other areas for these windmill farms. They are a proven quality and could go a long way in reducing our energy costs.
    The use of windmill farms may go a long way in opening up Pleasure beach to recreational use. Just a thought.

  2. Wondering:
    That’s an excellent suggestion. I’ve been advocating a windmill farm off the beach at Seaside Park. But that might look a bit too progressive for our city. Better that we should pay $77,000 for a public relations expert to BS the public into believing that the administration is doing something for us.

  3. Hip, Hip, Hoo-Ray!

    Wondering’s wind-farm-at-pleasure-beach idea is great.
    It sounds like a good merger between the public sector and the private sector.

    paging T. Boone Pickens…

  4. Windmill Farm, well if it’s put as part of the proposal, when & if it’s given a public hearing and placed on a referendum for a Bpt. citizens vote in Nov. ’08, it could be part of the package deal with the Feds. if the vote is “yes”! Otherwise I don’t see the city or state for that matter coming up with any money to do anything worthwhile @ Pleasure Beach or the prop. belonging to Stratford; past, present or future! The city or town councils both in any case should not take this decision on the chin, so to speak. Let the taxpayers for once have a decision-making vote thats going to affect this waterfront property, one way or another. As long as the taxpayers have all the info. (pro. & con.) on this deal & make a decision, by a vote. Then it cannot come back to haunt any of the legislators later, or City Admin.! It beats a political blank in the long run for sure.

  5. WTF!!! “digesting white papers on international leaders while breastfeeding her baby” Are you kidding me!!! Who pissed in your Gin?
    Pretty Boy Biden has been in office literally as long as I’ve been alive; experience and looks… yes. It doesn’t mean Palin can’t hold her own in a debate.
    Something tells me you have yet to truly see the wonder of a busy working mother of 1/2 a baseball team!!!

  6. No Thanks. Rodgerson can wallow in the mud all by himself. He belongs there anyway. It’s his element. Maybe he can entice Wondering to join him. They’re both stupid jerks.

  7. Must be a slow day in the political arena as the personal and nasty comments are flinging all over the blog again…couple things to chew on with the burgers on this holiday…1992 McCain calls his wife a c--t in front of many reporters…she joked that his hair was getting thin and he responded in his usual temper…at least I don’t cake on the makeup like a trollop you c--t…and does McCain think women are that stupid that he picked a woman to run with him and women all over will flock to the polls and vote for him just ‘cuz he has a woman VP??? If I were going to vote for McCain…I certainly wouldn’t NOW!!!

  8. Yahooy glad to see you are still in name-calling mode. I guess your lack of knowledge and lack of ability to answer questions is going to be masked by name calling and innuendo. May I suggest that you start doing your research and maybe in your case read the articles more than once that way you can carry on an intelligent debate minus the name calling. I notice that when you get topped by intelligent responses you have no answers and thus resort to name calling. What a shame.

    Bpts Finest where did you come up with this one from 16 years ago? The liberal press didn’t even find this out, maybe you could cite your reference source?

  9. Lmao this should sure ruin McCain’s campaign. Palin is in a cover-up about her pregnancy her daughter was pregnant. And they call themselves the party of family values haha what a joke.

  10. Ok – Here’s my problem(s) with Palin. She’s an anti-choice, anti-science (let’s teach creationism/intelligent design in our public school science classrooms) anti-environment, pro-gun, pro-big-business right-wing conservative.

    That her place on the McCain ticket was a cynical ploy to win over disaffected Hillary supporters and the fact that she is totally underqualified for the position are both beside the point. She’s a right-wing zealot and should not be supported by anyone but the radical right.

  11. John from Black Rock I was talking to my friend who votes at Black Rock and he says come November there can be over two thousand people who vote there; do you think that’s possible??? Also did Shays beat Dianne in 2006 at Black Rock???

  12. I wish a wind farm would be possible, however many studies have been conducted by private concerns as well as government entities, and the wind “power” in Connecticut even on the coast is not sufficient for a productive wind farm. It takes many windmill units to create a significant source of energy, BPT doesn’t have the wind or land. We need hundreds of acres and sustained high wind speeds. Maybe we could get into geothermal, considering how much “hot air” is generated in Bridgeport.

    JBR you are right about Palin who will be a Grandmother again since her 17 year old daughter is 4 months pregnant and will be a participant in a “shotgun” wedding.

  13. Quoted from Wikipedia:
    Presidential Candidate John McCain was heavily criticised for using this word to refer to his wife, Cindy McCain in 1992. He used the word during a verbal exchange with his wife. Cindy playfully twirled McCain’s hair and said, “You’re getting a little thin up there.” McCain’s face reddened, and he responded, “At least I don’t plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you cunt.”[41][42].

    Look it up Wondering…it’s all in black and white.

  14. You know, Wondering? It’s ignorant people like you you who spout off the company line on every issue presented that really hurt this town. That asshole Bill Finch now faces a $20 million deficit BEFORE we add the lost $4.5 million we won’t see from Steel Point. In 8 months, he should have been working diligently to stop the hemorrhaging and identifying revenue sources. I implore you to stop the thoughtless rhetoric for which your creditability suffers so and come up with one salient point that will move our city forard. Your proposal to turn Pleasure Beach into a Windmill Farm is atrocious and demonstrates your complete lack of fiscal understanding. Too little space to provide a reasonable cost-saving flow of purchasable power the cost benefit of which doesn’t even remotely approach the potential tax benefit should that valuable city asset be developed properly. No, Wondering. You don’t have the capacity to think at that level. Accordingly my suggestion that you are a stupid jerk, while offensive, is nonetheless accurate.

  15. Yahooy is right. If Chris Caruso became mayor he would have done everything he promised in his campaign. All of those policy pieces he released would come to fruition. First, he would have stopped corruption. Then he would have worked to end corruption. Finally he would have tackled the BIG issue…the ONLY ISSUE in Yahooy’s words…which is, um, corruption.

    Yahooy…you are still Chris’ tool. If Chris ran tomorrow he’d be in a crowded primary field and he’d come out at the bottom of the barrel everywhere but in his own district because of the seniors he routinely manipulates.

  16. Right you are, Anna.

    “No, Wondering. You don’t have the capacity to think at that level.”

    While you are at it: Yahooy- regarding Wondering’s “capacity to think.” Are you still wondering if Wondering is a “product of the Bridgeport school system”? After all, everyone who is a product of that system is stupid to you, no?

    Stop speculating on people’s intelligence and education. “Corruption is the only issue,” right Yahooy?

  17. Yahooy the suggestion for Pleasure Beach was just that. It was an alternative to 174 acres that are sitting there doing nothing. It wasn’t meant and nowhere was it said that this would cover the $20million budget shortfall. What’s the matter, forward-thinking ideas scare you?
    Yahooy you have not offered any ideas or thoughts on the budget shortfall other than your nasty remarks about the mayor.
    If you had been paying attention over the years you would have come to realize that there will never be commercial development on Pleasure Beach thus no income. You can write all you want calling me names and such but the fact remains you are part of Bridgeport’s problem and to date not part of the solution.

  18. I expect nothing less from this group.

    Let me get this straight, Wondering, just to see if I understand another one of your thoughtless brain farts.

    Pleasure Beach will NEVER be developed into property that will generate tax revenue? Is that what you said? Your reason for believing this is what? Perhaps the people in power and those who support them don’t really know how to identify revenue sources and effect an implementation which would lead to lower tax burdens.

    I may agree with you here. As long as this town is managed by stupid jerks who are supported by stupid jerks like you, Pleasure Beach will never contribute to the financial betterment of Bridgeport as it did in years past.

    Cougar…the education system has to be fixed then poverty subsides. The system is failing us because Medina and Ramos don’t know what they are doing. The children of this town are being shortchanged by mismanagement and, yes, they are not coming out of this fractured program with the skills they and this city will need to ensure a prosperous and secure future. That’s dumb!

  19. “Yahooy…you are still Chris’s tool. If Chris ran tomorrow he’d be in a crowded primary field and he’d come out at the bottom of the barrel everywhere but in his own district because of the seniors he routinely manipulates.” a la Anna, another brain fart spewing stupid jerk like her alter ego…Cougie.

    I never said Caruso was the best possible candidate to be Mayor of Bridgeport. Nobody better ran in that primary. If someone better ran I would have surely voted for him or her. I supported Caruso because I was certain that Finch was not the right person for the job. I knew he would be the disaster he is. Chris was the alternative. Compared to Finch anything would have been better. You are absolutely right that if Caruso did run tomorrow, the primary would be filled with aspirants abundantly more qualified than he. I have also said that Caruso’s actions post primary cost him ALL of his political capital.

    Let’s see…Ganim is in jail…Moses is in Jail….Fabrizi despite his reputation for hard drinking and frequent drug use has been promoted into a position of responsibility in education. Corruption may not be the ONLY issue, you skank, but it certainly is an issue.

  20. “a la Anna, another brain fart spewing stupid jerk like her alter ego…Cougie.”

    1) Learn blogging etiquette or stop blogging.

    “Corruption may not be the ONLY issue, you skank, but it certainly is an issue.”

    2) Glad to see you’ve flip-flopped. Do you still assert that you’ve never said that on this blog? Many of us here like to listen to your lies. It’s got this repetitive, almost calming quality. Often times I find its bland repetition lulls me to sleep…

    You wish I were a skank. Then you’d have a chance, Yahooy. But I am not and I don’t date “bullshitters” like you.

  21. I could just see that date between me and Yahooy. First he’d lie about how great Chris Caruso is (Cougar and his friends spread TERRIBLE lies about Chris, waaah, waah) and then he’d lie to me about his VD too.

  22. You don’t date people like me because people like me think you are a skank. It never ceases to amaze me how you can type and scratch at the same time.

    I didn’t change my position on Caruso…

    Learn to read so you can see what I have said about his future in politics.

  23. Yahooy: Very Good!!! Brain Fart; Stupid Jerk!!! That’s very intelligent on your part. I congratulate you on your latest intelligent post.
    Now the reasons for not being able to develop that area commercially are as follows: There are ecological considerations out there that can not be done away with or moved and one of those is the nesting of the Plotting plover (spelling). These birds and their nests are protected by Federal Law. The lack of access to the island at the present time although I do think the present bridge could be repaired for a lot less than $35 million. I also see people like you as a detriment to any devlopment of the island. You blog on here about development being lacking but as soon as there was development you would be against it because it would make the present administration look good. It’s no different than when you railed on about new blood running for elected office and lo and behold a young women with limited experience shows up as a VP candidate and you are up in arms against her. So you do speak out of both sides of your mouth. Keep up the name calling it must let a small person like you feel bigger especially when going up against someone smarter than you.

  24. I didn’t use the word “shit.” I quoted it from your posts. That’s different.

    Where’d you read the word “cockfight”? Be careful with lithium…higher doses cause hallucinations.

  25. Jasper McLevy once espoused that the revenue generated from the amusement park at Pleasure Beach and the Ball Room contributed such considerable amounts of money to the city that taxes were manageable. I guess he wasn’t worried about ensuring that the Plotting Plovers (sp) were comfy. As far as I’m concerned, the Plotting Plovers can go badda bing themselves.

    No, Wondering. If the present administration took the steps to make Pleasure Beach a viable source of revenue, I would applaud their efforts loudly and publicly. Alas, this present administration can’t identify revenue source one never mind implementing any form of entity that would enrich our treasury. You know that as well as I do.

    A viable Pleasure Beach would be an extraordinary complement to Steel Point with resulting improvements in land use along the Seaview Avenue corridor up to the East End Yacht Club. We all know about Baltimore and Boston Harbour, but what about the little-known improvements in St. Louis along the Mississippi on both sides? 40 years ago, East St. Louis was a combat zone. Now it is full of hotels casinos, malls, offices, condos, arena and music halls. All pay property tax and draw paying customers in. Each of the communities I mentioned had municipal managers that knew how to develop the idle assets into revenue-producing gold mines. We don’t.

  26. Re: Wondering and yahooy’s “plotting plovers”

    Although some may think the plovers are “plotting” a takeover, this couldn’t be further from the truth. These plovers are actually “piping plovers.” How can you object to laid-back plovers piping their music, still under the mellow influence of the fumes that wafted over from the Gathering of the Vibes?

  27. Yahooy; agree that Pleasure Beach would add and complement Steel point. What I was pointing out was the past reasons why Pleasure Beach was not developed. That’s not to say that some forward-looking developer could come up with the answers and solutions to what has been an impediment in the past. Unfortunatly we don’t have forward-thinking politicians here in Bridgeport or in the State that would work towards developing this unused land.

  28. Yahooy

    Why are you talking about Pleasure Beach? Corruption is the only issue, no?

    Can’t wait to see you at the Cove. Try and find me. I want to be the first girl that night to turn down your creepy advances.


  29. Wondering on #1:

    If the city produces the electricity and sell it to the UI or some other electric company, how is that going to lower our utility rate? UI currently buys electrical energy from others and that hasn’t helped lower the cost to consumers. Why not hook it directly to our schools and Street lights and cut off the utility company? I know they will want some money for using their electrical wires and poles wich is why charging them a fee for each pole is a good idea.
    While they (the City) are at it, they can plant Marijuana all over the ground below the Wind Mills and sell it at the Gathering of the Vibes for the next 4 years.

  30. You flatter yourself. Why would an erudite bon vivant such as me have any interest in the likes of you? There, truly, isn’t a ten-foot pole long enough. If you know what I mean. Stick with Rodgerson.


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