Jodi Treats Elephants Like Donkeys

Debates, debates, debates. Lots of them on the horizon for a variety of offices in this gargantuan election year.

Republicans think they can take out Democratic State Senator Anthony Musto who defeated Rob Russo in the Barack 2008 tsunami. Musto represents the 22nd Senate District that includes Trumbull and parts of Bridgeport and Monroe. Two Trumbull Republicans David Pia and Mark Smith will be warming up for a potential encounter with Anthony in November. The debate will take place March 13 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. at the Trumbull Library, 33 Quality Street and is sponsored by the respective Republican Town Committees of Trumbull, Bridgeport and Monroe.

Will Pia and Smith sharpen their teeth on each other or drive the enamel into Anthony and the Democratic-controlled legislature? Now that the mood of the electorate is grouchy toward Dems, opportunities exist for the GOP to pick up a number of legislative seats in the fall. Governor Jodi Rell has never been popular with GOP regulars for her disdain to push the party line whether in her own election of 2006 or on behalf of candidates in general. She has a choosy history about campaigning for Republicans. Yes to Russo, no to Chris Shays when he lost to Jim Himes.

Why does Jodi treat some elephants like donkeys? Because Jodi’s juice is all about Jodi. Take care of my butt, transcend politics, stay above the fray, propose stuff that sounds great and then bail out. I gotta think it would be easier for her to govern if the Dems didn’t have a super majority, no? What’s the point of darting 65 percent of the vote if you cannot govern? Has Rell done anything to make you think she’s governed well? Oh, let’s eliminate auto taxes. She abandoned that. Let’s cap local property taxes. She bailed on that. Let’s overhaul the idiotic state funding formula that screws Bridgeport. Bailed on that too. Do this and that. Oh wait, I can’t do that because the Democratic majority won’t let me. Hmmm, wonder why? But then no problem sticking a prison in the city, eh? If she reverses herself on that I’ll be the first to cheer.

The Dems super majority in Hartford could all change in November depending on how the gubernatorial election shakes out. Speaking of that, news release from GOP candidate for governor Tom Foley:


The first in a series of Discussions on the issues

“The first step toward creating jobs is getting state spending under control …”

HARTFORD, CONN – Tom Foley, Republican candidate for governor, is outlining the first steps in a plan to get Connecticut’s government and the state economy back on the right track.

In a news conference in Hartford, Foley said, “During the boom times, our state government became something different from what the citizens want and expect from it. Rather than being thrifty, our legislature turned profligate. We are now paying the price with a state workforce we can’t afford and commitments to our citizens we can’t fulfill. We must reduce the size and cost of our state government.” Foley says if he is elected governor, one of his first priorities will be to review the state budget to eliminate wasteful and duplicate spending. This is the first step on the road to economic recovery. As a successful business owner, Foley has specialized in purchasing and turning around failing businesses. As governor, he intends to apply best practices and results based analysis to every existing government spending program. Tom will:

• Reduce state spending by at least 5%.

• End the growing list of mandates on employers.

• Help small business get access to credit.

• End the practice of using borrowing to cover the cost of on-going state expenses.

• Shift services to the private sector where it can provide a better deal for taxpayers.

• Get a handle on state employee health and pension benefit costs.

“What I have outlined here is the minimum we need to achieve to turn things around,” Foley said. “I encourage the Governor and the Legislature to seriously and soon consider these actions. Things will not get better in Connecticut until they do.”

Wednesday’s event in Hartford was the first in a series of discussions on his Plan Forward for Connecticut between now and the Republican nominating convention in May.”It is clear the people of this state understand that their government is letting them down,” Foley said. “The warning signs have been present for years and no one seems to have heeded those warnings. The next governor needs to get the state’s fiscal house in order as the first step toward creating jobs. Businesses will not locate here or grow here if there is a sense that state government is out of control and unable to maintain, consistent, pro-growth policies.”

As a candidate for governor, Tom has developed a multi faceted Plan Forward for Connecticut and he has published it on his website –

The Plan Forward has four fundamental principles:

• Bringing Back Jobs and the Economy

• Reducing the Cost and Size of State Government

• Reducing the Tax Burden on Connecticut Working Families

• Changing the Way Business is Done in Hartford

“Connecticut is one of the most beautiful states in the nation. It is full of friendly, proud and diverse people. We have a rich history and a modern, forward-looking culture. We have some of the best academic and cultural institutions in the world. But Connecticut families are suffering from lost jobs and a weak economy. Our state government is broken and broke. People are frustrated that our legislature is dithering while Connecticut families, businesses, and towns are in crisis,” Foley said.”We need a new direction and new leadership that will deliver the opportunities and promising future our citizens want and deserve. We need change that will get Hartford working for us again. We need a plan that will keep businesses and young people from leaving our great state.”

Response from Dan Malloy:


Former Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy, a potential candidate for Governor, today responded to Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley’s assertion that Connecticut should consider eliminating health-care related mandates, specifically pointing to ones that require employers to provide wigs to people undergoing chemotherapy, and to require the same level of coverage for mental health treatment as they do medical.

“This is really what Tom Foley thinks we ought to do? Have a conversation about eliminating insurance coverage for people undergoing chemotherapy and people battling mental illness? Good grief. It’s no secret that Connecticut will have some tough budget decisions in the months and years ahead – but that doesn’t mean we should throw common sense and compassion out the window.

“First, Tom indicated we should consider eliminating the mandates … then he seemed to say that it might be the Legislature that should do it … then he seemed to not really understand what he was saying.

“It’s disappointing that someone running for public office can have this many positions on one subject in such a short period of time. Connecticut needs people running government who actually have an understanding and belief in what good government can do – like mandating coverage for things that matter to those most in need.”

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  1. Interesting column … In my opinion Rell is an empty suit who did nothing other than bask in her popularity rankings. She was not a good Republican and was not good to cities. Rowland was far better.

    As to Musto, I’m voting against him because he is tone deaf towards Bridgeport as evidenced by the Virginia Ave fiasco … Although there are certainly others that share responsibility.

    Is there such a thing as a Cities caucus in Hartford?

    Cannot understand why B’port, Hartford, New London, New Haven and New Britain can’t band together from both sides of the aisle and get some positive results like taking on the Insurance Commission over the unfair auto rates in cities.

  2. Anfernee has a Tin Ear!

    How about Jay Levin’s quote in the paper today about Finch and State of the City? He should change his name to Jay Leno or change his business and residential address to Bridgeport from New London.

  3. When I was the legislative director in Bridgeport, there was a big cities group with Mayors, from Stamford, Bridgeport, New Haven, Norwalk, Hartford and New London. They met regularly and tried to agree on an agenda to push with their various delegations. I don’t think that exists anymore. I am now the Fairfield county director of a private lobbying firm so I am in Hartford several days a week and so far I haven’t seen any such caucus.

  4. DM and MCAT
    At the risk of sounding naive, is there any aisle to reach across when it comes to the big cities’ legislative delegations? And with shrinking urban populations aren’t cities losing more and more of what little influence they used to have up in Hartford?
    Considering that it has been since the days of Gov O’Neil since a Democrat held that office, does any one really care about offending urban centers?
    Only if there is some real reform to cause regional cooperation, the cities will stand alone. If the immediate surrounding areas such as Stratford, Trumbull, Fairfield and Easton were forced to deal with Bridgeport and its problems, then you could see some real and meaningful reaching across the aisle. But even in the case of Bridgeport and Stratford, they cannot agree on anything mutually beneficial.
    It’s every man for himself!

  5. The Dems are crazy to think Musto has a chance. They should primary him with someone else.

    As for the Republicans they’ve got PIA and Smith.

    Pia, who ran for Town Council in Trumbull last November, is now running for State Senator! Only two months on the job? Wants to add a Sales tax to Internet Transactions.

    He also donated to the Trumbull Democrats for $175 while running as a Republican for Town Council.

    Rumor has it that he will take it to a primary if he loses in the convention.

    I like Smith a lot. Nice guy, thick skin. Financial guy, Solid voting record, former U.S. Marine.


  6. *** Rell has stayed above water for those very reasons, she’s picky on what she commits to & she’s a women and cancer survivor which I feel has helped her in certain ways. She seems to want to do many things but never really finishes anything important, maybe shes become too nice for the job of governor! I like what Foley says about a smaller state government & cutting state spending 5% across the board. The rest seem like talkers not doers & we have enough of that now! I would love to hear more about “how” these candidates would accomplish their ideas rather than we should do “this or that”! Musto is useless & seems to simply like the title & status quo. So far I’m not sold on any governor candidate! *** I did not vote for Himes but so far I like the way he’s paying his dues to CT voters. Let’s hope he does not get caught up in the political money & power games in Washington & loses face with voters. *** “State of the City” was as usual a bunch of useless numbers & percentages with more political B/S talk that has gotten this city nowhere fast! With all the so-called benefactors looking for something & city council clapping @ the Mayor’s every misleading word! (JOKE) ***

  7. *** Well the GOP has the new Annie A. Oakley of “2010” with a new book & maybe a TV gig? Wow, maybe someday she might even run for President too! Republican political prowess @ its best, you-all. “Vote” Sarah, aka Annie Alaska Oakley Palin. *** Can the Dems top this act, time will tell? *** Someone please form the “United Voters Independent Party” or UVIP as a new “local state issues” political 3rd power party! *** IDEAS? ***


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