James Nardozzi Appointed Number Two Top Cop

James Nardozzi

News release from Mayor Bill Finch:

Police Chief Joseph Gaudett today announced the appointment of James F. Nardozzi, Ph.D as the Assistant Chief of Police. Nardozzi, who most recently served as the Dean of Post College and Director of its Master of Public Administration degree program, retired in 2007 as Deputy Chief of the Waterbury Police Department, where he served since 1989. He will serve as second-in-command to the Chief coordinating daily business, operations and administration of the Department.

“Dr. Nardozzi will be an excellent addition to the force, working with the Chief to rein in overtime and reduce expenses while ensuring the officers are deployed in the most efficient manner,” said Mayor Bill Finch. “His extensive police management experience as well as his work as a consultant to many Connecticut police departments makes him especially suited to assist Chief Gaudett in the day-to-day management of the department.”

“I look forward to working with Dr. Nardozzi on moving the Department forward in a positive manner, keeping an eye on overtime and assisting me with the day-to-day operations and administration,” said Chief Gaudett. “He has a stellar track record in organizational effectiveness and policy development, which will be of great assistance here.”

While serving as Waterbury’s Deputy Chief, Nardozzi reduced departmental overtime by $2 million annually, implemented new fiscal controls and monitored systems and procedures to increase efficiency and effectiveness of various department programs and operations.

Nardozzi was chosen from among the top three finalists presented to the Mayor after a nationwide search conducted by Randi Frank Associates. The Assistant Chief position was approved and budgeted by the City Council in the 2012-13 fiscal year.

Nardozzi’s appointment is provisional pending his recertification by the Police Officer Standards and Training Council; he will be paid $113,220.

Dr. Nardozzi earned his Doctorate in Public Administration from Nova Southeastern University. He has a Certificate in Criminal Justice Education from the University of Virginia and graduated from the University of New Haven with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and a Senior Professional Certificate in Forensic Science. He also holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, the FBI LEEDS program, and the Connecticut Municipal Police Academy, and is a Certified Police Instructor in the State of Connecticut.



  1. Well, well, well; another new hire in the Bridgeport PD. This person certainly has the degrees in law enforcement and may do a good job for Bridgeport. I have no problem with his appointment.
    I do have another problem, why do we still have four deputy chiefs on the payroll? Just what the hell do these four do that justifies their positions and their salaries?
    While I am in favor of monitoring OT I hope it does not come at the expense of police coverage we now get with each shift. I hope the 21 men/women who are protecting us are not reduced when one of them is on vacation. Time will tell.
    Isn’t it a strain with a tax increase and all the PD has just spent about $180k on two positions?

  2. *** Sounds like the man’s qualified, no? However with the city council’s blessing on the Mayor to hire or fire who he wants at any expense without any say from the council, the new year is going to bring in lots of new positions, salaries and faces to Bpt. So get ready taxpayers and those who voted for our present city government; budget time is coming to a district near you! *** TAX HIKE! ***

  3. What a joke …
    What a waste of taxpayers’ money.
    I thought this was supposed to be Gaudett’s expertise.
    We need a cop who knows what it means to be a cop, not a PhD.

  4. “I look forward to working with Dr. Nardozzi on moving the Department forward in a positive manner, keeping an eye on overtime and assisting me with the day-to-day operations and administration,” said Chief Gaudett.


  5. Let’s see, he has a PhD and master’s degree and he is the number-two person in the police department and he is being paid $113,200 a year. Now look at the fire chief, he has a high school diploma and he being paid $150,000 a year PLUS a tax-free pension from the fire department of $100,000 a year, now what’s wrong with this picture?

  6. Ron: What’s wrong with this picture is we are hiring another high-priced high-ranking officer that adds to the four deputies we are already paying. I bet between the chief, the new hire and the four deputies we are in a total salary range of about $700k.
    Is it possible the new guy has more degrees than the present police chief? Sometimes those who can’t go to schools and others just learn while on the job.

  7. I do believe the fire chief and police chief should have more than just a high school diploma. Next you will see the fire department seek the same position there, the fire department just like the police have way to many high-priced deputy chiefs.

  8. Ron, I would not doubt it. This administration thinks the more management people you hire the more things will improve, you and I know this is bullshit.
    JML with a group of minority citizens came up with a program that allows citizens to report crime and other illegal activity in their neighborhoods. The person picks up a prepaid envelope and sends in the information to the PD. Well Gaudett has been sitting on this for five months even though interviews with local media has been arranged by JML. BTW JML can explain the program better than I have just done.
    My point is here is a vehicle that could aid the PD to combat crime and it’s being ignored by police management.

  9. Andy, thank you for calling attention to this simple program towards more safety in the City and letting all citizens participate SAFELY! Here is our latest announcement.

    TIPS (Trustworthy Information – Public Safety)
    Local residents know what is happening in neighborhoods. They hear and see the latest stories. They are concerned for personal safety as well as for other quality of life issues but they want to be helpful. However, the “no-snitch” culture including retribution for talking to enforcement authorities is strong in Bridgeport. The ability for phone calls and internet texts to be traced is a primary safety concern of residents who may wish to say something about what they have seen or heard.

    Several Bridgeport residents have developed a ‘no-tech’ or very ‘low-tech’ solution to deal with those who are afraid of becoming known. TIPS is its name. It protects identities while providing info. If you were able to share important information with the police, basic or general, about one or more individuals or incidents that threaten peace and safety in a neighborhood, would you do so???

    Well now you can, Bridgeport residents!!! Clyde Nicholson, Amos Brown and others have suggested a TIPS envelope. A limited number of these are available without charge at seven Bridgeport Housing Authority locations, five Bridgeport Library neighborhood desks and six large food store courtesy counters including Stop & Shop and Compar. You can write out your specific issues and concerns to “public safety” including WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, HOW MANY, and WHY on your own piece of paper. YOUR NAME IS NOT REQUIRED. ANONYMOUS INFO IS OK. Seal the envelope and put it in a mail box. First class return postage will be paid and the envelope goes directly to the TIPS coordinator at the Bridgeport Police Dept.

    This is an experiment to see whether the community will cooperate with Police if personal safety through anonymity is preserved and protected. TIPS can strengthen our community. Contributing TIPS is a positive step to make your community safer by getting predators with guns out of our neighborhoods. Ask for an envelope. Use it. Work for PUBLIC SAFETY. Don’t just talk about it. If you see or hear something, now you can do something!!! And you can be proud!!!

    SPECIFICS: Initial 1000 envelopes distributed. Additional 1000 have been printed for distribution in early November along with identifying signage. Publicity and media promotion supported by Police and City Council is anticipated in addition to local papers and word of mouth. This is an idea from people who live in the community, who wish to see public safety regained, and who know police need the eyes and ears of the community to work with them to solve the instances of local violence. Initial funding has been private.
    See something? Say something, safely!
    For Information: John Marshall Lee, day phone: 203-259-9642 (Rev 10-25-12)
    Officer Frank Jacobellis 203-576-7713, Police Dept. – TIPS Coordinator

  10. From a purely business perspective if I am feeling the need to add another layer of top brass, I am looking at why the current brass does not shine. I am also looking at the fact the problems in Bridgeport weigh more heavily on the tactical side than on the strategic side of things. We already know what needs to occur (reduced crime) and we already know what we need to do (increased police presence).

    So that’s it for strategy.

    Lets talk tactics. Hire more cops? And while I am at it, Nardozzi’s resume looks good to me, he has one more PhD than Gaudett and a proven track record in a relevant city. So why do I keep Gaudett?

    Bear in mind the aforementioned is reasoned out by a dumb business manager, I am sure it’s much more COMPLICATED than that. Right?

    1. Let’s not heap any negativity on business managers. They are responsible for specific results with limited resources in a certain time period to create a positive statement (profit) in line with Mission and Goals.

      So Zena Lu, why not bring it before the ever-ready City Council and let them look at our City (budget plan passed by them). Do they have concerns with public safety and the way top-heavy continues, patrol strength at 21 per shift seems low with a department of this size and certain types of gun, drug and violent activity continue?
      Find the place where that discussion can occur. That is what is complicated. Unless you use the Mayor’s brown bag lunch scene and bring a video so a larger public can learn what is planned, happening and what they will have to pay for? Time will tell.

  11. John, I will answer some of your questions. The council has very little concern about public safety. None of them knew about the 21 street cops who patrol this city except for Curwen and Paoletto. Curwen was budget co-chair and never brought it up. The entire council voted for this new position. I will be willing to bet none of the 20 knew there were four deputies already.
    You want them to bring a video of what they are doing? Please!!!
    You have 100 patrol officers working the street in five platoons, one platoon per shift. There are 106 supervisors including the chief and the new position. That’s a total of 206 cops out of approx. 420 total.
    Where are the other 214 cops? How many detectives and narcotics cops are there? How many are on extended sick or injury leave?
    This is information the administration should tell us because 21 street cops is not cutting it. You talk about battle weary, I am sure these 105 heroes are battle weary. The brass is busy trying not to get in each others way. This department is definitely top heavy.
    John I will tell you straight out, 21 cops per shift is not enough, that’s why they don’t respond to quality of life issues.

  12. *** Let’s get things straight OIB readers and bloggers, 25% of the Bpt City Council does “not” have a clue! They are very gullible to most of the Finch Admin B/S and city attorney’s backing without written proof most of the time. The next 25% of members don’t have enough backing from the rest to make a stand towards any anti-Finch agendas or better city government transparency to really make a difference. The remaining 50% are either city employees or have family and friends who work for the city, or on city boards and commissions. Some have been around for a while and are comfortable in their positions and probably feel they have no need nor pressure from their constituents to make waves! Do the math and you have a “rubber stamp” city council that continues to yield to the Mayor’s wishes with nothing more than a political P/R grandstand every once in a while. They have become local pols with a city title with no real power behind it! *** SAD BUT TRUE! ***


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