It’s The ‘Bully’ Versus The ‘Buffoon’–Monday Night Fight At School Board Meeting

It was quite a Monday night, the first full meeting of the new school year, for the Board of Education, with chair Dennis Bradley and member Maria Pereira engaged in a shouting match as Associate City Attorney Mark Anastasi yelled from a lectern in Geraldine Johnson School. One issue that had the fur flying was “Discussion & Possible Action on Removal of Mayoral BOE Appointee,” a reference to Mayor Joe Ganim’s appointment of Annette Segarra to fill the vacancy of Dave Hennessey that is expected to be challenged in court. What follows is Pereira’s account of the evening as requested by OIB. Another point of view can be found at Education Bridgeport here hosted by Megan DeSombre who filmed the footage above. Feel free to pull out your fight scorecard and let us know the result.

Maria Pereira commentary:

It was a packed house Monday night as kindergarten paraprofessionals, teachers, parents, students, and staff came out to protest the elimination of every kindergarten paraprofessional in the BPS.

There was a lengthy line of those waiting to sign-up for Public Comment. I spoke with the staff member who organized the large turnout and asked for her support to allow me to speak first so that I could lay the foundation regarding the work the majority of BOE members have completed by meeting with parents regarding changing the distance to receive bus transportation from 1.0 to 1.5 miles. This would save $1.6 million that would be used to reestablish the majority of kindergarten paraprofessionals although $2.1 million is needed to reestablish every position.

I requested a public school parent to sign me up before the sign-up line even formed. Apparently she wanted to also sign-up a disabled speaker and disabled parent who could not stand in a long line. A former Home School Coordinator complained to Dennis Bradley, therefore he announced each person could only sign up themselves and no one else although Board policy does not prohibit this in any way, shape or form. As he walked back to his seat I explained that no such policy existed and that those who were elderly/disabled could not stand in lengthy lines and that the sign-up sheet is pulled at 6:25, therefore if you work in Stamford or Norwalk you would never make it in time to sign up. I explained that even in the legislature no such rule existed and that I myself have signed up multiple speakers in Hartford. I reminded him he has no authority to create or amend BOE policy and he is not a King. He was adamant he had the right to do so.

He repeatedly did everything in his power not to recognize me, repeatedly interrupted me when he had granted me the floor, slammed his gavel, etc. He looked ridiculous.

He repeatedly had difficulty running an organized meeting and did not understand Robert’s Rules of Order regarding an amendment and it took several of us to finally get him to comprehend the process.

I noticed City Attorney Chris Meyer and Associate City Attorney Mark Anastasi sitting in a back row although only the Board can request their presence regarding a matter under the Board’s purview. I knew they were there for the agenda item “Discussion & Possible Action on Removal of Mayoral BOE Appointee.”

Chris Meyer left early, however Mark Anastasi stayed and moved closer and closer to the podium as the agenda item in question approached. Dennis Bradley moved to this agenda item and Mark Anastasi started to approach the podium.

I asked Bradley why a member of the City Attorney’s office was present when the “Board” had not requested their presence. He stated that Anastasi was just a member of the public and as Chair he was going to recognize him to speak. I retorted you have no authority to allow a member of the City Attorney to speak on a BOE Agenda item, only the Board may do so. Ben Walker also chimed in and asked Bradley to reference the BOE Policy which supported his position, and that as a Board member he had no recollection of voting to request a member of the City Attorney’s office make a presentation on any agenda item.

As I was referencing the Board Policy he interrupted me, said he was refusing to recognize me, and that he was going to recognize Mark Anastasi as he repeatedly pounded his gavel. I reiterated that Mark Anastasi would not be allowed to speak and the majority of the Board had no interest in listening to a “party hack” whose job was to formulate any opinion that supported the mayor’s position.

I referenced how he issued an “opinion” that Mayor Ganim’s cellphone records did not have to be released when he was being investigated for corruption, and it was ruled that Mayor Ganim had to release his cellphone records.

I referenced his “opinion” regarding the illegal takeover of the BPS and he was trounced in the CT Supreme Court ruling.

I referenced that he was going to lose on his mayoral appointee as well.

Bradley said I am going to move on and I reminded him that he could not close debate unless a motion to move the question was made and passed by a two-thirds vote. He stated he was moving on, therefore I appealed the ruling of the chair which was seconded. We were both yelling at this point and he said he was overruling my challenge which he cannot do. I reminded him an appeal is debatable, therefore a motion must be made to move the question and passed by two-thirds, and then the body had to vote to uphold or overturn his ruling. He continued to pound his gavel and said he didn’t care.

I repeated that no one wanted to hear from Mark Anastasi as the automatic timer went off at 10:00 PM and the lights went out as we continued to argue in the dark. Within seconds the lights were back on and Mark Anastasi started yelling from the podium that he had nothing to do with the opinion on Ganim’s cellphone records. I just laughed at him and reiterated he would not be allowed to speak on the matter.

He yelled from the podium “that’s why you lost!” and then stormed out as I stated “I won 11 out of 12, Mark. We know you cannot say the same.”

Bradley continued to pound his gavel as he loudly made a motion to adjourn. I told him “you cannot adjourn a meeting when there is a main motion on the floor,” and he said “I am adjourning the meeting anyway” where at this point the meeting had completely disintegrated and everyone started gathering their belongings and exiting.

Bradley yelled out some absurd comments about my loss and I responded that “I got more votes than you in every school we ran on the ballot together. And you lost by 130 votes and Ed won T Hooker School by 133 votes, and I got Ed every AB in JFK, Hallen, THooker, and Read School. It gives me great pleasure to know I was critical to your defeat, but you can in no way claim the same.”

The BOE was discussing a motion to approve having our law firm file a lawsuit against Mayor Ganim for illegally appointing a BOE member, and Bradley thought it appropriate to allow the very City Attorney that would defend Mayor Ganim in this lawsuit to give the Board advice on the matter.

Dennis Bradley is either incompetent, an idiot, or a scumbag. But why should any of us have to choose? I am voting for all three!



  1. I’m not going to cast blame on anyone associated with this meeting debacle. What I want to know is how does this benefit the children of Bridgeport? How can these types of meetings happen, go on or be so adversarial and the children of Bridgeport prosper or benefit? You guys need to cut this bullshit out and just take care of the business of doing what’s right by our children where education is involved. That’s your damned job!

    1. Jennifer, I was just about to address my post when I read yours. I did not stay long enough to witness that exchange since it was obviously the last piece of business and not having seen an agenda, I thought the meeting was over. I did see Mark and Chris who were sitting in the back of the room, and I went over to chat with them, nothing political or nothing regarding why they were there. Chris did leave just before me, Mark stayed. My comments were about the portion of the meeting I witnessed, and every word I said was true. What happened after I left, happened when I was not there so I won’t comment.

      1. Lisa, she lives in Indiana so who really cares what her opinions are?

        As you know, the meeting ran well until Dennis Bradley tried to let Mark Anastasi give the Board legal advice on a motion to file a lawsuit against Mayor Ganim whom the City Attorney’s office would represent and defend in the very lawsuit we were discussing.

  2. This issue is, Donald, these BOE members don’t care about the kids. They wouldn’t be acting this way if they did. They’re on the board for their own political gain, which apparently is working for them well after the Aug 9th primary.

    1. Ms. Palmer, I am the ONLY Bridgeport Board of Education member who was born and raised and received my entire K-12 education from the BPS. My child received her entire PreK-12 education from the BPS. I have poured over $60,000 of my personal funds in seven years to fight against the billionaire/millionaire corporate reform movement and spend countless hours and funds helping parents.

      The agenda item we were discussing was “Discussion and Possible Action on Removal Mayoral Appointee” and Dennis Bradley thought it appropriate to seek legal advice from the very City Attorney’s office that would represent the Mayor should the Board vote to file a lawsuit against the Mayor.

      That is unethical and outrageous. What plaintiff seeks advice from the defendant’s legal counsel?

      Dennis Bradley is the “bully.” He thinks he is a King and has sole authority to make decisions for the entire Board, and refuses to follow both Board Policy and Robert’s Rules of Order.

      He is not going to get away with it on my watch. The VAST majority of parents, community members, and staff support Howard Gardner, Kevin McSpirit, Sauda Baraka, Ben Walker and myself. Even high-level administrators tell us Dennis Bradley is a “slimebag,” “clueless,” “unethical” and state “we know who fights for our kids.” And that isn’t Dennis Bradley.

      1. I agree, bringing the attorney who will defend the mayor to give advice is insane. I also agree that Dennis is a slimebag, I’ve known that for a few years now.

        However it is extremely embarrassing that the BOE is so dysfunctional. It doesn’t seem to make a difference what the agenda is that evening, the kids are always the ones to suffer in the end.

        Us young people are watching this closely. Unless the BOE and city can get their act together, there is no reason for us to invest in this city and send our kids to Bridgeport schools.

        1. Laura the portion of the meeting I witnessed was conducted in a professional matter. The members engaged, made comments and ultimately there was a motion made, seconded and unanimously passed. The entire Board committed to attempt to move money around so that the paras could be returned, and they will try to talk with Union leadership to see if they would be willing to make a modest concession so this could happen. While that part of the meeting was constructive and harmonious, the only member that strayed from his role was the Chair. He continuously interrupted one of the Board members, and it was clear he was in cahoots with the Interim Superintendent as they whispered to each other as the other members were trying to conduct business. I just had the opportunity to view the video of that evening, and my jaw dropped when Dennis Bradley stooped to the level of bringing up a political election that was lost by a slight margin by one of the board members. He must have either had a lapse of memory or he’s still in denial that he was handily defeated by Senator Gomes. It’s his responsible to keep the peace by facilitating the flow of business. This is not his Board, he merely holds a title that was obtained by a deal he made with Mario Testo. Maybe he should trying running for the City Council next year where he might possibly learn how to legislate.

      2. For those who have never attended a BOE meeting, I would strongly suggest you take the time to do so, even if it’s just one. While I was present, I saw and heard parents and observers applaud Maria for the stand she took for their kids. There was also gratitude for the other members who tried everything possible to bring relief to this dilemma. I’m not here to be her cheerleader or anyone else’s, but if you must criticize, know the facts and observe the truth. Some may not like her style, but don’t ever question her authentic concern for the children of Bridgeport. Put pressure where it belongs, a handpicked Chairman who served a few months on the BOE before challenging a well-respected incumbent State Senator. He can’t handle the BOE, could you imagine what a disaster he would have been if “God Forbid” the establishment from which he takes his orders had prevailed? It’s become politically fashionable to dump on Maria, but it’s getting old.

        1. I have attended meetings in the past, but thanks for the suggestion. Just because you don’t recognize my name doesn’t meant I don’t have a presence and am unaware of what goes on.

          1. Laura, I meant no disrespect. I was so in awe of the dynamics, I suggested everyone should attend at least one. I’m sure you are more aware than I, and I think I’ll attend more.

  3. Jennifer, it depends on how much of your evening you were willing to give to view and hear the “business” of the BOE. I arrived around 6:00 PM and had time to view the line forming to sign up for the two minutes of public speaking. (My wife was such a speaker that evening to support the value of the paraprofessionals she has worked with for two years at Curiale in K-1 to promote literacy up to and exceeding standards for entering first grade.)
    I was encouraged to hear such a variety of support especially for the youngest who perhaps have not had a quality pre-K experience such that the Public School takes on that socializing, acculturating duty as well as the academic responsibility.
    The entire Board seemed to support the use of any dollars freed up from sources like busing beyond 1.5 miles for this specific purpose. Time will tell.
    Observing Ms. Pereira causes me to know she is expert in Robert’s Rules and is using that knowledge often in a meeting to move the attention of all to whatever subject she sees appropriate, whether it’s a personal privilege item or more serious. But the passion behind each interruption has less to do in my opinion with the cause of the 21,000 in the classroom than making various points that often seem to take time, allow her to show she is “master” of the scene, and be part of an unpleasant encounter that is remembered long after the importance of, or the issue itself, may be forgotten.

    Two observations for the short term:
    +++ When the public session is closed the BOE itself is hearing from the Superintendent and others including BOE members to come up to date. While the public is present and allowed to listen, why are the chairs and tables for members formed in an arc so they are facing each other rather than the public as an audience to be stoked or entertained? Would that create a more professional and respectful and less adversarial environment? Is it worth a try?
    +++ Can necessary legal assistance be present, even though extra expense is engaged so that meetings can continue. Lawyers have experience with sidebars. Perhaps when an issue causes an impasse with continued yelling, talking over someone with the floor, ignoring the gavel attempting to restore order, etc. the matter, if a legal disagreement can be referred immediately for an agreement that can allow discussion to continue? For the moment the “hot” issue finds a temporary tabling and pursuit to another issue on the Agenda if such? Let Counsel for all, since taxpayers are paying all legal expense, work above the fray, for the children. Is that possible? Or is the mud too deep? Time will tell.

    1. Or how much time one has to devote to searching for the whole, big picture. It’s easy to find what one is looking for, either positive or negative, much more difficult to take the time to research the total issue and weigh all sides before reaching a conclusion.

      1. I believe I mentioned in my post the members displayed empathy with the parents and children. It was clear to me they had done the research necessary for this particular issue and worked together for a possible solution. The ensuing matter had nothing to do with my opinion of how the discussion between the Chair and a member turned out.

  4. Why does anyone on the board sit through the bullshit put out by Maria P? All you people should be ashamed. To the president, when Maria is out of order and won’t quiet down call a cop and have her disruptive ass removed.

    1. What a minute Andy, don’t lay this just at the feet of Maria. You have a President of the BBOE who not only doesn’t deserve to be in that position, but doesn’t know or understand Robert’s Rules of Order when it comes to running a meeting. If you’re going to sit in that position, the children of Bridgeport deserve to know you know what in hell you’re doing as the President.

      It’s not Maria’s job to hold his hand through the meeting process nor should she sit there and allow this person to do or say things that are contrary to the rules that govern their meeting or those that are contrary to the BBOE rules.

      I was the Director of the Northeast Region of the International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters and to adequately represent my membership I had to learn what I could do, could not do, the rules that governed our meetings, the Constitution and Bylaws and all others that fell under being a great manager. If the BBOE President has done anything less, then the children of Bridgeport will continue to suffer. You can’t play the game if you don’t know the rules!

    2. Andy, after watching Dennis Bradley in action, I doubt Maria would be the one being removed. And besides, it doesn’t work that way. No elected official can be bodily removed because of their positions or the way they choose to present them.

      1. If the chair declares her out of order and tells her to stop what she is doing and she refuses she most definitely will be removed from the meeting.

        1. Andy, I think you’re making that up. No elected official could be removed from their seat because they’re performing the way they see fit. Now if you want to talk about someone pulling a gun or wielding a knife, you may be right. Give me one example of an elected official being removed because the chair decided it was warranted.

      2. Lisa, you are correct. An elected official cannot be removed from a meeting of the body they serve unless they were violating a local/state/federal law.

        We have a precious right in this country called Freedom of Speech.

  5. Without watching the video or reading the article, I knew Miss Pereira was in the middle of the arguing. She is a hothead who cannot control her temper, and in the big picture all her arguing does is take time away from discussing the issues that need to be fixed. Miss Pereira needs to be taken off this board.

    1. Harvey, she was being baited by Dennis Bradley, and unfortunately she took the bait. Dennis is, and will continue to be, an ineffective Chairman, who has very little knowledge of Roberts Rules of Order, and definitely no experience in politics or he would have defused the situation by simply dismissing Mark, who had no standing at that Board meeting. Mark is a friend of mine for many years, but he knows he never would have stepped up to that podium had I been chairing that meeting. It was a set-up he couldn’t get away with, so as my friends Donald and Ron say, the clock is right twice a day. Maria was right!

  6. Am I missing something here? What in hell does this statement from Maria has to do with our children’s education when she said this, “I reiterated that Mark Anastasi would not be allowed to speak and the majority of the Board had no interest in listening to a “party hack” whose job was to formulate any opinion that supported the mayor’s position.

    “I referenced how he issued an “opinion” that Mayor Ganim’s cellphone records did not have to be released when he was being investigated for corruption, and it was ruled that Mayor Ganim had to release his cellphone records.

    “I referenced his “opinion” regarding the illegal takeover of the BPS and he was trounced in the CT Supreme Court ruling.”

    The City and those on OIB know what will set Maria off and whatever the topic was is lost with this type of back and forth, just push Maria a certain way and the direction of the conversation changes the same way Donald Trump does when he feels he’s being attacked. I thought Maria was better than to waste time on topics that have nothing to do with the main topic. This has got to stop.

  7. As someone who has attended more Board of Education meetings than anyone who has commented thus far, with the exception of Maria, I can tell you first hand that Dennis Bradley is an incompetent Chair, and has absolutely no interest in doing what is best for Bridgeport Public School children or their parents. For Dennis Bradley, he needs a title, and he is proud when he attends events with the name Bridgeport BOE Chairman, however, he has not moved one agenda item that benefits BPS children or parents. Dennis is the most unprepared Board member at every single meeting and shows up to the meeting with not ONE piece of paper in his hand, including the agenda.

    Dennis has consistently disrespected his colleagues on the Board (whom he thinks he is above because of his title) and the parents at these meetings.

    He behaves like a dictator who has absolutely no respect for any policy or statues, including the rule of law.

    It is painfully obvious to anyone attending a BOE meeting that Dennis is completely clueless when it comes to Robert’s Rules of Orders, which governs every BOE meeting. He often needs to be told what the next ‘step’ in voting is, and needs to be reminded he has skipped a ‘step’ that just last meeting was brought to his attention.

    The Board regularly reaches consensus and\or votes to direct Dennis to schedule meetings for a particular issue, or seek council regarding legal matters, and he completely ignores the direction and will of the full Board.

    I hope everyone here would agree that it is beyond outrageous that the Dennis Bradley thought it was in ANY way appropriate to seek legal council (without approval) from a member of the City Attorney’s office in a potential lawsuit that the City Attorney’s office would represent Mayor Ganim in!

    As someone who is incredibly well informed about what happens on the BOE, I believe Maria Pereira genuinely fights for our children, parents and families, and will continue fighting for our children, parents and families as long as she is on the Bridgeport BOE.

    Dennis Bradley, not so much.

        1. To your question Andy, there was an experienced member who was the choice of the majority. It wasn’t Maria. Then Mario got involved, pulled Hennessey over to his choice, and that’s how Bradley was elected. Something tells me even Hennessey couldn’t live with the what he did, he not only resigned, he changed his affiliation.

          1. Something may have told you this, but Hennessey actually told me a far different story than you have implied.

          2. Lisa, was that woman from Indiana anywhere near that critical meeting we had that included yourself, Dottie Guman, myself and Mario Testa?

            She wasn’t, was she?

            Dave Hennessey, the same Dave Hennessey who betrayed all those who worked to elect him. The same Dave Hennessey who cut a backroom deal with Mayor Finch, Danny Roach, Fran Rabinowitz and Kenneth Moales to vote for a charter school advocate so he could get Kenneth Moale’ and Kadisha Coates’ vote for Chair because he couldn’t get the votes any other way. The same Dave Hennessey who terminated the permanent Superintendent search, failed to ensure Fran Rabinowitz was evaluated every six months as required by her contract, but voted not once but twice to extend her $180,000 per year contract. The same Dave Hennessey who did not have a single item come out of the Governance Committee he chaired in 2016. The same Dave Hennessey who was forced to either give up the chairmanship by voting for Dennis or deal with Sauda becoming the Chair again. The same Dave Hennessey who sent a letter to Commissioner Wentzel whining like a five-year-old who didn’t like how the other kids played just two days after he officially became a Republican.

            Whom do the majority of people on OIB trust? Lisa Parziale or that woman from Indiana who gives so much weight to what Dave Hennessey has to say?

          3. Well of course Dave Hennessey wasn’t there. Blithering idiots weren’t invited, which would explain why you weren’t there either.

  8. Is anyone actually shocked? While Bradley is never to be trusted, the queen of mean has once again embarrassed herself and shown how classless she truly is. What kind of example to the children is she show setting with her bully tactics and constant yelling? This is truly upsetting and quite embarrassing for this board. She can act like she has any morals and let the man speak first then, politely disagree. Then again why try and act civilized and sane?

    1. I think if you asked the parents and teachers who were in attendance, they would tell you they were grateful Maria has what it took to keep Bradley from sabotaging what the rest of the members were trying to resolve.

    1. Thanks, Jim. What cannot be seen from this clip is I had the floor and was speaking when he interrupted me, which is not allowed.

      When I told him this is not a dictatorship and you are not a dictator he retorted he is a dictator and “I am dictating to you.” What you cannot see in this video is in the majority of this clip he is smirking.

      Children were not present for this exchange and they certainly don’t read OIB.

  9. Thank You Maria. Thank you for not giving in to Dennis Bradley’s agenda. I see most people’a opinions are don’t make any waves, don’t disagree and let him do what he wants. I commend you for sticking to the rules of the meeting and not letting King Bradley dictate. A couple opinions above wrote how do these type of meetings help the kid’s education? It helps them more than they can imagine. If the chairperson doesn’t get challenged when out of line or out of order or not following procedure then the entire board is worthless. I am disappointed the other board members didn’t challenge Bradley’s ways and procedure. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, THANK YOU…………..

    1. Gary, Ben Walker also challenged Dennis’ authorizing Mark Anastasi to give the Board legal advice without the Board voting to request the City Attorney’s presence.

  10. Ben Walker stated I am a Board member and I don’t remember voting to request the City Attorney’s presence or advice.

    Dennis stated he had the authority to do it on his own. Ben then asked him to show him the policy that gave him that authority.

    Dennis told him he was going to allow it but never referenced the policy because first of all, he doesn’t know board policy, and second of all, no such policy exists.

  11. It is so obvious there is no teamwork or coalition building. Those in power rule until that power is taken from them, there are no middle people who can talk to both sides. We have members who desire to get elected to other positions so their focus is not on being the best Bridgeport Board Of Education member because they want to be a State Senator or State Representative and their full time is not focused on the children of Bridgeport, sad but true.

    1. Or respect for another human being. Disagree and argue the point, but at the very least show some respect for the other elected officials when in public, being a public servant.

      1. You have the nerve to reference “respect for another human being” when you posted a significant lie about an “elected official” on OIB, were completely exposed for your lie, and to this day cannot so much as apologize for it.

        Why don’t you reach out to your Governor, Mike Pence, so you two can get together and discuss how to “Make America Great Again?” As scary as the thought may be, he actually will make fairly intelligent remarks in comparison to whatever it is you might have to say.

        1. Seriously, an email stating you were in Hartford, withdrawing support for a bill, and you claim you did not contact other legislators stating you no longer supported the bill? Because just letting me know, and only me, was the way to show your lack of support in Hartford, is this what you are referring to?

          1. Are you just simply dumb?

            I never sent you or anyone else an email saying I was in Hartford withdrawing support for any bill. Judge Lopez sent YOU an email that we would not support a watered down version of the Conflict of Interest Bill.

            Neither of us sent any emails to any legislators regarding withdrawal of our support of the amended Conflict of Interest Bill.

            You are just ridiculous. In over two years you have yet to present any email that supports your fabricated claim and instead of just apologizing and admitting you were wrong you perpetuate something that never happened and you cannot prove.

            Are you allowed to smoke unlimited amounts of marijuana in Indiana?

            I didn’t let you “know” anything. I could care less about notifying you of my position on anything because you aren’t important to me. I didn’t send you an mail on this matter. It was sent by an amazing woman whom I admire and respect whom you completely disrespected by posting a private email she sent you that I was copied on.

            Stop fabricating this ridiculous story I sent emails to legislators in Hartford withdrawing my support of the amended Conflict of Interest Bill. It NEVER happened.

            You truly need some kind of medical assistance.

          2. I never said you sent the email. Nowhere in Judge Lopez’s email did it state do not share it. Are you really saying I am the only person you told you had withdrawn your support of the watered-down conflict of interest? I was not an elected member of the legislature, so it simply makes no sense to me sending me an email withdrawing your support, while in Hartford during a legislative session, that you did not inform other legislators you no longer supported the watered-down bill. Perhaps you did not do so via email, and as you have stated, you could (not) care less about notifying me, and you would really have no reason to notify me. Those you were lobbying to support the bill, you most certainly would have reason to notify. To know the judge is to respect her. I published her email because you challenged me to on OIB.

          3. I think you are seriously ill.

            I never challenged you to publicize a private email Judge Lopez sent you???

            I challenged you to publicize the email you claimed I sent to legislators withdrawing my support of the Conflict of Interest Bill. You looked foolish, and you knew you did, so you published a private email Judge Lopez sent you where it was absolutely clear not a single legislator is copied.

            Do your family and friends know they have to write a disclaimer on every email they send you stating you are not allowed to post the email to a blog?

            Many people who read OIB on this topic have shared with me you were clearly embarrassed and humiliated when you couldn’t substantiate your claims almost two years ago. Yet even today, you continue to perpetuate this absolute falsehood because you are too embarrassed to admit you were wrong and posted a complete fabrication.

            We simply STOPPED advocating for the Conflict of Interest Bill. Nothing more, nothing less.

            Slither away now, Jennifer.

          4. I’m positive you told the sponsor of the bill. As I don’t know how to slither away, I will review BOE meeting YouTube videos to emulate your slither.

          5. I believe the entire point of this exchange is you are clearly not “positive” of anything you post here.

            Your new claim you are so “positive” about is easy enough to prove. The sponsor of the bill was Jack Hennessy. Simply forward him a FOIA request for a copy of every email I sent him regarding his Conflict of Interest Bill. It simply requires a simple email search on both his legislative and personal email list.

            He is required to produce them. I can assure you he will not be able to supply you a single email informing him I had withdrawn my support of his Conflict of Interest Bill. He will never produce such an email/text because it does not exist.

            I honestly believe you have an untreated illness. Once again, I didn’t let you know anything. I never sent you an email indicating I was withdrawing my support of this bill. Judge Lopez sent you an email and referenced I was not supporting the watered-down version of the bill either.

            I don’t slither away from anything, Jennifer. I take on issues head-on, I am not a coward, I will not back down from dishonest and unethical individuals like yourself or Dennis Bradley.

            If my recollection is correct you have indicated you are a fan of Dennis Bradley. That’s perfect! You can slither away together.

          6. Never said you sent me an email. And the question was not did you send Hennessy an email, but did you in fact inform him you withdrew support of the bill. You insist you never contacted any legislator in any form.

          7. Maria Pereira, you are dead wrong about John Marshal Lee. I think you were right about this BOE meeting but if you continue to burn bridges, you will be left all by yourself. And that may happen very quickly.

          8. Jennifer, you simply refuse to acknowledge you posted an absolute lie and continue to try to adjust your original claim/accusation, desperate for a glimmer of redemption.

            I NEVER called, spoke with, texted, emailed, hand-delivered any remarks to Jack Hennessy or any other legislator that I was withdrawing my support of the Conflict of Interest Bill.

            Now, are you going to apologize for your completely unethical and dishonest behavior or are you going to continue to perpetuate your false accusations?

            I know “it is difficult being you,” but when you are dead to rights wrong just admit it, apologize for it, and move on from it.

            I was just wondering. Jen, do you think when an educated woman in Black Rock who is familiar with basic ordinances and laws, creates an unauthorized efficiency apartment within their one-family home, moves into it, rents the rest of the house to tenants without proper authorization or a single permit, that a variety of their very own neighbors have a right to report it to the proper authorities?

            What are your thoughts on this particular issue, Jen?

          9. Frank, I don’t believe we have ever met and you seem nice enough on this blog, but can I respectfully recommend you stay out of the exchange with JML?

            Someone I respect and have great regard for contacted me last spring and told me there was talk in Black Rock of JML running for City Council and asked what my thoughts were. I responded with the first thing you have to ask when considering whether to support a candidate or not is whether they can win. I told this individual I don’t know the Black Rock community and she/he did.

            I explained my view of JML as a condescending, pontificating, blowhard who feels the need to show others how smart and intelligent he is. I asked if that was how JML was perceived by Black Rock voters. She/he responded “yes.” I finished with then you have to decide whether he has any chance of winning and whether you will put money and effort into his candidacy.

            Most of us know how that election turned out.

          10. Trying to keep a straight face is almost impossible. Of course when you no longer support someone or some legislation you of course never speak up. Of course Hennessy was making up the story he was ripped apart by you in Hartford for watering down the bill, so unlike you to behave like that. Of course I should have never believed him. If you Maria are referring to my former house, it is a legal two-family with a finished third floor. The fire inspection paid me a visit, inspected it from top to basement and found no violations. Said a report was sent through Be-connected. Is this what you were asking? My experience is, in Bridgeport anything is legal as long as you don’t get caught.

          11. Jennifer Buchanan, you are a compulsive liar. The only time I visited Hartford that entire session was to testify in favor of the Conflict of Interest Bill with Judge Lopez. You witnessed my testimony because you were there as was Rick Torres.

            I never returned to Hartford that ENTIRE session.

            Great, there is a report of a Fire Inspector visiting your home. And access to any permits is a matter of public record as well. This is incredibly helpful and good to know.

          12. Gosh Maria, considering you think I am irrelevant and an idiot in Indiana, and my opinion of you is of no importance to you, you certainly are spending a lot of time and effort sparring with me. The sales and purchase agreement had a clause including addressing all permits, the sale closed without any issues with permits brought to the attention of my attorney. I hired licensed contractors to pull any and all necessary permits for any and all work performed. But please, search away.

          13. The point of this exchange is you must be exposed for the dishonest, compulsive liar, and unethical person you are.

            I could care less what you think about me, and I don’t think you are an idiot in Indiana. I think you are an idiot wherever you might be.

            We are going to see if you had a “finished third floor” or an illegal efficiency. There would not be a single reason to reference “permits” in the “sale documents” unless there was an issue or concern.

            However, unlike you, I am going to support any claim I make with documented proof.

        2. How does this sidetrack, detour, attack ad hominem (or feminam in this case) advance the cause of children in Bridgeport? Your clarion call in the past has been: “What about the children?” It is a wonderful question and the one that should be on all lips at all times but when you stray into these types of attacks, most people forget the fact you initially were about all the children, their education and appropriate funding of same. I remind you of this as I am personally worried about the generation in formation in this poor urban City as well and know in my heart Jennifer Buchanan continues to pursue such a cause, even from out of town. Where is the “What about the kids?” banner today? Time will tell.

          1. So you now speak for “most people.”

            Do you understand why you were thoroughly trounced in Black Rock when you ran for City Council?

            It isn’t because you are not intelligent, knowledgeable, informed, etc. It is because you are a condescending, pontificating, blowhard who feels the need to show everyone else how smart
            you are.

            You know why Tyisha Toms was bought off with a part-time position in the City Attorney’s office? They recognized she was a threat and could not have her run for City Council against Danny Roach’s sister again. Therefore, although she opposed Mayor Ganim she is now employed by the City.

            You, not so much.

          2. Maria is extending responses and regurgitating story lines that light up her own life, but she said nothing about the question I raised twice above and will continue to raise since I am quoting her own words from years ago:
            “What about the kids?” Where is that contained in the many entries made here in the past 48 hours. She is stuck in high school personality QUICKSAND and attacks all who have a different viewpoint, even slightly, though our cause may be the same.
            Of course I do not speak for “most people.” I speak for myself, and if I thought you were intent on that level of accuracy I might have written “many people” or “most people I talk to who listened to you originally,” either of which works for me. I am not the only person who gets around the City, talks about serious matters routinely and forms impressions. But than neither are you.
            But then again while I am a supporter of “second chances” in general, I did not support the candidacy of Joe Ganim as he did not deal with the operating school budget at all in his campaign, and not since. He also missed a comprehensive plan with priorities to deal with issues. And here we are now without a plan, but with priorities others like the BOE must deal with.
            Tyisha Toms is too professional and has too much integrity to answer you I expect. I do not believe she can be bought off. And when I see people make those types of “predictions” it tells me more about their frame of reference on the way the world works.
            You ask for “freedom of speech” and praise its presence regularly, but when someone else has an opinion on an issue that finds fault with your self-image, the freedom of others goes right out the window.
            And while we are at it, why did two Board of Ed members sign up in the precious and tiny time period for Public Speaking to address the Board? Don’t you have personal privilege and other Robert’s Rules to provide you with lots of time to make your ideas known and advocate for your causes? Time will tell.

          3. Bowtie, the vast majority of the staff and parents in that room supported me because they knew I was doing everything in my power to save the kindergarten paraprofessionals.

            The individual who organized that protest spoke with me and agreed I should speak first to lay the foundation about what had transpired so her speakers could easily transition into the roles, responsibilities, and value of kindergarten paraprofessionals.

            Whom did they stand with and in support of?

            This is a portion of your post, sir. “but when you stray into these types of attacks, MOST PEOPLE forget the fact you initially were about all the children.”

            This exchange has nothing to do with children. I will write about whatever I choose to write about. Are you the OIB police? It’s about calling a spade a spade, or in other words calling a liar a liar.

          4. I have had the privilege to get to know JML, and I have nothing but praise and admiration for him. His interest in all matters of Bridgeport is sincere and the City needs more of his ilk to bring about the change we all long for. He generously offers his assistance in areas of expertise he possesses and is willing to familiarize himself, or shall I say understand, the politics that interfere with progress. JML and Pete Spain if either of you feel I have anything to contribute, I will be there.

          5. Maria Pereira,
            We have not met but I hope to meet you someday soon. I admire your tenacity, determination and dedication to the causes you espouse. As to any discussion of and or about JML, I will respectfully decline your request to refrain from making any remarks. Your vitriolic remarks concerning JML were completely unnecessary. Your explanation of one single discussion with “some” person in Black Rock’s only the opinions of two and only two people. No more and no less. I have met with JML only several times but he has earned my respect and the respect of others in the Black Rock community, here on OIB and even beyond. As to the 130th City Council election in 2015, JML did lose but you yourself just lost an election for state representative. It is very possible both losses can be attributed to “fighting the machine.” In fact, I think you and JML have more in common than you realize, a goal to improve the quality of governance, and therefore, the quality of life in Bridgeport. Best of wishes on your further endeavors in the future.

          6. Frank, I have won 11 out of 12 elections since August 2009. JML has won zero.

            I assure you if I ever ran for City Council in the 138th District it would be a blowout.

            Stallworth and I participated in the Citizens’ Elections program which requires each of us to raise $5,000 and then we each receive a state grant for $27,100. That means we can each spend $33,150.

            The first Charter School Independent Expenditure PAC was opened on July 13 and the first thing they did was conduct a push poll in favor of Stallworth and against me. The poll clearly showed he was in trouble. The second Charter School PAC opened on July 18th. In approximately 21 days the Charter School PACS spent over $30,000 on his campaign.

            Then we have Dr. Ford with the East End Political Action Committee, who also happens to be a parishioner of Charlie Stallworth, dropping thousands of pieces of literature implying I was convicted of three felonies, which included arson.

            I have never been convicted of a felony anywhere in this world.

            Charlie Stallworth is a three-term incumbent, the 126th District is predominantly black, and he has the power of the pulpit.

            And with all that I lost by 84 (43) votes.

            Now, unlike most people who just whine about what is wrong in Bridgeport, I just met with an attorney who was involved in prosecuting Governor Rowland.

            I am pursuing this matter. The law requires you seek administrative relief first through the SEEC, and that is exactly what we will do.

            Now how does JML’s loss, in which he was trounced, in anyway compare to that?

            The individual I spoke with from Black Rock is highly respected and regarded by many, but especially in Black Rock.

            In my opinion, he is a condescending, pontificating blowhard. You are certainly entitled to your opinion.

            By the way Frank, if JML is so well respected in Black Rock, why couldn’t he win a simple City Council seat?

            I have publicly stated if we had an elected Finance Board I would vote for him. And I meant it. He has a lot to offer regarding the city’s finances, but I still don’t like him personally. But I would set my personal views aside because he would clearly be qualified to serve on such a board.

    2. Ron, an important aspect of the role of a leader is to facilitate, attempt to build coalitions as well as keep the flow of business moving. Sometimes it’s easy to accomplish this and sometimes it takes more patience and team effort for it to happen. You were an intricate part of history-making decisions while active in the BFD. Success or effectiveness depends on who’s leading. It’s not uncommon in politics for a person to start in one capacity and aspire to move on to another. In fact, that’s the best way to go. Andre Baker put his time in first on the CC, then BOE and now State Representative. Auden Grogins who is now a Superior Court judge did exactly the same. There was Chris Caruso, Alvin Penn, Ernie Newton, Lydia Martinez, and so many others I served with. Maria P. served on the BOA, defeated a well-establish TC district, was elected again to the BOE, and it was her hope to bring her passion for children to another level where she would have the opportunity to do more. Dennis Bradley won a seat on the BOE on the coattails of other well-known candidates. He served barely six months and with the encouragement of Mario Testa, challenged Ed Gomes. The days of pulling off underhanded miracles is over for Testa, witness the result of Bradley’s run. I have no doubt he will not be elected as Chair the next time around, but what I fear most is the damage he’ll do before that happens. In every level of politics from the highest to the lowest there will be different personalities, some laid back, some passionate. If they’re allowed to represent the concerns of their constituents, and stay within the boundaries of the rules of their respective roles, let them do their job, let them have their say, and move on. Not one of us is entitled to judge their intentions, it’s not possible unless you have a spot in their minds or hearts. Sometimes a little support and encouragement, when deserved, could make a huge difference. Indulge me for just a minute, since I don’t intend to waste a separate post on the lady in Indiana, I’m curious, since she thinks she knows so much about our City, why while she resided here she never stepped up to the plate to do some heavy lifting as so many of us have. She clearly had time on her hands to snoop around and gossip, why didn’t she put herself out there and run for a public office? If she had, she wouldn’t be so quick to criticize those of us who know the players and the territory where they play. Many years ago Dave Hennessey served one term on the CC while I was Council President. Don’t even try to tell me about Dave Hennessey and his ways. “Silence is Golden.”

  12. Perhaps some of us do not like MP’s belligerent ways, but I must say she is correct. She knows what she is talking about. Also Infante, you are correct on what you state about DB, so to the two of you, keep on moving, keep on shaking.

  13. Golly gee whiz, I am not eager to wander into this whole debate. But as someone who likes and enjoys parliamentary procedure, let me dissemble Ms. Pereira’s commentary on just one important point.

    The following presumes the BOE (a) adopted or uses Roberts as its rules and (b) has no special rules overriding what is to follow. Connecticut law or city ordinance may also supercede some of the following.

    From Ms. Pereira:
    “Bradley continued to pound his gavel as he loudly made a motion to adjourn. I told him ‘you cannot adjourn a meeting when there is a main motion on the floor,’ and he said ‘I am adjourning the meeting anyway’ where at this point the meeting had completely disintegrated and everyone started gathering their belongings and exiting.”

    Ms. Pereira is wrong. A main motion is subservient to a privileged motion. The video indicates on my listening to it the chair asked for and received a motion to adjourn and a second. I’m not sure I heard a vote, but surely we’ve all attended meetings where the adjournment motion and second are tantamount to passage.

    Privileged motions are powerful tools, very powerful. Used with good intentions and sparingly, they can change the outcomes of meetings, change policies, and change lives.

    Once made and seconded, privileged motions must be acted upon immediately without discussion (which precludes offering amendments). So contrary to Ms. Pereira’s assertion, it was not only correct to handle the adjournment motion immediately, it was mandatory. Now. Immediately. Without discussion. Motion. Second. Vote. Bing. Bam. Boom. Done.

    Here are privileged motions, ranked in order of their precedence vis-à-vis each other:
    — Fix the time of adjournment.
    — Adjourn.
    — Recess.
    — Raise a question of privilege.
    — Call for the orders of the day.
    REMEMBER: Each of these proposals, once move and seconded, must be handled immediately. No discussion. No amendment. Vote.

    A “call for orders of the day” will jerk a body that has run off track to immediately return to the agenda.

    A “question of privilege” allows a member to move for action to improve the comfort, safety, or amplification of the room.
    — “I move we close the windows and turn on the A/C.”
    — “I move we make the amplifier louder so we can hear each other.”
    — (Used often, I fear) “I move we enter executive session.”
    Privilege questions can also pertain to a member of the body.
    — “I feel sick. I move that I be excused for the rest of the meeting.”
    — “I just received a text that my child drove our family car into Mr. Smith’s living room. I move that Mr. Smith and I be excused so we may each attend to the emergency.”
    NOTE: I believe a quorum call is a question of privilege. But I’m note sure. “I move we call for a quorum by taking the roll call of members in attendance.”
    Motion. Second. No discussion. No amendment. Vote. Done.

    The bottom line is Ms. Pereira had her discussion ended by a privileged motion, namely adjournment.

    But was that the best outcome? I’m not sure.

    From Mr. Bradley’s perspective, adjournment was a good use of a well-timed privileged motion. He restored order, but paid a high price. He gave up the rest of the meeting. It was a cudgel.

    A sharper knife would have been to move for a 15-minute recess. That would let things calm down a bit. Without violating Open Door Law statues, he might have agreed with Ms. Pereira on a course of action. Such as, “If you make this motion, I will rule it in order and we can see if anyone seconds it, we’ll discuss it, and take a vote–and see what happens.” Upon return from recess, Mr. Bradley would have recognized Ms. Pereira and she would propose the motion they worked out.

    Ms. Pereira could’ve also used privileged motions to move more momentum her way.
    — She too could have moved for adjournment. From her perspective, ending the meeting would have cut off something she did not like. Losing the rest of the agenda might’ve been worth that price to her.
    — She too could have moved for recess and figured out a better outcome.
    — She might have called for orders of the day if she felt a return to the published agenda would have aided her.
    — A quick, though quirky, tactic would have been to move for a quorum call. The 60 seconds of simply calling the roll might have given her a chance to breathe and read the room to ascertain where she stood among the other members vis-à-vis her protests.

    There could have been many better outcomes beyond these. I only wished to present the proper use of privileged motions and show how a savvy person might use these tools for the good of all. Other options also existed. This is not exhaustive; it’s just meant to be instructive with respect to the concept and uses of privileged motions.

    [On my own question of privilege, I report to the assembly that I continue the many months of rehab from July 10’s onset of Guillain-Barré Syndrome. I still cannot take a step or stand more than a few minutes. I expect to recover by late October and my goal is to walk into my polling place (City Hall) unassisted on November 8th to cast my ballot in person. I moved this week to Yale-New Haven’s Grimes Rehabilitation Center on Chapel Street next to the Hospital of Saint Raphael. Several frequent correspondents on this blog have visited me, and I am grateful for these expressions of friendship.]

    1. Dave, I say this with all due respect, take all that knowledge and share it with Dennis Bradley, he’s the one who needs teaching. While I respect your intellectual commentaries, you might try taking it down a bit, you will find your message will resonate more effectively with a bit more brevity, less really is more.

      1. Lisa, thanks for your guidance, I’m a frustrated essayist. But I understand what you’re saying. When I am back on my feet, I hope we meet again soon.

        My dad was a longtime believer in the power of parliamentary procedure (A) to keep order, move along the process, and give all voices a place in meetings and (B) for strategic gain when advancing a cause or position. He passed this dark art onto me.–Severus Snape.

        1. No sir, you are wrong.

          A motion to adjourn cannot interrupt a speaker. Who was speaking at the time Mr. Larcheveque made a motion to adjourn? Where was the vote to adjourn? A vote is required and it would have failed.

          I received my training from Judge Radcliffe who is a genius at Robert’s Rules of Order and a true parliamentarian. It is out of order to adjourn a meeting when a main motion is on the floor, and if there is remaining business on an agenda when it is used solely as a tactic to end debate.

          ANY Chair worth their weight in salt would rule such a motion out of order because it is completely inappropriate.

          1. Maria, you really shouldn’t drop names to make your point, it should be able to stand on what you say unless others decide to support you.

      2. Lisa,
        Here is an excerpt from “Robert’s Rules of Order for Dummies” which is apparently needed:

        The privileged motion to adjourn

        Can’t interrupt a speaker who has the floor.

        Must be seconded.

        Can’t be debated. (However, if the motion specifies when adjournment will occur or sets a future time to which the group will adjourn as a continuation of the current meeting, that aspect of the motion can be amended and debated.)

        Can’t be amended.

        Must have a majority vote.

        Can’t be reconsidered, but can be renewed if any business has gone forward after a motion to adjourn has failed.

        This is clearly a very basic explanation, however clearly even several requirements of this most basic version of Robert’s Rules or Order were not adhered to.

        However if you review the most complete version of Robert’s Rules of Order, any Chair worth a dime would rule a motion to adjourn while a main motion was on the floor and agenda items remaining; out of order.

        I was taught by the very best. Judge Radcliffe and Judge Lopez.

  14. If I were a parent with the prospect of having to send my child to a Bridgeport public school, and I read the above account of that BOE meeting, I would be actively researching relocating my family to another city, in a another state, far away from Bridgeport (maybe even Canada), irrespective of being aware of the horrendous, gang-related violence putting us and our children at risk in our schools, streets, and all other public venues in our city.

    This meeting and this weekend’s violence speak of a failed city. The collapse of the nucleus of the downtown entertainment district further speaks of a city regressing past the possibility of redemption.

    In the context of dysfunctional state and national governments, things are beginning to look more and more Third-World in this city, state, and country in this election year. The state (Dan Malloy) couldn’t even manage to bribe and placate GE into delaying their move to Boston. (And where was our federal delegation in stepping in to secure the psychologically necessary retention of GE in our rudderless state?) AND WHERE IS OUR FEDERAL DELEGATION IN SECURING SOME $ FOR BRIDGEPORT SCHOOLS SO WE CAN KEEP OUR SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFICERS, SAFE TRANSPORTATION OPTIONS AND CLASSROOM AIDES FOR OUR PUBLIC SCHOOL KIDS IN THIS UNRAVELING CITY? Dick? Jim? Chris? Where arrre you?! Remember Bridgeport, that city that keeps getting you re-elected?! (Keep approving more $ for bombs to level Aleppo and creating more shattered people furious with the US, that will help our cities and our schools. We know Dan is lost in some walk-in closet in the old Capitol Building in Hartford. Probably the one where they keep all the alcohol for the end-of-session, late-night budget sessions.)

    These are strange times that we’re living in in the USA/Connecticut/Bridgeport. We have Adolph Hitler running against Catherine-the-Great/Imelda Marcos for POTUS; we have Lost-In-The-Barrens Dan leading Connecticut over Niagara Falls, and we have Conrad Hilton promoting Bridgeport hospitality as he plays the fiddle and B’Port burns (how’s that for a scrambled-eggs/tossed-salad metaphor?!).

    It will be interesting if the people of Bridgeport CT, and all the other “Bridgeports” in the USA wake up before November 9, 2016. If they do, the $#%^ could really hit the fan, politically. And it should. It must. Because things are really &^%*#ed-up, coast to coast and beyond. And it isn’t because of the righteousness and correct priorities of our elected leadership.

    I don’t think our Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution to facilitate the election of clueless, wrongheaded, self-serving people at all levels of government. It’s time for top-to-bottom change at all levels of government, beginning with the federal and state-level elections in November.

    And, if I were Joe Ganim, and if Joe were smart, there would be a strident call for help for his city (regarding $, public safety assistance, and intelligent input/advice on all matters) going out to the state and federal governments, as well as all other possible resources, for help in turning this city around.

    The momentum has not been in Bridgeport’s favor so far in G2. And there appear to be some very dark storm clouds looming on the horizon.

    1. Jeff, one quick comment. Jeff Immelt wanted to get out of Connecticut. Period. There was nothing the State could do. Immelt wanted to live somewhere else, and so GE left Connecticut. But if I recall GE did transfer some jobs to Norwalk.

  15. Jeff Kohut nails it again.

    In the same vein, I recommend Sunday’s editorial in The Hartford Courant entitled, “Region Must Step Up to Support Hartford.” The editorial is accompanied by a powerful video made in support of the editorial by Hartford’s new mayor, Luke Bronin.

    Whatever the Courant and Mayor Bronin state about Hartford goes double for Bridgeport.

    1. Luke Bronin is a joke. He is the City of Hartford and Malloy’s problem. Malloy moved him from Stamford to Hartford to become the mayor. His campaign had all the answers for Hartford’s rebound and growth and just like Malloy all the budgetary numbers and plans were all lies and now Luke Bronin is asking for regional help. That’s a joke.

      What does Bridgeport have to offer the towns and cities around it they don’t already have? Every town and city is struggling to pay for the Gates/Obama/Malloy education system. I ask because I don’t know of any surplus of resources or benefits to offer the “region.”

      1. Gary Tobin,
        The neighboring towns and cities have functioning governance infrastructure that has served to initiate, review, present, promote, advocate, question, respond and fully and honestly inform citizens and taxpayers. Bridgeport can represent to them an example of failing governance in multiple areas that have not been addressed by Joe Ganim’s second chance in any meaningful way.

        At this point my adventure in municipal fiscal education for the past six years, representing frequent, respectful and serious questioning of ‘officialdom’ is misrepresented as “political” and for personal self-glory? I know questions I have presented go unanswered, a reason to bring some to legal authorities, and perhaps this is the reason Joe Ganim has not made either a personal or an executive decision to reach out and have a conversation. Perhaps that is the reason for ignoring the possibility of an appointment to his Transition group, but the use of OPEN, ACCOUNTABLE, TRANSPARENT, and HONEST by Joe during the campaign was so much greater than what he or Ed Adams have caused to occur once in office. These are my values and practicing daily integrity to those values is important to anyone who would change the status quo.

        Let us assume there is no extra money, anywhere. The focus would be on ascertaining, discussing and reviewing current uses, as watchdogs of the public purse. Is there anyone out there who feels my work, oft presented on OIB is unnecessary and moreover unwanted? On the other hand, anyone who will help that “informal auditing” and questioning process? Time will tell.

      2. Luke Bronin does not make one bit of a difference. Hartford, as well as the the urban centers in Connecticut are, right now, screwed. You could have put anyone into the office as Mayor of Hartford and Hartford would still be in the same S##t hole. There is a much bigger story here than Luke Bronin.

  16. The fact the Governor, GA and our chief appointed meet in, and circulate about for much of the year, and yet, Hartford is allowed to remain dangerous, unsightly, and dysfunctional in all respects, says a lot about the state of the State and the cluelessness of our elected officials.

    But Doug is correct; the whole idea of a region stepping up to support its essential urban center is a “no-brainer.” But this is obviously a “no-brain” state within a “brain-injured” national framework.

    Now, Luke Bronin is a whole other story. Gold Coast (Greenwich) Golden Boy, Luke was essentially appointed to the mayoralty of Hartford by his mentor, Gold Coast Clueless Dan Malloy. So this not-at-all accidental mayor, who landed in the Hartford Mayor’s office after only two years of (alleged) Hartford residency, is getting ready to run for Governor in the special election after Hillary appoints Dan to a cupboard position in her monarchy. Let’s see if Dan can twist some regional arms to get some support for Little Lukey so he can look good in time for his appointment to the Governor’s Office.

    But paraphrasing Bloomfield’s mayor; the problems of the urban centers are to be ignored, as long as they’re at the beck and call of the surrounding ‘burbs. In the US class/caste system, urban areas and urbanites are to be exploited and not heard. Time for a change at election time. Urbanites should not be voting for the parties who support US class/caste system. Donald and Hillary are much more of the same. Time for a change.

  17. Doug,
    A very scholarly post about Robert’s Rules. However, in Bridgeport’s governance I have found the rules more of a weapon used to beat back opposition to the chair rather than a tool to run an orderly meeting.

  18. Now Doug, in my humble but seasoned opinion this is my guess as to what happened.
    Before the meeting began, Dennis Bradley was instructed to make sure Mark Anastasi was allowed to address the BOE concerning this motion. He WILL not have a formal written opinion and therefore must be allowed to speak and must be allowed to take questions from the board. If it appears this will not happen end the meeting. Period. Whether these orders came from the Mayor, from Mario or Chris Myers.
    At play here is the replacement of Andre Baker. If Segarra is removed from the board, the Mayor loses significant power in naming a replacement whether that is by delaying the process for 30 days or by having a majority to approve his appointment.
    Bradley did as was told and it wouldn’t matter what Robert’s Rules say.
    And this coming from a ROBERT.

    1. Someone has to protect those lucrative contracts for Harding High School, and we all know it starts with the BBOE. Don Mario is lining up his ducks now! Any city employees still on the school building committee???


    I, David Hennessey of Black Rock, Bridgeport CT do hereby declare My irrevocable determination to renounce the Throne, as Chairman of the BBOE.

    And My desire to that effect, should be given to this Instrument of Abdication immediately.

    In token whereof I have hereunto set My hand this twenty fourth day of May, Two Thousand Sixteen, in the presence of the witnesses whose signatures are subscribed below.

    David Hennessey (loyal opposition party)

    Don Mario (DTC Chairman)
    Mayor Joe Ganim
    Mini Mario (Danny Roach)
    Mr. Larcheveque (loyal opposition party)
    Mr. McSpirit (loyal opposition party)
    Mr. Baker (From Norwalk)
    Dennis Bradley (Accessioner)

    1. Correct, Lisa. No one can remove an elected official from a board they were elected to.

      The Chair was out of order because he ended debate without a two-thirds vote. I appealed the ruling of the Chair which was seconded. He then ruled on the appeal, which is out of order. The Board must vote to uphold or overrule the Chair. The Chair does not rule on the appeal of his own ruling.

      He was completely out of order on a variety of fronts and I will not let him get away with it.

      1. Maria, that’s what you do when you have the power and you don’t want your opponents to be shut down. If you become the chairman you would have the same power to flex your muscles. Power can only be taken if you want it.

      2. Maria, he’s so over his head you should all just move your business in a civil, respectful manner and leave him to babble to himself while he bangs his gavel.

        1. Fox, you really are a total asshole. You use a term used by pedophiles then try to divert attention to me. Unfortunately there are people on this blog who think you are funny.

          1. It was a political metaphor, dickhead!
            Now eat your pablum and go back to bed. Oh and empty your drool cup!

          2. That was not a political metaphor, you asshole. You know it and I know it. Trying to justify yourself, you really are a lowlife. BTW Jim maybe, Oh never mind you don’t have the balls.

  20. WOW. Up to 100 comments! Hot Topic. Can anyone fill me in on who are all the members of the BOE, their party affiliation, and what are the Charter Rules for political make-up of the BOE? I’ve Googled and the information is sketchy.

    1. The Board of Education is made up of nine elected members who serve a four-year term. Every two years, five members are elected followed by four members two years later.

      State law requires minority representation on every Board/Commission. You can never have more than six BOE members elected on the same party line.

      Sauda Baraka is a registered Republican elected on the WFP line.
      Joe Larcheveque is a registered Republican elected on the Republican line.
      Howard Garner is a registered Democrat elected on the Democratic line.
      Dennis Bradley is a registered Democrat elected on the Democratic line.
      Ben Walker is a registered Democrat elected on the Democratic line.
      Kevin McSpirit is a registered Republican elected on the Republican line.
      Maria Pereira is a registered Democrat elected on the Democratic line.

      We currently have two BOE vacancies.

      1. Editor’s note: Maria Pereira does not recognize Annette Segarra, appointed by Mayor Joe Ganim to fill out the term of Dave Hennessey, as a sitting school board member. Lawsuit to decide this is expected to be filed.

  21. Lennie, was it Jim Clark or Kevin Boyle who first said: “Bridgeport, where the circus never left town.”

    And the clown act keeps getting better and better!

  22. This just in. Donald Trump said today there may be room for Mexican illegal aliens. Hey, we need some bus boys to clean up after us.
    Can you believe how he is backpedaling even on his most basic campaign issues with 70 days to go?
    What happened to the wall, Donald?

    1. Bob,
      Major construction projects like “the wall” will continue just as before. Jobs, money and profits!!! And the news line continues that Mexico will pay for it. Some unusual kind of NEGOTIATION, I submit, perhaps a good example of the Trump talent?
      There is nothing wrong in the business sphere with having wins and losses in your dealings. But at the end of the day the scorecard will provide a net figure, after having paid the expensive tuition for the experience, and then you can tell why it was or was not worth the ride.
      Just think of PT Barnum, born in Bethel CT but expanded his ideas and businesses onto a worldscape with many chapters here in Bridgeport. He suffered multiple fires and bankrupt ventures, was a unique early marketer and publicist, but also served his community with ideas and distinction. I know we did not have a Federal Income tax until 1913, some years after Barnum’s death, but I suspect he would have been proud to demonstrate his fiscal ingenuity and risk taking and used the opportunity to persuade and promote. Where is that talent today? Time will tell.

    2. Hey Bob, tell us about the Clinton foundation and the millions they took in while she was secretary of State. Tell me about all her e-mails and the 15,000 they just found. Tell me about Benghazi.

  23. Andy, why don’t you tell me about Benghazi? It’s been investigated. Nothing wrong. But just like Trump, you won’t let go of this non-issue.
    The Clinton Foundation took in millions while she was Secretary of State. And what? No one has come up with a single action of hers that even resembles a quid pro quo.
    And the new emails? Just a little smoke, no fire, but this way you and The Donald can make believe it’s an issue up until Election Day.

    1. Her actions in Benghazi cost the life of our ambassador and some troops. We had a response force ready and they were never sent. She was also told the security was inadequate and did nothing about it.
      The Clinton Foundation is a foundation used to funnel money to the Clintons. Look at the list of countries that met with her and donated millions.
      The Clintons are both lawbreakers and arrogant pricks. Hillary is probably the only women who would stay with a philandering no-good husband. If she wins they will have to put the interns under lock and key. As the saying goes, where there is smoke there is fire.

      1. The ambassador was given the same warnings but chose to go there because he wanted to be among the people.
        I guess you blame Donald Trump for every worker who is injured on one of his job sites.

      2. And I’m sure Andy has no problem with Donald Trump claiming to be a billionaire and not paying any taxes. What was that The Donald said? Something like only dumb people pay taxes?

    1. Dave Hennessey resigned couple of months ago. There was confusion since he was elected as a Democrat, changed his registration to Republican, then resigned and the question become who should replace him, a Democrat or a Republican. In the meantime Joe Ganim selected a replacement, Annette Segarra (Republican) and there is a dispute over whether or not the Mayor of Bridgeport has the authority to select replacements for the Board of Education. This is an ongoing story. Andre Baker just resigned in the last couple of weeks so his replacement is still in process.

  24. I have to admit, as a parent of two children in the Bridgeport School System, I do not attend the BOE meetings. Prior to my going to switching to the Bridgeport school system and now, all I ever heard/hear from parents is nothing get accomplished because people are always fighting and yelling and there, in the long run, is zero focus on the real problems and the students. It’s kind of embarrassing to see these articles. I attended a few meetings, but that was enough for me. I would rather be able to put down the newspaper articles when I have heard enough to find out what is going on. I wish the environment would change. A good portion of parents I have spoken with from all over the City feel the same way. It’s just all so sad.

  25. Mary Filo, there are five BOE members who put in a tremendous amount of hours and work. We get critical work accomplished at every committee and Regular Meeting.

    Quite frankly, the only time we have conflict is when Dennis Bradley is present. He rarely attends committee meetings, therefore we get quite a bit accomplished.

    We had a Special Meeting this week to review the bids for the search firm to conduct a national search for a permanent superintendent. We are supposed to be reviewing the proposals and as I am going through them I look over and our Chair Bradley does not have a copy of the RFP, nor the bids from the firms.

    All he has is the one-page agenda that is provided at each special/committee meeting by staff.

    This constantly happens. Do you believe this is responsible, professional, and effective leadership by Dennis Bradley?

  26. Maria, to answer your question. No, I do not believe this is responsible and effective leadership, but it doesn’t change the fact parents don’t want to attend the meetings because of all the arguing, bickering and yelling. That also needs consideration from all on the board if you want parent support and involvement. We need all members of the board to be committed to focusing on the schools and the students. Argue, bicker and yell after the meetings. If the board had more parental support and involvement, they may take more interest around election season to make sure the right people are elected. And our BOE then will reflect a more professional overall appearance, with focused members, working together to get the job done. Have a great Saturday everyone.

    1. Sorry Ms. Filo, but every time Dennis Bradley behaves unethically, violates state law including the FOIA, Board Policy, and/or Robert’s Rules of Order I am going to hold him accountable.

      We have nine elected Board members for a reason, which is we make every decision collectively. There are no kings or dictators allowed. If Dennis Bradley were allowed to make decisions for the Board of Education, we wouldn’t need nine members, we would just need one.

      The ONLY time members become aggravated and argue is when he is present. These verbal and heated disagreements have not occurred a SINGLE time at meetings where he is not present. Not once.

  27. Maria, you are such a bullshit artist. For example I won 11 out or 12 elections. Really, you ran for office 12 times? Of course not but the work other people did on these elections means nothing to your self-styled inflated opinion of yourself.
    You go after Jennifer about her house in Black Rock. What about your house in Bridgeport? Oh that’s right, you don’t own one and do you pay any taxes at all? You should pay something because of all the hot air you emit, a condescending, pontificating blowhard who feels the need to show others how smart and intelligent he is. Maria, I think what you stated above fits you to a tee. JML has done more for Bridgeport by accident than you did on purpose. What have you accomplished except being the name-caller of the year?


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