Is The Big Lie Coming Home To Roost?

Lee' s boots
John Marshall Lee, a constant voice on behalf of taxpayers at City Council meetings, wonders about the next shoe to drop or maybe even a boot.

Commentary by John Marshall Lee

What’s next? What is the next “shoe to drop” from the bipartisan June 6 Committee of Congress? And when you line up all of the shoes, and walk them in the direction they indicate, where and when will the lineup stop?

From the hearings thus far the words and actions of President Trump, before, during, and post 2020 election have been called to attention, subjected to legal review, and resoundingly supported by millions of messages and the testimony under oath of 1,000 witnesses. (The fact that some close to Trump, have been called to make statements and have thus far either avoided actual comment by “taking the Fifth” when asked in person, or failed to respond to a legal request which is a crime itself, is a separate tale of the times.)

Consequences must be extracted for the severity of the acts against democracy and the number of such offenses, observable in plain sight, girded with statements embodying untruths in varying degrees, including a repetition of The Big Lie having to do with the 2020 election outcome that has become like a mantra. To repeat it, repeatedly, means that it is true? How can that be?

Who will prosecute the crimes? In what location? Who will serve as a jury? What precedents will be set for the future of democracy in the US? Will you have to wait for the run-up to the Presidential Election in 2024 to become active, and vote your future? Certainly not.

— Check with your Registrar of Voters for your residence location promptly. Know your polling place(s) for each eligible office. Are you identified correctly by name and spelling? Is a party identification correct?

— Review info in media on primaries and elections in 2022. Federal and State offices in November 2022. Municipal election in 2023 for Mayor, City Council representatives and others.

— Become specifically informed on those candidates for office in your District. If they run to represent you, make sure they seem energetic, knowledgeable and of fair mind. Common sense service.

Keep your ears, eyes, and mind open for the overall narrative shared by your candidates and you. Vote for all the candidates, not just the ticket top. Will they negotiate for your interests and those of your descendants? Time will tell.



  1. I am sorry RT. As a well read person, familiar with the latest headlines, I refer to The Big Lie as the continuation of a “trumped up story” about election processes, in too many places, of such materiality and number as to call into question the Electoral College loss of Donald Trump. Trump’s current BIG LIE!!!

    The fact that he lost by millions on the popular vote side, is not contested. And evidencing his selfish and greedy persona, he continues to mention how such stories as he relates, (though resisted with any favorable opinions or legal results, due to lack of standing or evidence for over 60 courts), only deal with HIS results. Does he not realize that we not only are a government with check and balance mechanisms, and rule of law underlying all process, but also multiple hierarchies of distributed governance, minimally to legislative, judiciary, and executive branches? Not just a royal KINGDOM? Has he never engaged in a conversation on Russian History with Putin and learned about the end of the Romanov family with the Russian Revolution?

    Yes, RT, lies, equivocation, and truth stretching are familiar behavior in politics and public office. However, we struggle for the truth, for honest and credible public service and suggest that consequences for the knowing spread of a WHOPPER of an UNTRUTH, believable by too many souls, who end up as “soles to be tromped on” or ignored and forgotten once we leave the grandstand.

    OATH meaning OPEN, ACCOUNTABLE, TRANSPARENT and HONEST governance is to be sought at each election, and certainly in between each of them. What are the local LIES that we live with in disbelief? Time will tell.

    1. John, I’ll concede your Tump’s a selfish and greedy persona. I’ll even throw in Trump’s a moron. That’s Trump’s real crime in all of this. 🙂

      We have 50 states each comprised of people with different values, cultural and economical needs, and wants. America is the United States of America. Is it not true America’s form of government is designed with checks and balances? It recognizes the protection of the minority populous in states. Surely you as an NAACP member can understand the protection and value of the needs and wants of the minority. Democracy is an ultimate dictatorship in ways with majority rule over the minority., Even if that majority is 51% over 49%. where the minority 49% voice and well have no value or say.

      The check, in that check and balance for the populous states in the United States of America, lies in the House of Representatives, where representatives are based on population. The state of California has 53 House representatives, whereas Vermont has 1 (I believe). The balance to the populous in states lies in the Senate where states are equal with two Senators

      America also has an executive branch that has an Electoral College to protect the minority populous in states along with a Judicial branch, the SC body. I am sure if I read more I’ll find many more checks and balances within America’s governmental system

      John, being a well-read person. Do you find it, as I do, that any ban on abortion in any state would violate someone’s 1st amendment rights? If so, do you think democracy should pursue that avenue, correcting what democracy’s majority rule over the minority gave America in the SC?

      John, I’m not a well-read person, nor do I overly remember. Thank OK for Google🤣
      but, you know me, I get all my shit from the gut. 🤣

      P.S what are you reading these days? 🙂


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