Is Ganim In Line For A Pardon From Trump?

What about me!

From Emilie Munson and Brian Lockhart, CT Post

Democratic Mayor Joe Ganim has had a long relationship with outgoing Republican President and businessman Donald Trump, dating back to the latter’s unsuccessful effort to build a casino here in the 1990s during Ganim’s first stint running City Hall.

Now that relationship might be Ganim’s, a convicted felon who returned to office in 2015, last and best chance to receive a fresh slate through a presidential pardon. Trump has offered clemency to a slew of well-connected individuals with legal troubles in the final chaotic weeks of his term, including Norwalk native, conservative political consultant and ally Roger Stone.

… Records from the U.S. Department of Justice indicate that Ganim has a pending request for a pardon after completion of sentence. Ganim would have submitted that request for a pardon at the earliest in mid-2015, during the tail end of Democratic President Barack Obama’s second term, based on federal eligibility requirements that impose a five-year waiting period after release from confinement.

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  1. Joe gets a pardon from 45 and he can forget about getting some type of assistant deputy position in HUD in Boston or some other northeast department from the Biden administration.

    1. Lol!! That’s a good call!! HUD!!! That’s where and how the politicians, contractors, and mobsters used to steal and funnel loads of cash. Which is also why those in subsidized housing continue to live in structures that are falling apart. NYCHA ring a bell?!! That would be a good place for Joe to go if Mario calls Pres. Joe and gets him that job. Opportunity zones, (public & private partnerships) paid for by people with money to invest to benefit those in need of housing etc. End result: the people with the investment money-i.e. the wealthy, get vilified for getting richer, OR, the government entities mismanage everything ,as the usually do, and nothing gets improved properly which is why nothing changes for the needy. Examples of end result: blue states and cities.
      But yes Ron, you are right, and that was a good example.

    1. Don, wow, that’s right on, the voters have long ago given Joe Ganim a pardon. They put this felon back in office as mayor to govern but what does Ganim do, after two years back in office as mayor he decided to run for governor and after losing at the Democrat convention he decided that he going to primary Ned Lamont and Ganim got his ass kicked badly, in fact Ganim barely won in Bridgeport. Ganim showed absolutely no loyalty to the Democratic Party and you better believe that Governor Lamont has not forgotten that. How many more breaks or pardons should Ganim be rewarded?

  2. “As for whether Ganim deserves one Marcus said he believes “Joe has turned things around and he would seem to be a perfect candidate for a pardon.”

    HAHAH..Joe has “turned things around”??….he has just been served notice that he will have to give a desposition about the hiring of the current police chief,meanwhile he instructed his personal director to make sure his friend made the final 3 to become police chief a few years ago.Now both his chief &personal director have been indicted and will serve time,and the Feds still have an ongoing investigation into what Joe did to rig the chief’s test.On top of all that,there are multiple questions about bid fixing,etc,etc…So ya,Joe has “turned things around”…NOT!

  3. I’d like to see Lennie Grimaldi get a Federal Pardon from Trump. He too has a history with Trump. Only problem could be the many negative Trump opinions Lennie has written of the blog. Paging Ray, could you expunge any and all negative Trump comments from the blog. As a matter of fact, edit them to the point where Donald Trump comes out smelling like a Rose.


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