Iconic Symbol ‘Guitar Man’ Harbors New Strings At The Amp

News release from Harbor Yard Amphitheater

A cultural icon from the New Haven Coliseum is heading to Bridgeport’s Harbor Yard Amphitheater. “The Guitar Man” will live again on the facade of the new amphitheater welcoming all to the venue. The Guitar Man graced the edifice of the Coliseum from 1972 until the implosion of the venue in 2007. A chance phone call during a segment of the Chaz & AJ Show, which is heard on 95.9 WFOX and 99.1 WPLR, with Live Nation’s Jim Koplik was the impetus for the deal.

Leo Reizfeld, the principal of Got Attitude Vodka, purchased the Guitar Man at auction during the demolition of the New Haven Coliseum. The Guitar Man was a reminder of the great concerts he enjoyed at the Coliseum; he could not let it be demolished. When a caller suggested to Chaz & AJ to relocate Guitar Man from Hamden to the new Amphitheater, Mr. Reizfeld reached out to the morning show. “Thank you to Jim Koplik and Howard Saffan for appreciating the significance of the Guitar Man to Connecticut. I cannot wait to see the Guitar Man in his new home. He lives another day,” said Mr. Reizfeld.

The Guitar Man is being restored by ABC Sign of Bridgeport. “We are so thrilled to be part of the restoration of the Guitar Man,” said Greg DeSanty, owner of ABC Sign. “We are adding LED lights to the Guitar Man to signify the importance of the relationship. We look forward to the Guitar Man luminating the Bridgeport sky.”

“I couldn’t be happier to connect Connecticut’s rich concert history with Connecticut’s concert future. The amphitheater in Bridgeport will do that. I have always believed that our greatest memories take place at the concerts we attend and now we can continue creating great concert memories in Bridgeport. Guitar man continues to live on and so will everyone’s great concert experiences,” said Live Nation’s Jim Koplik.

“We have worked so hard to create the perfect concert venue for both performers and music lovers. It’s like the changing of the Guard and a nod to Connecticut’s rich concert past to provide the Guitar Man a new home. The Guitar Man and Harbor Yard Amp look forward to welcoming music lovers this Spring,” said Howard Saffan, principal of Harbor Yard Amphitheater.

Chaz from the Chaz and AJ Morning Show remarked “We are proud to be a part of the link that brought the iconic Connecticut concert symbol to the beautiful amphitheater. Guitar Man is ready to greet the next generation of Connecticut concert goers.”

“We welcome the Guitar Man to the City of Bridgeport. Revitalizing this historic icon to be a focal point at a state of the art facility–Harbor Yard Amp is what our city’s culture is all about–innovation, restoration, arts and entertainment. We are all very excited about Guitar Man joining us for the opening of concert season in Bridgeport,” said Mayor Joe Ganim.

The Harbor Yard Amphitheater is slated to open in May 2021. The project is a joint venture between the City of Bridgeport, Harbor Yard Amphitheater and Live Nation.


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