Inventory Countdown To Mayoral Primary, Moore Versus Ganim

Ganim, center, with City Councilman Alfredo Castillo, District Leader Wanda Geter Pataky, State Rep. Chris Rosario and endorsed candidate for City Council Evette Brantley.

Three weeks from the September 10 Democratic primary for mayor, time to take inventory:

Absentee ballots: They became available on Tuesday, something that could pose a significant factor in the outcome. Mayor Joe Ganim’s political operatives have fanned out across the city identifying serial absentee ballot voters to fill out applications. The Town Clerk’s Office began mailing out the ballots on Tuesday.

In total look for about 2,000 absentee ballots combined by various campaign camps to be mailed.

Ganim will win the absentee ballot count. The question is how close can his primary rival Marilyn Moore keep that vote.

Fundraising: Ganim has raised more than $300,000, Moore just over $100,000 so Ganim has a major spend-down advantage in the final weeks. In these types of races, however, it’s not what Ganim spends it’s what the opponent spends. No candidate in the modern history of mayoral voting has won the office on Moore’s relatively lean bank account. Could this be a first?

The ticket: Alma Maya for city clerk, Chris Caruso for town clerk, Marilyn Moore for mayor.

Core support: Moore represents Connecticut’s 22nd Senate District which encompasses about one third of the city including Black Rock, West Side and North End. Those presumably are her strength areas. She must run up large margins there to offset Ganim’s absentee ballot advantage and strength in the areas she is not well known.

Ganim, based on his fundraising strength, power of incumbency and retail campaigning skills, is expected to perform well in the areas Moore is not well known such as the eastern and southern neighborhood areas, particularly Latino precincts such as Marin, Barnum and Harding.

Battleground area to watch: the African American-rich Wilbur Cross precinct where Ganim ran up large numbers in 2015 to upset incumbent Bill Finch in a primary. It’s also an area where Moore is well regarded as their state senator.

Issues: In the final weeks Ganim will leverage the power of incumbency to hammer home his campaign mantra of progress. In the past week alone he advanced a senior citizens tax relief program and more money for education to increase bus transportation for students. Groundbreaking is expected soon for developer Anthony Stewart’s plan to build a Gala Foods supermarket as well as pharmacy, health care facility and restaurants along Stratford Avenue in the East End.

Problem area for Ganim, public safety, something he leveraged into significant votes four years ago. The Police Department is struggling with pockets of neighborhood violence, internal strife and serious questions about police conduct against suspects. Can Moore draw a sharp contract on public safety? So far she’s maintaining a light public profile on specific issues.

With three weeks left Moore must step up awareness regarding the direction she wants to take the city on taxes, development, education and public safety.

As mayoral primaries go this has been thus far a sleepy race with many missed opportunities by the Moore camp. Can she develop a mighty core contrast with the incumbent in the final weeks?

AARP Connecticut will host a mayoral forum Wednesday, 7 p.m. at the Klein Memorial Auditorium.



  1. Lennie, what I find very strange in this primary and in the upcoming general that is NO PUERTO RICAN OR HISPANIC Democrat running for mayor, so does that mean that they have cut a deal with Joe Ganim because they do have a number good candidates who could run? Lennie, also I have not heard anything about the 139th district leadership like Ralph Ford and Ernie Newton on they are supporting, Ford and Newton have ALWAYS supported Ganim.

    1. Come on Ron,,,the Hispanic “leaders” are just too scared to make a decision and now it’s too late for this mayoral election cycle. Hispanics are playing it safe.

    2. Ron, why strange? Name me the last high-profile Hispanic to run for mayor in a Democratic primary? In 2003 Max Medina ran a credible race. In 2007, the primary was between Bill Finch and Chris Caruso. In 2011 it was Finch and Mary-Jane Foster. In 2015 it was Ganim, Finch and Foster. Now, this cycle, Ganim and Moore. Republican Rick Torres ran in 2003, 2011 and 2015 general elections. So, when will the time come for Hispanics? In 1836, Bridgeport elected its first mayor. Since that time everyone a white male, except for Mary Moran, a white woman elected in 1989. But, yes, given the city’s makeup still no black or brown chief elected official. It will happen, given the demographics of the city.

  2. I’m voting for Moore I expect a 300 plus margin out of black rock for her. Ganim lost to lamont by over 300 in the primary at black rock . moore beat mccarthy in a primary with 75% of the vote a few years ago at black rock. Moore is very popular in Black rock Ganim is not. I think she will run up margins in black rock and north end and may also flip precincts like wilbur cross from ganim in 2015 to moore in 2019. Isn’t it funny how moore will do better in precincts with higher white vote. while ganim will run stronger in more minority precincts .

  3. It’s time for a change! Ganim can back up the truck on the deals he’s made.
    A new broom sweeps clean, I have Moore beating Governor Joe by 5 points!
    Moore better have Lawyers on Primary Day!

  4. I support Moore and am somewhat disappointed in the strategy so far unless the strategy was a really big 3 weeks going into the primary. Facebook will only take you so far. Marilyn Moore should EVERYONE EVERYDAY…. DO YOU FEEL YOU AND THE CITY OF BRIDGEPORT ARE BETTER OFF THAN 4 YEARS ago when became mayor again. If one says yes,then vote for Ganim. But if one says NO,,,,it’s time to FIRE GANIM and HIRE MOORE. I’ve made my choice . I want to FIRE JOE GANIM. A complete waste of 4 years. The only development that he might have been involved in is the East Side Development(Gala Foods ets) but that area took an upturn with the opening of a Bridgeport Library Branch even though Ganim had been trying to stiff the BVridgeport Public Library due to the mill rate change and charter ordinance requiring the BPL to get ONE MILL or equivalent as referenced by the mill rate in place before Joe Ganim’s 25%(give or take) mill rate increase.Nothing was mentioned above about the Exact Capital/Poli Theaters $400 million dollar project. No mention above about the Primrose Construction/Guedes Family two ice rink proposal for downtown(that was really laughable). FOUR YEARS. WASTE OF TIME.

  5. My question is when does Moore going to start campaigning? When will she come out and hammer Joe about the mess his police chief and the overall police force is these days??When will she call Joe to the mat about the lack of development and lack of new, decent jobs in the city??When will she tell us her plans about lowering the highest property taxes in the state?? What about our education budget,or lack there of, when will she tell us how she is going to improve that?.. I’ve never seen such a “ho-hum” campaign” before.

    1. Frank, for real, Maria took a $1,000.00 from John Ricci, why would Maria do something like that! Was that a campaign donation or was it a special gift that doesn’t have to be reported? I noticed that she hasn’t been on OIB in a number of days. John Ricci and $1,000.00 to Maria, wow.

      1. MR.DONALD DAY. THANK FOR FIRST REPORTING THIS. This is bothering me to no end. It’s 3AM And it’s bothering me to no end. Really. Can OIB confirm this. Because if it’s true…..,OMG.

          1. Lennie, that can’t be true because Maria has talked against John Ricci on OIB. Why would Maria take $1000.00 donation from John Ricci?

          2. Maria Pereira, a lightning rod, loathes a number of politicians in Bridgeport. She dislikes Ganim. She is not fond of Moore, particularly her campaign’s strategic positioning this mayoral cycle. Moore’s strategists don’t want a formal campaign relationship with Pereira: they say she’s too much trouble in a formal way but will accept the residual benefits of Maria driving voters to Line B. For whatever reason, Pereira and Ricci are simpatico. As a city pol Ricci is an outlier for Maria. She has been publicly supportive on him during a few allegations of workplace harassment. Ricci has a mischievous bent to him. He donated $1,000, the legal personal maximum for a municipal slate committee, to her campaign running with Samia Suliman. Yes, political machinations are fascinating.

  6. Frank, I wouldn’t have said Maria received a $1000 from Ricci if it wasn’t true. Everyone wondered why Maria was so against Moore for Mayor and now it appears as if she was bought and paid for by Mayor Ganim and his team. Well if she isn’t bought and paid for she at the very least is being rented which is the Modus operandi of Mayor Ganim, rent you until he doesn’t need you anymore and then throw you away like a myriad of others including Maria like he did the first time he ran.

    Maria, if you don’t learn from Your mistake you are destined to repeat them, like getting on the Mayor Ganim bandwagon. Tell lil Steve we said what’s up!

  7. Who can blame Maria for taking the $1000 from Ricci?.She’s basicaly running as an independent,her sources for financial backing are limited,I say take the money…
    Now though,the ramifications of Maria accepting the $1000.First and foremost,there was no way Ricci donated to Maria without asking Joe&Mario to sign off on it,that’s how it’s done in Bpt.Now you have to ask why would Joe & Mario give their ok? Was it to quiet Maria down a bit?,get her to stop asking questions,stop digging? The optics say possibly that was the reason.
    There is no question that Maria’s credibility has taken a hit as far as her and Joe &Mario are concerned.And please,I hope no one suggest that Ricci didn’t get the ok from Mario &Joe before giving Maria the money,that is totally ridiculous.

  8. Don, I’m all talk, or did you mean that you and several OIB posters are “all talk.

    What have you, Ron Mackey and Donald Day done to expose corruption or quid pro quos? Oh, I know the answer. It would be absolutely nothing.

    How much work have you put in to elect your candidate, or any candidate you’ve supported?

    I have known John Ricci since 2013. He offered to donate to Howard Gardner, Andre Baker and Dave Henessey’s campaign in 2013.

    He donated to Ben Walker’s, Dennis Bradley’s and my BOE Campaign.

    He donated to Nessah Smith’s and Anthony Paoletto’s campaign in 2015.

    He donated to Karen Jackson’s BOE campaign in 2015.

    He donated to Kate Rivera’s State Rep campaign.

    He has donated to many candidates that I have supported, and he did it because I asked him to.

    John Ricci is my friend. Although we are polar opposites politically, we are able to put that aside. He is also incredibly helpful and responsive to the needs of the constituents of the 138th District

    He has supported every Christmas Tree Lighting and Easter Egg Hunt we have hosted.

    For anyone to imply that I have sold my soul to Mario Testa, Mayor Ganim or the DTC because of this specific donation by my FRIEND John Ricci, you must be a lazy, pathetic moron who just posts on OIB while I and others are out making a difference in the community.

    Frank, you and I had a cordial conversation, therefore you should catch plenty of ZZZZZZZ’s tonight.

    Please remember while you’re on OIB not doing a single meaningful thing to help your candidate, I am out knocking on doors 3- 9 hours per day doing what I do best. Engaging, educating and connecting with my neighbors in a meaningful way.

    John Ricci is my FRIEND, and if there is anyone who has a problem with it please know that is YOUR problem not mine

    By the way not a single one of YOU has challenged Marilyn Moore for her close alliance with Tony Barr. A convicted felon who served 21 years in federal prison for attempted murder of a police detective while serving as an enforcer for a drug gang.

    Hmmm…. Let’s see. Is the better quality human being Tony Barr or John Ricci? I choose John Ricci without so much as batting an eyelash.

    John Ricci, thank you for your generous $1,000 donation which was fully compliant with the SEEC requirements. You are the very best! 🙂

  9. On one final note, I am sure Tony Barr is doing an amazing job delivering the 138th District to Marilyn Moore.

    Marilyn Moore has clearly surrounded herself with individuals who are strategically brilliant. 🙂

  10. Maria, I respect all your hard work you do trying to make our city a better place, I truly do.But you have to admit, the second you accepted Ricci’s donation,you had to know what that implies.Let’s face it, Ricci, Joe&Mario are partners in crime( literally).For all your hard work, calling out all that try to take advantage of our city, you have accepted money from someone that continues to take advantage of our city year after year.From the $500,000 Mouhtino driveway fiasco that he arranged knowing full well it wasn’t in the best interest of our city, to most recently the scrap metal money stealing and arranging the no bid, $ 700,000 paving contract he signed off on for the public works garage. In any other city he would have been fired years ago, but because he has so much dirt on Joe, he gets promotions and is untouchable.Maria, even though he’s your “friend”, in your heart of hearts you have to feel the same, don’t you?

    1. Harvey, this is a great summary of what happen and I’m in full agreement with you. Maria’s excuse in part is the fact that John Ricci gave money to other candidates so it was ok for her to accept $1000.00 from Ricci. Let’s not forget that Maria attacked people because they were friends with Ganim and Mario and that they were no good. Maria was making a moral stand against anything that was Ganim and Mario support in any way but her reply to that is John Ricci is a friend of hers even though these two men, Ganim and Mario, are Ganim and Mario biggest supporters.

  11. I am not a fool. I know John Ricci is incredibly loyal to Mario Testa whom I despise.

    John Ricci is the only member of the entire Ganim administration that I speak with. He has been able to put his political differences with me aside in order to take care of the needs of the residents of the 138th District. That is what we should all want from any city employee.

    Every city employees job is to serve the residents of Bridgeport regardless of politics. John Ricci always does that. I have found Engineering, most staff in the Town Clerk’s office, the Tax Assessor’s office, the Fire Marshal’s office, the Building Permits office, the BFD office to conduct themselves in a non partisan manner.

    Remember, the BPD arrested me and charged me with three misdemeanors. I made the front page of the CT Post, OIB,,Channel 12 News, and more, however I was found not guilty on all charges.

    As far as I know John Ricci has not been found guilty of any theft or misappropriating taxpayer funds and I have yet to see any evidence that he has.

    We have absolute proof that Karen Jackson committed theft of tax payer funds. I personally reviewed her stipend report.

    The $500,000 driveway was negotiated at the request of Mayor Finch. By the way, Manny Mountinho submitted the lowest bid.

    I honestly don’t believe John Ricci was pocketing money from the scrap metal sales. That is low level petty theft.

    I do want to know more about the Vaz brothers paving and change orders for the new public Facilities garage.

    I could have easily posted on OIB that Chris Taylor doesn’t reside in Bridgeport or that Karen Jackson committed theft of taxpayer funds without submitting one iota of proof. That is easy enough to do.

    However, I went about conducting the necessary research and provided factual evidence to support my assertions.

    I need evidence that supports the accusations often made by others. Some on OIB don’t. I don’t ever want to be in that category.

    I have a really important campaign day today and off I go….


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