Intensive Care Lobbying: Malloy’s Budget Scalps City Hospitals

As Governor Dan Malloy’s budget proposal undergoes surgery by the state legislature, a group calling itself Protect My Hospital developed by the Connecticut Hospital Association has launched a campaign highlighting Malloy’s budget impact on state hospitals. The organization claims the “total two-year impact of the proposed cuts on Bridgeport Hospital is $22,485,526. For St. Vincent’s Medical Center it’s $27,268,940.”

The medical industry, led by the city’s two hospitals, has emerged as the largest private-sector employers in the city. The city’s two hospitals combine for more than 4,000 direct jobs and nearly the same in spinoff employment, with a combined economic impact of roughly $1.5 billion, according to Protect My Hospital which claims:

Connecticut hospitals contribute $20 billion annually to the state and local economies, and generate nearly 110,000 jobs across the state. Hospitals generate $10.8 billion in annual local payroll, $7.5 billion in goods and services, and $1.7 billion in capital spending. Dollars spent by hospitals have a “ripple effect” as they move through the larger economy. Therefore, cuts to hospitals will hurt the whole community.

A provider of jobs and promoter of economic activity, hospitals keep communities vibrant. Here is how your hospital currently benefits its community.

The Connecticut Hospital Association and its 29 acute-care hospital members have launched a campaign to raise awareness about how cuts in healthcare funding negatively affect hospitals and the communities they serve.

The line of municipal leaders, hospital executives and social service organizations complaining about Malloy’s proposed cuts is growing longer by the day.



  1. How ridiculous. My state income tax hasn’t gone down and I am paying more in sales tax. Where is all of our money going? You know our local taxes are going to go up as a result of Malloy’s completely inept management of state finances. They laughed at him in Stamford.

  2. Hardcore Capitalists disagree with today’s starting assumption. Doctors, nurses and all hospital employees depend on public money and do not qualify as private-sector workers. How can you be “emerging” when your status has been the same for years? There is only one thing worse than socialism and that’s selective socialism.
    When 99.999% of your financing comes from government expenditures it’s misleading to say you’re part of the private sector. The Connecticut Hospital Association is dependent on state and Federal monies, period. I sense desperation as the budget shrinks and their public relation efforts rise.
    $1.5 billion is how much hospital workers subtract from the economy, not how much they add. What they call a personal asset, we call a state and Federal debt.
    I’m a Governor Malloy fanboy. No matter what, Bridgeport’s two hospitals will get mega millions from the upcoming budget. Malloy’s hands are tied by Federal requirements. He’s doing what he can and forcing formerly docile beneficiaries into action. That’s what winners do.


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