Infected Mosquitoes Found In City

From Frank Juliano, CT Post:

Mosquitoes carrying the West Nile Virus have been found at the Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport and along Barnum Avenue, according to the latest test results released Thursday by the state Agricultural Experiment Station.

West Nile infected mosquitoes had also been found last week in Stratford at Beacon Point and in Stamford at Cove Island Park.

The mosquitoes were trapped last week as part of the state’s mosquito management program. The 10 infected mosquitoes at the Beardsley Zoo follows by week a negative test of 39 of the insects at the same site, officials said.

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  1. This only happens when Finch is Mayor.
    Ganim promises to RID the city of insects. Ganim promised to spend a million dollars on Raid and OFF to clean up this environmental issue left behind by the green mayor Tax Bill Finch.

  2. Bob, you are right. When Ganim was Mayor I was never even stung by a mosquito. Under Finch I was stung about twice each summer. I filed an FOI to see how may people have gotten stung in Bridgeport but they still have not released this information. But under the Finch administration if you scratch the sting it is no longer considered a sting, so you have to leave it alone. If you scratch it is then considered “self perpetuated.” Nice way to change the definitions and bring down the numbers right before the election. No wonder Finch got the mosquito endorsement from Local Mosq 44. If Finch would not have given mosquitoes free entry at Beardsley there would have been no West Nile detected. Finch is too soft on seasonal migration.

  3. The city, under Finch, has adopted a building code for all new city construction, all roofs must be built and drained in such a way the roof is ‘bone dry’ less than 24 hours after the rain stops. This should help eliminate standing water mosquito habitats. If you have a rain barrel or yard pond you should put a mosquito disk in it.

  4. Bridgeport property owners get stung by Finch twice a year, Jan. 1st and July 1st. We should “Off” him in September.
    Ganim requires all mosquitoes doing business in Bridgeport pay a stipend directly to him for every bite.

  5. Next week the United Dray Horses, Pack Rats, Yard Apes, Dust Bunnies and Pole Cats of America will hold a vote on endorsing Bill Finch, a member of the associated Council of Aviary Organizations, for mayor of Bridgeport.

    1. Did you mean jailbirds? I know, bad and over the top, but I could not resist. I will now go to the time-out corner for one solid day before Lisa is forced to send me there.


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