Illegal Dumping Site In East End Demolished

Mayor Joe Ganim on Monday was joined by State Rep. Andre Baker and Councilman Ernie Newton to commence demolition of an East End property on Newfield Avenue that officials say became the site of notorious illegal dumping.

From left, Economic Development Director Tom Gill, State Rep. Andre Baker, Councilman Ernie Newton, Mayor Joe Ganim and Deb Sims, East End Revitalization Zone official.

The property is adjacent to the $6 million Newfield Library under construction and $7 million Civic Block redevelopment slated for a Gala Foods grocery store and other retail outlets.

Anthony Stewart, the managing partner of city-based Ashlar Construction, has joined forces with Bridgeport Landing Development, operators of the Steelpointe Harbor redevelopment area, as equity partners for the Civic Block project.

Last month outgoing Governor Dan Malloy announced the site will receive $725,000 for remediation. Stewart says the remediation portion of the project will take about four months. He anticipates groundbreaking for the Gala Foods grocery store around July 1.

Newton says the demolished building has symbolic significance because it served as a grocery store when he was a kid. The East End is now classified as a food desert.

“I am glad to see the tearing down of old buildings to make way for what’s to come in the East End with our new Civic Block development,” says Newton. “Building up a city sometimes means cleaning up or clearing what currently stands.”

“Knocking down blight makes a difference in our city, but most importantly it makes a difference for the residents who live on the East End,” said Ganim in a prepared statement. “We cannot just bring new development and not address the surrounding issues.”

“This is another step in continuing to renew the neighborhood,” says Baker. “Demolishing this property is adding value to the development projects that are on the rise on Stratford Avenue and in the East End.”

City officials say the demolition was conducted by Bridgeport-based, small and minority owned abatement company TLC Services and Cherry Hill Construction Company.



  1. EVERYONE mark that date on your calendar. JULY 1st,2019. Signed contracts and “put your money where your mouth is” will be assessed on July 1st in terms of this project.

      1. Ernest Newton..your “report card” will be due on this project on July 1,2019. If you deliver,good news for the people of the East Side. If you don’t deliver,what should the repercussions be????

      2. I agree they both love the camera and to compete for airtime. I laugh each time I read an article with Ernie in it. He loves the attention. But you have to give it to him, he is on all the major scenes. Ernie is hard at work. Great Job Ernie.

        1. Good Morning,
          Let me say i’m grateful that i’ve been fighting for a long time with or without a title.Council woman Martinez and myself have tried to be a voice in improving our community. We are not in competition with each other. Thank God we do have people who will speak up. I realize one is damned if he dose and damned if he doesn’t but i’ve never been a leader worrying about what people think about me. I’m more concerned with what God thinks about me.I hope when that day comes someone will say that i tried to feed the hungry, cloth the naked, visited the sick,and thoughts in prison. I will say this we have never had this must activite in the Eastend in over 20 years and i’ve only been back in office one year. I will continue fighting because slow motion is better than No Motion!

  2. Why did it take so long to tear this house down because it has been there for some time? I’m glad it’s being torn down but wow, it was way too long, by the way where was Councilwoman Eneids Martinez, did Joe and Ernie give her a heads up about the media being there today?

        1. Yes,
          RON i remember those days too thanks God its Gone and Remember i got a 500,000.00 million dollars to move it. Yes its taken a long time to move forward but slow motion is better than no motion.

    1. Ron
      Council Martinez Knew about building being knock down i believe she was at work! Sometimes everyone can’t be there! I represented both of us . We work together as a team some things i cant be at and she can. Eatend is well Represented.

        1. Ron you and Don have known me for a long, long time in this city. We have agreed and disagreed on many issues. I hope that you and Don have watched me go through many trails and tribulations in my life but its never stop me from fighting for what i believed in that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

  3. Just Curious. Why is it that Cherry Hill Construction gets every demo contract in the city? Most of these go out to bid. This particular project I don’t recall seeing going out to bid.

    They do fine work, but I like the thought of other relationships being made for the city and making our bids more price competitive.

  4. Ernie, thank you for your leadership on this. Good job. When I used to pass up there I always wondered why it looked like an eye-sore. Glad you worked on this. It was terrible looking.

  5. Thanks,
    Stephanie We have to knock down in order to build up. O bye the way thanks Stephanie for adding some spicy to this BLOG. I love it and don’t back down STAND YOUR GROUND lol

  6. City Councilperson Ernest Newton.. I really do hope that this Civic Bock Redevelopment Project will break ground,will have signed contracts and architectural plans in place by July 1,2019. It truly would be a great t6hing. However,let us not be remiss in mentioning that it is the 6 million dollar construction of the Newfield Branch of the Bridgeport Public Library that has REALLY kick started interest in the immediate area. Modern Libraries,especially The BPL,are more than just “Libraries” but are community centers that bring people into the library and the immediate surrounding area for ohhh-sooo many reasons beyond books. So,I am glad to hear that there is interest in the property adjacent to the Newfield Branch of The Bridgeport Public Library,Mr.Newton, I would like to remind you that you threatened the “City Charter ‘One-Mill” revenue flow to the Bridgeport Library System during the Scott Hughes imbroglio. I know that for certain because I sat behind when you stood up and declared that it would be easy and worthwhile to stop the “One-Mill” revenue stream. Yet,today,The Bridgeport Library is playing a real role in serving your constituents in reviving that section of Bridgeport and having an impact on re-investment and a greater chance of return on investment. CCperson Newton,Have you anything to say? Thank you and take care.

    1. Good Morning
      Frank Let me say this i supported the library mill increase in the Mayors last budget he did not put the library increase in the budget. The city council budget committee along with council members during the budget hearing found monies for the library increase which was voted on by the voters of our city.

      1. Ernie
        Thank you for getting back to me. I really appreciate that you supported the library mill increase in the last budget. I hope that the East End Civic Center(Gala Supermarket) will take shape and there is one really good reason that this might happen. A new community center called the Bridgeport Public Library is opening there and the Bridgeport Public Library ia a magnet for a lot of good things.

  7. Local contractors from the ‘burbs are, no doubt, encouraged by the news of more illeg-dumping space opening up in Bridgeport for them… It’s been a long time since there’s been any news of fines or truck confiscation for illegal dumping in Bridgeport… The dumping hasn’t stopped — only the enforcement against such, apparently…

  8. I have to wonder why this was put off for political reasons. The health of the people of the city of Bridgeport is far more important than an elected official’s job security. Do this sort of thing throughout the term and you’ll be in the tall cotton with voters.

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