‘I Prefer An Engaging Rogue To A Complete Fool’

Leave it to retired Superior Court Judge Carmen Lopez to assess the state of affairs in city politics. Fresh off taking the city to task for rolling out a messy parking meter system, the city resident writes in a commentary for OIB “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

And the beat goes on …

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Just take a look at Bridgeport and its governmental and non-governmental institutions.

If you want to see proclamations of major change, just look to City Hall.

If you want to see real change, look elsewhere!

Where else in Connecticut would a free people vote in a Mayor who served time in federal prison for public corruption? And that corruption was in their own town, not in another place, far away!

The Bridgeport voters wanted change and they sure got it! We wanted change to move the City forward, and we wanted no more of Finch and his cronies.

In the movie, The Last Hurrah, a clergyman opines, “I prefer an engaging rogue to a complete fool.”

The voters of Bridgeport agreed.

I remember the reluctance of the distinguished folks in the Greater Bridgeport Regional Business Council. Most of them believed that business would suffer and that Bridgeport would never move forward if Mayor Ganim was returned to office.

It is hard to believe that at their recent business luncheon, where people are charged $100 per plate to learn the state of their city, Mayor Ganim was given a standing ovation!

No more shunning the leper!

Now there is some change for you!

What is the old saying, “what a difference a day makes” or should it be, “what a difference political power makes?”

Ethics and accountability played a critical role in the campaign to re-elect the current Mayor.

During the campaign, one of the Mayor’s more visible props was former FBI agent Ed Adams. His claim to fame was that he helped convict Joe Ganim. Adams described himself as the lead investigator of the federal investigation called “operation hardball,” although two of his federal agent colleagues challenged his assertions that he was the lead investigator.

In the end, it did not matter. His presence helped to sanitize a stained and sullied politician in search of a second chance.

Adams’ reward was a senior advisor position in the Mayor’s office earning close to $100,000. We were told that this former FBI agent, a beacon of light and accountability if there ever was one, would monitor any forces of corruption attempting to sneak back into the city and, with a wave of his powerful law enforcement sword, destroy the evil enemies.

The City was in for real change alright!

The re-incarnation of St. George the dragon slayer was now going to have an office in the Mayor’s suite.

No need to fear; Ed Adams is near!

What a change was in store for Bridgeport, a place some have called the capitol of corruption.

However, no sooner did Bridgeport’s Ethics Czar, assume his position as a City Employee, than his duties changed.

Now he is negotiating contracts with private corporations designed to privatize parking meters in the City. He is presiding over meetings with the powerful titans of Bridgeport business and the not-so-powerful tenants of struggling downtown businesses.

How is that for change?

During his first months in office, Mayor Ganim launched Open Bridgeport, “an online portal through which the public will be able to search real time city financial information.” Ed Adams, the point person, said at the time, “Mayor Ganim has pledged an open, honest and transparent city government … This initiative … will deliver transparency and establish an easily searchable database for the use of all residents.”

Looks like somewhere in the months following the launching of this Open Bridgeport portal, something changed again.

Mayor Ganim and his circle of enablers, recently announced that a bridge had been constructed in City Hall. This bridge is accessible to certain highly perched and privileged city personnel. This selective group of city employees are permitted to connect previous years of service with current service. In this way, they increase their pensions and their benefits.

CTPOST Scribe Brian Lockhart, in an article published on February 24, 2017, reported that he has made many efforts to obtain the written policy for allowing this bridging of services, but the City has not been forthcoming. Instead, he was provided with a list of high level officials who gained admittance to this bridge. The list includes David Dunn, personnel director, and John Ricci, Director of Public Facilities and of the newly created Parking Division, to name just two.

The list also includes Mayor Ganim, who as it turns out, was accruing time, while he was doing time.

How is that for change?

Where is our ethics czar when we need him?

George Orwell said it best in his classic fable, Animal Farm; “All animals are equal, but some (the pigs) are more equal than others.”

As I said, ‘the beat goes on.’



  1. Now, that’s what I’m talking about, let the games begin, there is NOBODY out there who knows how to investigate and layout a problem better than Judge Lopez. She has been keeping her powder dry waiting for the right time to fire her shot. She has much more to say than what is in this topic. Judge Lopez has cut right through what what OIB bloggers have been trying to say about Bridgeport and it’s history and how we the voters are NOT doing our duty to keep people like Ganim and Finch in check. Hopefully Judge Lopez will speak out more about the political climate here in Bridgeport and in the state, thank you Judge Lopez.

    1. Ganim should be, boxed out of participating in Connecticut’s Citizens Election Program.
      I hope the SEEC take’s a hard look how Joe Ganim classified himself as a City (Bridge Employee)
      The mayor’s office recently confirmed to Hearst Connecticut Media that Ganim is being treated as a “bridge employee” who picked up where he left off when sworn in Dec. 1, 2015, rather than as a new hire starting at the bottom.
      If you’re Ganim, who already earns $144,000, bridging is a good thing because it means a fatter pension, an annual bonus, cheaper health care and more vacation time.
      Ganim continues to violate the taxpayers trust.

      The state Elections Enforcement Commission awarded Malloy and Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman $6.5 million together for their general election campaign under what Connecticut has billed as its clean elections program.

      Help box out Ganim from participating in Connecticut’s Citizens Election Program!

      State Elections Enforcement Commission 
      20 Trinity St Hartford CT 06106 / Phone:860-256-2940 

  2. I don’t know Judge Lopez, come to think of it, I really don’t know any of you bloggers on OIB, however I am happy to see two OIB bloggers, that generally hate, condemn, and insult each other continuously on OIB, come together by Judge Lopez.

    As a simple man and in true fashion of “open, honest and transparency” I can only go by your written words and the meaning that are given to them in the dictionary. “All animals are equal, but some (the pigs) are more equal than others” This inequality has been part of country since its inception. When it stated black people are 3/5th on human being, the same country that gave you your robe, the same robe that US judges back then wore and had to adhere to those laws.

    As a Judge you know judges are on the bench to follow the laws not write them. That task is left up to another body. Although, government and its laws are written in ways for one’s interpretation that renders a judge’s judgement or even over looked. However God’s laws are not and will not, and all the animals, even those “pigs” that are more equal than others will find the ethic czar. Good luck people.

    More things change the more they stay the same, and the beat goes on.

  3. Robert, you said, “I am happy to see two OIB bloggers, that generally hate, condemn, and insult each other continuously on OIB, come together by Judge Lopez.” Robert, I don’ hate Maria. My issue Maria goes back to retired Superior Court Judge Carmen Lopez. It was Judge Lopez who asked me to let Maria to attend the Firebird Society’s annual cookout to meet and to talk to those at our cookout and as the President and out of respect to Judge Lopez I saw no problem plus it the first and only time that I ever met Maria. It was Maria first time running for the Bridgeport Board Of Education and Maria was being supported by Bobby Simmson, at that time he was a member of the BOE and Sauda Baraka who was also a BOE member. Well, a few years after Maria getting elected to the BOE I started to questioned Maria’s comments on OIB. So asked Maria on OIB do those who supported her still support her. Well, Maria called Sauda and Bobby to ask them did they tell me that they didn’t support her. Notice she didn’t ask Judge Lopez so Maria started saying that I was a liar and that she had caught me in a lie. Out of respect to Judge Lopez I didn’t reply back to Maria that it was Judge Lopez who I was talking to and that she had told me that she had some issues with Maria.

    I knew that Judge Lopez wouldn’t like the vulgar comments that Maria was posting on OIB about people. Below is a example where Maria is making comments that she claims Judge Lopez told her. Did Maria get the ok from Judge Lopez to use Judge Lopez to post things that was told to her by Judge Lopez? I told Maria then and I’m telling her now that she doesn’t know who I speak to and what they tell me.

    Maria Pereira // Apr 27, 2017 at 4:21 pm

    No-one conducts more thorough research or is more prepared than Judge Lopez. NO ONE.
    Her gut instincts are undeniable. She warned me about Fran Rabinowitz, Dave Hennessy, Andre Baker, Lindsay Darrel, etc. I couldn’t see what she saw early on until it was too late.
    She has been 100% right EVERY single time. If she gives you advice on a situation or individual; take It!

    1. Ron Mackey, the lies and exaggerations you tell are unacceptable.

      I NEVER once posted on OIB while serving as a BOE member for my first term. I did not even post on OIB while with the WFP.

      I first posted on OIB AFTER I no longer served in any political or elected position.

      The Firebird Society is held in a public park, therefore no one has to “ask permission” to attend.

      You wrote that I had lost support of Sauda,Bobby and Judge Lopez. I spoke with Sauda and Bobby who both shared they had no communication with you period and BOTH authorized me to post that on OIB.I did not contact Judge Lopez because I knew what she was dealing with in regards to the care of her parents. You yourself admitted and posted that you lied.

      AFTER you posted your LIES, I was involved in a recount a well-known Bridgeport attorney contacted me and offered me their services at no cost, but several people urged me to call Judge Lopez. I called her and before I could even ask her to consider overseeing the recount on my behalf; she graciously volunteered to do so.

      Who are you to EVER criticize someone else for “vulgar” comments? Have you read your racist and outrageous posts?

      You attempted to post about a private conversation that you claimed to have with Judge Lopez about whether she did or did not support me, yet you want to criticize me for posting warnings she gave me about politicians.

      You sir, are a complete idiot who has difficulty with basic spelling. I am not pointing out typos, I mean obvious issues with basic spelling and writing complete, comprehensive sentences.

        1. Robert, I am have repeatedly informed you that I do not need you to defend me against anyone posting on OIB.

          I believe I have made it quite clear that I will respond to any posts regarding me. I will choose when or when not to respond.

          1. Please tell me where I was defending you. I was defending the Idiots let down by the BPS that you insulted. I’m attacking you. 🙂 You time line is off in your response to Ron, the idiot. 🙂

          2. PS you have the right to respond to any posts regarding you and everyone has the right respond to any of Ron’s posts, even the ones regarding you. So please stop asking people to not responds to any of Ron’s posts regarding you. A true leader, leads by example.

            PS I am not defending you here, I’m attacking you. 🙂

            And obvious you and Ron has not about supports and don’t supports who

          3. Robert, based on your failure to post comments which are focused and comprehensive, I agree. The BPS definitely let you down.

            However, I and my five siblings turned out just fine.

          4. Maria while you’re pondering what it means to “turn out just fine” How many of the 21000 students in the BPS are being let down? After all you are an elected BBOE member. I’m I the exception or you and your siblings? If I am the exception and you and your siblings are the norm. What with all of the fuse you’re making? If I’m not the exception, do you think it wise of mock those who were let down by the BPS? More importantly as a BBOE member what are you going to do about those who are let down by the BPS system, regardless of norm or exception. One Ron, idiot, is a letdown and failure of the BPS. Defense or attack 🙂

            PS who you run council 🙂

      1. Maria, you understand everything I write, misspellings, grammar, etc you still understand. I never said that I had spoken to Sauda and Bobby and you are the liar for saying that I did. Maria I stand by what I said about you. Once again Maria, you are a LIAR and the more you keep engaging me on this topic you will find certain people losing whatever support you had from them, like I said you don’t know me or who I know and whaty involvement in politics. There’s a saying goes, of you don’t know then you better ask somebody.

          1. Definition of spoken
            : delivered by word of mouth : oral


        1. Ron Mackey,

          You repeatedly post comments and sentences that are incomplete and incomprehensible, as you just did.

          I don’t need to ask one person about you because I already know everything I need to know about you.

          You are a retired Bridgeport firefighter who lives in Seaside Village who whines on OIB, but does nothing to better his community. You post racist comments,lies, exaggerate, and clearly have difficulty with basic spelling and writing a complete, comprehensive sentence.

          I think that just about sums you up.

          1. Maria ror a BBOE member you know the schools are failing. It’s unbecoming to show slight to those who are/were victims of a failing school system because of your disposition towards Ron. Especially when you ran to be elected to the BBOE to solve such problems. Defense or attack? 🙂

            Ron you have gotten better since I started on OIB. Even Maria can see that. You can work on your quoting complete paragraph we wrote. When responding to a reply. Defense of attack 🙂

            Personally I think Maria and Ron like each other. They met once at a Firebird picnic and the flames went out. Maria, in my vast experience, men tend to bully woman they like. Ron when a woman likes a man they tend to be crazy. They learn all about their man. Defense of attack 🙂

            Judge Lopez I changed my assessment. You don’t have an engaging rouge and a complete fool. You have to fools. Defense or attack 🙂


        2. Ron Mackey, you specifically stated in your post that I had the lost the support of Bobby Simmons, Sauda Baraka and Carmen Lopez. How would you know that if you hadn’t communicated with them.

          Bobby Simmons was not happy that you had made such an assertion and stated he had ZERO interaction with you. Sauda Baraka stated she had not seen much of you but when she had you had simply exchanged pleasantries. Both authorized me to post their responses on OIB.

          You admitted on OIB that you had lied about your assertions. When you constantly tell lies you get confused. Clearly, you are a compulsive liar and can’t keep your lies straight.

          1. Robert, don’t ever speak to what I know or make comments about what I can see.

            I don’t know you and have never had a conversation with you.

            Schools aren’t failing, a corrupt and racist school funding system is failing our children.

          2. A Corrupt and racist system perhaps. Funding while maybe unfair but many developed spend less per student than the US and they rank better than the US. This city spent near 1/2 the its budget to education 2100 students. leaving the other 1/2 to run the entire city. Correct? Since you know so much how much per student does BPS get and how much does the charter schools get per student? What are the outcomes between the two?

          3. Really, 1/2 the City’s budget goes to the Bridgeport Public Schools. Just another OIB blogger making sh_t up and posting it on OIB as if it were fact. Are you related to Kelly Ann Conway and in support of “alternative facts”?

            Out of 169 school districts, no municipality contributes LESS to its true public schools than the City of Bridgeport. Now there’s a relevant fact.

            You are clueless.

          4. con·ver·sa·tion
            the informal exchange of ideas by spoken words. We had many conversation on IOB BAM 🙂

          5. The “what you can say” is a correction of a incomprehensible sentence you made in our OIB conversation. 🙂 the use of the word “SEE” in you sentence was WRONG. 🙂

            “Robert, don’t ever speak to what I know or make comments about what I can see.” 🙂 I still like even thought you have poor grammar. 🙂


          6. This was your quote not mine;

            “Ron you have gotten better since I started on OIB. Even Maria can see that.”


          7. SEE I was right. 🙂 If you could SEE mine then you could SEE Ron’s go catch 🙂

          8. You know what Ron, I, and you and see? You not are answering my questions. 🙂

            I still like you, found any candidates to run

  4. Ron Mackey, you are an idiot.

    The lawsuit against the illegal takeover was brought by Bobby Simmons and myself with Sauda bringing her own in conjunction with several community members. MJF brought a separate lawsuit which only muddied the waters.

    Judge Lopez was not a plaintiff in any lawsuit although she found Bobby’s and my attorney,and was CRITICAL in the success of our lawsuit.

    You should consider NOT posting on matters you are not knowledgeable about which would be an extensive range of topics.

    1. Maria, you wrote “Judge Lopez was not a plaintiff in any lawsuit although she found Bobby’s and my attorney,and was CRITICAL in the success of our lawsuit.” What was Judge Lopez CRITICAL of in the success of our lawsuit?

  5. Judge Lopez, you have preferred a engaging rouge to a complete fool but you have both, engaging rouge and a complete fool. OIB writing lesson over.

        1. Robert, look at how many times you have made comments especially at the end and this something that you do all the time, Robert should slow down and there is no need for to always explain yourself.

  6. A this is a comments section.

    B I’m not explaining anything.

    C. Stop trying to get me to hate on Maria

    D. We are all just having a COMMUNICATION. 🙂 I’m still winning

    E. There are more signification thing going on in teh world than meters, or who said what to who, like humans actually dying of starvation.

    E You will know when I slowdown. I will slowdown when I’m done.

    F. I’m Done,


  7. Regarding the City Budget proposal for 2018 currently under study the total before any changes voted by the City Council in the next few days shows $542,494,011 proposed by the Mayor’s office though officially departments requested $597,576,683. The major difference is $28,670,442 dropped from the Education request by the Mayor’s proposal.
    Total ACTUAL budgets for comparison purposes were $525 Million in 2015, $534 Million in 2016 and $552 Million in the current year approved but still with four months remaining.
    Remember that there are GRANT REVENUES from State and Federal sources but we are not provided budget info regularly in real time to monitor or understand how our tax dollars to State and Federal programs comes back to the City.

    From the above total budget reports the BOE budget, exclusive of Nutrition (Title I Federal funding around $15 Million) or of Debt and Interest payments around $16,500,000 annually are recorded on Page 7 of this year’s proposed budget as $222,689,025 FY 2015, $227,578,914 FY 2016, and current FY 2017 proposed $198,908,471. There are more numbers floating around at City meetings but these facts come from Page 7 of the FY 2018 Proposed City of Bridgeport Operating Budget that is available on line to everyone who blogs. Who will read the facts and speak to the City Council? Time will tell.


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