Hunting Down PAC Money

From Ken Dixon, CT Post:

ESSEX–On a quiet, affluent street, 54 miles from Bridgeport City Hall and the controversy over Mary-Jane Foster’s primary challenge to Mayor Bill Finch, is a house that will be a focus of a new state investigation.

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  1. Just a state investigation? It’s more than that! When five or more people participate in something like this, it spells RICO. I noticed in the PAC’s financial filings with the SEEC, Beccaro includes copies of the envelopes where the reports were mailed in. Wire fraud? Will mom and dad plead the fifth? I understand they can’t plead the fifth with the SEEC and when interviewed by the feds, lying will make matters worst. The SEEC will want to look at the phone bills and perhaps ask why some were paid directly to Verizon and others were paid by reimbursing mom. How about looking into which cell towers directed the calls and see if the calls were really made from Essex. Hey Lennie, wasn’t the big boss at the SEEC a former FBI agent?


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