How The City Council Voted On New Tax Abatement Guidelines

Monday night by a 10-8 vote the City Council approved new tax-break guidelines for developers while eliminating the legislative body’s future approval on such deals. Here’s how they voted:

Kathy Bukovsky Yes

Scott Burns Yes

Jack Banta No

Denese Taylor-Moye absent

M. Evette Brantley No

John W. Olson No

Thomas C. McCarthy No

Jeanette Herron Yes

Michelle Lyons No

AmyMarie Vizzo-Paniccia No

Mary McBride-Lee Yes

Richard Salter No

Jose Casco No

Alfredo Castillo Yes

Aidee Nieves Yes

Milta I. Feliciano Yes

Anthony Paoletto Yes

Nessah Smith Yes

Eneida Martinez absent

James Holloway Yes



  1. I will say this my council person Nessah Smith continues to show she is clueless and continues to vote like Ganim tells her. We all know that Paoletta is a total ass kisser and is doing this to protect his fathers 3rd try at a city job. I see the Black Rock Reps went along.

    1. I am so with you Andrew. At least we will not have Paoletta after this term. We will get Nessah out in two years! Let’s hope the new crew will open the city charter to revision.

    1. Steve,
      Democracy can be described in many ways. This would not be an great example unless by “it” you mean something was voted upon? But governance is not your strong suit and so folks will continue to look at you as a “tail wagger” for whatever executive gets into office. Who patted your head on this one? Time will tell.

  2. The Good Thing is A New CITY COUNCIL CAN ALWAYS REPEAL AND REPLACE NEW LANGUAGE and CHANGE WHATS BEEN DONE JUST ASK TRUmP THE REPEAL AND REPLACE PRESIDENT. 10 NEW PEOPLE WERE Elected in the Primary not Counting the 133rd district. They may have won the battle but not the WAR!

  3. Andy you’re right, and Steve my friend, “shut up.” You have no idea what a vote like this, if not corrected by the “new council” will mean in abuses as in the past Ganim Administration. Thank you to those reasonable, forward-thinking council members whose “no” vote will be forever in the City archives. It’s not hard to figure out the reason for the yes votes, they’re either protecting family or friends with City jobs, or are too stupid to realize what they voted for.

      1. Lisa, this is the second time you said shut up to me . So you stop ranting you sound like a lunatic pining for days gone by . Knock it off Honey. I will give you a dose of you! I am thinking once your new council people are in office you will find their new blood and fresh ideas will not bode well with you. They are intelligent free thinkers. I am certain they will not be voting the way a Bob Walsh or Ernie Newton would vote. They will bring young, fresh ideas and will answer to their constituents which include those that opposed them. The election is over. They also can be there for only 2 years and that goes by very quickly. So shut the fuck up!

        1. No Steve. Time for you to SHUT THE FUCK UP, end of story. You are clueless when it comes to the Big Picture. This set of “guidelines” cedes control of tax abatements to City Hall, relieving the City Council of any oversight. The people of the city of Bridgeport will have no say unless and until the incoming City Council is able to repeal the guidlines and replace the language. 

          Joe Ganim is angling to give away the tax base in the name if development and all you can do is applaud a waterfront casino proposal while lisping how FABULOUS it will be for Bridgeport. It will only be fabulous if everyone in the city benefits. 

          1. Bridgeport Kid,Why bother responding to you. You are an idiot and back to the old days- You are now invisable to me- say what you will scum bag. I am not interested . My days aon this blog are over pretty much anyway. Talk amongst yourselves- Preach to your choir. Derek Brown , I am sory for you. Truly I am . How terrible your life must be to get joy in insulting unprovoked. You are just plain sad to me. I can no longer respond to any of your posts . No matter how good it could possibly be because you are the best blogger-Not

          2. I’m a scumbag, eh? I attack people without provocation? You’re a stupid asshole, the kind if educated retread that leans into a thrown punch. I’m guessing the varsity lettermen smacked you around back in high school, stuck a “Kick me HARD” sign on your back. If you didn’t post such imbecilic statements others would leave you alone. No one agrees with your myopic and disengenuous viewif life in Bridgeport. Now you’re gone. No one is heartbroken.

        2. Steve,
          Is someone pulling your tail now? Hard to wag? Showing your teeth? Any more comments about governmental process? Perhaps, “Beware of wolves in sheep clothing?” Time will tell.

          1. There is ignorance and there is stupidity. The former is defined as not knowing all the facts to make informed decisions. The latter is defined by knowing all the facts yet still making bad decisions. 

            Steve Auerbach is STUPID.  Everyone else on this blog is having a rational, knowledgeable ADULT discussion of current political events in Bridgeport. But Steve, in his infinite stupidity, is criticizing us for not accepting the status quo. God Almighty, he calls us names, insults us, questions our intelligence and acts like a little kid throwing a tantrum when he doesn’t get his way. 

            The amphitheater will only provide a few thousand seasonal part-time jobs for ticket takers, security guards and concession stand attendants. An MLB farm team will bring in more money in ticket and concessions sales  and provide a boost to the local retail economy through patronage of local bars, restaurants and retail businesses. But you din’t want to see it that way, Steve, because you are STUPID. 

            The casino is a nonstarter, Stevie. The Indian tribes out east will never allow a bunch of carpetbaggers from Nevada to pitch tents here. 6000 jobs flipping burgers, turning down beds, dealing cards, spinning roulette wheels and valet parking is good and many people in Bridgeport would jump at the employment opportunities. But it is not enough. MGM has promised to spread around some of the loot to other local municipalities but it will not be guaranteed until legally binding contracts are signed. At any rate there is no way of guaranteeing the current administration and Democratic Party leadership would spend the money improving the quality of life for the people of the city of Bridgeport. But you do not want to see that because you’d rather  subscribe to the glittering propaganda served up by the DTC. 

            You’re not ignorant, Steve, not a dumb ass, but you are Stupid, in the biblical sense of the word. Now go shake your fucking pom poms for Mark Lauretti.

  4. Thank you all for the parting kind words. It has been a lovely experience. Sorry I could not agree with you all. In my life I have never met a group of such miserable nay sayers. I always appreciated the bullying and those that tuned it to read it. I do however, wish everyone the best and good health. Maybe see you around. To my favorite instigators, Jim Fox, JML, Andy Fardy, Ron Mackey ,Bridgeport KId, You all represent the best that Bridgeport has to offer. The future is in your hands. Keep on Keeping on.

    It will be difficult because as they said in Broback Mountain” I just Can’t Quit you” :-). But at least for a year I will do my best. Seriously guys, its been real.

  5. Thank you all for the parting kind words. It has been a lovely experience. Sorry I could not agree with you all. In my life I have never met a group of such miserable nay sayers. I always appreciated the bullying and those that tuned it to read it. I do however, wish everyone the best and good health. Maybe see you around. To my favorite instigators, Jim Fox, JML, Andy Fardy, Ron Mackey ,Bob Walsh,Bridgeport KId, You all represent the best that Bridgeport has to offer. The future is in your hands. Keep on Keeping on.

    It will be difficult because as they said in Broback Mountain” I just Can’t Quit you” :-). But at least for a year I will do my best. Seriously guys, its been real.

    1. Steven,

      You’re a jackass, no two ways about. Deal with it, accept it, live with it. You are the biggest jackass to ever post on this blog. Good riddance to your sanctimonious bullshit.

      Up in Shelton ypu will be drinking Mark Lauretti’s Kool Aid. Now, go shake your fucking pom poms in the provinces. You contributed NOTHING here. Get the fuckout, and STAY out.

    1. Ah, the truth comes out. Someone disagrees with you and that person is an antisemitic homophobe. Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear, Stevie.

      1. You had the chutzpah to call ME a scumbag?! You’re a stupid asshole, Steven. No doubt about it. I’ve never known a more sekf-consciously ignorant asshole in my life. You don’t have a clue asto the conditions too many ofthe people of the city of Bridgeport. Good riddance, you stupid stupid asshole. Get the fuck out and don not come back.

  6. Ron, Thank you for returning us to the topic at hand. Great question. Eneida handled the Hearing, and then? Obviously those two votes were important. If a tie had occurred, well we know where it would have gone.

    Shame on Scott and Katie. Not one person spoke in favor of the matters at hand earlier that evening, and they voted for it, not bothering to allow the Council to have their cake and eat it, also?? The Council could have set the guideline in place as a matter of course but not given up their power to vote on it. Maintian some tension, you see? They just through in the towel. They further disempowered the Council. Well, Scott, lots to learn, eh? But you are a teacher, aren’t you? What was your lesson on Monday night? Time will tell.

      1. Kid,
        Why is Katie’s vote any more ‘disgusting’ then Scott’s vote? I have not seen their reason for such a vote posted anywhere, have you? Scott, especially because of his appointment to B&A as a newbie, and trying to learn EVERYTHING got beaten in the primary because his activity and statements in the neighborhood did not ring true. He had opportunity to teach (what he had learned) but did not take advantage of “teachable moments”. Why not? A new class of Council persons, hopefully relying on personal integrity as a guidestar, will take issues and study, reflect, open up decision making to community input as PART OF CITY COUNCIL RULE CHANGES, and use the power they own yet? Who will instruct them with Tom McCarthy left in the rearview mirror? Time will tell.

        1. Both votes disgusted me, John. There is some transparency in Bridgeport government. We know ten members of the City Council voted to cede oversight of tax abatements to the mayor’s office. We also know why and who twisted the arms, who pulled the strings.

          1. Why is Scott or Katie’s votes of YES any more or less “disgusting”
            than all the other YES votes. All the YES votes belong in the BPT City Cuncil Hall of Shame. And some of these YES votes may still serve on the next council starting December 1st,2017. Those votes and CC members are the ones that really need to be remembered.

          2. I was directed to a facebook response by Kate Bukofsky. She covered several issues but specifically she wondered why I do not routinely stay for the full Council meeting. Good question, KB.

            How many of the more than 40 Council meetings that have been staged before today have embraced substantive discussions of the issues, especially as they relate to Council powers or taxpayer funds? How many of those meetings had real discussion occurring offstage in a caucus rather than in front of the public? Did I miss something this past Monday night where anyone on the Council explained that guideline formulas could have been advanced by the ECDE subcommittee but in a form still allowing the Council the vote to approve?? And Tom McCarthy has regularly organized “feelgood” preliminaries at CC meetings, on occasion they have lasted longer than the CC meeting. It is good that the Black Rock Food Pantry was recognized for its work in the community. My own experience with BRFP was to be the co-founder of that program in January of 2008 with Dr. Gery Habansky. We incorporated and filed for not for profit status and arranged for the many details necessary to open the door on October 22, 2008. I continued to serve the group almost weekly in some capacity until April,2013. New folks to the group approved my termination from Board and volunteer activities, WITHOUT EVER PROVIDING NOTICE IN WRITING or FOLLOWING THEIR OWN BYLAWS. They never asked for a return of organizational paperwork, either, though I offered that to one of the representatives present last Monday.
            In Bridgeport there are more needs requiring willing and able hands and hearts than people to fill them. I promptly found other folks and needs to work with on food and many other community service issues, so there was no drama. That is not what COMMUNITY SERVICE is about, I believe. Freedom to move your time, talent, resources and attention where it may be of use and welcome, working with others to improve futures. The fact that the BRFP survives today is witness to the solid foundation established originally. Katie, I am sorry that I missed the “feel good” event. But I wanted you to know that I did not miss the work and effort necessary to build that response to community need for the five years where my wife and I were involved.

            Attending Council meetings where there is little discussion, where agendas fail to identify the $$$$$issues that are part of votes, where background info may or may not be available electronically for timely study is a practical waste of time. Of more importance is that Committee meetings are equally inhospitable to public question or comment based on Council rules that this Council did nothing to change, did it? Time will tell.

          3. Ms. Bukovsky’s vote was appalling because she expressed reservations about the guidelines and reversed herself by voting yes.

            I don’t need to explsin the hypocrisy.

          4. Ms. Bukovsky went on the defensive asking how many CC meetings, committee meetings anyone else has attended. That doesn’t justify voting for something like this.

            Thank God Almighty the “usual suspects” are being shown the door. Now they’ll have to pay out of pocket for dinner at Testo’s.

          5. JML,

            I was “directed” to the same Facebook post. I was criticised for not attending City Council or committee meetings. For the record I am civically obligated to participate in the democratic process but not required to attend City Council meetings. Elected officials are.  

        1. some of the “others” expressed reservations and still voted yes. It’s been printed that Burns,Holloway,McBride-Lee expressed reservations and voted YES. The absences of two CC members was inexcusable.Martinez voted against it and was also absent during the subcommittee vote and she was absent on the full CC vote. The hypocrisy of this CC vote is appalling.

          1. As a resident of Black Rock I am well aware that real estate over here is taxed at a higher rate than many other neighborhoods. One would think the Council mrmbers reoresenting BR would vote against something that could potentially increase property taxes. 

            If the momentum holds up there will be ten new faces on the CITY council. It would be nice if the anti corruption movement is not compromised by the misinformation, coercion and old-fashioned  arm twisting the Empire employs to accomplish its goals. 

  7. So the main issue is losing authority to be a watchdog to guard against sweetheart deals such as McClutchy (Cresent Crossing and Malloy sweetheart fame- Stamford Train Station scandal, etc) and Wishcamp (owners of three senior high rise towers of absentee manufacturing) and the length of the tax break period also?
    I don’t see how they could have passed it. In the past, McCarthy put unqualified people to chair committees governing such so that’s good to be gone. However, with the new Council coming in that may change and actual qualified people may become committee chairs.
    As far as length of the breaks- the way to do it is after a certain period the cash flow is re-evaluated- often times it increases due to the quality of the project- and extend it or not- with qualified people at the table to discuss it. Also a clause for monitoring the income from a project, if it reaches a certain point-automatic increase in tax payments to the City.
    A lot of this is drama and window dressing fueled by a media who doesn’t have any institutional memory and is lazy

  8. Steve
    I may not have been your favorite council person but I don’t care. First of all, you were not in my district.
    Secondly, a bad policy is a bad policy.
    No doubt about it.
    Joe Ganim will use this as another fundraiser. He is the sole person who decides and he has shown before is decisions are in Joe’s favor.
    You can say everything and anything you want but mark my word; This will come back to bite Bridgeport on the ass.

    1. Steve Auerbach is just a cheerleader for the status quo. Whenever any of us pointed out the flaws in his logic he threw a tantrum, as an ornery child will do. I for one am glad that loudmouthed gas bag is gone.

      Joe Ganim has not been rehabilitated, has not expressed remorse or contrition, and has not been “corrected.”

  9. Voting for the tax break were:
    Kathy Bukovsky Yes
    Scott Burns Yes
    Denese Taylor-Moye absent
    Jeanette Herron Yes
    Mary McBride-Lee Yes
    Alfredo Castillo Yes
    Aidee Nieves Yes
    Milta I. Feliciano Yes
    Anthony Paoletto Yes
    Nessah Smith Yes
    Eneida Martinez absent
    James Holloway Yes

    Who is employed by the city of Bridgeport OR the Bridgeport Board of Education?
    Jeanette Herron Yes
    Mary McBride-Lee Yes
    Milta I. Feliciano Yes
    James Holloway Yes

    And who lost the primary making their vote less contentious?
    Kathy Bukovsky Yes
    Scott Burns Yes
    Milta I. Feliciano Yes
    James Holloway Yes

    These are just two that come to mind. I am sure Joe can think of some more/

    1. Kathy Bukovsky, Scott Burns, Milta I. Feliciano and
      James Holloway, Bridgeport City Council members defeated in a recent primary, all voted to approve new tax-break guidelines for developers while eliminating the City Council’s future approval on such deals. One last rubber stamp for Joe Ganim before the door hits them in their collective ass. 

      Thank you for your dedication to the community, ladies and gentlemen.

        1. Exact Capital can get a zero tax abatement for 20 years but Exact Capital does not have the financial resources to go it alone even with any tax abatement. Exact Capital would need another financial partner,significant state and federal dollars. No one should hold their breath with Exact Capital.

        2. I have a feeling that project will be drastically revised. The theater rehab will be a go. Investers might think again about developing residential property in big bad Bridgeport.

  10. Charter Revision!! To think that if we had stayed with a two year mayoral term we would actually be having a mayoral election in a couple of weeks. Instead,we are left with this mayoral cadaver administration of Joe Ganim.

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