How Does President-Elect Trump Sound?

A schizophrenic presidential election has come to a close with some national surprises at the polls. Hillary Clinton is leading in the national popular vote, but now President-elect Donald Trump performed strong in traditionally Democratic rust belt states responding to his populist economic message to eclipse the 270 electoral votes required to win the presidency. Clinton has conceded.

Closer to home in Bridgeport, all incumbent legislative Democrats were reelected. Democratic Congressman Jim Himes won a 5th two-year term over Republican John Shaban. Rosa Correa’s effort to win election as a petitioning registrar candidate came up well short, according to unofficial returns. Under state law, Correa needed to run ahead of one of the two other registrars Democrat Sandi Ayala and Republican Linda Grace to join the office as a third election official. State law requires both a Democratic and Republican registrar. Correa’s candidacy was seen by critics as an unnecessary move to add more than $100,000 to the office budget if she prevailed. In addition to the $70K position, she would have received a deputy.

See statewide results here. Not all municipal results are loaded yet on the Connecticut Secretary of the State’s website.

How does President Trump sound? Happy? Shocked? Surprised? Will Trump act as a healer as he suggested in his victory speech? What’s your take on the election?



  1. I’m an Obama voter who voted for Trump and honestly I did not have a connection to Hillary. She is Wall Street, why do you think she won Republican Wall Street towns like Greenwich and Darien that usually vote Republican but won those. Obama could not win Greenwich or Darien but Hillary did, says a lot. Obama won towns like Ansonia and Derby but Trump won those this time. It shows working class people do not like Hillary.

      1. I have a better connection with him than Clinton where I had zero connection with her, she is Wall Street. Blacks and Latinos voted for Trump in larger number than Romney. A lot of Obama voters voted Trump. If Bernie had been running I would have voted for him.

          1. Along with you Ron Mackey, I am also quite curious as to why donj voted/supported Trump. Does donj work as a hedge fund trader because then a Trump Victory would be good for him. Does donj make $500,000 or more because Trump would be good for him then. I would truly be curious as to how donj thinks Trump will help him.

  2. When Democratic candidates take on a platform that is in many ways aligned with Republicans, this what we end up with.

    Clinton was a wealthy elitist funded by Wall Street, the Koch Brothers, millionaires and billionaires.

    The average middle class and impoverished voters couldn’t connect with her and her incredibly wealthy supporters.

    Had Bernie Sanders gone head-to-head with Trump, he would have won. An average and honest man who was an outsider vs. an elitist and dishonest man who was an outsider.

    Democratic candidates have to stay to the left and not sway to the right because they are trying to play it safe.

    In large part, the National Democratic Party has to own their candidate and the underhanded and dishonest efforts on their behalf to coronate Clinton as their nominee over Sanders.

    1. Sanders was too extreme. Could never have won and could never have gotten anything passed. Clinton lost because Bernie Sanders supporters did not support Clinton and because the Obama coalition as well as many women did not support. Now we have Trump and we will support him. The coalition that did not not support Clinton will be those who suffer the most. They have to live with that!
      According to CNN Clinton lost because of Democrats, not Trump winning with whites. Clinton lost because Sanders Democrats and the Obama coalition did not support her. Elections have consequences.

  3. The Democratic party needs a high colonic to purge the corruption and cronyism from the local, state and national levels. Maybe the youthful Sandernistas can put their vitality to good use.

    1. Do you really think Republicans don’t have problems with corruption and cronyism? Just look at what has been going on in Alabama the last 1-2 years. Look at Chris Christie in NJ.

      1. Yes Frank, the Repugnantcans have their problems for sure, but that doesn’t concern me. Speaking as a loyal Democrat my efforts will be directed there. I think what we saw during the primary and after shows there is work to be done.

        1. flubadub, I am even more confused than before by your statements. Maybe you feel you think the Sandernistas are the correct future but last night’s Presidential election shows there is even a greater gap between Sander’s position and Trump. The Trump supporter is more right-wing than we have ever seen since Goldwater in 1968. The Trump voter is an angry, xenophobic nativist who believes in an economy that worked in the 1950s, but that economy is gone, dead and buried. Sanders’ arguments against the changing trade patterns of this world economy that is getting smaller and closer by the day does not work either.

          1. From the Financial Times quote of a political scientist at Akron University, Ohio: “What you saw is the revenge of the angry white, working-class voter but this will be the last gasp of the angry white male. This is the last gasp of the type of voter that believes in an America that doesn’t exist … Four years from now, America will be a more diverse country.” David Cohen, quoted above, time will tell.

  4. Donald Trump knew it was winner takes all. He grabbed Ms. Liberty by the pussy and Uncle Sam by the balls. Smashed them together and watched them fall. The reward for such a bold move: A House, a Senate, the Presidency. Democrats: You’re Fired!

  5. Donald Trump and the Republicans in Congress as well as Governors now own it lock, stock and barrel. It will be easy to dismantle Obamacare leaving millions without health insurance immediately, it will be easy to nominate conservative justices, it will be easy for Trump to scream and rave in the Rose Garden. We start off with 48 million Americans who hate Trump. And 48 million Americans who will be waiting next year for all those high-paying factory jobs to return-which will not happen. What will happen then?

    1. Correction to my numbers; it’s 59 million Clinton voters versus 59 million Trump voters. Actually, at 3:00pm 11/9/2019, Clinton had MORE popular votes than Trump, about 135,000.

    1. Jim Fox, all my candidates but one won yesterday. I cannot wait to see the breakdown of voters for Clinton and Trump. The other day Ron Mackey stated the African Americans were not excited by Clinton. Well if that is true and the Sanders supporters also were not “enchanted,” well I guess we will see how enchanted they are with Trump. I however am fine with the Trump Presidency. I will support him and it is what it is. I do not believe we will see a woman again in our lifetime as qualified and committed as Hillary Clinton. Maybe that is no different than finding a black or a Hispanic to fill a job. The President did not have to be a woman. A win for Clinton would have changed women beyond our borders. We will never know. We will unite behind Trump and hope for the best.

        1. Jim Fox–correction to the above. In Connecticut, every one of my candidates won. I supported every one of Bridgeport’s candidates, Himes, Blumenthal and of course Clinton. I worked in front of Winthrop School wearing a Marilyn Moore bright red sweatshirt. I think I did the minimal amount to support our candidates. Jim Fox, I have traveled extensively through the Orient. North Korea is not on my agenda! 🙂

          As of this moment thousands are protesting Trump in many cities. The election is over. We move forward. I expect eight years for Trump. Alec Baldwin will be a regular guest on SNL and I guess the Sanders supporters will regret sticking it to Hillary.

    1. Bob Walsh–I like your list.

      Cory Booker – Excellent
      Julian Castro – Excellent
      Sherrod Brown – Excellent
      Andrew Cuomo – Excellent
      Tim Kaine – I really like the guy, but no charisma.

      Elizabeth Warren – great on the stump; too extreme. Like Sanders, not a chance!

      I knew we could agree on something!

      Michelle Obama – hey, if Trump can do it … Excellent!

  6. How do you think Dannel Malloy is feeling this morning? No cabinet post under Hillary. No chance at running for reelection. Maybe he can run for Mayor of Stamford again. Oops, he sold his house.

  7. Leopards do not change spots. They get better at camouflage. If this deplorable Leopard manages to change his spots, I will personally invite him over to grab me by the daffodils.

    1. LET TRUMP BE TRUMP was the term we will remember, just as we remember, “It’s the economy, stupid.” ALL his life, Trump has been a spoiled brat and bully who became even more famous for saying, “You’re Fired.” When it comes to governance, that ethic of Life does not work.

      1. I am a conservative Democrat who has voted Republican more times than my Democrat friends would like to know about. This man has the IQ of a grape, he is a racist, woman-hating, neanderthal, bigoted PIG. The heartland played right into his tiny, orange hands. They will all be waiting with bated breath for him to repeal the ACA. Let’s see how fast that happens. Did I say PIG?

  8. A preview of the 2017 State of the Union, by President Trump.

    “Thank you. Thank you. I have to say, nice building, this Capitol. Nice room. But too old-fashioned, don’t you think? I do this all the time. I acquire these rundown old properties, I buy them cheap, I bring in my decorators, we fix it up. More mirrors, more gold trim, a nice statue of me–we’ll have it looking beautiful. Come back next year, you’ll be amazed.

    “There’s our new First Lady, Melania, up in the balcony. First supermodel in the White House. Amazing no one thought of it before. See that empty seat next to her? That’s for Ted Cruz. Not here anymore. Nice guy. Smart guy. Everything I say, he agreed with me. Everything I say. So I said go back to Canada, Ted, where you belong.

    “So Ted, he’s the first immigrant I deported. More to come, I promise you that. We have to do it. Ted can run for prime minister up there, he’ll do great. Cold, but great. It’ll be good for him.

    “And there’s one more empty seat. Right behind me, next to Speaker Pelosi. (And can you believe the face on that one?) That seat’s for my new vice president, Marco Rubio. He never showed up here when he was a senator, so I told him, why should you show up now? Stay home. Get yourself a nice glass of water, take off those high heels, turn on the Home Shopping Network. Such low energy.

    “Okay, so North Korea. Believe me, I can take care of North Korea in my back pocket. What’s his name, the leader guy? Kim Long Dong? Something like that. Such a fat boy. Disgusting to even think about, so fat. You see his haircut? Terrible. Horrible. How can you have a country with a leader with a haircut like that? So they claim to have a hydrogen bomb? Who gave them the hydrogen? I say no more hydrogen to North Korea. Problem solved. Such an easy answer, nobody thought of it but me.

    “ObamaCare? ObamaCare is now repealed. There, I said it. I did it. Already the country is greater. All these votes you people took in Congress, vote after vote after vote. Accomplished nothing. I’m here a week, I’m the president, it is now repealed. It’s easy–executive order. I promise, you will see so many executive orders you won’t believe it. You people in Congress should just go home, because you will have nothing to do. Seriously. You can come back in eight years. Maybe. I haven’t decided–maybe eight, maybe 16. Whenever I think Ivanka is ready to take over.

    “So, where was I? No ObamaCare, did I say that? I did? Good. We will come up with something that is so much better than ObamaCare, and Mexico is going to pay for it. Or maybe China, I haven’t decided. What do you think? Should we make China pay for it? Or maybe Britain. They say I can’t go to Britain. They had a vote a year ago and said I couldn’t go to Britain. The whole place is Muslim now anyway. A no-go zone, the whole place. I get that from so many people.

    “So. Last thing. All of you in Congress? Clear out your desks, take any personal items with you. You too. Yes you, the old ones in front in the robes. I mean, who wears robes in public anymore? What, is this a bathhouse? Ridiculous.

    “I–I mean we-we’re going to be so strong, so powerful. We’re going to do it so much faster than anyone thinks possible, I will tell you that. You’re not going to believe it. Good night, America. Good night.”

    By Jay Bookman

  9. Rumor Mill:

    New Book:
    Hillbillies made him President. How the king of luxury was elected by the downtrodden in rural America. Where the rust belt ruled, Trump reigned!

    1. Hillbilly Elegy by J D Vance, just finished it. Memoir of a young American with talent and how he made it from the Kentucky-Ohio upbringing to a different life than that would have predicted and how easy it would have been to miss the Marine Corps, Ohio State double major and Yale Law School experiences for which he was qualified ultimately. But for a few mentors along the way along with one or two non-parental family, we would never have heard of JD or perhaps understood the depth of despair in Trump country. What is each of us doing to turn away the negativism, bad habits and despair that runs deep and wide in too many places? Time will tell.

  10. Hook. Line. Sinker. This person is incapable of respecting anybody other than himself or believing any facts other than the ones he fabricates. His approach has always been, is, and will always be: me. And just enough Americans bought his act.

    There is little to do now, save trying to minimize the destruction. However, with the Senate, the House and soon the Supreme Court under his control, the damage will certainly be great. To think he isn’t going to try to amass as much power and wealth for himself at the expense of you, me and the rest of America is a mind-blowing exercise of some really blind faith.

    Under a normal Republican, I would be upset/angry (because I happen to think the environment needs responsible stewards, all Americans deserve equal access to liberty and justice (while loving whomever they want to and making decisions about their bodies without input from others), that corporations and utilities are not people (and must be regulated to maintain the best interests of the American people and keep money out of politics), and that privatization of our education, health and reform systems has yielding horrific results, and on and on, but with this guy, I’m wholly terrified. That you’re not is also terrifying. The only question left, is how much of America will be left in four years?

    To answer the question: It sounds like something you’ll never hear pass my lips.

  11. In case anybody is wondering, I also thought Hillary was a lousy candidate who was a result of an obviously corrupt Democratic Party operation. THE single silver lining of this election is it should force reform within that party.

  12. It’s no surprise white supremacists love Donald Trump. For the first time in decades, a presidential nominee was stating explicitly what many in the Republican Party have been dog-whistling for years: people of color are subhuman, immigrants aren’t welcome, white men have the divine right to run this country. What now, America?


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