Hot For City Slots Or Not?

Winners Shoreline Star

So are you grooving on the latest chatter about potential expanded gaming in the state’s most populous city? Or do you think that ship has sailed? With Connecticut’s two tribal nation casinos being squeezed by competition from border states, does it make sense to open up a Fairfield County market? State Senator Andres Ayala argues no need to build a new facility, just fit up venues that already exist such as the Winners Shoreline Star. This is expected to be a topic in the new state legislative session starting in January.

Former State House speaker James Amann, a Bridgeport native who lobbies for Bridgeport’s Shoreline Star, the pony simulcast location that’s already fitted for slots, says it makes sense in remarks to the CT Post.

The way Amann envisions it, his former colleagues in the Legislature could broker a deal with the Indian tribes that would in some way see them partner with Shoreline Star, along with similar facilities in New Haven and Hartford, and lure visitors there with the Foxwoods and Mohegan brands.

Shoreline Star in particular, Amann said, would help plug the revenue losses the casinos are experiencing from residents on either side of the Fairfield County/New York border who have chosen shorter drives to work the slots at Resorts World Casino in New York City. And then Shoreline Star, the state and casinos would all share in the revenues.

State Senator Andres Ayala tells the CT Post:

“The revenue coming from the casinos is going to decrease,” Ayala said. “As a state legislator, I can do nothing (or) we can proactively look to see how we might be able to keep some of those dollars here. I don’t think we’re looking for more casinos, but for creative ways (like) creating the opportunity for those slots to be here in Bridgeport.”

But Mayor Bill Finch, feeling pretty good about the city’s development future, argues “I think that ship sailed 20 years ago. We aren’t pursuing it right now.”



  1. It will be a real Trailblazer and help serve as a lynchpin to the retail strategy being developed at Steel Point Peninsula. Furthermore it could help shore up shrinking revenues from Indian Gaming to Bridgeport.

    Slots ‘R’ Us!

  2. The tribes by Federal Law cannot have gaming outside their tribal area. That is a Federal law called IGRA. If any gaming is established outside of their area then the compact with the state is broken and legal gaming in the state occurs. The Federal law of monopoly exclusion would kick in prohibiting exclusive venue to one party. If the state tries to limit the gaming to the two tribes, lawsuits will occur as well as land claims activated by the three remaining tribes. The BIA will also look with a jaundiced eye on the state, which will lead to the recognition of the three remaining tribes. If the state wants to do what is right for the people, then open up this for bidding on a real transparent and public bidding!

  3. Money,
    I think the photo of the empty Shoreline Star indicates this is not a rising star or a shooting star but most likely a falling star. I admire your brand loyalty but must ask, do you still stand at the rail waiting for the dogs to run?

    1. Here’s something that has gotten lost in the translation. Since when did video gaming machines fall into the category of slot machines?
      Slot machines have always been mechanical, not electrical! Hence Slot!

      Let’s kill two birds with one stone, let the Golden Hill Tribe and Shoreline Star open a Table Games/Race Book/Sports Book operation, with roulette, poker, baccarat, craps, keno, blackjack and off-track betting; the Sports Book alone will generate more taxes for the State and Bridgeport than you can say “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!”
      The compact with the State and the two Eastern Tribes’ agreements is for 25% on slot machines ONLY.
      Hey! Am I and BW the only ones thinking out here?

  4. Jim is guarding the hen-house door. The Tribes use “slot machines” that do have an electrical component. They are based on random number generators, versus a “video lottery terminal,” which in essence is a glorified scratch-off ticket. The Fox-Man cometh is correct, RNG machines are a better play than VLT’s.

    Sports Books, presently, are an illegal use in Connecticut. Maybe Foxy can rig up a Pirate Casino!!!

    BW isn’t the TrailBlazer I thought he was. He must be suffering from the hare of the dog today. 🙂

    The concept of partnering with the Tribes and the Mutuals would be a convenience gaming experience. Look at the numbers being generated from Yonkers and Aqueduct. We are getting scalped!


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