Holy Foley! Close Governor’s Race

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Connecticut voters still undecided on their next governor

HARTFORD, CT (October 5, 2010) – Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dan Malloy has 47.5 percent to Republican Tom Foley’s 44.9 percent according to the CT Capitol Report poll released today. The two candidates will participate in a live, televised debate tonight.

The poll, commissioned by CT Capitol Report and conducted by the Merriman River Group, surveyed 1,582 likely voters on October 3, 2010 with a margin of error of +/- 2.5 percentage points. 7.6 percent of those surveyed are still unsure of who they will support in the race.

“With a month to go, the race for governor remains very competitive though it has been overshadowed by Connecticut’s U.S. Senate race,” says the poll’s Executive Director, Matthew Fitch. “The polling suggests that the spotlight on the Senate race has created some challenges for Democrat Dan Malloy. Republican candidates Tom Foley and Linda McMahon enjoy virtually identical levels of support at 44.9 and 44.7, respectively. Malloy leads the governor’s race by 2.6 points but lags nearly 5 points behind fellow Democrat Richard Blumenthal. This can be attributed to Malloy engaging in his first statewide general election while this is Blumenthal’s sixth statewide campaign.”

As the only publicly financed candidate of the four, Malloy faces a financial disadvantage compared to Republican Foley.

“While Malloy has a much tighter race than Blumenthal, he starts with a slight lead and there are indications that the undecided voters are likely to view him favorably as he increases in name recognition,” remarked Fitch.

Fitch noted that among undecided voters, President Obama is viewed favorably by a 48-33 margin, and these same undecided voters favor Blumenthal by a similar 47-32 margin. “If Malloy can compete financially, and that’s a big if, it appears that the lion’s share of the undecided voters are his for the taking.”

A poll on each of Connecticut’s five congressional districts will be released later this week. More www.ctcapitolreport.com



  1. Malloy will win and other polls released today have him 6 points up. Democrats nationwide will not do as bad as thought in August that is what I am hearing today. Bridgeport Voters will vote Democrat and without Shays or any Bridgeport Republican on the Ballot this is bad news for the Republicans. Shays got 32% in Bpt in 2006 midterm. This time around no Republican will hit anywhere near 30% of the vote in Bridgeport.

    1. donj, if the Dem turnout in Bridgeport is pathetic, under 30 percent, look out! Some Republicans will crack the 30 percent mark. Tom Foley for one, Linda McMahon for another, Dan Debicella as well, and David Pia, versus Anthony Musto, one more.

  2. donj: On a nationwide basis Dems are going to lose control of the house. They will lose a few seats in the senate but keep control there.
    Statewide Himes is in trouble and the other 2 races are close.
    I am glad you picked Malloy thus giving Foley a chance to win. BTW Bridgeport by and large will stay home.

  3. Good point Lennie about if Dems turn out under 30%. Himes’ main focus now needs to be about Bridgeport turnout because in my opinion everybody who has decided to vote against him come Nov in the ‘burbs already made up there minds. Lmao at TC we will not lose control we might lose seats but I repeat it will not be 1994 again!!!

  4. donj you are the only one in America twho believes the Dems will retain control of the House of Representatives.
    You forget there are about 20 normally Republican seats in the south and midwest that have always been Republican but went for Obama & the Dems 2 years ago. These seats are expected to return to the Republicans.
    Every poll and even the left-leaning groups expect the house to go to the Republicans. Time will tell.

  5. “As the only publicly financed candidate of the four, Malloy faces a financial disadvantage compared to Republican Foley.”

    Congressional candidates are not eligible under public finance rules.

    I was just called by the above polling group about the Himes-Debicella race.


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