Himes Wants Full Russia Investigation, Flynn’s Resignation ‘Only The Beginning’

Congressman Jim Himes on Tuesday released the following statement on Michael Flynn’s resignation as National Security Adviser:

“The Administration is portraying Michael Flynn’s resignation purely as a result of his misleading the Vice President and therefore the end of the story, urging us to move on to other issues as quickly as possible. But this is only the beginning.

“It is very unlikely that Flynn acted alone in his outreach to the Russians and it is essential that we get a full accounting of all of the Administration’s ties and communications with Russia before and after the Inauguration. Flynn’s resignation, while important, represents just one more piece in the growing pile of evidence and concerns about the new Administration’s ties to Russia. All of the evidence needs to be unearthed, collected and investigated to reveal the true extent of those ties.”

“The idea that the National Security Adviser put himself in a position to be potentially blackmailed by the Russians is monumentally disturbing. As a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, I know there are vast amounts of classified information that our adversaries want to get their hands on. When that information is put at risk, Congress must conduct a thorough investigation to find out exactly who was involved, what they knew, when they knew it, and what we can do in the future to ensure it never happens again and that there is accountability at the highest levels.”



  1. Glad to see our CT Federal Legislators actually participating politically. I fear his “most high” position as a member of the HPSC on Intelligence, and his ever growing animus for the current President are not in the interests of the CT citizenry. Last week it was .0001% of the State population who were refugees from Syria. As a state making the eighth largest tax income payment to the federal government his eyes should be on getting a fair share of any possible Trillion dollar Transportation bill. It seems like politics and opposition are the main motivators for our representatives.

  2. Oh please, this isn’t about politics, it’s about the National Security Adviser lying and when confronted with his lie he couldn’t remember what he said, PLEASE. If you can’t trust the National Security Adviser to tell the truth how is the president supposed to lead in a way that’s in the best interest of America?

    1. Mr. White, that was my point. I understand Flynn has a lot to answer for. My point was that the CT Delegates finding their voice of opposition, rather than working for CT State residents.

  3. *** In about two years or less, Trump and his admin. will really start falling apart with the final event being a move by Congress and the Senate towards a Trump impeachment! Trump’s ego and thin skin along with his inability to accept political advice will do him in. Even his supporters will begin turning against him after long-time continued cleanup of his political lies, excuses and blunders! The Trump onion has been peeled back completely with the Trump supporters putting up with the stink during the campaign and now after the election! The political elephant continues his mission to get into the President’s Oval Office and seems to be gaining ground week by week with news that has not been the norm in the past concerning any other President. Stay tuned for the next presidential tweets and continued blunders from the Trump Admin. ***

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