Himes Campaign Cites Debicella Lies

From Jim Himes:

4th District Residents Rally in Opposition to Deceptive Ads Funded by Secret Money

Call on Dan Debicella to demand deceptive practices cease immediately

BRIDGEPORT, CT— Congressman Jim Himes held a rally with 4th District residents to call on Dan Debicella to demand that the American Action Network and 60 Plus, outside interest groups funded by secret money, cease the false and misleading advertising they are sending on his behalf. Due to a loophole in campaign finance law, organizations are able to deliberately hide the donors funding campaign ads, leaving voters and the news media no ability to question the agenda, motives, or objectives of these anonymous funders.

“Dan Debicella has run a campaign of utter deception, and these ads are just the most recent demonstration of his casual relationship with the truth,” said Himes. “He should demand these ads be removed so we can have a real discussion about how to improve the economy and create jobs. Debicella is simply trying to distract voters from his reckless, radical record.”

The ad AAN is attempting to run is so false that local cable companies felt the need to seek legal advice on whether or not the ad could run. Thus far, the ad has not appeared.

Over the course of the campaign, Debicella has blatantly lied on several occasions. He grossly overstated the unemployment rate on numerous occasions, makes false promises about tax cuts paid for with money that doesn’t exist, and attacked Jim for votes taken before he was even a member of Congress. And Debicella’s economic programs don’t add up; he’s called for cutting the federal budget by 25% but has yet to name any specific cuts.

Debicella’s unwillingness to call for the ad’s removal highlights once again his reckless, radical positions. While Debicella campaigns with Chris Shays and tries to lay claim to his moderate support, Debicella’s unwillingness to call for this ad’s removal highlights another difference between the two officials. Shays was a leader on campaign finance reform, having written the law that is now being abused by Debicella and his supporters.

For more information about Debicella’s deceptions, visit www.debicella.blogspot.com


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