$41 Million And Counting, McMillions Makes Lamont Look Beggarly, Dick’s CM Cites Wrestler ‘Death Clauses’

What could you do with $41 million? From AP:

Linda McMahon, a former wrestling executive and the Republican candidate for Senate in Connecticut, has spent more than $41.5 million of her own money on her campaign.

McMahon’s campaign on Tuesday released a portion of her filing with the Federal Election Commission.

It shows McMahon lent her campaign $20 million between July 22 and Sept. 30, for a total of $41.5 million. She is not expected to be reimbursed for the loans.

McMahon, former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, has said she’ll spend as much as $50 million of her own money on the campaign to fill the seat now held by the retiring Sen. Chris Dodd.

The report shows her campaign has spent more than $39.5 million to date.

McMahon was trailing Democratic Attorney General Richard Blumenthal in a recent Quinnipiac University Poll.

Mindy Myers, Blumenthal’s campaign manager, response:

“Linda McMahon is well on her way to spending $50 million dollars on a politics as usual negative attack campaign to try and tear Dick Blumenthal down. But no amount of money can whitewash her record of consistently putting profits before people, including making her wrestlers sign death clauses, canceling steroid testing to improve her bottom line, and paying lobbyists to get her out from under health and safety rules.”


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