Herbst Rejects Another Term, Gears Up For Governor’s Race

Trumbull First Selectman Tim Herbst will not seek another two-year term. Instead he’ll gear up for the Republican nomination for governor in 2018. The field is growing in both major parties. So far Herbst is the only GOP contender to announce he’ll not accept contributions from lobbyists. On the Democratic side, Bridgeport attorney Chris Mattei, who has formed an exploratory committee, says he will reject lobbyist dough as well. Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim is among the others in an exploratory stage.

Herbst was elected first selectman in 2009 at 29 years old. He nearly won the race for state treasurer in 2014.

Excerpt from Herbst’s announcement on Thursday:

For me, being your first selectman has always been about doing what was right for Trumbull rather than what was right politically or right for me.  I do not consider leading the best town in America to be a conciliation prize. Unlike others who will consider and pursue state office, when I commit to something I don’t hedge my bets. I believe the first step to demonstrating your commitment to serving is showing a commitment to putting it all on the line.

Next month, I’ll be making a big announcement at my alma mater Trumbull High School on how I intend to get in the game to save our state.

Today I am announcing that I will not seek a fifth term as First Selectman of the Town of Trumbull.

I will serve the remainder of my term and will use the next few months to tie up loose ends and make sure that my successor inherits a very well managed town with very dedicated, and motivated, employees. I know what I inherited when I walked through the door eight years ago and I vowed then that I would not saddle my successor with the same mess. I will work to make the transition this winter seamless and I will spend my last months in office continuing to put Trumbull taxpayers first, no matter what obstacles insiders in Hartford send our way. I will be motivated every single day by our motto of having pride in our past so we may have faith in our future.

It has been and will continue to be the honor of my life to work with so many wonderful people here in our town and to continue striving to deliver results for our community.

Come December, I will have nowhere to go but Hartford or home and I am ready to meet this challenge with all of my energy and heart so the reality of Connecticut can live up to the promise of Connecticut.

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  1. What BS………….
    So Tim thinks ‘saving our state’ is a game. Come December when he is out of office and no longer collecting a paycheck from the Trumbull Taxpayers, why would he head to Hartford? The election isn’t for 11 more months from then.
    Maybe he’s heading for a job as a lobbyist?
    Here in Trumbull we’ll be happy to see him go.
    The question is how many miles is he going to rack up on our Town owned SUV between now and December as he runs around the state looking out for his future, not doing Town business?

    1. Perhaps as you raise the mileage question he would be willing to provide the info you desire in an OPEN, ACCOUNTABLE, TRANSPARENT and HONEST manner?
      Assuming there is a daily log of destinations in his calendar, whenever he goes out of town, the activity is indicated, likely. The mileage can be calculated. Is the activity political, having to do with a future state political race or is it for current governance process including sustainability for a successor?

      Such an idea likely will play better in the suburbs where some folks value even token demonstrations of integrity or “best practices”.
      Only in Bridgeport can a City vehicle travel to Kentucky where local police there alert City leaders of its location. And the media do little or no background on “who” drove the auto from CT to KY? With what “authorization”? At what “expense” to the City? And the “cost of recovery”, taxpayers?

      Perhaps Ed Adams can provide the research answers as he had such investigative skills in his former work with the FBI and he has the OPEN, ACCOUNTABLE, TRANSPARENT and HONEST banner of public integrity on his office flagpole, doesn’t he? Time will tell.

      1. Surely you jest……………
        Emperor Tim the First Herbst refuses to supply detailed expense vouchers to the Town Treasurer as required by the Charter. He has a subordinate who answers to him sign off on these charges (also in violation of IRS requirements).
        Tim has an attitude of ‘the voters, taxpayers, Town Charter and rule of law be damned.” We are thrilled to see him leave.

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