Ganim’s Battle With Boredom

Joe's bored.
Joe’s bored.

Scratchy week for Mayor Joe Ganim. His modern parking meters are a public relations nightmare, the city has suffered its 10th homicide equaling the number of murders from last year, Joe flies off to Lebanon surreptitiously leaving his communications director to helplessly shrug her shoulders with no real explanation. Come on Joe, if it’s a family vacation, just say so. Whatever it is provide an explanation. It’s better than I’ll slip out and no one will notice. Let’s just see if we can get away with it, okay? Nope.

Last week Ganim formed an exploratory committee for governor and as quickly as that came he’s off to Lebanon. Not exactly a fundraising opportunity there. Ganim is appearing rudderless, unfocused with no real management grasp of the city. How’s he gonna take that message to his own voters, let alone a statewide electorate?

During JG1, prior to the explosion of social media, it was possible for Ganim to slink away unnoticed to do his thing here and there. It was also much easier because he was a popular chief executive who gained statewide attention for balancing budgets, stabilizing taxes, building up the strength of the police department, crime rates dipped, neighborhood residents felt safer. He also had a stronger core group of department heads.

Every time Ganim chooses secrecy over transparency it reinforces the cynicism of his past. It also places pressure on his supporters, be it regular voters, campaign contributors or public employees groping for answers.

To Ganim’s way of thinking, hey, right now it’s a bunch of background noise. I have a couple of good weeks and life will be syrup on a sundae. Sometimes. But not without a stronger core group infrastructure. And that starts with him reengaging on city business.

Boredom is a constant battle for Joe Ganim. His brainwaves seek  constant stimulation.

A little advice for Joe, how about reengaging, instead of throwing the people under the bus–city voters–who rescued you from your boredom. It may actually help you in your campaign for governor to overcome your boredom.



  1. Agree,Joe promised us “change”,nothing has changed,in fact,it’s worse now.Total con job,given to us by the ex-con.What a disappointment this has been..

  2. I will say this Joe Ganim really got a lot of people to believe his bullshit. It is my opinion that G2 is the same as G 1 with almost the same characters . We have a guy that manges the airport to a $300K deficit for multiple years so what does G2 do he makes this person the head of Public facilities/
    Now this person puts the Transfer Station out to bid and low and behold the winner is another excon politician whose backers own a landscaping company in Milford plus their listed company headquarters is a vacant lot on this ex politicians street.
    Well this didn’t work so we leased a bunch of dumpsters and leased or bought a bunch of trucks to do it ourselves. Does anyone see all the money floating around.
    Now we have the latest boondoggle The Catholic Center. It is proposed that we buy this complex for $50 million. There is no feasibility study no traffic study no nothing is done and our mayor leaves the country to get as far away from this as possible.
    Just in those incidents I wrote about is enough for the feds to take a look.
    BTW if you need anything printed use the city’s print shop I am sure you can get a discount.

  3. Andy first of all I have a Certifications from the state of Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental and it Reads Ernest E. Newton has been duly examined in accordance with the provision of chapter 4 General statutes, as amended and is hereby approved to operate a Connecticut Transfer Station/Volume Reduction Facility License March 2017-March 31, 2022 So you can say what you like and we will be opening one on Davenport st We would have saved the City Money and hired Bridgeport people. Andy you have no cue what you are talking about. We didn’t get it because the CITY WANT TO DO BUSINESS AS usual GIVE IT TO a FRIEND!

    1. Ernie Chapter 4 of the CT statutes is for Oaths not transfer stations. Transfer station permits are given to approved facilities. I would love to see you get a permit for Davenport St. Nothing like screwing your own. What about the vacant lot you listed as the company HQ.

      1. ANDY BUILDING is UP AND APPROVED BY STATE AND CITY ITS CHAPTER 446d of the General Statutes Its Zone for that USE.and for your information Our COMMUNITY SUPPORTED IT.SO you need to worry about 138th dist. HOW Many JOBS DO you product!

        1. ANDY Just Remember You did everything you could to Keep Minorities off the FIRE DEPT! Remember the LAWSUIT!and Lenny as Mayor and I as City Council President agree with the Court that Our FIRE DEPT WAS RACIST! THINK ABOUT THAT AND HOW MUCH YOU CAUSE THE CITY OF BRIDGEPORT AND TAX PAYERS!

          1. Ernie the suit I was involved in was to protect civil service and make sure everyone took the same test. We lost that suit because the city caved in. A similar suit filed by New Haven FD was ruled on by the Supreme court and the fire fighters won. Ernie you did not agree with anything you were silent.

        2. I don’t have to worry about the 138th I am not involved in politics anymore and one of the reasons or should I say both of the reasons are you and Ganim. You may have the building approval and all the rest but it is not the same type of transfer station the city runs. BTW How many people have you hired?

          1. ANDY as Long as you and your family Lived good off the CITY> and I will make sure that Bridgeport people who live here work here!When i was President of the City Council and we Control the council as Democrats I spoke to The Mayor at that time Lenny and asked him not to fight that case any i don;t know what you are talking about being silent. I do know this you we’re silent about keeping Minorities off the Fire Dept.By the way the case in NewHaven had nothing to do with BRIDGEPORT!

          2. Ernie you don’t know what you are talking about and as usual when you get cornered or stumped you cry racism. Enough with you already.

        3. Ernie you sanctimonious jerk, You were screaming about the pile of concrete debris operated by O&G and how it is polluting the poor neighborhoods and what do you and your friends do but build a large metal building for construction debris.
          Then you tell me the neighbors are okay with it after visiting the site I know you are full of it.
          These people are going to ant trucks full of construction debriss riding up and down the street? They are going to enjoy seeing dumpsters full of this stuff parked on a dead end street. What’s even better its near the back of a school and across from a play area. So you see Ernie you are full of shit when you say you care about peoples health. BTW did this building go thru ZBA because if it did they all should be arrested, I saw this monster today and in person .

  4. We do not have a Finance Board to examine alternative ways of going about public business including public services. Many of us have grasped the lessons learned in high school and view the behavior of those in the public light in similar fashion….moreso at election time.
    Had anyone looked at the info provided by the Newton bid and understood the possible savings for the City taxpayers with the services provided by the Transfer Station continuing for those who use it, the spotlight would not have been on Ernie Newton, but rather on the 2018FY budget that shows no savings and likely does not provide reporting in the operating costs of the expensive equipment necessary when the old contract expired. And what about the job opportunities for people in the East End who missed out? Why can’t we keep our eyes on the real goals?? More value for taxpayer dollar? More job opportunities for City residents? More accountability by City for funds, especially in areas where “privatizing” may lead to dramatic fiscal improvement? Time will tell.

  5. Bored, Lennie, really?? I grant that you have known him for a long time, back in the so called “day”, and when the legal pressure was brought to bear, it must have been very revealing of the man behind the public relations messages.

    If you are attempting to say that Ganim2’s brainwaves are of such high description that he needs greater challenges (in Hartford or Lebanon, or anywhere but Bridgeport)perhaps he should have met with the fiscally experienced group who approached him through Steve Stafstrom’s messaging? Instead, he turned his back on them, provided no answer, just left them hanging which was disrespectful of top-level assistance. But he provides no answers on Finch’s last fiscal days, rather content in calling it a $20 Million operating budget gap and passing a large tax increase. And Finch’s last days had plenty of interesting fiscal dynamics that Ganim2 has covered and continued in his pattern.

    What do I mean? Look at all of the possible appointments to Boards and Commissions….vacancies??? opportunities for new eyes and ears in the City or retread DTC?? Look at the phony balanced budget for the Print Shop…the numbers reported to the public and Council for years are less than the Shop spends through purchase orders….and the revenues do not show funds received. Is this activity insignificant? Or is it emblematic of not caring about OPEN, ACCOUNTABLE, TRANSPARENT, and HONEST governance? Does Joe Ganim have any idea what State voters will read into this activity? Can his brainwaves stand honest comment from his friends? Time will tell.

  6. Lennie,
    Do you remember when Joey used to slip out the back door and put in a few hours at the family law firm?
    Maybe he can do that again.
    Make him a productive member of society again.

  7. Bob, don’t forget, the CT Bar refused to reinstate his law license and commented that he was an unrepentant felon. That will go over big in a state-wide election.

  8. So, if you are an unrepentant felon, what can you do do for a living?

    Well, you can buy condo units in Bridgeport and make them rental units while you claim to reside in an apartment downtown so you qualify as an electorate.

    Oh. Almost forgot. You can be mayor of Bridgeport. You need only show respect to the democrat town committee chairman.

      1. If the Republicans had their act together! They would go into places that don’t vote Republican and given them a reason to vote for Republicans. Democrats have had essentially one party rule over Bridgeport for more than the past 25 years. Things are not better for large sections of the city, but the same people continually get reelected. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. And the beat goes on!

  9. Not boredom. BURNOUT. No “tools” (no competent, focused high-level staff, no state/federal $ for Bridgeport) + no plan = 0 success/0 reward/reinforcement/recognition = “burnout.” Basic psychology…

    Dial back to December 2015, Joe, and start the game over. There’s still time — and now you really know who should stay and who should go. And more importantly, you realize that in these times, sleek propaganda can’t serve as a substitute for a real, competently executed plan and real socioeconomic improvement/municipal accomplishment… This time around you have to make your own “luck.” (Start at the casino…)

    This is where Mario can help you. He doesn’t get “bored” or burned out. He sets goals and focuses his attention and energy accordingly… That’s how he went from poor immigrant to successful, millionaire-businessman/political operative… He never stops… Always working to improve existing ventures as he eyes the horizon for new opportunities… He plans and methodically executes — and gets his reward and recognition by watching his plans unfold… That’s how all the success and happiness-recipes work…

    Go talk to the “chef” about working on your “recipe”…

      1. Testa..and Ganim..and all the tapeworms that attach themselves to this boondogle are the problem. We need a clean sweep. we need a “McLevy Moment.”

    1. Jeff I agree with your first paragraph. Joey G. was a high-energy person, I saw that resurface during his campaign, but unless he’s motivated by whatever motivates him, what you see now is what you’re going to get. As to Testo, he just cruises along, he rides out the highs and lows of each administration while hoping to keep his title in the event an agreeable person is elected Mayor; then he puts on his big boy act and BS’s anyone who still things he’s relevant. I can’t remember anyone who fence sits like Testo. He was a ghost during Joey G’s primary, and as soon as he realized us jerks were going to pull it off, he started puffing his little chest and meeting with his bucket bob, John Ricci, for daily reports and AB records.

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