Health Care Professional Pitches Cure In City Council Run

It can be lonely running as a Republican in a Democratic-dominant district in more ways than one. Helene Kouassi, founder of Stratford-based Hope Health Care, is campaigning solo challenging Democratic incumbents Jeanette Herron and Michael DeFilippo in the North End 133rd City Council District.

She’s running on a platform of job creation, tax incentives for companies moving into Bridgeport, advocate of vocational schools and supporter of charter schools that receive public funds but run outside traditional school districts, a controversial subject in Bridgeport.

See what the candidate stands for in video above and issues below.


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  1. With less than one week to go, there is a candidate for Council office who is willing to raise the subject of money as part of her comments to potential voters who pay taxes. When there is “not enough” money some things do not get funded, obviously. So looking for “more money” from the State budget (also contributed to by local taxpayers) or from grants supplied at a State or Federal level may be one path.
    But before looking for MORE MONEY what has her observation of spending in Bridgeport revealed to her regarding an opportunity to cut spending in one or more areas that are not “priority” and applying that funding to the higher need areas? Surely as a business person she has had to regard her business budget daily and make tough choices? Has she watched members of the Council make such choices? Personally I wish her well in an uphill fight and will be happy to help her learn more if she wishes to contact me from my “fiscal watchdog” positioning of the past ten years. Time will tell.


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