Halstead Reunited With ‘Baby Sue’

Halstead, Baby Sue
Former Bridgeport City Councilman Bob Halstead reunites with Susan Akie-Mote of Long Island, at the Bridgeport Ferry Terminal in Bridgeport. CT Post photo Christian Abraham.

An enterprising Facebook search has reunited a Long Island woman with former City Councilman Bob Halstead who found Susan Akie-Mote in a hat box 49 years ago when she was just hours old. Michael Daly of the CT Post has more:

On the morning of Nov. 1, 1968, 16-year-old Bob Halstead, a Bridgeport high school student, was late–once again–for the car pool, and had to walk from his North End home on Travis Drive to Notre Dame High School.

It was cold that morning. Mid-autumn frost covered the ground. His route brought him past a U.S. Post Office mail drop-off at the corner of Old Town and Acton Roads.

A blue hat box on the ground near the dropoff caught his eye. He walked over and lifted the lid. A doll, he thought, wrapped in a velour sweater. It moved a bit. A mechanical doll, he said he thought. An eye opened.

Halstead, unsure what to do with what clearly was not a doll, ran the short distance back to his house to get his mother. Marie. Together they flew back to the box and brought the abandoned, hours-old baby–its umbilical cord still attached–home.

Full story here.



  1. I always had a special feeling for Bob; there’s so much more to him then others take the time to see. Bob, you and you’re Mom are special, heros, ditto Ron. Now get back to being a Dem!

    1. Thanks for all your nice comments. Its not anything anything anyone else who found a newborn wouldn’t do.

      It was just a blessed euphoric experience for us. What a wonderful great human being she became. She was fortunate, so were we. It is surely an uplifting reaffirmation of the goodness of life.

  2. Beautiful. Bridgeport story! (Happy ending!). It sounds like the beginning or ending of a classic novel or movie… There’s a lot of good karma swirling around Bob Halstead and his mom!…

  3. That was a great story. Bob Halstead and his mother Marie were in fact hero’s. That one act of kindness on a day where events did not go as planned changed the course of countless lives. G-d bless them both for this wonderful story that could be made into a Lifetime movie. Lennie? Start writing.


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