Guber Candidates Lamont, Ganim Pony Up For Presidents (And Votes)

Politics, like football, is a contact sport. Democratic-endorsed for governor Ned Lamont and underdog opponent Joe Ganim will utilize blitzing as a campaign tactic to throw each off message. Both are now trying to open holes for votes snuggling up to the equipment-strapped Harding Presidents football team.

From CT Post reporter Brian Lockhart:

The football players have been trying to raise $20,000 and Lamont, who as a volunteer taught a business class at Harding in 2005, has been recounting that experience as much as possible on the campaign trail to establish credibility with urban voters.

He happened to write his check to the Presidents not long after Hearst began asking his campaign whether he has done anything for–or at–Harding in the last 13 years.

Then on Friday Ganim, Bridgeport’s mayor who this week qualified to primary Lamont in August, suddenly announced he had found $8,000 somewhere under the couch cushions in his cash-strapped City Hall to purchase safety equipment for Bassick and Central high school football players.

The $8,000 was characterized as a “donation” from Ganim and the city. The mayor’s office did not immediately say where in the budget the money was located.

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  1. These 2 shithead are trying to use the kids to their advantage. Ganim never ever did anything positive for any of the high schools in Bridgeport. He cant take credit for the new Harding. Joe you found $8,000 what was that a raise for one of your buddies. Hey joe take a look at Bassick High School which has been totally ignored. Is that because the majority of the kids are spanish speaking? Where are the leaders of the Spanish community? Are they busy filling their pockets or did the leave their balls at the door to city hall.

  2. I can only imagine where Joe” found” the $8000,strange he can find money “leftover” within the budget when it benefits him, same old Joe,all about himself.

  3. *** The so-called leaders of the spanish community appear to be following suite from the past white leaders in city hall. Its a past political debacle attitude pasted down over time; you got yours now its our turn, no? Besize Bassick would have to buy out the gas station & child care center on Fairfield Ave. next to Bassick for a larger site. How long has Harding waited; All in good time hopefully. ***

  4. Add to the list of things Ganim and Lamont
    be talking about.

    Here’s why: SpinLaunch is the latest space exploration company looking for a launch site for their rockets. Why not Sikorsky Memorial Airport?

    Make history, make friends, make money and make Bridgeport great again.

    note: their website is password protected but obstacles mean something inside is worthwhile.


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