Ground Rules For Development

I hope Donald Eversley has a sense of humor. He’ll need one in the city’s current political environment in which Democratic Town Chairman Mario Testa has more juice with the city’s legislative body than the mayor who appointed him as new development chief.

Like it or not, Mayor Bill Finch is stuck with Testa for at least another 20 months. The next town chair vote is March 2010.

It appears, however, that hizzoner is making a better effort at trying to find common ground with Testa. Finch and Eversley are going to need the City Council if they want development initiatives passed. And perhaps Eversley’s development experience in Providence has prepared him for the Park City’s dysfunctional politics. Former Providence Mayor Buddy Cianci was doing time with Joe Ganim in Jersey when Eversley was hired in Providence by current Mayor David Cicilline who did not renew Eversley’s contract after three years.

Don’t know what’s behind his Providence departure beyond reviewing news accounts that Eversley fell victim to an organizational restructuring.

Eversley seems to have a credentialed background so with a little political skill maybe the city’s development office will be back on track after being leaderless for so long. Nancy Hadley had the job under Mayor Fabs and got some stuff done, but was let go by Finch.

I see hizzoner was tooling around town with Joe Lieberman for one of Joe’s diner tours meeting the peeps. Joe supports John McCain for president. Finch supports Barack. Finch has a strong relationship with Lieberman. Bird Man wasn’t exactly a Ned Head two years ago when Joe lost the Democratic primary and resurrected himself in the general election as an independent. Finch’s son Chris, a sweetheart of a young man, interned for Lieberman as part of his college studies. Thanks to Chris, a copy of my book Only In Bridgeport blesses Lieberman’s DC office. (I wonder how much dust is on it.)

Is Keeley In The House?

I’m glad that hostage situation in the city on Monday was apparently resolved with no one hurt. If you look closely at the photo in the Connecticut Post you’ll notice a Bob Keeley lawn sign. Did that mischievous state representative put it there just before the photographer showed up? Can you imagine the ubiquitous Keeley being held hostage by his Democratic primary opponent Auden Grogins, the blonde banshee from Black Rock? That would be some negotiation.

“Hey, Bob, I’ll let you go provided you wear an ankle bracelet to work.”

Cool Calendar

Jeffrey Williams, publisher of Bridgeport By The Sea calendars from 1999-2001, is producing a 2009 version featuring vintage colored postcards as the artwork. You can order them at or by clicking the link under Perfect Pearls. Check it out.

Bucks for UB. Press release from Congressman Christopher Shays:

Shays Announces University of Bridgeport to Receive $399,270 Department of Education Grant

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Christopher Shays (CT-4) announced today that the University of Bridgeport will receive a Strengthening Institutions Program grant in the amount of $399,270.

The Department of Education (DOE) grant will be used for a program entitled “Strengthening Academic Support and Student Services to Improve Retention.” This program will address retention and student success through comprehensive faculty development consisting of professional training in educational technology, student success strategies and improved classroom technology.

 “I am grateful for this funding for the University of Bridgeport which create the Center for Excellence in Learning in Teaching, to develop faculty and enhance student support services to include developmental math and English,” said Shays.

“The grant underscores our commitment to our academically-diverse community,” said University of Bridgeport President Neil A. Salonen. “It is a phenomenal recognition by the Department of Education of our faculty’s superlative work and its dedication to best serve all students.”

 “The key point of the grant is to create the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching for faculty development and academic support,” Salonen continued. “Now we’ll have the resources to that and to do an even better job serving those students who need extra help. This validates and enhances what we have historically done at UB to open doors and build futures.”

The Strengthening Institutions Program provides grants to eligible institutions of higher education to enable them to improve their academic quality, institutional management and fiscal stability and to increase their self-sufficiency.



  1. Keeley is the Forest Gump of Bridgeport. This guy and his signs are everywhere. Meanwhile, it looks like Grogins is going nowhere and fast. Her alignment with Finch is hurting her on the campaign trail. She can run but she can’t hide from her Finch-Stafstrom-Crossin-Roach affiliation.

    Good luck Mr. Eversley. Now all we need to do is get a clean sweep and get rid of Timpanelli.

  2. Does anyone remember the blog line about a mud wrestling match between Keeley and Grogins? That was extremely funny, although the mere thought of Bob Keeley au speedo gives me agita.

    Keeley is endorsed by Don Mario Testa. That equals money. Grogins is supported by Roach, Staphstrom and Finch. That equals votes, money, and the prestige of the Mayor’s office. No matter what your opinion of Hizzoner, the office still carries a lot of weight.

    Keeley doesn’t have much going for himself, other than being a self-interested careerist political hack who cares more about his own wellfare (and that of his friends) than that of the people he was elected to represent. Grogins, on the other hand, is a respected attorney unafraid to take on clients that have been vilified in the media. (There is a presumption of innocence in U.S. courts of law, if you remember.) Grogins also lives in the district.

  3. Keeley carries more weight than Finch. I like your visual of Keeley in the Speedo. Grogins in a two piece is very attractive too.

    Great Oxymoron! “Respected Attorney”
    Keeley, also lives in the district you egit.

  4. It’s interesting that Up Yours Bridgeport is so supportive of Keeley. Does this support include giving Keeley’s campaign the Art Center email list? I’m sure your members will enjoy getting campaign spam from another losing horse. Isn’t it a violation of IPA’s tax-exempt 501 status to endorse and/or campaign for individuals running for elected office?

  5. “Officials Seeking Cause For Tumors Test Soil.”

    This came from a CNN report whereby land was developed without proper environmental studies. An outbreak of tumors occured.

    Has Sal DiNardo ever had the soil tested at any of the properties he plans to develop in Bridgeport?

  6. Yeah, right. And if pigs had wings they could fly. Keeley ought to circulate his resume to the used-car lots in the area. Unless you’re forming an old fashioned clique of shysters, conmen and other assorted crooks. Then he could go to work for you in New London. There is honor among thieves, eh, Joe?

  7. Keely in a speedo??? Come on, that sight would make us all wish we were temporarily blind! He does put the same old signs up all the time, but I guess its worked for him in the past so he sticks with it.

  8. Yahooey,
    That’s an interesting question. The soil in many parts of Bridgeport is contaminated by industial waste. The harbor is getting cleaned up (ever-larger numbers of shore birds–snowy egrets, night herons, etc.–are showing up) but the land and air seem to be neglected. I’m all for development in Bridgeport, as long as it is done responsibly. DiNardo is just another fat cat who thinks if he throws enough money around he can skirt the rules.

  9. Up Yours Bridgeport,
    I hear Chris Caruso calling your name, demanding to know why you weren’t able to deliver last year’s primary for him.

  10. yahooy, let me get this straight: you want soil tested (and I assume cleaned) on all the old properties in Bridgeport, but you’re against Sal DiNardo keeping them. Understandably, no property owner should be able to keep property that he owes millions of dollars in taxes on.

    So then the question becomes: if the city takes the properties, then the city is now responsible for testing and cleanup, costing anywhere from hundreds of thousands into the millions of dollars.

    Do you want the taxpayers to bear that cost? Or do you want to let the deadbeat property owner hold onto it with the hope that he’ll do it?

    I’ll have to assume that you’re not for raising taxes, so what’s your solution, pal? I’m really interested to hear it. Sometimes the answers just aren’t so simple.

  11. Detective,
    Whoever polluted the soil in the first place ought to be made to underwrite the costs of cleaning it. Barring that, there is an entity called the Superfund, but that’s just a bunch of bullshit. Contractors regularly overcharge for goods and services, just like KBR rips off the U.S. government in Iraq. Still, there’s billions available.

  12. Det: You pose some interesting questions. I believe that Dr. DiNardo is holding onto his property/ies to see if Bridgeport comes out of its slump and properties become very valuable. All that needs to happen is for Steel Point to come alive. At that point he’ll make a deal with the City on the taxes and turn over the properties. His position with the City is going to be “just look at this property. I’m going to have to pay a lot of money to clean it up”. And the City will cave in. (He’s got the mayor in his pocket. Why would he and the former mayor have been invited to his 4th of July picnic??) In the meantime, he’s not paying the taxes and it’s not costing him anything. This is a clever and devious man. Watch the whole scenario unfold.

  13. Which still begs the question: who is going to be financial responsible for cleaning up heavily contaminated industrial properties in Bridgeport? DiNardo is biding his time, trying to sleaze his way out of it. The city of Bridgeport doesn’t have that kind of money. Hell, the city can barely afford to purchase educational supplies for its public school system. The corporations that owned the properties at the time of the original contamination should be held accountable, but these entities have deep pockets, deep enough to keep a squad of blue-chip lawyers on retainer for several generations. They’ll keep the case bunged up in court for centuries. In the meantime, we have to live with the chemical legacy of Bridgeport’s industrial glory.

    Don’t know ’bout you, but I need an art center to forget all about this ecological distress…

  14. It works like this.

    The city takes back the property and assumes the liability of the clean up. The city sells the property as-is with the new buyer assuming cleanup responsibility. The new buyer estimates the cost agrees to the purchase and buys cleanup insurance should the cost exceed the estimate. No municipality assumes cleanup costs unless the municipality uses the property for schools or other municipal reasons.

    I think Detective Alex Foley and Local Eyes come from the same gene pool.

    DiNardo gets away with too much bullshit because he can be depended upon to write a check at election time. Cheating on car property tax with his dealer plate fraud and accruing back taxes is small potatoes compared to his jeopardizing the health of our children by ignoring his responsibilities that come with his purchase of contaminated property. He’s had enough of the good life at our expense. Let’s elect some people that won’t let him get away with it.

  15. If The notorious ABSCAM sting were managed by the FBI Special Agent in Charge for Connecticut, 3 out of 4 elected officials in Bridgeport would’ve gone down. That procecution was more than twenty years ago, but it did illustrate that politicians as well as crooks can be blinded by their own greed. DiNardo obviously has plenty of cash on hand, plenty of expensive dinners, primo cigars, high-priced call girls, booze, etc., to keep the pols and their underlings happy. That ought to grease the skids and move things along in the appropriate City Council committee meetings while no one is looking.

    Ain’t politics great?

  16. So Joe, when is the IRS going to audit your books? I’ll bet the U.S. Attorney for Connecticut would be interested in all of that political activity, especially since IPA is a non-profit organization. I’m sure Mr. O’Connor would be interested in allthose “consulting fees” you’ve paid yourself (and Bob Keeley, no doubt).

    Got a wee bit of a 501 violation, Joe? Can’t say the Devil made you do it, since you ARE the Devil.

  17. And let us not forget that Bob Keeley is a run-of-the-mill crook, using the color of authority to cut deals for himself and allowing not-for-profit “arts” organizations to loot the state’s (and the city’s) coffers. It ought to be a good thing that a member of Bridgeport’s legislative delegation sits on the bonding committee. But it is Bob Keeley, so the state funds only make their way to the Friends Of Bob (which would appear to include ol’ Joe “Snake Oil For Sale” Celli, a man who gives new meanings to the word slime).

  18. Yowza! Yahooy sure gets defensive when challenged.

    I, in turn, dub you Jackass of the Month. I have a feeling you’ll be a repeat winner.

  19. Joe “Up on Bridgeport and Off To New London” Celli, here is the deal. Vacate the Black Rock Art Center. Drop all claims to the lease and the city will pay you $4.5 million. Most people in Black Rock act as if that is how much the building is worth. Here’s the catch. This is the same $4.5 million that Mid-Town Equities is supposed to pay the city. Take it or stick it up your port!

  20. Grin Reaper,
    Thumbs up! The best thing ol’ Joe “I’m Full Of Hot Gas” Celli could do to demonstrate his concern for the people of the City Of Bridgeport would be to go away, just pack up all of the stuff that has been “donated” to the art center (or that he actually stole) and get the fuck out of town. $4,500,000.00 is worth a whole lot more to the city than a crappy art center. The only good BRAC has done for the community at large is to allow church services and A.A. meetings in the building. But there are plenty of vacant store fronts to accommodate the former and church basements to accommodate the latter.

  21. Reaper
    4.5 million and I’m out of here! I’ll even take The Bridgeport Kid with me. He won’t have to worry about 12 steps because he will be in lock step with me. With 4.5 million I could put a bid on Harbour Place when that deal falls apart. I’ll have Atty. Schwartz call Attorney Grogins and see if she can get me the bonding money.

  22. Pat “Cris” Crossin and The Bridgeport “Butt” Boy … the finch floppers. I would like to thank Danny Roach for the help he gave me in getting my lease. Joseph.

    Hey Danny’s water boy! I may not be able to skin a boiled potato, but we are having a beautiful exhibition of Finch Fries on display at the Art Center. There is even one that looks like Auden in a Madonna strike a pose. A-Rod is right behind her.

    >>> August 28, 2006

    >> Mr. Celli then displayed an appropriations bill which was submitted by Representative Keelly from the 129th District to the General Assembly on January 5, 2005. This was a request for two and a half million dollars to invest into the building. <<

    This from the guy who wanted to lease the Arts Center building from the city from a dollar a year

    So many hidden agendas. Joe “Up On Bridgeport” Celli needs Keely to win. He’s one of Joe’s meal tickets.

    And here’s Old Bobby, working to bring home the bacon to “Bridgeport”.

    You guys want have real fun? Let’s have ALL the candidates release their tax records for the last 10 years. Let’s see who’s getting what money and from where.

  24. Just to set the record straight, Keeley does live in the district on Park Avenue. As for speedos, I think the whole state delegation would look just smashing in Hartford wearing such bathing attire. I think they should work more in unison anyway.

  25. Pat,
    That’s a good idea. I’d enjoy seeing what passes for “creative accounting” on a politician’s tax return. While we’re at it, let’s get the IRS to look at Celli’s tax returns. You know, Bobby Kennedy’s contribution to federal law enforcement was to approach crime by looking at the individual, not the specific act. The IRS, the FBI and the Department of Justice root out crooks and criminals by tearing their lives apart to see what shakes loose. Since Keeley doesn’t show up for work at DSSD, the feds may want to know exactly what he does for a living. The same holds true for ol’ Joe “Snake Oil” Celli. How can a man with a reputed income as president of IPA support a fairly lavish lifestyle on a reported salary of less than $40,000.00 a year? He could claim to be pimping off his wife’s earnings, but that won’t hold water in a federal court. It must be all of those checks written out to “cash” that he claims as “consulting fees.”

  26. BTW,
    Why is it that the only candidate that did not attend Celli’s mayoral “debate” on the arts in Bridgeport, Bill Finch, actually WON the election?

  27. Not one word about the economice development director. I hate to tell everyone from Black Rock but there are other things going on other than that damn art center.

  28. >>> Senate Bill #00217 – AN ACT MANDATING EMPLOYERS PROVIDE PAID SICK LEAVE TO EMPLOYEES. – Co Sponsor by Bob Keely

    Each employer shall provide paid sick leave annually to each of such employer’s employees in the state. Such paid sick leave shall accrue (1) from the commencement of an employee’s employment, (2) at a rate of one hour of paid sick leave for each forty hours worked by an employee, and (3) in one-hour increments. <<<

    I wonder is the small business owners of the Downtown Special Services District knows the flim-flam man trying to sneak this one in.

  29. Re: The new ED Director….

    Plenty of room to give the benefit of the doubt.

    I’m looking at the condition of Providence before he got there and while he was there. I’m concerned that Providence did not attract the uber corporations. Seems to me that Boston and Cambridge are busting out of their three cornered hats yet nothing, zilch. squat, nada, nil and oogatz went into Providence. Could it be that the Buddy Cianci legacy is still in vogue and serious big time developers won’t Pay to Play?

    If that’s th case, the new guy should feel right at home.

    We’re not going to make our numbers attracting soup shops, pizza joints and gin mills. We need corporate confidence. We need Scinto. WE NEED A NO MORON POLICY.

    Go for it, new guy. You have an up hill battle.

  30. >> Just to set the record straight, Keeley does live in the district on Park Avenue <<<

    Just to set the record straight, for the first 12 years he served …… he didn’t.

  31. Keeley lives on Park Avenue. His mother, however, does not. She did change her address to her son’s Park Avenue address in the 129th voting district to “help look after her elderly husband.” She did this days before the DTC endorsement meeting in order to vote for her darling son, a vote that enabled Don Mario Testa to cast a tie-breaking vote so that Bob The Younger would recieve the party’s endorsement. I’m sure the old man is doing alright; it was junior that needed Mom’s help, eh?

  32. General Assembly Proposed Bill No. 5184
    February Session, 2008

    Introduced by:
    REP. CARUSO, 126th Dist.
    REP. HENNESSY, 127th Dist.
    REP. KEELEY, 129th Dist.


    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened:

    That the State Bond Commission be empowered to authorize the issuance of bonds of the state in accordance with section 3-20 of the general statutes, in principal amounts not exceeding in the aggregate ____ dollars, the proceeds of which shall be used by the Department of Economic and Community Development for the purpose of a grant to the city of Bridgeport to be USED BY ….

    guess who…..

    wait for it

    wait for it

    wait for it …

    here it comes….none other than

    the International Performing Arts, Incorporated,

    to renovate the Black Rock Art Center.

  33. And didn’t Danny throw off one of his town committee members because she didn’t live in the State Assembly District?

    Guess who replaced her?

  34. The Bridgeport Kid: You’re on the right subject so stay with it. (We have lots of time to talk about the new Development Chief.)

    “Up Yours Bridgeport” occupies the most valuable corner in Black Rock, if not Bridgeport. It has to be worth a minimum of $2,000,000 on the market. Since the Assessor has most properties assessed at abut 50% of their market worth (not 70% as is required by law), it should be assessed at $1,000,000. Applying the mill rate to that value, the City is foregoing $44,000 per year in taxes. How “Up Yours Bridgeport” thinks he’s entitled to have that for $1.00 per year is beyond all imagination. And why haven’t the taxpayers put an end to his shenanigans and call him what he is? He’s another Dr. DiNardo. – Make no mistake about it.

  35. >>> Senate Bill #00217 – AN ACT MANDATING EMPLOYERS PROVIDE PAID SICK LEAVE TO EMPLOYEES. – Co Sponsor by Bob Keely

    Oh my God!! The next thing you know we’re going to hear that Keeley supports a minimum wage, the 40 hour work week and child labor laws. What kind of radical Democrat is he. It’s enough to make we want to go out and get a Grogins yard sign – or then again maybe not.

  36. Wasn’t Bob Keely involved in the whole Charles Smith Foundation shakedown scandal? If he got away scott free he must be a SLY fellow.

    Bob helped a non-profit that’s near and dear to my heart get $100K. He a non profit pimp of sorts.

  37. and shall we also mention that in 2005, the Black Rock Art Center received a grant for $45,000 from no other than…

    the Downtown Special Services District

  38. I wonder what our new economic development chief will think about situations such as the following…

    ZBA upholds cease order at storage yard
    Article Last Updated: 07/13/2008 11:35:34 PM EDT

    BRIDGEPORT — The owner of a Central Avenue storage yard for asphalt and construction debris has lost his appeal of a cease-and-desist order — but the fight may not stop there.
    The Zoning Board of Appeals last week upheld the order issued to J Videira’s Paving, which had stored processed materials for the city’s Public Facilities Department.

    Juveniano Videira, owner of the business at 214 Central Ave., was denied his appeal of the order at last Tuesday’s meeting of the ZBA.

    Videira’s lawyer, Raymond Rizio, argued the owner has a pre-existing right to store piles of processed materials on the parcel. He presented the ZBA with several images of the site dating to 1991 to show that such materials have been stored there since that time.

    “This is 22 years these people have been in business. Those piles you see from time to time are sometimes from the city of Bridgeport,” Rizio told the ZBA.

    But Zoning Official Dennis Buckley told the board the paving contractors could not store the materials without a coastal site plan review from the Planning and Zoning Commission. The business is about 50 feet from Johnson’s Creek. ZBA member Michael Lauro wondered whether heavy rainfall or a strong gust of wind would cause some of the debris or construction materials to flow into the water.

    But Rizio and Videira insisted that nothing from the storage yard has ever wound up in the creek. ZBA Chairman Michael Piccirillo asked Rizio if the state Department of Environmental Protection ever cited the company for not having sedimentation and soil erosion control, such as buffers or silt fencing, in place. “No, because we’ve been there so long,” said Rizio. “That doesn’t make it right. You can’t tell me that you’re not contaminating the water,” Piccirillo retorted.
    “But that’s a DEP issue,” Rizio said.

    Rizio also argued that the zoning office has never informed Videira that he is not in zoning compliance. “Mr. Videira even inquired at the zoning office [when he acquired the property] to ensure that this was a permitted use,” the lawyer said.

    Rizio also said the company obtained a building permit from the city in the late 1980s for additions. No zoning officials at that time mentioned that the business was not in compliance with the zoning regulations, he said. The ZBA members voted unanimously to uphold the cease-and-desist order and recommended the property owner apply to the P&Z for a coastal site plan review. Jack Videira, Juveniano’s son, said Thursday that the business owners were surprised the city accused them of storing material illegally for more than 20 years at the site. “We’re a little taken aback by the whole thing,” said the younger Videira. Rizio also said Thursday that he would appeal the ZBA’s decision before the state Supreme Court. “We feel very strongly we have a pre-existing right to be there. They don’t feel they have to start from square one,” he said.


    We need to reindustrialize. High-end tax-base is in manufacturing, not warehouses and storage depots — which are proven to cost municipalities more than they return in taxes. And they provide almost nothing in employment opportunities –very few jobs, and low-paying at that…

    The Urban Land Institute — highly touted by Timpanelli and the BRBC until they contradicted all of the BRBC’s preconceived notions — told Bridgeport to stop all storage depot and warehouse-type development because it is a terrible, counterproductive waste of tax base. It brings in heavy trucks that ruin roads. It brings in polluted materials and hazardous materials for storage (usually permanenent — it creates de facto toxic waste dumps…). It ruins neighborhoods and brings down all property values — commercial and residential… It ultimately destoys the physical and psychological health of the community from the noise, pollution, appearance, and general degradation that these types of operations visit upon the neighborhoods in which they are located…

    So what does Bridgeport do? It gives valuable industrial and residential/waterfront land to filthy pigs and tax cheats such as DiNardo and Videira!(It is a travesty that DiNardo got his filthy paws on our best industrial land? Who let that happen?!)

    We shouldn’t be allowing any more storage depots and warehouses in Bridgeport, and we should get speacial legislation to tax them at an astronomical rate to force them to ultimately decide to move… We could use the increased tax rates on these undesirable businesses to drastically lower the tax rate on desirable — manufacturing — businesses to keep them and attract them here… We should get our useless, do-nothing legislative slugs, that we keep returning to Hartford, to get appropriate legislation passed for us in order to allow this type of differential tax rate to play into an enlightened land-use/taxation policy designed to promote our economic renaissance…

    In any event, at least the ZBA is making the pretense at stopping these pigs from operating with impunity… Now all that we need are the FBI, EPA, and DEP to shut them down, fine them, and put them in jail…

  39. Pat where were you when all this BS was going on about the art center? Like I said a long time ago this art center was like putting cologne on a pig. I guess it took your ex-partner Grogins to get you back in the public eye or was it free beer at Roach’s bar. Glad to see you and Stafstrom are still tight. When will you be running for a council seat?

  40. I find it interesting that Auden contributed to Keeley’s last several election campaign cylces. Can’t wait to see her campaign finance filing and who shows up giving her money?

  41. Pat
    Good to have you back in the fray. Look forward to a spirited battle. Health is our biggest battle and glad you are winning yours.

    Now back to regularly scheduled programming!

  42. Sorry getting tired of the Black Rock Art Center. Is Finch stupid or just dumb? Why would he want to be in a picture with Joe Liberman, in an article about Liberman’s support of McCain? Smart political move Wood. I have nothing against the new ED but why couldn’t we hire someone who didn’t have something cloudy or unclear in his past. Maybe it’s nothing, maybe it was just political but it raises suspicion in an administration that needs to be building people’s trust. If Finch is with Liberman doesn’t that make him just as opportunistic as Joe? You can’t trust Joe, although you can trust him to do what is good for Joe. Does Finch think he will build ties with the DTC kissing up to Liberman. If Obama wins Liberman is screwed. I can hardly wait.

  43. BOO !!! Kelly and Keely

    Now there’s a scary thought.

    I get confused Tommy, are you a republican or democrat this week ?

    Say it ain’t so Joe

  44. I hope Hydroxycut is endorsing Bob Keeley. Have you seen his stomach lately? It’s bigger than Caruso, Blunt and Silva’s Stomach combined.


    I will be having dinner at the field tomorrow night. I hope to see some of you there!

  45. To hell with voting for Kelly or Keeley. To hell with the both of ’em. Run ’em outta town on a rail.

    Vote for Bill ‘n’ Opus, standard bearers of the Meadow Party. A dandilion patch in every backyard!

  46. Hey Pat,
    Do you think that ol’ silver-tongued devil Joe “Snake Oil For Sale” Celli actually used that money to spruce up the art center, or was just more pictures of dead presidents to line the walls of his bank account?

    And what about that townhouse on Broad Street ol’ Joe purchased? Immediately after the sale he assigned ownership of the property to a curious little company named San Jo Realty. San Jo is the name of a music festival in Korea that Joe and his wife are involved in. San Jo is alleged non profit organization. Guess who the president and secretary-treasurer are? By God, it is Joe Celli and his common-law wife! What a surprise. And let’s not forget that Celli gave the art center’s email list to Chris Caruso’s primary campaign last year. I’m just guessing but I seriously doubt that the individuals on the art center’s mailing list will be any happier to be spammed by an overweight, self-important careerist political hack than they were last year.

  47. I seriously doubt that the individuals on the art center’s mailing list will be any happier this year to be spammed by an overweight, self-important careerist political hack than they were last year.

  48. OOOOH! bridgeport kid – be careful, your gonna get reprimanded by some people on here for picking on Caruso’s weight! Celli gave him a list for his primary??

  49. He gave the list to Caruso’s nonstarting campaign, which violates one of the requirements for tax-exempt status. I don’t know that he gave the email list to Keeley’s keepers, but I’d give you good odds on it.

  50. BTW,
    Keeley is just another morbidly obese mama’s boy that doesn’t like to admit when he’s wrong. Seen him lately? He looks like he should by selling fish in Crown Heights.


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