1. More useless Republican talking points from Steve Choi………………………………….

    This is a canned response to a US Senator’s proposal about federal funds.

    Enough BS, Steve. let’s hear something real that a CT State Senator can do to help our District.

    You;re a nice guy, with a lovely mother (I’ve never met your father). I’m sorry you are this year’s sacrificial lamb put up by your party to get slaughtered on Nov 3.

    The only thing you bring to the table is that you:
    #1 are NOT from Bridgeport
    #2 are not a female
    #3 are not Black (for the racists in the district, who haven’t noticed your race).

    Senator Moore has destroyed:
    Elaine Hammers
    Rich Deecken (with Bpt Dems support)
    Anthony Musto
    Tom McCarthy
    Marcus Brown

    You might want to come up with something original to say that is germane to D22……

    BTW, running on the line with Trump is reason enough not to vote for you.

    Don’t get me wrong. I like Steve Choi as a person, but no way in hell can I vote for anyone on a Trump ticket.

  2. You left out the 4th thing Steve brings to the table

    #4 Steve raised over $17,000 to qualify for a State CEP grant of $103,000

    That is a nice return of 600% on the $17K you kick in, so even if you lose the seat you still win



    Date of Grant Application Full Opposition (full grant)
    If you apply on or before 5:00 p.m. on Monday, August 24, 2020 (full grant) $103,955.00
    Steve got his filing in on August 23rd

    1. @Kenny………….
      Bug deal, he got the public financing. You can’t win D22 without winning Bridgeport. There is no Republican apparatus in place to deliver the Bridgeport votes.

      Anti-Moore operatives of the Bpt machine cannot deliver the AB plurality for Choi.
      Why? Because unlike old-time elections, the City/Town clerk doesn’t control when the ABs arrive at the voters’ homes, It is too hard to be strong arming old people in the high rises, when you have to go back day after day when the mail arrives. That kept the machine from delivering the primary to Brown.

      In Trumbull, the Republican Party is licking its wounds after being demolished in the 2019 elections. Losing control of all elected boards, the Town Clerk’s office and most non-guaranteed seats on the Town Council
      Terrible Timmy packed his bags and left town for eastern CT, hopefully never to be seen or heard in Trumbull again.
      The old guard is out of office and sore losers. The TRTC can’t fill its ranks and won’t be much help to Choi.

      1. I agree with you that a win would be impossible but Choi’s treasurer has a history of running for office and never winning but his campaigns score big on CEP funding. It just looks like a great scam you come up with necessary money and score a guaranteed 600% return on that money and then you hire buddies to work on the campaign for cash . If you win great but if you don’t you still scored on CEP money.

        Look at the 23rd district where Choi’s treasurer ran in 2012 and 2018 :

        In previous elections over $1.5 million went thru that district and the majority of it was CEP grants . That money could’ve been better used actually helping the residents, especially now with this pandemic but the SEEC will blow millions of dollars on politicians in the next few weeks


        From 2000 to 2018, candidates for Connecticut State Senate District 23 raised a total of $1,574,391. Candidates who raised money in contributions earned $62,976 on average. All figures come from Follow the Money
        Campaign contributions, Connecticut State Senate District 23
        Year Amount Candidates Average
        2018 $288,837 4 $72,209
        2016 $296,356 3 $98,785
        2014 $255,829 2 $127,915
        2012 $399,640 4 $99,910
        2010 $21,140 2 $10,570
        2008 $104,819 2 $52,410
        2006 $2,700 1 $2,700
        2004 $57,462 2 $28,731
        2002 $55,168 2 $27,584
        2000 $92,440 3 $30,813
        Total $1,574,391 25 $62,976

        1. I don’t know anything about the 23rd…it doesn’t include Trumbull or where we own property in Bridgeport.
          BUT, I am sure that Casimir was drafted by the party to be treasurer because;

          #1 He knows how to properly fill out the required SEEC forms and file them in a timely manner. (The Moore campaign and the DTCs will be all over those filings and raising objections to any errors and asking for fines and sanctions.

          #2 The typical Trumbull Republicans who act as campaign treasurers (such as Loretta Chory, Lori Rosasco Schwartz among others) are unavailable or uninterested. or unasked. Timmy is no loner around to strongarm someone from Trumbull to do the job.

          #3 Casimir may be the party’s choice to dispense these funds in patronage pay, etc. to party favorites.

          I doubt in these Covid Pandemic times the Choi campaign will be paying doorknockers to canvass.

          The choice of a campaign treasurer is a process that usually yields someone who lives in the district who can help deliver votes. A recent example was Anthony Musto, who acted as Marcus Brown’s Campaign Manager in his losing primary battle with Senator Moore. Musto, former D22 State Senator and long time Trumbull Town Treasurer, has a following and ability to deliver a good number of votes. It wasn’t enough to secure a Brown win, but an unknown campaign treasurer from outside the district will deliver almost no votes.
          Casimir’s name is unknown to virtually every Trumbull voter not on the RTC and will not help Choi at the polls,

          1. Casimir may just be a grifter too who has 3 campaigns going this year and is looking to score big on CEP


            Vote Steve Choi State Senate 22 raised over $17k good for over a $100,000 in CEP Caz paid $1,750 so far


            Friends of Ed State Rep 121 raised $5,900 good for over $30,000 in CEP Caz paid $750 so far


            Romano-Csonka for the 133rd State Rep spot raised $5,799 good for over $30,000 in CEP no pay for Caz yet here

            I live in Stratford where the local RTC runs the town and they amaze me with their scams. The Casimir campaigns in 2012 and 2018 which were run by
            the local RTC Chair who is also the Republican Registrar were just total money grabs. They had people donating $250 and then get jobs from the campaign and being paid $750
            so they always come out ahead and can donate to other campaigns and work the scam like a pyramid . I think it’s wild that the Stratford RTC chair is also the Registrar.
            It’s like being the head coach for a team and also serving as the referee of your game

            In the 2018 State Senate race Casimir orchestrated a Republican primary in the 23rd district which would have maximized the return on their campaign money.
            The Caz crew scored $39,000 in primary money to go against Rodriguez who had $100 total. Caz lost the primary ( by 6 votes what did that $39k pay for when a guy with $100 beat them ? ) and missed out on another $90k In CEP.
            Rodriguez went on to lose in the general election which was expected in the overwhelming Democrat district

            It will be interesting to see how Choi spends his $103,000 CEP grant maybe it would be better spent on the SROs he is advocating for.

  3. Running for office as a Republican in 2020 shows, at best, poor judgment, and at worst, alignment with our sociopathic, despotic POTUS… Obviously, the Republican “choice” translates to “no choice.” That being said, the present, entire, Bridgeport GA delegation defines “inept,” “clueless,” and ethically/financially conflicted (and probably, legally-conflicted in many cases…). Senator Moore would make a wonderful First Selectman for Trumbull, but her pro-suburb/anti-urban bias, and ignorance/callousness regarding regional-development considerations/constraints with respect to indicated protections of urban constituents’ interests, have assured that her tenure as State Senator for the 22nd has meant only more parasitism of Bridgeport resources by Trumbull, et al., as well as unchecked, environmental destruction in Bridgeport by suburban overdevelopment on Bridgeport’s border — especially as concerns development of watershed areas upstream of Bridgeport, which has caused millions of dollars worth of flood damage to Bridgeport homeowners just during spring/summer 2020… Bridgeport could only gain by replacement of Senator Moore in the 22nd… (But not by a Republican…)


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