GOP Heat Is On–McMahon Claims Shays Just Like Murphy–Shays Says McMahon Making Up Stories

As candidates for federal office position for delegate support at next month’s party conventions, the rhetoric is heating up between Republican candidates for U.S. Senate, Linda McMahon and Bridgeport resident Chris Shays.

The McMahon campaign kicked out a media blast claiming Shays’ voting record in Congress is not unlike the leading Dem for the party endorsement, Congressman Chris Murphy. Chris and Chris, says McMahon’s camp, are really the same.

Congressmen Shays and Murphy Share a Lot More Than a First Name

As Congressman Chris Murphy takes the stage for tonight’s NBC debate, he’ll be defending the job-killing record in Washington that he shares with Congressman Chris Shays.

The most important issue facing our state and our nation is the economy.

Both Congressmen Chris and Chris have spent their careers fighting for policies that have failed and left millions out of work across the nation, including nearly 150,000 here in Connecticut. Our nation’s debt is a staggering $15.6 trillion and the Congressmen’s solution? Just raise the debt limit and continue spending.

Chris and Chris combined have nearly three decades in Washington, and what is there to show for it?

A chart then follows highlighting Shays’ and Murphy’s voting records on debt and spending. The Shays camp responded quickly with a statement from Amanda Bergen, Shays’ communications director:

“Linda McMahon as CEO of WWE has a long history of story telling. This is no different.

Christopher Shays is a proven budget hawk who has balanced the federal budget for four years, co-sponsored and voted for the Balanced Budget Amendment, voted for tax cuts and has opposed any tax increase since 1991. He championed the 2004 Spending Control Act and was the only one who sounded the alarm on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as early as 2002.

Chris Murphy does the exact opposite. He votes 98% of the time with Nancy Pelosi, who McMahon helped elect speaker with her generous campaign contributions to Rahm Emmanuel and the Democratic Campaign Congressional Committee in both 2006 and 2008.”



  1. Lennie’s OIB seems to be doing good by the look of all the ads. Forget “the heat is on” and tell us when you are going to spend some money by telling us where and when the next OIB party is going to be.

  2. Lennie,
    Can you schedule a time so the TAX PROTESTERS in front of City Hall Annex can join the party? There were three of them this afternoon. Lots of honking in agreement. I think the Mayor finally lit a long-dormant and damp fuse.
    Maybe we will have a “Bridgeport Spring.” Never too old to learn. Time will tell.

  3. McMahon’s attack is Shays is really a Democrat? That’s funny.

    Protests on tax hike at city hall? Will that become an Occupy?

    OK so let’s see how we can lower taxes and get down to business here. At least the mayor is getting out there giving talks at the Black Rock and North End libraries. But we’ve got to think hard. Apart from transparency and cutting waste which is great … what else can we do? How about taxing all the churches in Bridgeport? Isn’t that what we have more of than anything else in this city?

    Taxing churches … that’s what will be our topic on the show, as we reach out to Hartford to look at that bill again.


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