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 Friday September 21, 2018

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Gomes’ Transparency Push Paves Way For Public Hearing On Casino Bill

February 22nd, 2018 · 18 Comments · Analysis and Comment, Development and Zoning, News and Events, State Politics

Overcoming opposition from the co-chair Tim Larson, State Senator Ed Gomes led the call for transparency Thursday morning as the state legislature’s Public Safety Committee voted 18-6 to approve a public hearing on a  bill calling for an open, competitive process for a commercial casino proposed in Bridgeport.

Prior to the vote Gomes urged transparency.

The state’s gaming policy currently operates under a monopoly that provides Connecticut’s two tribal nations preference in exchange for 25 percent of the slot take. MGM Resorts has proposed a waterfront casino for Bridgeport and is pushing for a competitive process. Gomes emphasized that he did not have a dog in the fight to select a commercial operator, but urged a public hearing so all sides could be heard.

See related story here regarding Larson’s opposition.

Mayor Joe Ganim issued this statement:

“I commend Bridgeport’s Senator Ed Gomes for speaking out at today’s Public Safety Committee meeting. Ed showed yet again that he is a true fighter, unafraid to stand up for his constituents and against an attempt to prevent a real shot at major economic development for our entire region. Surely, an open, competitive gaming process that has the potential to bring a $700 million casino to Bridgeport, adding 7,000 jobs to the Bridgeport-New Haven region and contributing more than $300 Million a year in gaming revenue to the State of Connecticut is worthy of a public hearing and public consideration. We look forward to a robust, transparent debate on the future of gaming in Connecticut.”


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  • Grin Ripper

    Thank you Senator Gomes!

  • Jimfox

    So was Gomes told to start back peddling? Transparency My Ass!

    Today From Hartford Courant
    In a joint interview with The Courant Friday, Rappaport and Mario Kontomerkos, chief executive of Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment, declined to comment on whether the lack of a clear approval from the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs would delay construction beyond demolition and clearing the East Windsor site.

    “We have the best experts politically and legally to handle our side of the question,” Rappaport said. “And I believe we are on the right side of the question.”

    The casino expansion legislation signed by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy requires BIA approval that the satellite casino does not violate existing slot machine revenue-sharing agreements with the state, which brought $270 million to state coffers last year.

    Bridgeport can use Three casino’s, let them all in!

    • LennieGrimaldi

      Sonny, I have the video loaded now of the Public Safety Committee meeting so you can view Gomes’ comments.

      • Jimfox

        Lennie, I’m waiting with bated breath!

        • LennieGrimaldi

          Sonny, I’m curious, why are you supporting the anti-casino slate for town committee?

          • Steven Auerbach

            I was wondering the same thing myself???????????????????????

            I was under the impression that Fox supported the Casino.

          • Jimfox

            As you know Lennie I live in Black Rock, and anythings better then the past 23 years with the Spongers an Roachettes on the DTC.
            I’m for Jobs and if takes a Casino to move this city forward that would be great!
            But you have the same slugs on the DTC for the past twenty three years always looking for their next hand-out.
            It’s time for a CHANGE!

          • LennieGrimaldi

            What hand out are you talking about? Good people on both slates in 130th.

          • The Bridgeport Kid

            It’s time for fresh faces on the DTC. Too many members have been there for too long.

            Politicians more often than not are corrupted by power and orivilege. Given Bridgeport’s history of corruption and graft it is doubtful much of the money MGM is promising to throw around will be spent where it is most needed, on infrastructure, cleaning up the environment, rehabilitating abandoned industrial sites. From I-95 Bridgeport looks as if God Himslf has foresaken it, abandoned factories slathered with graffitti, scarred by broken windows, collapsing roofs.

            There are many advocating for the casino. Good for them. All that money is likely to bring more corruption to the city that caused the state to be referred to as “Corrupticut.”

          • Jimfox

            By removing Danny Roach and his band of sponge members from 130th DTC , will give Black Rockers ( the highest taxpayers in Ct) a chance at ousting Mario Testa oligarchy from the death grip he so proudly holds on the City of Bridgeport and its’ Taxpayers.

            Black Rockers would have to be Blind to Vote The Top line!

          • The Bridgeport Kid

            Sonny’s right, he’s not off his meds. No shade on Danny Roach, he’s just been on the DTC for too long. I don’t know the other candidates on the top row and so have no opinion on them. It is a safe bet they’re handpicked for their allegiance to the Emperor or a complacent.

            Development should be at or near the top of the agenda but not at the expense of other priorities. We have the worst school system east of the Mississippi. We have the highest property taxes on earth due in no small part to the decades-long abatements handed out over the years by elected officials in need of palm grease. The corporate beneficiaries of those abatements folded their tents, packed them into their carpet bags and headed for greener pastures and lower labor costs.

            Now the city of Bridgeport is blighted by abandoned industrial buildings full of old rusting barrels of industrial chemicals leeching toxins into the air, soil and water. City Hall and the DTC-approved City Council have done nothing to reclaim, rehabilitate and decontaminate the properties left behind by carpetbagging corporate interests. R. Christopher Meyer, et al, would do right by the people of the city of Bridgeport if he and Russell Liskov would stop arguing Juda Epstein’s case before the Council and began working out a plan to void the tax abatements attached to the abandoned factory buildings. Eminent domain worked out for Steel Pointe; it will work elsewhere.

            This is not just a bunch of environmentalist rhetoric. Property taxes in Bridgeport are higher than the actual value of residential properties. Tax abatements on dormant industrial properties are serving no good purpose, no today. If these properties were rehabilitated it would improve revaluation and maybe, just MAYBE lower taxes.

            But nooooooooo, Little Joe Ganim is distracted by ego gratification and raising campaign funds for a gubernatorial run. Mario Testa is preoccupied by his loosening grip on city politics. Time for both to retire from politics. Vote row C.

          • Ron Mackey

            On the top line in the 130th district Michael S. Meehan is a good guy.

          • The Bridgeport Kid

            I’m sure he is. His name is on the incriminating line.

          • Jimfox

            Just another Roachette with 23 plus years on the Black Rock DTC.
            He’s so far up Roach’s Ass, he can give Danny a Tonsillectomy!
            Joe Ganim and Mario Testa’s Oligarchy, needs these spongers, to work the unscrupulous Testa AB system, in Black Rock!
            So if your door bell rings and some guy wearing a Clerical Collar wants to take your ( Absentee Ballot) down to City Hall for you, and go’s by the name of Father Mulligan, slam the Flucking Door in his face!!

          • The Bridgeport Kid

            He final ballot count may result in a mishy gosh of both rows.

  • Donald Day

    Thank you Senator Gomes and good job on behalf of Bridgeport resident’s and those that think you don’t love or care about Bridgeport.

  • Steven Auerbach

    Thank you Senator Gomes!

    On a side note. Wishing Eneida Martinez a speedy recovery from an unfortunate incident last evening.

  • charlie

    If a public hearing is going to be held, PLEASE POST IT. Two item’s that wont be brought up is the fact that the two tribes don’t have sick days and you get fired if you miss a few days. The second item is MGM charges money to train for dealer jobs. These are facts, so please LENNIE don’t remove this like you have done before.

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