Gomes’ Election Lawyer Weighs Options, Looney: Put Gomes On Ballot

Ganim, delegation
Senate President Martin Looney, right of podium, at a recent mayoral press conference. At right State Senators Marilyn Moore and Ed Gomes.

The lawyer representing State Senator Ed Gomes, denied ballot access for the August 9 Democratic primary based on a paperwork technicality, says he is examining two courses of action–first administratively and if necessary judicially–for Gomes to face party endorsed Dennis Bradley.

Bill Bloss, a lawyer with Bridgeport-based Koskoff, Koskoff and Bieder, has a history representing Ed Gomes in a key election law case that opened up Connecticut’s primary system more than a decade ago. That case was a federal action. At issue here is paperwork that was not filed for a candidate receiving sufficient delegate support at the party convention to automatically qualify for the ballot.

East End District leader Ralph Ford, a Bradley supporter who chaired the May 23rd convention at Testo’s Restaurant, says the paperwork that Gomes was required to submit signed by the convention chair or secretary was not included in his packet by the state party. A source for the Democratic State Central Committee asserts the certification form was included.

Bloss says he will first examine if state statute provides Connecticut Secretary of State Denise Merrill the power the cure the issue administratively. Failing that the likely option will be pursuing the issue in Connecticut Superior Court.

Meanwhile Senate President Martin Looney, a Gomes supporter, issued a statement on Thursday urging that Gomes’ name be placed on the ballot.

“It was clear at the convention that Senator Ed Gomes had more than double the required support to surpass the 15% threshold to qualify for the ballot. The votes of the convention delegates should be honored and nothing should prohibit the people of Bridgeport and Stratford from having the ability to cast their votes for Ed in the Democratic Primary.

“Ed has always embodied the ideals of the Democratic Party and has dedicated his life to public service and fighting for the community. We are working with attorneys for the State Democratic Party and Senator Gomes to ensure his rightful place on the primary ballot.”



  1. Why does paperwork get in the way so often in Bridgeport? Form, form; who’s got the form? Well it was sent wasn’t it? Well I didn’t get it, at least did not see it, and besides I am one busy man. I am chairing the convention and my man won the convention. You know I am too busy to worry about other people’s paperwork!!!

    Is this about the operation of the Democratic Town Committee once again? More hats worn per head than anywhere else in the world? Perhaps we ought to check the Guinness group on that one. Too many hats worn makes you busy, anyway. And then perhaps forgetful of honorable responsibility. And perhaps one of the hats worn, all of a sudden puts an “I” in the word “team.” And that is never supposed to happen, is it?

    Dennis, our bright and shining star, I have not heard a word about your platform for State Senate, but do you have any idea what being boosted up this hill towards higher office looks like to a casual observer? For the folks who are doing this heavy lifting, have they ever heard GUTS has been described as “grace under pressure?” Ed, show them how graceful and gutsy you can be in representing your district. Time will tell.

  2. Ed is in excellent hands with Bill Bloss. I sat in on the initial court hearing when Atty Bloss argued the case in New Haven and in on the appeal at the Federal Court House in Manhattan.
    The plain and simple fact is the process was rigged locally or screwed up by Hartford.
    This is the second time they have tried to screw with the Senator.

  3. BASICALLY, this looks like State Senator Ed Gomes was set up by Ralph Ford. I hope the people in the East End see this trap and tell Ralph Ford what they think of it.

    1. Frank, there’s not a doubt in my mind. As the Chair of that convention he had a responsibility to be objective (he wasn’t) and to follow up on that paperwork. Ironically his candidate’s paperwork was available the night of the convention and signed by Bradley and Ford. What thinking person would doubt Ford deliberately “forgot” about Ed’s. Whether it was there or not, it was his to check into.

  4. Wow, it’s not even Friday yet, and it’s been a hard week for Bridgeport’s meatball-consuming Dem political insiders.

    1. Ted Kennedy, Jr. asks “who” in the party would be against Senator Marilyn Moore? One answer to your question, Senator Kennedy, is retiring head of the BRBC, Paul Timpanelli. Another is one of my Council reps, Scotty Burns. Also see these illustrious individuals (not Joy who wisely endorsed Senator Moore)
    www .facebook.com/130thTopLineDemocrats/photos/?tab=album&album_id=517093591740192

    2. Head of the Connecticut State Senate, Senator Martin Looney, publicly demands Senator Ed Gomes be on the August 9th primary ballot, effectively calling out the absurd paperwork kerfuffle compliments of ethically challenged, Ralph Ford.
    www .ctpost.com/news/article/Bridgeport-doctor-fined-for-violating-ethics-code-6382203.php

    What’s next? Will someone in Hartford ask what happened to the August 10, 2015 Ganim proposal to then-Mayor Finch for an “Office of Public Integrity?”
    www .ctpost.com/news/article/Ganim-pushes-ethics-reforms-6435542.php

    BTW, that proposed name, through a proposed ordinance, has been changed to “Government Accountability.”

    www .bridgeportct.gov/highlights/?FeedID=2378

    Getting the picture?

    “Waste no more time arguing about what a good person should be. Be one.”–Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

  5. In the last couple of days there was discussion of racial politics in Bridgeport. Of How Bridgeport blacks and Bridgeport Hispanics would join forces as brothers in the same cause. Tonight, we see Bridgeport blacks led by Ralph Ford connive and betray Bridgeport Hispanics led by Edwin Gomes.

        1. “Ralph, what has Dennis Bradley done for you to support him against Ed Gomes?”

          Don, maybe we put too much hope and trust in Ralph to do the right thing after knowing him for so long.”

          I can find a lot more.

          1. From June 3rd.

            “Don, Puerto Ricans and blacks cannot walk in lockstep in Bridgeport right now because the problem is who will be in charge thereby both groups lose. Of the ten district leaders in the Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee, between blacks and Puerto Ricans put together they don’t have the majority although they are more than 70% of Bridgeport.”

          2. Once again, what are you talking about? What does Ed Gomes have to with what you wrote, read your question again.

        2. Ron Mackey, I am DEFINITELY not saying Dennis Bradley is Hispanic. I’ve said repeatedly Bradley is a charlatan. What I am saying is Ralph Ford stuck a dagger into the back of Edwin Gomes. Plain and simple.

          1. I believe Ron is questioning you calling Ed Hispanic, since Ed is of Cape Verdean decent. Cabo Verde is an island off the coast of Africa.

          2. Thank you, Eric. I stand corrected on the official background of Edwin Gomes. My perception is Senator Gomes was more aligned with the Hispanic political bloc in Bridgeport. I may be wrong on that as well. However, IMHO, Ford still stuck a dagger into the back of Gomes. Thank you.

    1. Frank, what the heck are you saying??? Please explain because I admire you, although we’ve never met, and I don’t want to change my opinion of you because you’re not making sense. Maybe I’m reading it wrong!

      1. Frank, I take back my prior post. FYI, this is not the first time Senator Gomes was betrayed by his own. While he was hospitalized, fighting for his life, his colleagues cut up his Senatorial district. Then just recently he was in a tie situation for the Senatorial seat left vacant by Andres Ayala, and the Chair of that delegate vote was a black gentleman; good friend of Ford’s. In a tie vote by the delegates, he was charged with the authority to break the tie. He did, in favor of DeJesus, not only was he supporting DeJesus, he was his personal attorney. Ed went on to win that election despite the blatant conflict. I believe good will win out and Ed will be restored to the ballot, and he will win!!!

  6. I so want to see Ed get on the ballot and I do want to see him kick Bradley’s ass. No doubt about it.
    But if that doesn’t happen I will be encouraging Ed to personally sue Ralph Ford for lost wages and other monetary losses as a result of this devious deceptive act.
    Let’s get Ralph sworn in under oath for a deposition. And maybe if Ralph has to pay out of his own pocket for doing Mario and Joe’s dirty work, then maybe Ralph will learn a valuable lesson.

    1. Bubba, he will do it now or later. We will put together a cut campaign like no one has seen before. There are a gang of people just waiting to see what happens. If this becomes necessary, we won’t disband after we take care of Ed.


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