Ganim’s House Call–Mayor Chats About Campaign For Governor, His Chances And Past, McDowell: Run Delusional

WFSB 3 Connecticut

Saying elections are about the future, not the past, Mayor Joe Ganim on Sunday appeared on Face The State, hosted by Dennis House, on WFSB. House questioned Ganim about his past, prospects for raising money and the rocket foot of his campaign driver on the day of his announcement. Ganim says he’s ready for the throw down. “They’ve already demonized me.”

Ganim’s appearance was followed by the observations of political analysts Duby McDowell, former host of the program, and Kevin Rennie host of Daily Ructions. While both said Ganim was a talented politician McDowell said his run for governor is “somewhat delusional” while Rennie wondered about Ganim’s lingering sense of entitlement. See Ganim interview above and McDowell and Rennie below. Or here.

WFSB 3 Connecticut



    1. McDowell deserves raises. Ganim IS delusional. Rennie is on point. Little Joe’s sense if entitlement is galling. I hope the primary is a humbling experience. He deserves to have his ass handed to him, in a paper bag.

  1. If the voters want “change” and “experience” why would they look to Ganim2 as a source of such desire. Joe won the battle for Mayor two years ago but has failed to use much of the rich human research he set in motion during transition. If anything, decisions are cloaked in darkness even more than with Finch…..therefore not TRANSPARENT. And what “experience” or markers for experience will Joe offer regarding the past two years??? Total lie about raising taxes. Failure to pursue the reasons for the $10-20 Million deficit he initially faces, with no consequences for those who made personally advantageous decisions with taxpayer money. Ganim2 has no record to show what he really believes about education funding….and fairness and justice to the youth of poor families. How about someone calling for genuine “first chances” for City youth….with targets annually for school progress and respectful relationships among the parents, administration, BOE, City Hall and students?? Better than driving at 85-100 on CT roads trying to sell his “third chance” right to the brass ring? And based on what success in terms of benefits and expenses to City taxpayers did he latch onto an entitlement to “bridge” his benefits by connecting his benefits from his first term, with a chasm he should not jump by himself, with his second term as Mayor?? Could we get around to transparency on that issue?? Is it harder to calculate the expense of this “BENEFIT BRIDGE” than the value of discretionary application by a State Trooper to a ” speeding blue driver” transporting a Ganim with privilege? Time will tell.

  2. At some point, Joe Ganim will be asked this question:

    Mr. Ganim, did you commit the sixteen felony crimes that you were convicted of?

    Ganim has bobbed and weaved enough to get elected in Bridgeport.
    Does he seriously think that the Connecticut voter can overlook his transgressions and the fact that he has not admitted guilt?

      1. Little Joe is at a disadvantage. A majority of suburban voters are well educated professionals, college graduates working in medicine, law, financial services, science, etc. they are smart enough to see through his attempts to baffle with bullshit. He can’t dazzle with brilliance. In this age of iPhones, iPads, laptop computers and unlimited wifi it is virtually impossible to fool many of the people all the time.

  3. After lying to us to get elected mayor again,it will be satisfying to watch him get humbled when he fails miserably on this ridiculous attempt to be governor…

  4. Joe Ganim is a low life son of a bitch. He went to the people that needed help the most, the people that were loosing their kids to the streets and he fucking lied. He along with his dumb ass police chief have not made the street saver in fact I believe the numbers of murders increased.
    joe Ganim has done absolutely nothing when it comes to education except reduce the educational budget. He has no problem screwing the tax payers by making us pay for his security detail while he travels the state like Don Quote asking people to believe him that he wont screw the state as bad as he screwed the city.
    I realize we have new CC people but somebody has to tell him to stop using money from the city for his off hours security after all he has over $500K in campaign money

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