Ganim Touts New Energy In City

Mayor Joe Ganim on Monday delivered the city’s annual address to the business community highlighting projects created under his predecessor Bill Finch as well as new ones since his return to office 16 months ago. See video above.

From Keila Torres Ocasio, CT Post:

Although he touched briefly upon education and public safety, Mayor Joe Ganim focused most of his address to the business community on what he estimated were $1 billion in economic development projects under way or planned in 2017.

The mayor even tossed in a few announcements in the Bridgeport Chamber-sponsored speech, including a plan to bring a Dave & Buster’s restaurant, known for its variety of arcade games, and Gala Fresh Farms grocery to the Seaview Plaza site, one the home of a Carpenter Technology steel plant on the city’s East End.

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  1. New energy??? A $billion in re-drawn old blueprints?! New Sacred Heart construction plans for Bridgeport parkland/residential neighborhoods?! Oh, I almost forgot! “NEW ENERGY!” The SEASIDE PARK SOLAR PANELS and the WATERFRONT COAL PLANT REPLACEMENT PLANS!!

  2. Dave & Buster’s is going to be a nightmare. That place will become a hangout and another place to go to fight.

    The city should do a better job to attract a better business in that area, Dave & Buster’s is not it. Where is the closest arcade? There is a good reason why there aren’t any.

    I have said this in other posts about the Majestic Theater. How long will it be when it is not the place to go anymore and where will people park? The Bluefish is a good example of this. They started out great but over time the attendance has dropped off considerably. It won’t be too much longer before the Bluefish are gone too.

  3. Lol at “Dave&Busters” … sounds good! Let’s bring in a business that attracts young people and sells alcohol, and put it smack dab in the “‘hood.” I hope they plan on metal detectors at the entrance.

  4. Why would you put a place like this on the fringe of steel point? This will be a cluster fuck when it opens and the animals come out. Now before Ron & Don get pissed, my comments are for those who cause trouble wherever they go. Ask Frankie’s Diner, ask Schwabin Hall and ask all the diners that close early.


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