Ganim To Deliver State Of The City To Business Community At Amp

The Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater is much more than a concert venue. Community events, graduations, festivals fill the destination.

On Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. for the third straight year the amp will host Mayor Joe Ganim’s presentation to members of the Bridgeport Regional Business Council about the state of the city.

It also comes a week after the mayor’s formal swearing in following the extended mayoral election odyssey and days after the City Council set the mill rate holding the line on taxes.



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  1. Will anyone announce the 4 part miniseries about the decades of obvious control by only a few players in Bridgeport? It’s a series of well made podcasts, each about 30 minutes of listening pleasure which describes how the public has been taken time and time again by Bridgeport’s political “machine”.
    Just google “in absentia Bridgeport “.
    I’m surprised that OIB has not announced this wonderful piece of material so its readers could enjoy and be better informed.

    From the Google intro:
    “This is four-part investigation tells the story of political dysfunction in Bridgeport, the systems that enable it, and what this all means for the residents who wonder if their vote even matters.”
    Enjoy! Cheers!!!!!!!!


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